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Half-Life 1/2 DM (not fucking HL1DM Source) Sponsored by Vultr.com ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last )

Sponsored by Vultr. Get your VPS here. EVENTS AND GROUPS ANNOUNCEMENTS GO HERE ----------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CCOFHLDM Welcome to Half Life 1/2 Deathmatch. We frag a lot. We die a lot. Also add kiwi HERE she manages...

4 Weeks Ago
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Community Fund Game Servers Discussion + Game Requests ( 2 Last )

So I've been discussing a bit back and forth and we really want to focus on running Game Servers for the forums for all of us to play on and have fun. This thread is for discussion of Game Servers active, potential ideas for Game Servers(anything is good...

10th December 2017
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CS1.6 Nipper Maps server Server Password fuck https://www.dropbox.com/s/llr53u9sv7uev11/fp_nipper.zip?dl=0 dump it in your main half-life folder Server is currently running: pissmod + fastdl

28th October 2017
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GIP Section Rules (READ FIRST) - Not the place for new people to advertise RP/Rust servers

This is the Games in Progress forum. You can use this forum to organize multiplayer games with other Facepunchers. You could do this with a "Let's Play..." thread, or perhaps make a thread for a server of your own. There are a few rules to keep in mind...

rilez Dumb x 22
2nd June 2015
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The Lost Sea: Lovecraftian Naval RP ( 2 3 4 5 .. 13 14 15 16 Last )

(Closed to new players currently) In the year of our King, 1898, the Royal Crown hereby authorizes and sponsors the Mannfred Expedition for exploration and conquest… At the edge of our world exists a place of untamed horror. The Lost Sea. Many...

2 Hours Ago
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Starpath: Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway - Thread 2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 75 76 77 78 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/agKMXoI.png "There is in me an anarchy and frightful disorder." -Albert Camus For those who take to the stars, be warned: there is no law which extends indefinitely. Beyond the edge of the each solar system is a vast inky sea...

2 Hours Ago
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An Iron Will: A 1923 Alternate History RP ( 2 Last )

https://i.imgur.com/uKpEZt9.png First turns are due Saturday, January 6th

7 Hours Ago
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PC Games

Minecraft Vanilla: The Return (Whitelist) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 42 43 44 45 Last )

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wM6zTu5 Server #1 - Main Map Server Address: Map URL: This is the original map established with the server. It will remain for as long as possible, or until major...

16 Hours Ago
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FTB Revelation

LIST OF MODS !!!!!we are currently running on 1.4!!!!! We will update to recommended branch IF it can be done without too much stuff getting messed up Rules: -No griefing -No looting/stealing -PVP is enabled, but fighting people without consent is...

22 Hours Ago
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OUTBREAK V3: A Zombie Nation RP ( 2 Last )

Welcome to OUTBREAK V3 Now with 100% more nuking of Nigeria https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/209448357461098496/272154765910212618/2000.png {Credit for map goes to Amfleet} Turn Structure

1 Day Ago
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Dying Earth: A Near-Future Nation RP

http://i.cubeupload.com/CM9X77.png Welcome to a Dying Earth. Intro Country highlights

2 Days Ago
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Facepunch Plays Teamfortress 2 (with Jungle Inferno support!) ( 2 Last )

https://orig00.deviantart.net/cded/f/2010/052/a/2/team_fortress_2_logo_by_flamma_man.png Welcome to FP plays TF2. We have servers in USA, AU and EU. EU EU1 TF2 !LIVE! The USA and AU ones are hosted by me. (IF FOR SOME REASON...

Kiwi Thread has images Winner x 21
5 Days Ago
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Arva: A Fantasy RP ( 2 3 Last )

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/372411312241639424/ArdaTitleCard.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270746808353947659/372613736667676684/arva.png...

2 Weeks Ago
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Murder at Midnight: Season 7 ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Welcome back to Murder at Midnight! On the 2 year anniversary of the end of Season 6, I have decided to bring it back for one last season! While it is technically on its 7th Season, the format used from seasons 3 to 6 will not be implemented here. It...

4 Weeks Ago
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The End of History? A Nation RP starting in 2000 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/209448357461098496/272154765910212618/2000.png It is the year 2000, and now that Y2K is proven to be a non-threat the new millennium promises continued dot-com prosperity under the protection of Pax...

4 Weeks Ago
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PC Games

The Ancient World 1.12 - Long running server with a map that hasn't been reset in 7 years!

You can view our world map here: https://mctaw.updog.co/ Blog Discord Wiki You Have Entered The Ancient World IP: play.mctaw.net No Whitelist! The Ancient World is an old world dating back to the earliest days of Alpha. Over the years, it has...

