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Any web devs looking for easy money?

Well, I need a simple thing I could create myself, but sadly I'm very busy with my current job. I need a website that will have a contact form that will be visible only after you login through steam and your SteamID is in a json table I have on my...

2nd October 2015
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Post Your

What Are You Working On? September 2015 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 29 30 31 32 Last )

v59 - September 2015 Highlights from the previous thread: Programming Kings:

1st October 2015
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Any Web Developers here? I Have a few questions.

I Dont know if this is the correct place to post this, If it is not then please delete the post and do not ban me. My question is I have a plan to make a website, Where user enter in a ID and they get entered into a give away where everyone 24 hours...

30th September 2015
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[ANDROID] Where is this app getting the UUID?

Hey Guys, I am reverse engineering the api for a really chintzy phone company in America. It's called Tracfone. They charge your through the nose for their services, and on top of that, their customer service sucks. They are kind enough to provide an...

29th September 2015
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Traceline filters and direction

Hey I'm having some trouble understanding traceline structures and need some help. Essentially I'm trying to make a traceline that can only hit world objects ( i.e. brushes ), and is perpendicular-down from the player's LookAngles, so that I can tell...

29th September 2015
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[JAVA] My grades are in jeopardy!

Hey Everyone, I have an urgent plea. I am taking the required Java course at my school this year. I understand how to code in Java. I thought this class would be easy. For those who didn't know code at all, we did a bit of drag and drop from code.org...

28th September 2015
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Displacement Creation

I was looking into things such as brush creation done by Silverlan's Wrench Toolset. He has done some pretty nice work and when I looked at the code for his Displacement Morpher, it's empty. It's hard to decipher his code, but if you know how he's...

27th September 2015
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How to use the boost libraries in Eclipse on Windows?

How do I install and use the boost libraries in eclipse on windows? I'm using Cygwin Googling gave me no successful results. I feel like when I want to develop something for windows, I have to jump all these unnecessary hoops, I can't just...

26th September 2015
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[PHP] Basic user authentication issues

I'm trying to setup a really really basic user authentication scheme for a website. It's been going smoothly so far, but I'm running into issues relating to SESSION. This is what I have working: PHP is parsed successfully SQL Database permissions...

21st September 2015
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Easy skins?

So with the support of some of you guys I finally made my first website using php. Feel free to leave me some feedback, Thankyou. http://www.ezskinsezlife.net/

20th September 2015
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[C++] Why won't this typecast work?

I'm just trying to learn more about coding -- typecasting in particular, as it seems to be used a lot in C++ coding in general. So i'm trying to typecast an int into a char for std::cout to print: http://puu.sh/k5GPh/0646667ac6.png As you can...

19th September 2015
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Any recommendations for scripting language bindings for gameplay scripting?

General-ass question here, but: I'm making a game engine from scratch. Again. Does anyone here have any recommendations for scripting language integration, both choice of language and choice of implementation? I want all gameplay to be implemented...

16th September 2015
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Write a Console Application One Line/Change/Addition at a Time

Go here instead: https://github.com/TeamEnternode/facepunchbuildsaconsoleapp Rules explained there.

15th September 2015
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[JAVA] Get whether a Steam user is using Mobile or Big Picture Mode

Hey Guys, So you know how occasionally in your steam friends list, it shows a mobile icon next to your friend. I want to be able to have code turn on when the user on the current computer is in Big Picture Mode. I'm writing this is in Java. If there...

14th September 2015
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[JAVA] Drawing over Fullscreen windows

Hey Guys, I recently wanted to make a way to put notifications in Big Picture Mode and other games I am playing. My code of choice is Java. I found this thread about drawing over applications, and it works well. ...

13th September 2015
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SrcSrv - basic php class for querying source engine servers ( 2 Last )

the class(es): // srcsrv // a simple library for querying source engine servers // by stgn class BinHelp { function __construct($binstring) { $this->binstring = $binstring; $this->position = 0; $this->length = strlen($this->binstring);

11th September 2015
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I'm doing a project with a friend, this project consists in activate the beta levels of a game called: sphinx and the cursed mummy and we don't know how to save changed MIPs Can you help us?

9th September 2015
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8th September 2015
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Ideas for Fighting Game Characters?

I'm in the middle of making a platform fighter called Beatup, Beatdown, and I need ideas for characters. All used character ideas will be credited if you would like that.

7th September 2015
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[JAVA] Robot clicking right click when not being called on

Hey Guys, I am currently writing a key mapper for my XBOX controller in Java, to make it control the mouse with left and right click. Left click and move work fine, but the right click is beyond weird. Here is the code if (buttons.lShoulder){...

7th September 2015
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mayor lawboard issue

So basically the mayor can type /placelaws in chat, however nothing happens, but /addlaw and /removelaw works fine. And to state it, yes i have mayor = true in the mayor job in jobs.lua but im thinking it's something that executes before it that prevents...

6th September 2015
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3rd September 2015
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What are you working on? August 2015 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 29 30 31 32 Last )

v58 - August 2015 Highlights from the previous thread: Programming kings:

2nd September 2015
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Cvar help

How do I make permanent Cvars as in ones that will save after the server stops?

2nd September 2015
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M9K Speed Issue

Whenever I have any M9K Weapon out on my server and you shift, it doesnt make you run, but alt walk instead. Anyone know fixes for this? (User was banned for this post ("See Developer Discussion for GMOD help threads!" - NiandraLades))

2nd September 2015
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PHP Backup System

What I am looking into making is a php file that connects to an ftp server and creates a backup of one of the directories inside the ftp server then zips it and it remains on the web host for a later date. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start...

