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  1. Adnap
    [URL="http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160484&p=39528881&viewfull=1#post39528881"]It's like Christmas[/URL]
  2. Adnap
    All caps thread titles aren't ban-worthy anymore?
  3. Adnap
    "l0l ur so creepy sometimes"
    I think you mean all the time, Autumn
  4. Adnap
    I always thought that you took it directly from the movie

    [I]The more you know[/I]
  5. Adnap

    sorry if the media tag didn't work, can't tell if it did from my phone
  6. Adnap
  7. Adnap
    Who requested all of that? :o
  8. Adnap
    Ah, good luck with that then
  9. Adnap
    Just noticed you cleaning up a bunch of stuff in the ticker
  10. Adnap
    Straight to business, eh?