4 Weeks Ago
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Facepunch Factions 2017: Generation VI - Long live the bloodshed! ( 2 Last )

In 2012, something great was happening in the inner crevices of Facepunch. As we celebrated the lack of a New Year's Apocalypse, landed a robot on Mars and began the trend of milking Marvel movies for money, there was a community of people playing the...

12th January 2018
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Facepunch Plays DayZ Epoch: The Electric Boogaloo "WE'RE GONNA FUCKING DIE"

Server IP: Teamspeak IP: may change to discord whooooooooo knows) What you need. A working copy of Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA. Dayz Epoch mod https://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php (you can use Dayz Launcher for...

28th December 2017
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LemonBrew Roleplay - The First Yland's Roleplay Server

Hey FP! So I wanted to extend this invite to you guys because some of the best role players I have played with have come from Facepunch. Yland's is a pretty neat game by Bohemia which has a shit ton of potential for RP scenarios and is constantly being...

27th December 2017
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The End of Eternity: A Post-Antiquity Roleplay ( 2 3 Last )

For a full summary and list of turns, check out the End of Eternity's wiki page here -----

18th December 2017
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PC Games


Besiege multiplayer is out, so its time to make battlebots. Post here if you're interested and I'll set up a bracket. Rules (WIP) No fire/bombs. Grapplers are allowed, but can only attach to the opponent for 15 seconds at a time for the sake...

10th December 2017
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House of Cards Vol. II: Black Sea Blues

House of Cards II: A Game of Votes A History of Thalassa January 1st, 1995. Republic of Thalassa After the death of the brutal pseudo-president Ruslan Michelakoski, the Republic of Thalassa breathes a sigh of relief as Michelakoski’s goons...

8th December 2017
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Facepunch FTB Beyond ( 2 3 4 5 .. 18 19 20 21 Last )

Infinite mods amIright We're now on Beyond! No more Infinity so make sure you're on the right pack. We're currently on our seventh world (generated 27th September 2017). We'll keep this world until activity dies down across the board, and when...

7th December 2017
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Things Fall Apart: An Alternate History Africa RP

We all want a United Africa, United not only in our concept of what unity connotes, but united in our common desire to move forward together in dealing with all the problems that can best be solved only on a continental basis. - Kwame Nkrumah ----- ...

6th December 2017
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Hitm(e)n - A sort-of serious sort-of forum game

hitman /hɪtman/ noun, informal: A person who is paid to kill someone, especially for a criminal or political organization. Hey, that sounds a bit like your job... Probably should've put more effort into this banner

1st December 2017
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Resistance: An Alien Occupation RP ( 2 Last )

Ever since man could peer into the skies, we have always wondered if we were ever truly alone. For hundreds of years, we peered through the stars and galaxies, aimed our radios to the heavens for any indication of life away from Earth. Some warned that...

28th November 2017
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Spaceship Crew RP: The End of the Journey ( 2 3 4 5 .. 11 12 13 14 Last )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNcNOMiSQ5I In the year 2382, HarkArk Corporation had finished construction of their mother ship, named the Archius XI, and had begun to look for crew members to start their journey across the map. Over time, 17 crew...

23rd November 2017
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The Beasts of Berlin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kur41flzdQ https://i.imgur.com/xGimONJ.png The year is 1939, months after Hitler's invasion of Poland has changed the world's eyes of Germany. With Europe on the brink of war, the whole globe digs it's bloody...

16th November 2017
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Peace, Land, and Bread: A Russian Revolution RP ( 2 Last )

Hello again, I'm running an RP game. To any newcomers, welcome! Ask other players or myself about setting up your character and playing if you wish. https://i.imgur.com/WhPnITK.png Russia, October 1917 Ethnicities:...

16th November 2017
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The Imperial Colossus: A Warhammer Rogue Trader RP ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blCBoXKCGl0 It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of Mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million worlds...

15th November 2017
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The Ancient World 1.10 - Orrostar & Continents! ( 2 Last )

The Ancient World has returned! Server IP: theancientworld.mcph.co Visit the Blog: https://mctaw.wordpress.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/f96Ckgp World Map: http://mctaw.updog.co/

13th November 2017
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Of Blood & Steel: A Post-Medieval RP

"In this sign thou shalt conquer." -Constantine I, Roman Emperor (272-337) It is the year 1444. Everything you know ends here. Everything that could be begins now.

