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  1. FreakySoup
  2. xeo xeo
    I've actually been meaning to watch it for some time, I've been seeing all these reference jokes, my brother has been recommending it, and also a ladyfriend of mine who has good taste in film and Tv. I'm at her place now and their network is the kind I've been having wet dreams about for years, so I downloaded the whole series. . At my place I'm lucky if my downloads go up to 400kb/s, but here I peaked at 4 mb/s god I'm so hard right now
  3. FreakySoup
    Desert Rat wouldn't shut up about how great it is so I decided to give it a try tonight. Why did you decide to watch?
  4. xeo xeo
    We're like insomniabrothers [img]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/ratings/heart.png[/img]
  5. xeo xeo
    Oh but I do :(
  6. FreakySoup
    You don't have to hide your true feelings
  7. xeo xeo
    Sorry about that, I was above average drunk yesterday
  8. FreakySoup
    Sorry, I already have a girlfriend
  9. xeo xeo
    I love you