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  1. Autumn
    maybe i am a ninja!
  2. eternalflamez
    Will we? I hope so.
    Why are you browsing facepunch in ninja-mode?
  3. Autumn
    we'll survive
  4. eternalflamez

    Oops, Chrome cannot find "Here".
    What now?
  5. eternalflamez
    Haha, awesome unban reason there.
  6. eternalflamez
    Oh really? Why didn't anybody tell me this!?

    Anyway how was it then? Did you attend it?
  7. Autumn
    Uhh, it was a month ago :P
  8. eternalflamez
    So how is that wedding coming along?
  9. eternalflamez
    Thankyou Autumn. :)
  10. Autumn
    well you'd be better off asking them :P
    if they can show you solid proof of anything they claim then you go right ahead and believe them, but i'm pretty sure the majority of the time these people are making statements based on a) incorrect b) exaggerated information