4th November 2017
by Milkdairy Go to last post
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A World Divided: A Post-War RP starting in 1946

https://i.imgur.com/AYWsALN.png Description: - A Nation RP starting on 1 January 1946. - Join the Discord channel. You will need to communicate, and that is the platform to do it. Turns:

31st October 2017
by Trebgarta Go to last post
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In The Land of Dragons: An Alt-History Asia RP

But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead be brought back to life - Sun Tzu --- ---

29th October 2017
by RockmanYoshi Go to last post
27 1,513

Peace in Our Time: An Interwar RP from mid-1922

https://i.imgur.com/kgbGfWU.png Turn 0 : Prologue Description: - A Nation RP starting on 1 July 1922. - Join the Discord channel. You will need to communicate, and that is the platform to do it.

21st October 2017
by Trebgarta Go to last post
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Gathering Ashens: Invasion 1986 RP ( 2 Last )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRYbJAKVgCo https://i.cubeupload.com/xksjEz.png https://i.cubeupload.com/I0jA0k.png Shortly after these events The world changed forever...

15th October 2017
by doomevil Go to last post
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Rising Sovereigns: Fantasy Nation RP

Welcome to Lumos, a world blessed by the heavens above with abundant, diverse life. You have been crowned the sovereign of your people, and through your lineage you must lead your people to greatness. Whether that means a military campaign to rival...

13th October 2017
by Sega Saturn Go to last post
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OUTBREAK V2: A Zombie Nation RP ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Welcome to Outbreak V2! This time with more finished turns. http://i.imgur.com/Ig2VjwC.png Turn Structure Turns are on a 6 month basis, starting on January 1st, 2019

12th October 2017
by joshuadim Go to last post
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Half-Logic: Fallout Roleplay

Welcome to Half-Logic, a gaming community where people like yourself come together to discuss and play at our serious roleplay servers for Garry's Mod. > https://www.half-logic.eu.org/ Half-Logic is proud to present you our Fallout Roleplay server,...

10th October 2017
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Soldner : Secret Wars

The game is Soldner : Secret Wars https://soldnersecretwars.de/ https://i.ytimg.com/vi/91AD9gzJ2yA/maxresdefault.jpg Söldner: Secret Wars is a video game, developed by Wings Simulations and published in May 2004 by JoWooD Productions. The game can be...

2nd October 2017
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Dungeons & Dragons 5E - Facepunch Plays

Let's try this. I need to practice using Roll20 with another campaign. Let's gauge interest, drop a reply letting me know you're interested. Not necessarily for experienced players only, let's open it up to all the nerds/people who want to try it...

26th September 2017
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The Disunited States of America - A colonial-era RP ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )


13th September 2017
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Super Mario 64 24 Player Online

This is a mod for Super Mario 64 that allows you to host online multiplayer, and play the game with friends. I'm hosting a session of this mod at Friday 9:00 PM GMT. Post in replies if you want to join. I'll set up a discord so we can voice chat...

10th September 2017
by Shugo Go to last post
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The Spire - Fallout: New Vegas Roleplay ( 2 3 Last )

We use NutScript on the server, What is NutScript? Fallout: New Vegas Roleplay is a server that takes place in the Fallout universe, it's been under development for quite a long time and we feel that Fallout roleplay has never been done...

6th September 2017
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Just Another Map Roleplay Thread

Welcome to Just Another Map Roleplay Thread (JAMPT). It's a World RP Thread with no set story, just about what the players do. Is the game active (as in has it started yet? and the answer is in bold) YES NO I update the map when I see it and have...

5th September 2017
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Let's Play Project Reality TONIGHT!

WHO: You and everybody else who likes playing war-type games. WHAT: www.realitymod.com - a completely standalone and free-to-play game based on the Battlefield 2 original game. We're gonna do total introduction and basics - to introduce everyone to what...

4th September 2017
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PC Games

Minecraft - Facepunch Vanilla (Whitelisted) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 73 74 75 76 Last )

September 07, 2016 - Server has closed for the time being. This is simply a straight vanilla whitelisted server I have set-up for Facepunch and anyone else who particularly cares to join. As far as rules go, there really aren't any beyond "Don't be a...

4th September 2017
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A Dark World: An Experimental RP

- Epoch. Welcome to the world, whatever it will be called.

2nd September 2017
by Milkdairy Go to last post
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The Wild Future: A Species Roleplay ( 2 Last )

Welcome...to the Wild Future! What is this? A new RP! A very, very unique one. How does this work? Every player creates a unique species per-turn. These species will interact with each other, and the environment, as players rush to achieve the...

14th August 2017
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Dead Men Walking

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg6QlAhHQnk In the year 2015, the city of Boldwood was a prospering place. A major population center for everyone around. An average joe and jane could live in the suburbs and work a decent job here. Kids played in the...

