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  1. xeo xeo
    Your praise pleases me, I shall let you live for another year
  2. jbthekid
    Lol, only if you buy it!
  3. jbthekid
    Yeah!!! Maybe one day. :)
  4. xeo xeo
    "xeo xeo said I should get a title, are you happy now?"
  5. jbthekid
    Yeah, that'd be cool too. I just don't know what I'd want it to say. :/ Thanks for your input though. :)
  6. xeo xeo
    Aah, well, it still isn't worth it, if you want spend some money to support facepunch, get a title.
  7. jbthekid
    Last time I heard it's 100 posts and 5 years. That really sucks. :(
  8. xeo xeo
    Nope, it looks pretty, and you gain access to a shitpost forum you never visit. It's not worth any money and I would never pay for it. I got gold the good ol' fashioned way, 2 years of membership and 2000 posts, but I think it's 5000 posts and one year now, so it's even more pointless to pay for it. Also, everyone who buys gold are looked down upon by the other golds.
  9. jbthekid
    Is Gold worth it? I keep going back and forth.
  10. jbthekid