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Work In Progress

Portal Page for My Community This thread has images

gmod.novabox.org Opinions or Tips? This is like my second or third webpage that I've made. I used some fog & ash/snow assets from codepen.io, and the authors are respected in the source code with comments, along with the license. The only...

26th November 2014
by laserpanda Go to last post
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Quick Arduino Question.

So I have to do a little project of my choice in one of my classes. I chose to create an MP3 player out of the Arduino that will play songs from a piezo buzzer and use pushbuttons to pause, play, and skip to the next song. I just wanted to know the best...

25th November 2014
by aNTohnEE Go to last post
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Receive GMod Server log with PHP This thread has images

Hi, I'm developing my own RCon application in PHP on my website to communicate with my Garry's Mod server. I am experienced with general web development (html, javascript) and PHP, but I'm fairly new to networking. I am able to connect to the...

23rd November 2014
by jared2014 Go to last post
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Revolt on 4th year of Computer Science college course - needs of many outweigh needs of few - I call BS. ( 2 Last )

Hey, so long story short: I am doing BSc in Computer Science (last year), I am pretty good student in class, we had 2 weeks of preparation for test, 20% overall mark. Basically we had to make a java application (command prompt, without interface) in 2...

23rd November 2014
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Web Development Assistance

Hello, I am looking for someone that can help me created a professional garry's mod DarkRP website containing a great forums software, payment is included.

22nd November 2014
by lope Go to last post
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Is it worth paying money for a Game Development program at a college?

Basically my question for you guys is the title. Is it worth going to a college for a Game Dev/Design Program? I mean like Full Sail or Digipen where they offer lots of courses regarding the gaming industry. I currently am teaching myself...

21st November 2014
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How Do You Change the Viewmodel Height (source games) This thread has images

Hey guys. Just a rather straight and forward question. Does anyone have any solution on how to lower the viewmodel on everything in-game, specifically L4D2. I was curious on whether this could be achieved through scripting or maybe a console command...

21st November 2014
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Help please

Can someone help me created a website with forums such as http://xtcr.net/ I host a DarkRP garry's mod server and i am willing to pay (User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

20th November 2014
by AtGNeuro Go to last post
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Let's share some cool tools, demos, examples, designs/templates and anything else related to Web Design/Development

Hey Facepunch, few things I came across this week that I thought I'd share. Rather than make a thread exclusively for these things, why not make a thread where everyone else can share some cool or useful links, too? Online Code Editor in the cloud...

19th November 2014
by Moofy Go to last post
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My custom font isn't displaying.

Hello, there. I already posted this in the question thread, but I received no response. I'm posting here hoping to increase my chances of getting one. I'm pretty new when it comes to web development, so, sorry if this seems stupid. I thought that ttf...

18th November 2014
by LegoGuy Go to last post
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First Gamemode Inventory System not working.

I have recently started to dive into garrysmod gamemode creation following Goature's tutorials, I have got up to the inventory and stats episode, the basic idea is that it will collect short steam id's and create a database of folders with txt files in...

17th November 2014
by proboardslol Go to last post
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Gmod Lua First Gamemode Give Weapons not working.

As you can see from the title, I have started to dip into Lua Gmod coding in my spare time. following Goature's Tutorials I have run into a problem. Episode 5 we set up a table to give particular weapons to each team, unfortunately this code does not seem...

16th November 2014
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I'm organising a hackathon at the University of Oxford - come along if you're currently at university/high school!

Hey folks, I'm organising a hackathon this November at Oxford. I'd love for some of you guys to come along - I don't think I would have managed to learn to code if it hadn't been for all the help I got from FP, so it would be great to see some of you...

15th November 2014
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CSS ( LESS ) Help!

I'm using Less CSS and... tried googling up many css hack to make box-shadow available for mozilla and webkit, and it's not working. and now even more f-up situation, after updating my nexus 5 to official lollipop, my chrome on nexus 5 is not showing...

14th November 2014
by anazhd Go to last post
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Missing binary operator before token in Monodevelop (perprocessor directive)

Hey all, I'm trying to compile the PhysX SDK 3.3.2 for linux, and the included Makefile works completely fine. But now I want to work on one of the samples with an IDE, and am using Monodevelop 4.0.12. The compiler gives me a few hundred errors, but...

14th November 2014
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Work In Progress

First proper design + build for my Obfuscator's homepage This thread has images

Hey, I'm a developer not a designer, I'm sure you know the type. I needed a design for 'Cobra', my online PHP obfuscator, so I thought I'd give it a proper go and follow the current design trends of 2014 to make something that looks clean and...

