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gcap more than 1 group permission

Hi, i'm trying to make gcap so more than 1 person can actually use it the original code is CAP.allowance = { = true, } this is the code i tried but didn't work i have no idea what i'm doing CAP.allowance = { = true, }

21st April 2016
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Random access violations with latest Source Engine MP SDK

"Unhandled exception at 0xC0B60FFF in hl2.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0xC0B60FFF." Happens on level change, disconnect and game exiting. Apparently caused by this line of code: ...

20th April 2016
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Do you need help in source engine?

I have experience about mapping and programing in source engine, if you needed i would like to help you as far as i can

17th April 2016
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Could someone finish this maxscript?

I'm not sure if I put this thread in the correct section, so tell me if I didn't. This probably is a lot to ask for (I'm not totally sure though because I know absolutely nothing about scripting) but could someone finish this maxscript for importing...

15th April 2016
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Searching for an experienced coder to develop my server after my instructions

Hello we are searching a developer for our Harry Potter thamed DarkRP based serious roleplay server. Trying to finda good coder for a long-term partnership who can solve problems creatively, and create high quality , optimized content for us. We have...

14th April 2016
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Mysql-Server on Ubuntu 14.04

Okay, so pardon me if this is in the wrong section, but I figure this is the closest to relevant section. Also pardon any poor grammar as I've been up all night trying to solve this issue. I am trying to install mysql-server-5.5 on Ubuntu 14.04, but no...

12th April 2016
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Need help fiding header files for program

Hello, I've been trying to compile a c++ dll from source code that I found, but it says I need a few header files to complete the program. I've been searching, but I can't seem to find them. Does anyone know where I can find them, or does anyone happen to...

12th April 2016
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So I made my first android app.

Hello, I made my first android app as an Indie 17 years old developer. I would like you to try it but since advertising is not allowed I have to ask first. Can I please post the app so ppl can try it and give me some suggestions ? Thank you!

11th April 2016
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Looking for other programmers for a stealth shooter

Introduction I'm looking for two-to-three coders interested in developing a stealth-focused shooter. The combat of the game should resemble Hotline Miami in terms of ruthlessness. Barring the fundamental mechanics, you have a large amount of creative...

10th April 2016
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Game ideas for my Diploma graduation project

Hey, I have 6 months to make a Tool or a Videogame in an Engine of my choice, I think i will use Unity or Monogame, Unreal is not an Option because i dont want to wait 10 mins everytime my Code compiles and blueprints are not going to get rated. I...

9th April 2016
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8th April 2016
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trying to program in c++

hi, i've been trying since i got off work for 4 hours to fix my visual studio. i cannot seem to get my program to save into a exe. here is my code. public class Hello1 { public static void Main() { System.Console.WriteLine("Hello,...

7th April 2016
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Looking for someone that can program for the source engine

Im sorry if this the wrong place to post this but im looking for someone that can program for the source engine, its for a project, and i already have a gameplay designer, and and modeler, were just missing the coder, if you can help please friend me on...

6th April 2016
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[Help] Make Sourcemod plugin run only if whitelisted server IP.

Hello, Do any of you fine gentlemen know how i could make a Sourcemod plugin run only if the server IP = Some help will be very appreciated. If the server IP is another one than the listed one, i would like the plugin to not run any of...

5th April 2016
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How much caffeine do you drink? ( 2 Last )

As I was making my ritualistic cup of coffee this morning I wondered to myself exactly how much other programmers drink. I usually have either one or two cups, but I need that first cup to really function.

4th April 2016
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Why is there no time.h in visual studio?

Hey. First of do NOT link me to the megathread ( what do you need help with ) . Ive already posted there and i kinda need an answer today so i cant really wait for another hour ( in about 40 minutes its midnight here ) so i gotta make this a seperate...

4th April 2016
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Best timer for a games fps system?

Hey. So im trying to make the most basic fps system for my 2d game so i can start testing ( i will replace it with a better one along the line ). My idea is to have a separate thread wait 17 milliseconds and then change a pointer variable for 1...

4th April 2016
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Why is my code slowing down so much?

