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  1. VaciliNikoMav
    Yeah I got like 4 to five of thme but there are problems. Thier fingers dont bend like the Sythetic's hands, two of them have textures missing on thier arms and hands, one of them has too long of a forehead so thier head clips out of the helmet, and one has a beret that doesnt come off. Two of the 5's faces arent posable either.

    May I please please have those headhacked Marines you have who's fingers can actually bend like they should so they look convincing? YOu know with the actual marine heads from avp3? Please? I'd really like to try them out!
  2. VaciliNikoMav
    Hey dmlxo21! how are you? I hope you are well. Hey I saw you post in the head hacks and ports thread and i saw you go some Avp 3 marines! It was on page three:[url]http://facepunch.com/threads/1160491/3?highlight=ports+and+hacks+threa[/url]

    I was wondering...may i have the link please? I really really love AVP 3 and always wnted to use those Marines in poser scenes and stuff-also may i have the weapons? Please please please?