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  1. minilandstan
    its in your house in a chest on the second floor
  2. JustGman
    honey im home
    can you leave that fortune pick somewhere b/c i wanna start hoarding diamonds again
  3. minilandstan
    I don't see any water though
  4. minilandstan
    I'm on it!
  5. JustGman
    k so i may have watered my bed in an experiment and i cant respawn & base until its off can u get rid of it pls
  6. JustGman
    heyy im back from spawn. i have taken the swords of my enemies and hung them over my bed as trophies. also if you want any of the 55 gold apples i got lemme know.
  7. minilandstan
    Good luck, send me a card
  8. JustGman
    im takeing another adventure 2 spawn probs gonna help a few newfags mby spawncamp a bit, b back in a day or two idk
  9. JustGman
    if ur still in it ill get on & break you out
  10. minilandstan
    No I mean i'm on the half block, and I don't have a pickaxe.

    I tried to break it but the zombies came and...