Hey. So i recently made an application with the winbgim version of graphics.h ( in visual studio but the code is the same so that doesnt matter ) and it works really well. For some reason my code slows down after i placed the first few blocks. I need to...

3rd April 2016
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Coder/Developer wanted

Hello! I'm not entirely sure if this is the best place to post this but I am assuming so since it would be where I could find the coders i'm looking for. If it's not, could a moderator please move my thread to the correct spot and notify me of the...

2nd April 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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dbf file problem

I`ve got a trouble. I use FoxPro 3.0 and have a lot of data damaged by the virus. Mostly .dbf format suffered. I cleaned the virus but those files are no longer readable or even openable. How can I recover them? There MUST be a way!

1st April 2016
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31st March 2016
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Hi all. Haven`t seen a topic like mine so hope everything is ok. I have one problem. Recently I was working with my access database and added a lot of info into the document. I `ve got to hand over month report soon I`m working all day and night long....

31st March 2016
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MS Project 2010

MS Project 2010, we are actively used "local" graphics that lead users. These charts usually lie in the My Documents users (a network folder). Some graphs are in SharePoint catalog, but also in the MPP-files. For some time now, the local graphics were...

30th March 2016
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Languages you Know Best. ( 2 Last )

Post the computer languages that you know the best! Languages I know best: HTML, CSS, jQuery, gLua / Lua

30th March 2016
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How fast can you type?

https://www.keyhero.com/free-typing-test/ Saw a youtube video in WAYWO where the author typed really slowly. Was wondering how fast the average facepuncher can type. I got 72.36wpm at 92.16% accuracy did it again and got 85.61wpm at 96.12%...

30th March 2016
by Kevin Adams Go to last post
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Is there a way to ping a Garry's Mod server and get the status and player count back?

Title says it all. Is there a way and can you do this using fsockopen in PHP?

30th March 2016
by JacobGunther1 Go to last post
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Graphics.h how to check if the left mouse button is held down?

Hey. So the graphics.h libaray is terribly documented and i couldnt figure out how to check if the left mouse button is pressed. Can someone help me with this? im using the librarys from: : http://winbgim.codecutter.org/

29th March 2016
by Asgard Go to last post
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Moving a picture along a grid without classes using graphics.h

Hey. im trying to move a picture of a block thats attached to the mouse across a grid so that the user cant place a block inside of another block ( im making a level editor ). I have some pretty messy code ( i can clean it up but its gonna take a...

29th March 2016
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Server console application

Is it possible to create a program that sends console output from a game server to a program on my pc so i dont have to log into the host providers site every time i want to run a quick command in the server console?

28th March 2016
by Cushie Go to last post
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How can I store a variable on a player?

AddCSLuaFile( "cl_init.lua" ) -- Make sure clientside AddCSLuaFile( "shared.lua" ) -- and shared scripts are sent. include('shared.lua') function ENT:Initialize() self:SetModel( "models/entities/syringe_out.mdl" )

27th March 2016
by Metamorphics Go to last post
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How do you limit the amount of entities in your addon?

I'm currently programming an addon that has an entity in it and I only want there to be 1 of these entities allowed in a server. Is there a way to limit this? If so, how?

26th March 2016
by proboardslol Go to last post
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undefined reference to readimagefile

Hey. So i reacently had problems with graphics.h crashing my programm when i used initwindow. I fixed it by using the version of my school. Suprice! It worked. Only other problem is that i cant use readimagefile. It trows up this error: undefined...

26th March 2016
by MoustacheSpy Go to last post
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Questions with SetVelocity and vectors

Hi, I'm quite a noob with vectors and I'm trying to make the player goes to an entity with this condition: the greater the distance, the faster the player will be move to the entity. I've managed to do that (which is very small) function...

25th March 2016
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Work In Progress

GNetLib - The most basic way to restart Gmod servers remotely.

Hey guys, first time I've decided to release something purely because of how much I use it, not it's practicality or to show off the skill level to make it. It works using Java's SingleSocket to essentially send a string over TCP (I know right, basic...