14th November 2014
by atomiku Go to last post
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Free Dedicated Server

Does anyone want a free dedicated server on the west coast for one or two months (no I won't make you pay after)? E3-1240 V3 16GB ram 1TB HDD PM me and we can discuss specifics. Please don't PM me if you are new to Facepunch and only have a...

13th November 2014
by darksoul69 Go to last post
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Need a LUA Coder!

Hello I need a LUA coder to code a star wars RP server I am willing to pay what I need. -F4 Menu -A weapon selling system specific to a certain class -Permissions -Restrictions on Server crashing tools -Hack Detecting Codes -Basically from the...

13th November 2014
by quincy18 Go to last post
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Any DJango/AngularJS devs out there? Looking to pay someone.

Hi, I'm looking to pay someone to modify an open source site. It has absolutely zero documentation -- but hopefully you can figure it out! https://github.com/taigaio I need things added such as a file storage like system, or possibly dropbox...

13th November 2014
by iDeku Go to last post
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OOP PHP stdClass(json) foreach

Website: Full code: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/75ec42b790d9951d1714 public function render(){ $video = $this->youtube($this->data("v")); foreach ($video as $related) {

12th November 2014
by Neophyte Go to last post
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Question about Coderhire or scriptfodder.

Okay. So I wanna make a website like coderhire but for another thing (not scripts). What programming or markup lnguages do I need to do this?

11th November 2014
by itsvesper Go to last post
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My new forum/website This thread has images

This time I remade it, but I did not focus on styling. It works ok, decided to fix all the errors. Here is the website: www.sharebook.ca/sharebook Tell me what you think of it

11th November 2014
by Kemerd Go to last post
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Graphics2D Halp?

Alright so I'm making a game in Java. I'm stuck at an error that is stubborn. It is saying: Multiple markers at this line - Cannot instantiate the type Graphics2D - Watchpoint:GPanel I am using Eclipse. Do not judge as I'm a beginner and I suck...

10th November 2014
by killerteacup Go to last post
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Where to learn lua? I'm sort of new to this programming stuff.

Hello guy's so today i was wondering how i would go about learning lua and what the best places to learn it at. Well i guess glua because i wanna learn it to make addons for my garry's mod server and stuff and i want to make addons and stuff like here...

9th November 2014
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Thinking of MSc Degree next, which fields are getting more evolved in near future (more available jobs)

Hey, I am finishing my BSc in Computer Science, and I am planning to continue education and get Masters Degree too. So I am just wondering what Computing fields are getting more and more evolved and may require more specialists (create more jobs) ? In...

9th November 2014
by DrTaxi Go to last post
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My forum website, please give feedback!

-snip- 4th November 2014 Never mind, still got a lot to do

6th November 2014
by GreenIguana Go to last post
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Making a HL2EP2 Mod - Compiled Dlls Are Ignored In-Game

Hi. I'm trying to make an Episode 2 mod (SDK Base 2007) and I'm having trouble getting my client and server DLLs recognized in-game. I have been trying to use the example of altering the speed of rockets found on the My First Mod page... ...

6th November 2014
by SteveUK Go to last post
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Spiked Colors , my first game released

Hello everyone! Finally, after weeks of development, i released this silly game, actually i like to create projects, but i never finish them because i'm too lazy A friend paid me a dev licence on Google play, so i decided to create a game, and publish...

6th November 2014
by gonzalolog Go to last post
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Only one workshop collection per server?

Hey just checking to see if this is true. Is it only possible to have one collection per server or can we register more? One of the other server admins has a collection he uses now but since I'm going to be making custom stuff for us as well it'd be...

5th November 2014
by Donkie Go to last post
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HTML Loading screen Request!

So I'm owner of a server named AtG, we need a loading screen the problem is that it involves HTML, I myself am not good at this, however if anyone out there is please contact me, my steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/AtG_Neuro/ I'm looking for...

5th November 2014
by atomiku Go to last post
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Loading Screen Scrollbar Issue

I have my loading screen here; http://gmod.novabox.org/loading/ (Don't mind the screenshots, they're placeholders.) But the problem is the bar that appears on the right side, which shows up ingame aswell as in the browser, which really ruins the...

4th November 2014
by AtGNeuro Go to last post
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The Miracle of stupidSort()

So, I had a friend who thought they had developed a really efficient sorting algorithm. I had to point out how wrong they were unfortunately, so yeah. One of the actual names for this method is stupidsort, if you've never heard of it. Results:...

