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Best language to learn first?

Hey guys, opened a garry's mod server and decided that I want to get into programming/coding and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to start with. Looking for something that is quite logical and considered easy for beginners. Thanks in...

23rd April 2014
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Editing drivers

I need more buttons for my binds and the only 2 things i've found online are way too expensive. Could i edit the drivers of a basic external numpad to use as extra buttons?

23rd April 2014
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Wake - My Android game - Bug thread This thread has images

http://i.imgur.com/EmlPork.png Wake is my Android game, and the first game powered by my game engine (soon to get it's own website and thread!) I've been working on the engine for about 2 years in total, and the game about 6 months. Some of you may...

22nd April 2014
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where to start with Javascript

Hey there, I'm currently a student that has an ambition for practically anything computers, could some of you that've already learn't Java point me in the direction and give me some tutorials, or even how you learn't java.

22nd April 2014
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C compiler - no installation

Hello ! I want to learn C, but the trick is that I want to do it on my free time at work. Thus, I don't have admin rights, and can't install anything or modify the system (windows7, btw). I can still run .exe files. So, I wanted to know if there is...

22nd April 2014
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[PAYMENT] UT2004 Small Modification

Hey there, I am looking for someone that knows how to mod UT2004. I need a small modification that would allow you to edit individual bot skill, health and run speed and save it for that individual bot. You can already do this with accuracy and other...

21st April 2014
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Manhood Text Generation API - Discussion Thread

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I have worked on programs for randomly generating things such as stories and chat messages. I have spent a lot of time refining this technology into a more user-friendly and flexible API, adding to...

21st April 2014
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help with a little problem (java)

hi all, I am a nooby on this of the programming and i am studing java, the las program that i need to do is sort a deck of cards that I introduce, ok so, the programm works in everything (sort the cards, introduce the cards and "finish" but not how i...

20th April 2014
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Logical Up-Down Counter This thread has images

Hey guys, I'm not sure where I should post this, but it seems most related to programming, I think... For a class I'm taking, Logic Design, I have to design an Up-Down non-sequential circuit and I'm having so much trouble. I'm not asking for answers, just...

20th April 2014
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What's the best step to take after Construct 2?

So I've been doing a lot of work in C2 and while it's really nice and I like to use it, I'd like to do more complicated things and I don't want to spend ~300 bucks just so I can do them without learning real programming. My question is, what should I...

19th April 2014
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Some random game I'm making This thread has images

Shitty quality alpha video (pardon the freezes due to the video recorder) : Use libgdx for java. Potentially available on Windows,linux, android. FPS is bellow 60 due to the action of taking the screenshot.

19th April 2014
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How does rendering work with depth?

Hi, I'm wondering how polygons are rendered by how far away they are from the camera. How does x,y,z translate to just x,y for the screen? example: I have a point x,y,z: 50,50,30 how do i calculate where it would appear on the screen in pixels,...

18th April 2014
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I'm a STEM field student, Should I get into engineering or programming and how do I decide really?

I've always been a STEM oriented kid, but honestly I've never been good at independency or risk taking, and only good at being told what to do. Thinking about exact career details has always made me really nervous and panicky (I'm a millennial, and have...

17th April 2014
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Building an analog/digital synth

Hi everyone, I would like to build an analog synthesizer but I don't know where to begin. Resources are that...resourceful. Can someone help me? Thank you.

16th April 2014
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Coffe stain accidentally leaks the source code for both sanctums.

Apparently inside the goat simulator development kit, inside the unreal script folder there is the source code for sanctum 1 2 and dlcs. http://i.imgur.com/cuvg1Sp.png it's under Steam\steamapps\common\GoatSimulator\Development\Src

15th April 2014
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Questions for Steam games

Hey, I have around 40 questions that I need the answers to, these questions are about a wide range of Java related material. I am attempting to make a trade for games in exchange for the answers. If you are interested, please contact me on steam via...

14th April 2014
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Can anyone help me out with this lua code?

Hi! Ive been trying to get my knife on my TTT server to be an instant kill for a good part of the day, most guides on the internet say that all I need to do is change this line of code to say 100 instead of 50 SWEP.Primary.Damage = 50 which...

13th April 2014
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[C++] Visual studio debug cant open file, but in windows explorer it works This thread has images

Hi guys, Im trying to use SFML 2.1 to open a font. I used this code: if(!font.loadFromFile("res\\arial.ttf")) // Set path to your font { return 1; } When I hit the debug button in visual studio, it says that it cant open the file. However,...

12th April 2014
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definition of a programming language (discussion/rant)

Hi. I would like to start a discussion on this topic to see what people opinions on it, as well as give a sort of initial rant to get things started. While I was learning HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) I caught a bit of flak from some...

9th April 2014
by Jookia Go to last post
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What is the best C++ guide for beginners?

Hey, I want to start C++ and work my way up so that I can start writing programmes and working on projects with multiple people. In this case the best way is to RTFM (read the fucking manual) Alot of people have said that there is not point in videos as...