14th August 2017
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Just a Game of PropHunt In GMOD

here's the link: steam://connect/ (User was banned for this post ("Contentless OP" - Kiwi))

8th August 2017
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Click-Bait Cafe (Cinema)

Here's the IP before I type some other dumb shit: So I'm drunk as shit while writing this, excuse any misspelling or such yaballablalba. God damn it Garry or actual person who codes, fix the forums so they don't break when...

26th July 2017
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Braxnet RP ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Homepage with user control panel and misc: http://rp.braxnet.org/ Inspired from GMod Tower, here comes my take! On the RP part - The mayor writes the laws. RDM isn't as frowned upon, but police will have to take action. If you're tired of getting...

23rd July 2017
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The Dawn of History (A Make Your Own Nation RP)

Turn Structure: Other Stuff: If you have not already please join our Discord ! Lots of cool guys there, who discuss the turns after they come out.

18th July 2017
by RockmanYoshi Go to last post
17 946

Imperial Frontiers: A Sci Fi Colonization RP

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFAKECUeew0 The year is 2460. Throughout history, planets have developed their own stories of prosperity and downfalls. FTL has made interstellar travel possible while other civilizations interact with the politics of...

12th July 2017
by doomevil Go to last post
15 2,594
12th July 2017
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The Kingdom of God - A 1095 Nation RP ( 2 Last )

The Kingdom of God - A 1095 Nation RP https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/253309352574713856/306969464493047818/Crusades_map_with_borders.png START DATE: January 1, 1095 Turns Turns are 1 year each.

3rd July 2017
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NxServ Roleplay Server, now in English and French

https://vixen.nxserv.eu/owncloud/index.php/s/s5lPbJCJPk1HpjJ/download We are the team of developers who created and managed one of the most popular roleplay community in Russia. And now we are opening our server for English speaking players. We've...

2nd July 2017
by Noi Go to last post
33 8,410

Twilight of the eagle - A future USA RP ( 2 Last )

Hello again, I'm running an RP game. To any newcomers, welcome! Ask other players or myself about setting up your country and playing. http://i.imgur.com/R4bhAgV.png Provisional map of 2365, this can change. Placenames: http://i.imgur.com/qKF0k4K.png...

28th June 2017
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The New Terran Republic: A Distant World's Unique AAR

Hey guys, Last update: 06/06/2017 So I love space and all that jazz and playing a ton of Distant Worlds Universe and Aurora 4X. So I decided to try the AAR thing one more time. I tried awhile ago and it just didn't turn out anything how I hoped. I...

7th June 2017
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Rise of Imperium: A Fantasy Political Intrigue RP

Rise of Imperium: A Fantasy Political Intrigue RP http://i.imgur.com/MtDKhq8.png

31st May 2017
by Native Hunter Go to last post
32 1,972

[PW] Pixel Wars Civ - FFA Civilization Game (25 slots) ( 2 Last )

Gonna try and bring pixel-wars back. Couple of rules -No uploading from internet explorer. It darkens the image over time. -Only upload images to imgur or cubeupload, everything else compresses or otherwide reduces the image's quality. -Only save...

20th May 2017
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Empires & Revolutions

From the maker of some of the most obscure games such as The Darkest Hour and The End of the Wall comes the reboot of a beloved series, Empires & Revolutions! Map: https://i.imgur.com/m7oJyif.png This game follows the original rules of Empires &...

19th May 2017
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Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg RP

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/187190499508092929/307231903222726656/cockserrike.png Click here to join the official FP RP Discord server. Don't be a dick, don't metagame, communicate, and have fun.

19th May 2017
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Bay Dogs: A Criminal RP ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDXsqDO5n3s Just when you thought you didn't get another chance at life. Now you're working with the criminals you've relished since the good old days. Welcome to Sanskirt, your personal haven. Your wretched hive to...

13th May 2017
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Retroarch League

We are awaiting your challenge. We have Retroarch and we're not afraid to use it. http://i.imgur.com/2IJpGuM.jpg Rules 1. Don't disconnect until your matches are finished 2. Wins and Losses don't matter that much 3. If you're going to use unlock...

26th April 2017
by KOManiacJim Go to last post
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Out of the Dark: A High Middle Ages RP ( 2 Last )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ElL8hdQD_4 Yo sup fellow RP nerds. I'm launching an RP set in the High Middle Ages, specifically starting in 1090 AD, and likely ending sometime in the mid 1300's. It'll be ten years per turn, as well. Choose one of...

19th April 2017
by Native Hunter Go to last post
47 1,760

Magic, Monsters, and Men: A Fantasy Nation RP

http://i.imgur.com/0gTxB1V.png Welcome, to the world of Alda. It has been 6000 years since the events of Genesis, and much of its history has been long forgotten amongst most races, except for the most ancient of beings. In this time, life has...