3rd November 2014
by Kondor Go to last post
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LibGDX & Bullet - Using Model as Collision Shape Issue This thread has images

Posted this in both relevant threads and no responses, so I figured I'd make a new thread. This is using libGDX, but at least part of it can apply to normal Bullet as well. When using a mesh to create my static collision shape (it isn't practical to...

2nd November 2014
by Dr. Evilcop Go to last post
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How to mod portal 2 gels? This thread has images

There are a few mods that show gels that have been modified to act in different ways. I can't find anything online on how to modify these gels. I've gone through a lot of the portal 2 directory to try to find some kind of files, but I can't find anything....

2nd November 2014
by IG-O Ghost Go to last post
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Today, Paradrop, my first game, was released! This thread has images

A few weeks ago I posted a screenshot of my game to the June 2014 "What are you working on?" thread. I was happy to see a positive reaction to the game. Here it is! Paradrop is a simple 2D physics game, coded in Lua using the Love2D framework. I...

2nd November 2014
by TheSnake Go to last post
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What Are You Working On? - November 2014 This thread has images

WAYWO - November 2014 Highlights: <cant generate highlights due to the lockdown and the tool wont work-.. if someone knows a better way to generate highlights please PM> <topic will be edited> Go.

2nd November 2014
by Funley Go to last post
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What Are You Working On? - October 2014 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 29 30 31 32 Last ) This thread has images

Apparently nobody wanted to have to make an October thread. Cartman300 worked on some C# integration with Quake 3. Facepunch started an arcade simulator. Why485 made a pretty flight HUD.

2nd November 2014
by Mega1mpact Go to last post
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Streaming Issue

Not too sure if this is a web development issue, but I'll ask anyway. I am having issues streaming audio from youtube on my VPS Site (IIS) but for a very odd reason, some songs do stream as others don't. Before I moved the site to the VPS, all of the...

30th October 2014
by Baron von Hax Go to last post
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Bit of feedback needed. This thread has images

Hey, so in past week I've been learning Node.js, Socket.io jade, express. Over week I made some progress with my chat application, so here are pics (can't reveal web address yet, because it's not protected against SQL injections yet) So anyway, I am bit...

30th October 2014
by KinderBueno Go to last post
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Adding console commands to a source mod? This thread has images

Hi, I'm currently working on a mod using the Source SDK 2013, and I was wondering how to add console commands? I used the developer link: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Developer_Console_Control#Adding_new_commands_.26_variables but I'm still...

30th October 2014
by smithy311 Go to last post
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Background image

Found this little script on the internet to switch through url images. Instead of having the image ontop, how can i set this as the background: <div><img width='100%' height='100%' id='myimage' src='SampleImage.jpg'/></div>

29th October 2014
by jung3o Go to last post
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Web Idea

Hello there, first time posting here, I'm a noob web developer and a amateur web surfer. I had a idea for a website; The page would be blank with the exception of a small message: Write whatever you want. Then there would be a text square and a submit...

28th October 2014
by Th3applek1d Go to last post
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Edge Animate Issues

I am having difficulty making a mousedown/mouseup event for one symbol. I'm trying to make a button, and I have one image of the button with a shadow, which represents when it is inactive, and another image of the button without the shadow to show that it...

27th October 2014
by R0bbob Go to last post
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Best Cross-Platform Development Tool for Networking

I was approached by someone wondering if I was able to make an app for multiple mobile platforms (mainly iOS, Android, and Windows phones) that would be able to get network info (subnet mask, gateway, IP, MAC etc.) from their phone and then have that info...

25th October 2014
by _RJ_ Go to last post
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What would be the best website i can use for my garry's mod server?

I've recently been confused on what website to use for my garry's mod server, i've used webs and phpbb3 which i haven't been to happy with, anyone know a great website i can use?

24th October 2014
by Topgamer7 Go to last post
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pastebin.pw - a painfully simple/minimalistic pastebin (with syntax highlighting) ( 2 Last )

hello again FP. I recently moved my pastebin site/script to its own domain, plus updated its layout. So if you're needing to paste some code give http://pastebin.pw/ a try. But what I'm really looking for here is ideas and suggestions. So, if...

22nd October 2014
by Tomelyr Go to last post
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Visual Basic file transfer??

alright, for a class at my college we are required to use visual basic to write code. while i was unable to install the program on my desktop, it installed fine on my laptop. what files would i need to copy besides the program files folders in order to...