9th April 2014
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Online compiler for Linux messes up my program.

Greetings, i'm working on a project for the Ar Drone 2.0, this one is under linux, i found this program and i want to modify it . Here is the source code So i used an online compiler to compile it, but when i try to run it using Telnet (Because this...

7th April 2014
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What Programming Languages Notepad++ Use? This thread has images

I just install Notepad++ (To use GLua) and I was wondering what languages it uses. I know it use Lua... but does it use more than one language?

6th April 2014
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having some issues with this project (C++) This thread has images

having some problems with this code (getting really mixed up with these vectors). i'm pretty new to C++ so help would be appreciated, i've been stuck on this for a while. i'm using visual studio 2012 if that's important. void Player::Update(int...

4th April 2014
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[.NET] Fastest way to take screenshots

Hi, I am currently making a screen sharing program (Kinda like Skype does), I did the networking part and all that and it does works, however it's quite slow, even on localhost, so I found the culprit and it turns out that taking a screenshot takes...

3rd April 2014
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Receive GMod Server log with PHP

Hi, I'm developing my own RCon application in PHP on my website to communicate with my Garry's Mod server. I am experienced with general web development (html, javascript) and PHP, but I'm fairly new to networking. I am able to connect to the...

1st April 2014
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WAYWO - March 2014 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 31 32 33 34 Last ) This thread has images

What Are You Working On v42 - March 2014 (now with less dumb op) Highlights from Feb 2014 Thread:

1st April 2014
by Rayboy1995 Go to last post
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Lua scripting

How to create Config Files!

Hi, I am making a script but I need a config file like in POINTSHOP, but I dont know how to handle with this. I looked in different forums about this, but I didnt found anything about this toppic! So I'm asking here. I want to make a config file...

29th March 2014
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UE4/Unity good for beginners?

So i have absolutely no experience in programming/modeling/etc. Is Unity/UE4 good way to begin doing something in that way?

27th March 2014
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SharpTalk: A .NET wrapper for the DECtalk TTS engine.

This project was inspired by the creative antics of those utilizing Moonbase Alpha's TTS feature. Aeiou. I searched around exhausively and for a decent TTS engine apart from Microsoft's SAPI, which has a .NET implementation. I don't like SAPI ...

26th March 2014
by Berkin Go to last post
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Developing Mobile Games

I wanna make a simple mobile phone game, nothing crazy. There are tons of proprietary development kits and engines and whatnot out there, a lot of them cost money or require a yearly subscription/license. What is the best no-bullshit toolkit/sdk/engine...

24th March 2014
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RUST : Constant Error Handling from 3/20 Patch? This thread has images

(Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d3d49558e4d408f4/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 53) Anyone have any idea what this is related to? It's a nasty error that pops up anytime anyone does anything on my server, and it makes the...

23rd March 2014
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Dumb Jython question

I'm currently working on a program that's essentially a simple walking random thing in a maze, and I need to make sure that it acts certain ways if it doesn't walk out of the maze, but comes into contact with the colors red, black and blue. Here's my code...

21st March 2014
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Dictionary Data Structure in C

I'm trying to make a dictionary data structure program in C that will basically put a text file (with any amount of lines) into a struct. The dictionary recognises the first word of a line as a word and the rest of the line as a description for that...

20th March 2014
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Creating Textadventures

Title says all. I'm currently thinking about creating my very own textadventure and since I'm not really talented at creating sprites or anything graphical related NOR gifted in the ways of programming I'd thought I create something very simple where I'm...

19th March 2014
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VGUI Functionality Not working! This thread has images

Button Function/Creation button2 = vgui.Create( "DButton", Form ) -- Creates a button button2:SetSize( 100,30 ) -- Sets the size of the button button2:SetPos( 63,70 ) -- Sets the position of the button reletive to the form button2:SetVisible( true )...

17th March 2014
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What's next?

So I have got Lua down. I understand the basics of coding. I was just wondering where I go from here. I am taking programming courses this summer. What do you guys think I should do based off of your personal experience? I was thinking maybe Python or...

17th March 2014
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Can somone do something for me that is REALLY simple?

I really do not know how to code mobile apps but all I need is an ios app that has a certain icon that I will give you if you want to help me and if you start it up nothing happens. ( Either black screen or brings you back to home screen) Does not really...

16th March 2014
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I'll pay a app developer for something simple!

I need an app that will give you a pre-test and a post-test. In between the pre-test and post-test there will be a study session where they can simple study then click ready and start the post-test. The post-test will have the same questions as the...

15th March 2014
by Jookia Go to last post
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Fastest way to learn c#

I would really like to develop a good game. I've tried to develop some game using tutorial but im really limited to the tutorial. So i want know i fast way to learn c# so i can be more flexible! I've read some books like "Sam teaches you c# in 21 days"...

14th March 2014
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Help with programming please!

-snip- admin please delete post

14th March 2014
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