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  1. Ardosos
    I just realized you said you [b]did[/b] like the furby avatar, I thought you were another person complaining about it. Whoops. Maybe I'll go back to it somehow.
  2. Ardosos
    Aw what? That show is totally for guys, too.
  3. draugur
    I've never seen friends to be honest with you mate. My girlfriend says it's good apparently, but it's a total chick show.
  4. Ardosos
    How do you feel about Chandler from the show [I]Friends[/I]?
  5. Ardosos
    I'll look for something.
  6. draugur
  7. Ardosos
    Well, it hasn't lasted as long as my other avatars usually do, but I guess I could change it. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement?
  8. draugur
    I like the furby avatar.