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  1. venom
    xoxoxoxo :)
  2. D3vils Buddy
    Ello m8
  3. venom
    yeah actually, i just unlocked the M4 or something

    we'll have to play in a bit, i'll be on steam in like a half hour yo
  4. D3vils Buddy
    Did you ever get around to playing CoD4?
  5. venom
    oh wow

    just get a one-way ticket lol
  6. D3vils Buddy
    600 for a return flight to Canada for one month.
  7. venom

    fix it fix it fix it
  8. D3vils Buddy
    I can't play games any more (for awhile atleast) my PC is fucked and keeps over heating too much.
  9. venom
    im on my spare in school lol
    wont be home until another 4 hours-ish

    fucking timezones man, you should move to canada :v
  10. D3vils Buddy
    You on steam atm or you in school?