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Lua scripting

Lua GeoIP Module

I'm trying to build a module for Lua using Visual Studio 2013 following the tutorial here, the 'main.ccp' looks like this: #include <lua.hpp> #include <GeoIP.h> #include "module.hpp" static GeoIP * geoip = NULL; static int...

17th February 2014
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Game Development

Hey chaps, Me and my friend are going to make a game in java, I am pretty new to it and would like some tips? Thanks!

16th February 2014
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Open Steamworks ( 2 3 4 5 .. 13 14 15 16 Last ) This thread has images

(Thanks to stgn/gngbng for the awesome logo) Hello everyone, I've been meaning to start a thread about this project but haven't found there to be enough content revolving around the project up until now. Any who, here's the project I've been working...

VoiDeD 1 reading
14th February 2014
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Help with learning C#

Hey guys, I'm looking for some general information about C#. I want to learn it to be able to make video games using it and then later to go on a course to learn about it at university level. So firstly I want to know where can I learn about it. I want...

10th February 2014
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Lua scripting

Learning lua

i want to start learning lua where would be a good place to start?

10th February 2014
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SkypeTTS - Hear your Skype conversations read out loud by robots.

I was inspired by the amazing SteamTTS app to make a similar app for Skype. So, I did! It uses the same TTS engine, so all of the same commands will work. Simply run "SkypeTTS.exe" and leave it open in the background. It will only read things if you...

10th February 2014
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Facepunch Programming Competition #11: It's not a bug, it's a feature! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Theme Through mountains of hacked together ruby, I've determined (via Schulze condorcet), that the theme is: Glitches! This one is open to interpretation. Even the loosest connections to the theme will work! No, having actual glitches in your game is...

9th February 2014
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WWI: Source could use a coder!

To start off, I'm very sorry if this subforum is the wrong one for recruitment for projects, but this was the most fitting one I could find. If it was wrong, moderators could move or delete it if they like! WWI: Source was a mod first released back in...

9th February 2014
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Looking for information about C++

Hey guys, I'm looking for some general information about C++. I want to learn it to be able to make video games using it and then later to go on a course to learn about it at university level. So firstly I want to know where can I learn about it. I...

8th February 2014
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Content Assets

I'm not very well integrated into creative circles, and I'm finally sitting down and working on my first (real) game compromising a lot of my previous work. The issue I always seem to run into is a lack of consistent content, how does everybody else go...

8th February 2014
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Convert a color to nearest color from a list. This thread has images

Hi. So here's the deal, I decided to make some sort of video player in ComputerCraft, the ComputerCraft part is all done and working, however I thought of converting real videos into a LUA Table containing data of colors and where they should appear,...

7th February 2014
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Looking For Some Help

Background Info: So I founded a cyber security club last year with the purpose of getting some experience in the field I want to go into. It was only 6 people, and I am graduating this year, thus leaving the club behind. Cool thing is a lot of people,...

7th February 2014
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need help with super basic thing using textpad

so when I try to compiling something using textpad I get exit code 2 or something, this is what I am testing // Welcome1.java // A first program in Java public class Welcome1 { public static void main(String args) { ...

7th February 2014
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How do I change Source Engine's level transition system?

While I love the current method of transitions between levels, it has a few restrictions that will come in the way of making my mod. I want something that simply goes to a black loading screen, and loads the next map, like Portal 2 and other games.

6th February 2014
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4th February 2014
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Programmer wonna be needs help and advice!

Like the title says I need help and adviceand I want to be a programmer. Duh. So I need help with pick a language and I looked over some of them. I looked at HTML, C++/#, Java and Lua. Their all languages I want to learn and be able to code in fluently....

3rd February 2014
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Programming: Where to Start?

I really want to be an IT major (the people in my area who are programmers make insane amounts of money) but I've got no idea where to start. I'd like to hear about how some of you started and what you learned first.

2nd February 2014
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Work In Progress

Beginner Project, any advice?

Hey everyone, I am a beginner learning C++ and recently made a project by myself without having to look up anything on the Internet. It really sucks compared to everything else I see in here, but I am proud of it and am looking to improve. Please post any...

2nd February 2014
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Need help getting rid of this "block" of productivity

I've been having this awful problem that I kind of like, think too much far ahead on ideas and at some point I reach a point where I can't figure out how something I want to make should be done, and because of that I end up ditching the idea. Same goes...

1st February 2014
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Troubleshooting Valve's old Houndeye code?

houndeye.cpp: void CNPC_Houndeye::DeathSound ( ) { EmitSound( "NPC_Houndeye.Die" ); } //========================================================= // PainSound //========================================================= void...

