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  1. Dubious George
    any update on that ordinator pic man?
  2. Dubious George
    haha i understand man. I'll send a reminder in a few weeks 'bout it.

    And yeah, focus on the job far far more, that shit matters. Whenever you've got time is cool
  3. dai
    the to-do list is growin', but keep reminding me, I might do a second picture since I have a tenancy to outgrow projects pretty fast right now.

    plus there's this whole thing where I'm working my ass off in trying to snag this job finally, so all my focus has been on that for a while now. Before that it was literally pure focus on getting commissions one after another after another to stay above even on rent, was rationing myself down to a brick of ramen a day at one point (more out of forgetting to eat than forcing it because I wanted to finish projects asap) :I
  4. Dubious George
    hey man did that ordinator image turn out or drift in the todo list?
  5. Dubious George
    totally not awesome, not saying thanks for everything