4th April 2017
by Native Hunter Go to last post
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Spaceship Crew RP 2: A Journey Across The Galaxy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gnHu1M7jxs Ship information about the Archius V will be added soon. A Tvtropes page has been added, edit to your content: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.ph...paceshipCrewRP We even have a Steam Group you can...

1st April 2017
by doomevil Go to last post
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xP// Minecraft Pixelmon Nations G11

We're now on the new Pixelmon 5.0.3! Join us at mc.xpgaming.com Not sure how many of you guys have played Pixelmon, but it's a mod for Minecraft that turns it into a Pokémon game. Over 500 pokemon, there are gyms, EVs, super rare shinies, legendary...

27th March 2017
by Lord Xenoyia Go to last post
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House of Cards: A Political RP of Intrigue, Scandals, and "Special Interests"

House of Cards: A Political RP of Intrigue, Scandals, and "Special Interests" Rutvia, a nation of 20 million, who have been long under the iron boot of oppression after the original fall of the monarchy, who had fallen from grace into corruption...

21st March 2017
by joshuadim Go to last post
25 3,372

C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. - A Galactic Odyssey (a Sci-Fi Space RP)

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Prologue Have you ever gazed up at the sky on a dark, starry night, and wondered if there's anyone out...

20th March 2017
by Milkdairy Go to last post
23 2,970
15th March 2017
by Ryanrc Go to last post
16 1,604
13th March 2017
by Trebgarta Go to last post
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A House Divided - An American Civil War RP

http://thefederalistpapers.integratedmarket.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/civil_war_soldiers.jpg - -

6th March 2017
by EuSKalduna Go to last post
10 1,248
Work In Progress

Garry's Mod Skydiving / Gliding / Other type of air thing gamemode

Are you bored? Well so am I. Come help me test / come up with new features in my all new airsport type gamemode. Here's a shitty webm preview so you know this isn't another DarkRP server: http://puu.sh/uw4Tk.webm Jittery animations and sound cutoff...

6th March 2017
by McDunkable Go to last post
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Unreal Tournament '99 Garry's mod edition. v1

A fan of Unreal Tournament 1999 edition? Well, now we've got a work in progress game mode for you all to try out. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359528430886222903/FF526EB244B7F8AF93D665D10FD5D20DD988575C/ ...

3rd March 2017
by Mah boi Go to last post
3 1,988
Playstation 4

Blacklight retrubution PS4 tornament

The Discord is here https://discord.gg/kzapZFs The tornament starts on the 2 f march My PSN Is asianboyeatsrice 26th February 2017 2 of march

26th February 2017
by skylortrexle Go to last post
2 780

Poor Man's Synergy: GMOD P2P Fuckery

So, I've been fucking around with a few friends of mine with GMOD's P2P function that got added in the last big update, and it's pretty good. All I gotta do is subscribe to a few addons, add this thing to make sure addons are sent to connecting players,...

20th February 2017
by SirWolfAlot Go to last post
1 1,557

Unofficial Facepunch Garry's Mod Server

About Howdy fellas! Lately I've been in the mood to play Garry's Mod, but I've been frustrated by the obscene amount addons and content that drastically increase load times; and usually when I was able to load in, I didn't like the management or just...

20th February 2017
by SirWolfAlot Go to last post
38 4,141

Max No Relax - The Revival [Whitelist] ( 2 3 4 5 .. 21 22 23 24 Last )

Once again, with permission from BreakfastBuddy himself, we are bringing back Max No Relax. What is Max No Relax? Max No Relax is a max difficulty hard-core vanilla server. Once you die, you are banned from playing until the weekly unbans, which are...

20th February 2017
by Arc Nova Go to last post
920 42,511

Cryptic Sea Game Night (Every Saturday starting at 8 EST)

Every Saturday I'll be hosting various Cryptic Sea games (primarily A New Zero) Usually things get started around 8 EST. I'll post here when we get closer to Saturday with specific games, but yesterday we played A New Zero version .074 (Ramjets),...

20th February 2017
by laserpanda Go to last post
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Gmod assassination gamemode - testers needed

Assassination gamemode is now developed and managed by BadCompany http://steamcommunity.com/id/BadComapny/

1st February 2017
by BadCompanyy Go to last post
13 2,495

On The Backs of Broken Men II: The Great War ( 2 3 4 Last )

Turn 1 (Introduction) - Turn 1 Due Armistice Day (November 11) CLICK HERE FOR GENERAL CHAT FOR OOC CONTENT

28th January 2017
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
136 6,131