21st October 2014
by Salieri Go to last post
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Javascript: Make my 1:5 clock stop when Space is being hold

I've created this clock, that should pause while SPACE is being hold. But my Js skills is extremely bad, so I got kinda lost. The clock is 1 to 5 clock. Which means every second that passes, 5 seconds passes in the clock. Alternative to qoute:...

21st October 2014
by andreglud Go to last post
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Need some help on a few things with this loading screen

Loading screen page as it currently is can be found here: http://rtvplz.com/vload/index.php?steamid=%s Few things that I'm just getting frustrated with: 1. Can't get the video to be properly responsive while as a background for whatever reason so it...

21st October 2014
by Judd Go to last post
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NPCs dropping stuff

How to make npcs drop selected things. Do you know any addon that allow it or how to do it myself. Please tell me I really need that

20th October 2014
by helifreak Go to last post
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NutScript Help?

Hey guys, So I'm currently coding a MRP style GM. I'm editing a Hl2 RP to fit what I desire, Y'know, standard Faction renaming, changing faction creation models, stuff like that. I've run into a bump though, for I am no coder. I'm trying to add...

19th October 2014
by SteelSliver Go to last post
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Derma - Detecting which Item was clicked.

Hello everyone. So basically I have a question about Derma. So, I have a table that contains every item that will be within my DermaPanelList. However, I would like to know how to check which item within the list was clicked, here is my code: local...

18th October 2014
by xThaWolfx Go to last post
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Javascript: x-axis map with coordinate system?

kind of hard to explain what I want to get done but I will try. Basically using Node.js, Jade and Express: Is it possible to make like a map, or just a line/grid along X axis and save positions of elements (placed by users) on it? Example: I have a...

18th October 2014
by KinderBueno Go to last post
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Steam4Net group issues.

Hello, I've recently starting toying around with the Steam4Net library but I've run into some issues regarding many of the group(clan) functions such as "GetClanOwner" and "GetClanChatMemberCount". I was wondering if these functions are simply broken due...

17th October 2014
by stapled Go to last post
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Hello world MSbuild.exe bug?

------ Rebuild All started: Project: Helloworld, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ c:\documents and settings\compaq_administrator.michael\my documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\Helloworld\Helloworld\Helloworld.vcxproj : error MSB4014: The build stopped...

16th October 2014
by =(E)=AndromK Go to last post
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Good SEO Firm?

Anyone know of an SEO firm that does good work at cheap prices?

14th October 2014
by cjone2 Go to last post
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Best compiler for mac osx

Hi i'm looking into Xcode or using a windows virtual box for visual studios which I can get free from school. Anyone help me out with finding a good compiler for my mbp?

13th October 2014
by proboardslol Go to last post
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PHP FileZilla Creating an new Accounts!

Hello, i was wondering. If anyone knows and tutorials or PHP that i could use for Creating FileZilla Users/Accounts?

12th October 2014
by Killervalon Go to last post
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Making a moving platform with C# ?

Hello, I'm trying to make my moving platform with this code: using System.Collections; public class testfloater:MonoBehaviour { public float Speed = 0.2F; public float stopper = 50.0F; public float header = 0.0F;

12th October 2014
by reevezy67 Go to last post
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Best SEO method? This thread has images

I just coded this seo technique that I hope works. It takes your google query, and adds it to the page it took you to on my site. So if you go to http://herp.in/ you'll see Only issue im having is not all my pages are showing up on google,...

10th October 2014
by lillys Go to last post
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space inputs

Look likes this is the only sensable pleace to put this thread, unfortunatley, due to there not being a smaller thread (sorry) Does anyone know how batch spaces work for input lines? set /p line3="Enter Option: " %=% IF %line3%=="Sherlock Homes"...

9th October 2014
by Fantym420 Go to last post
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A bit of practical sci-fi ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Rate me what you will for posting this here, but I'd really like to know a fellow programmer's perspective on something I'm writing. If you're into science fiction, that is. Here's the first chapter: It's relevant, I swear. This is basically my...

9th October 2014
by voodooattack Go to last post
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Need suggestions for good ole assignment This thread has images

You all should be aware of my infamous assignment already, for those of you that live under rock here's quick overview: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1427054 So I decided to suck up to unfortunate conditions (laptop not working, labs closed and...

9th October 2014
by HJ23 Go to last post
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Cost-effective 3d video?