24th March 2016
by wholegamer Go to last post
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Vulkan - Mapping compressed image data (S3TC/DXT/BC)

Anyone here with any experience with Vulkan? I'm trying to create an image from a S3TC compressed image file, but so far I haven't had much luck. I know there's a "What Do You Need Help With" thread, but I feel like this would quickly go under. ...

24th March 2016
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Hey, I need to make a form that will send me an e-mail with the answers (but not asking the person e-mail) and when the person press submit, a pop up box will show up giving a random password 23rd March 2016 Just need some help please :D

24th March 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Need help with Javascript for loading screen

Hello, I am currently developing a loading screen for someones server and need some help. For any question involving if the code works, Yes it does work its just I need help with other issues. The problem is that the javascript functions called by...

24th March 2016
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Mostly done an app that I've been working on, last part is to use google.api in someway to send loc. Stats to a server so my company can send out a car Any tips or tricks, general ideas in the matter?

24th March 2016
by der_crow Go to last post
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I need help with my Garry's Mod Server

I need a coder/Developer for my Garry's mod Server if someone wants to help add me on Skype, my name is Kevin Pylant and my Skype says I am from Afganistan. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

23rd March 2016
by MistyVermin Go to last post
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[c++] Graphics.h initwindow crashes programm

Hey. I am making a game for a school contest and unfortunately i have to use graphics.h and codeblocks. Im having problems with the graphics.h tho. At first i had the problem of readimagefile being undefined wich i fixed by downloading another version of...

22nd March 2016
by MoustacheSpy Go to last post
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HL2 Mod Problem

Hey guys. This is my problem: On my Half Life Ep. 1 Mod i cant get the main menu to work. It is still the Graphical stuff and i need to make changelevel in console to the map i like. Copying the gamemenu.res to my sourcemod in steamapps/sourcemod but...

22nd March 2016
by taz0 Go to last post
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Music Won't Work on Loading Screen

On the website the music works, but how come not when I join the server (Steam Browser) Code: <audio autoplay src="song.mp3" loop>

22nd March 2016
by JohnnyOnFlame Go to last post
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HTML Derma Panel: How to grab OpenURL from a config file.

Removed because post was in wrong sub-forum. Sorry! Link to moved post > Click here

21st March 2016
by LOT Go to last post
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Source SDK 2013 Mod - Need help with a new npc not navigating properly.

EDIT: Fixed it! For anyone who ever encounters this problem it seemed to sort itself out after I commented out some stuff from Spawn, specifically stuff like HullType, MoveType, etc. Guess with a blending host those just confuse it maybe? So...

21st March 2016
by Comfort Jones Go to last post
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Javascript Help!

Hello, so I'm trying to combine two javascripts together to create one but I'm having a couple of issues. The scripts are all about fading images and other elements which I would like to make work together but I can't figure out how. I was wondering if...

18th March 2016
by dexon Go to last post
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Lua errors console.

KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file In KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file In KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got } in key in file In AddonInfo, ,, (*:*), KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file In...

17th March 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Lua Script

I would like to get into lua coding for things like server content/workshop addons, what programs/guides etc. would you guys recommend for a complete beginner?

17th March 2016
by KommLizard Go to last post
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Need help testing game.

Hey guys. I made an incomplete game. But When I gave it to my friends, they say it's giving an error on execution. They're using Windows 10. The game is about creating a file city from contents in your HDD. I intended to enable you to interact...

16th March 2016
by hakimhakim Go to last post
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Understanding why people use MySQL as opposed to anything else

Hey, I'm still getting into back-end design, and I've seen a lot of alternate approaches to the database. It confuses me why anyone would take issue with them. From what I understand, there's no hierarchy to MySQL tables outside of rows and columns....

16th March 2016
by Matthew0505 Go to last post
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Question: Should I have a constant SQL connection, or only connect, query, disconnect(Optimization)?

Its just a simple question, would it be easier if I made the SQL(Mysqli) in an include file, and "keep" it open, or should I simply connect when its needed, query, and disconnect? Which one would be better?

11th March 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Paying for a plugin : Oculus Rift plugin for DarkBasic Pro

Hello everybody. Let's get to the chase. I need an Oculus Rift plugin made for DarkBasic Pro. Will probably pay for it. I know DBPro is an old tool, but I'm really comfortable with it. The plugin should be written in C++. I think you can adapt...

