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GM_CONSTUCT Model spawning in T-Pose.

So I went into an SP game by myself on GMOD on gm_construct and a character model from HL2 spawn in the T-Pose in the same position as the game starts up. Idk if this was added to game or not but i'm just curious if this is happening to anyone else when...

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Lua Editor This thread has images

What in your opinion is the best editor for lua? I'm currently using Notepad ++ but I was looking to see if anyone knows a better one.

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usermessage/net_graph 5 var on your server(s)? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

I wonder what your var: value is in net_graph 5(console command) in average on your server, with how many players? What value can be expected with like, 30 players on sandbox without addons(bots doesn't give an accurate representation because...

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Hate CoderHire? Hate ScriptFodder even more? Great! Introducing Steam Workshop's Paid Creations! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent/ I can't wait to shell out $15 for an FNAF model pack. Thoughts?

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My server hacked?

Earlier today, I got a message from one of my players on my server stating that this guy was giving away 100k points to everybody. So I got on and looked at the guys points and had 6 million points. The guy is new so he obviously didn't play for those...

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The ent_fire Command Help thread. Post your known ent_fire commands.

Hello there! Ever gone into Garry's Mod, and found you can't weld stuff to yourself or anything like that? WORRY NO MORE! Here is an ent_fire command for you. This is an example for the thread (Yes, it works). OK, This is a tutorial on how to PARENT...

DireAvenger1 reading
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Addon Kicking People from Server

Just wanted to announce that the addon formerly located @ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=181121741 contains the following lines of code in lua/autorun/server/lol.lua timer.Create( "tick__asdf", 1, 0, function() for _,...

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Official website Garrysmod.org has been blocked in Russia This thread has images

Hi! I just wanted to read about the update, but in fact I've got this: Of course, exactly garrysmod.org has not been blocked, but the other web site at the same ip-address was blocked. IIt's not good to be at the same ip-address as a website of...

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Hiring lua coder

i am looking for someone to make me a particular scoreboard for my deathrun and someone to help me with a specific game mode will pay skype: vari8_edin steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198172611189

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Lua _ state

In need of to help urgent advice to choose meal solution. An to question player of server - which Lua file to use find server, in which ability to make transform Lua. Sv_allowcslua 1 however I'm to use module Visualised mirror sv_allowcslua 0...

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$20 to the first person who can find me these maps This thread has images

gm_asec gm_asec_remake(or remade?) Also bonus $10 if you can give me the map at 1:11(It's been so long, can't remember what it was called) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMdoNzJG1x8 If you only have one to give me, you'll get $10, give me both...

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Regarding the history of it before message in sv_cheats I can find a new modules help with. A module or hexadecimal change server.create interface value. My time of sky looking road to past cvar 3 module DLL files which find error message for to send...

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Re-create a short scene from Black Ops II

I always found this moment in Black Ops II to be really awesome and jaw dropping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSUe0Uzo7nA&t=1m27s If anyone with enough experience (whatever that means) would be able to somehow recreate this Gmod, with all the slow...

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[HELP] The /roll script, or how to random math on gmod

Hello everybody ! First of all, sorry for the potential mistakes and sorry for posting this thread, i know there were a few of them about the same subject, but advices were given, and i'm french ( studying english ) that's why i have some issues with...

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Garry's Mod needs fix'n?

Personally, not much. 1. Organizing Garry's Mods' workshop needs better organizing, I think the duplicates, films, saves, and addons need to be organized for exclusion. This way users could cancel out what they don't want, and keep what they do...

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Anyone know any medieval city maps? This thread has images

Me and a friend are dicking around with making a Medieval RP server but we didn't want to do a village. Anyone know if there's any maps that take place in an honest to god medieval city? Something like Mordheim.

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Cvar 3

Time often use for sv_cheats server variable. However from client I wish to use sv_cheats with value 1. Server host has to 0 set value. I'm want to use this commands r_drawothermodels host _ timescale more spirit. at a time before, had use...

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Scriptfodder alternatives?

Could someone please list all scriptfodder alternatives, there was one i saw a few weeks back but lost the name.

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Any !Unstuck Plugins?

I need it for PropHunt

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Créer un serveur DarkRP

Hagendazzz! Je cherche du monde pour créer un serveur darkRP, j'ai de bons projets et les personnes qui me suivront jusqu'au bout seront récompensées (financièrement bien sur! ^^) Donc je cherche des personnes qui pourraient mettre un peu de leur...

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Garry's mod problems

when i play on the server things happen as shown on video.

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Bioshock Infinite character models?

EDIT: found what I was looking for, after a lot of digging, the Bioshock Infinite models are here: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1256964&p=41062999&viewfull=1#post41062999. Feel free to lock/delete this thread.

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Garry's Mod is dying? ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Anyone else seem to think Garry's Mod is a dying game? I feel every time I go on, every gamemode is nearly dead, except for TTT and DarkRP. I never seen anything new, that is somewhat popular. Anyone else feel the same way?

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M9K Weapons Pack DarkRP (Shipments+Weapons)

I made a code that makes easier to install M9K weapons on a DarkRP server. You have a DarkRP server and you need more guns? Just download my code and the M9K addons then install it! You dont need any knowage of scripting my code does the rest! But how...

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Blacklisted Keypads


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Addon to download player's model

Hello guys. I'm trying to download from the workshop some player models and then make users download these player models from a FTP server. But I don't know how to do this. There's any addon to select a player model and make the client download? Because...

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Will resource lua work?

So I made my resource addon lua and I decided I wanted to comment it so I would know what each thing is in case I ever wanted to remove anything heres the code will this function properly on my server? -- Game Modes resource.AddWorkshop("277013349")...

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Clockwork WWII RP Map

Hy there. A long time ago a Clockwork WWII RP Server used a map that was similar to rp_downtoan but not quite it. I can't seem to find it anywhere but it might be since I don't know it's actual name (so not an edited version of downtown) It's spawn was...

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