1st February 2014
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What are you working on? - January 2014 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 33 34 35 36 Last ) This thread has images

v40 - January 2014 Highlights from the previous thread:

1st February 2014
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2013: What have we learned? ( 2 Last )

Welcome! The year is over and we've all grown as programmers, worked on our projects, and learned lots of all stuff. So let's talk a bit about ourselves, and what we've been doing this year. It's kind of like a time capsule, but not. Screenshots, videos,...

30th January 2014
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Motivation to program This thread has images

What keeps your programming? I want to be very good at C# and stuff, but I have no motivation, what's your motivation for programming, what helped you get through the learning process, besides being force by school/college, What keeps you programming...

30th January 2014
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Work In Progress

My next project: Randomly Generated TV This thread has images

After finishing my random story generator, I started thinking of more ambitious projects and my focus fell upon generating visual media (within reason). I like to randomly generate things that are hilariously nonsensical, but have some kind of structure....

28th January 2014
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Brigade Engine - Realtime Path-Tracing This thread has images

What is Brigade ? : Brigade utilizes both Nvidia and AMD hardware to do path tracing on the GPU, Other tracers, e.g. CPU based or LAN could be created by the user.All rendering kernels are fine-tuned for every card to give maximum performance combined...

28th January 2014
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How do I add health modifiers to the FGD in source engine?

I want a field in the properties window that lets you change the value of the NPC's health. How do I do this?

28th January 2014
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TF2 EXEC on Map Change

I don't know squat about coding in TF2 but I need something that will exec a certain config when the map is changed via changelevel. The config needs to be determined by the map and its better if the config is executed first.

26th January 2014
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BatchScript help!

I am making a program :P it's almost done but i can't get one thing work right for donators.. they should get a code that i can send to them example. set /p number= if %number% 1234 goto donatortp But if you type like 52835341 it still goes to...

26th January 2014
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Yet another thread from me. [HTML]

Hello! I've made myself a website, and I was woundering if someone culd help me out. I want to add a "Guest Log", where you can write a name and some text, wich then will be posted on the website. My thought is that I simply have a textdocument...

26th January 2014
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DriveSnap - Easily share your screenshots via Google Drive This thread has images

DriveSnap is a small utility that helps you easily share your screenshots via Google Drive. I've been working on it for the past couple of months and I think it's stable enough for everyone to use it and help me find any bugs that I might have missed...

25th January 2014
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Science Project

i have thought forever about using programming as a science project i can use for my science fair in school. the thing is, my school isn't like others. all of our science projects have to be measurable and testable, which sucks ass. last year i came up...

24th January 2014
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C++ Help This thread has images

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this? Ive been working on it for hours and hours with no hope. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? C++ Pro Noob so please baby step me through any instructions. Thanks all.

23rd January 2014
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Facebook API - Android: How to get public page wall posts?

Hey, I am completely new to facebook API, got it set up in my project and running but I have absolutely zero clue how to get wall posts/statuses from a wall on my facebook page? I read about Open Graph API but that seems to be only for browsers? ...

21st January 2014
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Batch File to Turn on Sound in Safe Mode

I have attempted to write some code to do this, but have fallen short of actually being successful. I wonder if this is because of permission issues? Although, running the file in admin CMD doesn't make a difference. Could it be that ECHO is somehow...

21st January 2014
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RollerCoaster Tycoon clone ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

A few months ago I wanted to create something in Java. A game specifically. Since I have always been a huge fan of RollerCoaster Tycoon, I though I might as well try and make that. I posted about it in the WAYWO thread and people seems to like it, but...

20th January 2014
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Moist Banana Deluxe: A random "story" generator you can program. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

After keeping this to myself for a while, I decided that this project would be better used in the hands of the Internet. Utilizing a collection of user-defined patterns and words, Moist Banana combines blatant incoherence with a formal overtone to...

20th January 2014
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Java - where is leads

Hi there, Recently, I decided to start learning Java. I know well C++, so new language is not a problem. So, my question is: Which way of Java development would be more "fresh", so learning it won't be a wasting of time? Maybe programming for android...

19th January 2014
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Java SQL database interaction, which method would be most efficient?

Right now I am working on a server plugin for the game Minecraft which hooks into the Bukkit server software. The plugin tracks basic stats and hooks into the PlayerMove, PlayerBlockBreak and PlayerBlockPlace event and logs integers to a mySQL database...

19th January 2014
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pc games

New to coding This thread has images

Hey there, Im TOTALLY new to coding, i have no experiences with anything without Echo..things.. but i would like to make a simple game using python, but i dont know anything about it and i dont know where to start. does anybody know a good place to start...

18th January 2014
by Tamschi Go to last post
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Android: ListView with just downloaded images?

Hey, how would I go with making: ListView with images which were downloaded when app was launched? The images will be always downloaded when app starts, 5 images from website and saved in specific same order: /deals/deal0, deal1, deal2, deal3, deal4 So...

18th January 2014
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