I want this to happen - Should I just buy Kinects or is there something cheaper? Framerate not important.

9th October 2014
by Ott Go to last post
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[Android] My friends first android game is like stepmania and fruit ninja combined. This thread has images


9th October 2014
by ferdam Go to last post
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Epic Batch File Troll

Do not open the file This creates about 300 files per whole second, when I opened the file it lagged my computer ALOT, but i kept it up for about 30 seconds. It covered my whole desktop and kept building the folders. So don't do this to your...

9th October 2014
by Swebonny Go to last post
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Fast way to return biggest component of a vector?

I'm currently working on some shaders in Unreal4 and Unity and I was wondering what's the fastest way to zero out all components but the biggest one. I want to avoid if-conditions, since the shader-pipeline doesn't like them too much. Currently I put...

8th October 2014
by rookwood101 Go to last post
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Has anyone ever tried making a forum from scratch?

I was looking online and I found lots of forums were made with phpbb, or vbulletin. Has anyone everymade it from scratch?

8th October 2014
by objct Go to last post
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Steam OpenID Question

Hello guys, i've just added Steam Auth to my website but after you log-in the website reload really slowly, its like the retrieving its being really slow .... even when its hosted... Any idea ? thanks !

8th October 2014
by Cyberuben Go to last post
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Simple way to show if the server is down on Twitter

Hello, Does anyone know a simple way to tweet automatically if the Garry's Mod server is currently down, or is someone able to code this?

7th October 2014
by Darkwater124 Go to last post
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Adding console commands for a mod

I'm having trouble implenting this https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Player_Teleport I defined it under the header file but when I enter the console command in game it says command not recognized (User was banned for this post ("You have...

6th October 2014
by Stea Go to last post
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Error compiling mod: achievement_notification_panel.obj

Hi, I'm making a mod for HL2 and I've fixed all the bugs with compiling except this one: error LNK2038: mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1800' doesn't match value '1600' in achievement_notification_panel.obj The output console just spams...

6th October 2014
by smithy311 Go to last post
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Making a teleportation gun?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way I can I could make a teleportation gun. I don't mean the portal gun which is provided by Valve, however I was thinking about modifying it. I want the weapon to be more of a one way teleportation. For example,...

6th October 2014
by SteveUK Go to last post
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Got bored at college, noticed i had 4 free periods in a class group and....

5 minutes after that i went to the computer/ IT office and had a chat with the head of IT.... after that i found myself in AS Level computer science programming in C# :) Originally they were teaching VB, but this year they changed to C# meaning i had...

6th October 2014
by Duskling Go to last post
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How to import image file as 2D array of RGB values using Python?

Pseudocode: (thanks Fourier) Image image = //import your image here, it is 2D array of RGB(A) values int width = image.width; int height = image.height; Node graph = new Node; //read image data for(var x = 0; x < width; x++)

6th October 2014
by thegrb93 Go to last post
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Is anyone willing to do my assignment for $15 in BTC? This thread has images

-Communications through Steam -$5 will be paid upfront. $5 at the end of project. in Bitcoins. All you need to do to is code for a) and b). I will add in another $5 if you can do c) and d) too. -I will send report PDF outlining the model of...

5th October 2014
by HJ23 Go to last post
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[Request][Paid] Need lessons with setting up server (SRCDS) + ip tables + cloud flare + possibly other programming / (Linux)

Hey Facepunch! I am in need of some help with my game server stuff. I would like to see if I can meet someone here experienced with using CloudFlare and hosting to help curb DDOS attacks. I am more looking to pay someone hourly to teach me this...

4th October 2014
by Corewarp3 Go to last post
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Dynamic Sand Shader

Let me be frank, I know nothing about making shaders (in games). The idea is that when my character moves, and its leg hits the sand, the shader of the field of sand models will moves, which will be reflecting sunlight will move/rotates, as if like...

3rd October 2014
by jackwilsdon Go to last post
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Newbie Programmer. Want to learn more about Programming. Need Some Advice/Motivation This thread has images

So I'm a complete beginner with programming and I was wondering if anyone could share me some cool projects you've done for some motivation. Maybe you could share how you learned to program as well. As to where I'm standing on my knowledge on...

3rd October 2014
by EmilioGB Go to last post
25 1,287

Share your workspaces! This thread has images

ITT we share our programming setups. This includes editor setups or PC rigs. Using Mosh with two instances of tmux inside one another, working on a SourceMod plugin.

3rd October 2014
by proboardslol Go to last post
16 886