6th March 2016
by nikomo Go to last post
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javascript universal shift-reduce parser

Here is an universal parser in javascript: http://synth.wink.ws/moonyparser/ I've been to hell and back to make it faster, but that's it, shift-reduce can't be much faster. Unfortunately, finding errors in text makes it three times slower. At least it...

5th March 2016
by ivanvodisek Go to last post
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I need some PHP help.

Well I found a few scripts online to query source servers, none of them worked but with a few modifications I got it to spit out the info I want. I'm attempting to get the list of players on the server. (I've found a way to correctly parse their...

3rd March 2016
by andreblue Go to last post
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Need a bit of help - Ansi C beginner

Just started a Ansi C course at uni, wanted to practice a bit so I can go into the subject knowing what I am doing. I'm trying to code a base conversion that inputs a baseten number and a base to convert it to and outputs the converted number. I've ran...

1st March 2016
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Python Coding and the Indenting problem.

Yo. I've been having a bit of trouble during an assignment, i've got the code mostly figured out (and I did check with the prof who thought it was good too) but i'm currently running into issues on where and how to indent. The code block is this, ...

1st March 2016
by Trebgarta Go to last post
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Has anyone made a clone of hlsw?

most of the base code is here http://open-game-protocol.org/download.php has anyone used this to make something functionally similar to this? I contacted the developer of HLSW (doubt il get a response) doing some detective work and coming up...

29th February 2016
by kulcris Go to last post
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Quick Question (Going from C to MIPS)

So I have an assignment problem which asks for a for loop in C to be converted into MIPS. My professor moves extremely fast so I couldn't catch half of what he said. Here is the code: for (i=0; i<10; i++){ a = b + c; } This fragment is stored...

28th February 2016
by JohnnyOnFlame Go to last post
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I need your help! - Algorithums

Hello, so I'm working on a mobile game in Corona(not that it matters), it's a multiplayer game where you're connected randomly to someone else playing the game to defuse a bomb before them. Bombs generate with 4 modules and each has a chance to generate...

26th February 2016
by Hoodiecraft Go to last post
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RUST Client Side Anticheat (Must use Oxide)

i release This Program Source Code. This program Provide Korean Language with English . Program Not Completed Yet. You can download source and Some Modify Setting and etc. Oxide Plugin Into Your Own server And

25th February 2016
by konachan Go to last post
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Advanced dynamic web scraping (PHP - Laravel)

Hi! So little over a half a year ago I made a site called HostPicker.net. The main purpose of the site is to display data such as price, locations, protection etc. from as many hosting companies and games as possible. When I made the original site I...

25th February 2016
by monalizaa Go to last post
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GMOD > '<eof>' expected near 'elseif' Lua Help?

Just to start of I am extremely new to coding in lua! Please don't hate me <3 . Anyways, I am getting the error: lua/weapons/brickv2.lua:10: '<eof>' expected near 'elseif' In this code: if SERVER then -- Serverside Code --

24th February 2016
by itzkaneki Go to last post
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[C#] Source Remote RCON Tool

Hey there. I've found a several documentations and source codes for Source RCON Protocol, but people are using too much object oriented programming. It makes me a bit confused. Can somebody help me out how do I split the packet that need to be sent into...

24th February 2016
by Deriathan Go to last post
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Creating a push notification system

Hey. Ive recently had an idea to create an application that when a client downloads, a host(me in this case) is able to send out push notifications to the clients. So how it would work is that the program would be downloaded to clients (clients would...

23rd February 2016
by Tamschi Go to last post
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Source Remote Console Tool

Hey, I want to quit the source engine which is why I'm releasing all of my source engine related projects including my Source Engine Client. The code might be quite sloppy, but it might be of use to someone. The networking has to be improved though. ...

