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  1. Digimutant
    hows things going?
  2. Autumn
    hi digigamer17
  3. Digimutant
    hi autumn
  4. Digimutant
    I suppose I should've.
  5. Autumn
    don't ask me, i didn't make them
  6. Digimutant
    What's with all the shit threads recently? It's creepy
  7. Digimutant
    I dunno about you but whenever I see a "how long is your penis" thread, it starts to show how insecure some of them are.
  8. Digimutant
    It's been a while since I listened to Talking Heads again.
  9. Digimutant
    Seems a bit... well, odd. It's saying that I jack off in my armour... I feel awkward now.
  10. Autumn
    i don't get it :c