22nd February 2016
by BillyOnWiiU Go to last post
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Programming Demographics

FP Programming demographics poll/dakota fanning fan club

22nd February 2016
by MIPS Go to last post
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OpenGL Shaders issue

This SHOULD draw a rectangle to the screen. Getting no shader or c++ errors.... MainGame.cpp #include "MainGame.h" #include <iostream> #include <string> #include "Errors.h"

21st February 2016
by WTF Nuke Go to last post
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API Avatars + Nickname with Steam64

Hello, Sorry if I cannot explain now great detail, due to the fact as it is 3:43AM in the morning... Anyway, I want to integrate the steam API into my staff list. How would it be possible for me to set specific steam 64 Ids to get their steam nickname...

21st February 2016
by Psycho Fanny Go to last post
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Source Engine Client

Hey, I want to quit the source engine which is why I'm releasing all of my source engine related projects including my Source Engine Client. The code might be quite sloppy, but it might be of use to someone. The authentication needs to be changed too. ...

21st February 2016
by Leystryku Go to last post
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Moving from gLUA to C# | json.decode into table, equivalent for C#?

Hi all, So I'm currently learning C# from a strong background of gLUA and I've ran into a problem. I've successfully fetched a json string from a url however I am unsure how to decode it, since I'm used to using json.decode and putting it into table...

20th February 2016
by jmazouri Go to last post
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Sourcemod Sound problem

Hello. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem, but I just can't figure it out! Basically, me and my team compiled a version of our mod for playtesters. Whenever we put it in sourcemods/ and open the game through Steam, it basically has no...

20th February 2016
by Gsilverleaf Go to last post
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Advanced Ragdoll/AI Physics

If you've played Grand Theft Auto 4 or 5, you will know that the animations are very synced to eachother. That's due to a thing called the Euphoria Engine. If your unsure of what the Euphoria Engine is, here is a video: Now, I want to recreate that...

18th February 2016
by austinn2003 Go to last post
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Error at line 133 Attemt to concolate "?" a nil value

Arrays p_exp = initArray(32,0) p_level = initArray(32,0) p_usgn = initArray(32,0) p_killstreak = initArray(32,0) p_lastkill = initArray(32,0) p_rank = initArray(32,"") p_image = initArray(32,"")

16th February 2016
by DrTaxi Go to last post
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Gmod Server: Remote Monitoring

Guys, I have addons conflicting someone not using the simple word local or hooks with the same name. I know there is a tool out there that uses a terminal or CMD like remote control to your server showing hook registering. I need this program I can't find...

16th February 2016
by infinitynull Go to last post
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My first Android Game - Scape. Build a model aircraft which you need to fly through different levels

I've been working on this thing for a while. It was a self teaching java/android/physics experiment which I decided to wrap up in a little game. I had an idea a while ago of how I could simulate the physics of a wing, and played around with that. Then...

14th February 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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lua code for me?

ay i wanna have a findbyclass lua codes that show text where stuffs is like coins and i want it like a wallhack lul ^^) can you guys add codes to show like how much the vaule coins is? i have a cmd with vaule thing "Say(this:GetValue())" plus make it...

12th February 2016
by bjoern90 Go to last post
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[Rust] RCON Connection

I have a question relating to packets. I'm getting invalid packet message. How do I solve what's full text format for packet sending? SERVER_DATA = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("SERVERDATA_AUTH"); Can I insert a password data directly to this string?

10th February 2016
by Deriathan Go to last post
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C++ Advice for Newbie?

Hello! So i've ALWAYS wanted to program... I've ALWAYS wanted to learn HOW to program.. But the problem is i always have trouble making it all the way through and i NEVER know where exactly i'm supposed to start to pursue this! Well this time i wanna make...

9th February 2016
by robbert^^ Go to last post
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Help with code! Ruby language

def luckynumberseven? () Arr = while Arr.length < 5 puts("Enter your numbers") Add_to_arr = gets.chomp Arr.push(Add_to_arr) end

4th February 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
19 4,294

introducing iio.js -\\ a super easy JS framework for games and animations

iio.js website iio.js is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it super easy to make 2D games and animations with HTML5 Canvas. It isn't exactly new, its actually the newest, and rechristened, version of iio Engine, which I released about 2...

4th February 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
3 633
31st January 2016
by Bakken1 Go to last post
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