2nd September 2015
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LUA Error : bad argument (string expected, got nil)

Do you have any idea of how to fix this error in a darkrp server? addons/weed growing + buiyer npc/lua/autorun/junkiespawn.lua:4: bad argument #1 to 'JSONToTable' (string expected, got nil) 1. JSONToTable - :-1 2. v - addons/weed growing +...

30th August 2015
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Website Help

Ok so I have already started making a website like scriptfodder or coderhire, now how do I make a purchase button, then after you purchase you download the file. Thanks - Scalyfishmon :vrreact:

30th August 2015
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Need partners in crime

Hello, I am making an game mode called Player Vs Entity The game mode is basically like an rpg, there is a tank, a mage, and an archer every class has its own special abilities. So basically those classes fight against enemies and occasional bosses...

30th August 2015
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Work In Progress

Proxy Detection using Algebra

If you need cheap on-the-go proxy detection, then you have come to the right place! Explanation is in the video. Please wait for YouTube to render the 1080p 60fps video before complaining about not seeing anything. I didn't know what to put for the...

30th August 2015
by p3rry Go to last post
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Looking for teacher tp teach me advanced and basic modding of TF2

Hello. Id like to work with an experienced modder ( or atleast someone who can show me the things described below ) to teach me the creation of basic and advanced mods based around the current build of Team Fortress 2 and the Team Fortress 2 Beta ( which...

27th August 2015
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VGUI Adjusting Text Scale in C++

Hi! I'm trying to do a Half-Life 1 style menu in VGUI, and I'm having trouble changing the scale of a TextImage scale on the fly. I can do the position, glow effects, everything *but* the actual size of the text. I've looked at using a VGUI Label, but...

26th August 2015
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Bone Rig to IK Rig

I am fucking stupid this post is over with.

25th August 2015
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Help with Script for Garry's Mod

Has Anyone made a script that allows npcs to drive a TDM car in Garry's Mod? Or has anyone made a Custom Character script? Thanks :)

25th August 2015
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Hi, I need some help, I think something is hidden in the following jpeg image, but I can't find out how to get the data (could be some co÷rdinates). Anyone who knows about steganography willing to help me out/ explain this to me?

21st August 2015
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New Offline Proxy Detection Algorithm

Hey Guys, I am very excited. I am currently working on a proof of concept of mine. I have successfully made an offline proxy detection algorithm that can detect proxies more accurately than botscout or any other online vpn or proxy checking service....

21st August 2015
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Unity + Oculus Rift DK2?

Hey, Is unity possible to work with Oculus Rift DK2?

20th August 2015
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Starting on a Computer Science degree

Hi everyone! Is there anything you would have wished you had known prior to beginning your studies to become a computer scientist? Any general tips or so? Best regards

19th August 2015
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Forum Homepage

Hello, So I have just recently got a MyBB forum, I've installed this theme on it as well. Duende http://community.mybb.com/thread-162241.html I was wondering if anyone knew how to edit the homepage. Currently the homepage displays all of the posts...

18th August 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Making an Adroid and Apple app with Geolocation feedback

Hey all So here is the deal, I'm looking to do an app ( something ive never done) ive done coding of a bunch of platforms so I'm sure I can get it. -Resources that can help teach me -what programs to use Basically all I need the app to do is...

18th August 2015
by der_crow Go to last post
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"It's not a bug, it's a feature!" stories

So there's always been the joke among programmers that a bug in your code can be named a feature. Well today I made an oversight in my code which resulted in a minor bug, that actually turned out to be more useful than not, so it's now a feature... To...

17th August 2015
by BlueMustache Go to last post
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Is Adobe Flash able to record mouse click coordinates?

Hello, I was wondering with those experienced with coding games in adobe flash. Is it able to record mouse click coordinates and send to server? For example if a mouse coordinate has been clicked multiple times to ban a cheater. I ask because I play...

16th August 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Health potion with regen effect

Hello I made a health potion with this script an I want to add a health regen effect onto it what would I put in my code?, sorry, new to Gmod Lua, items = { name = "Health potion", desc = " Use this to raise your health when you are...

15th August 2015
by Potatofactory Go to last post
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Sphinx and the cursed mummy (Help)

Hello one question: Angry pepper and I are trying to activate beta levels of this game: Sphinx and the cursed mummy, but we need to find the source code. I leave a link of the game: mega.co.nz/#!TtBiFYbT!jW5mBceVp7HY8UTgWrZqRK6ifxUtZOsp468_DvLK6wA ...

15th August 2015
by sphinx856 Go to last post
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DirectX Camera Jitter

Source Code I'm making a small DirectX Demo Scene but my camera seems to "snap" to odd positions when I attempt to rotate it. It only happens when rotating and I can't seem to find out what is causing it. // Get the cursor pos and calculate change...

14th August 2015
by Dakattack Go to last post
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An unusual question regarding source code.

My apologies if this is the wrong place to post, it seemed like the most appropriate place after all, given it's nature. Me and a small group of people were (and still are) working on trying to unlock large amounts of cut content, still available in...

14th August 2015
by Angry pepper Go to last post
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Test The Spooky Cave ( 2 Last )

I realize now WAYVYO is not the place for this so I made a thread. Come test my broken game and tell me what's bad. linux window apple I am mostly looking for graphics errors and crashes, gameplay is broken by lazy design

13th August 2015
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13th August 2015
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Statistics Data Storage

Anyone familiar with statistics? Or devving a statistics system? Basically I'm working on a statistics site in which I'll be receiving events. each event will have different associated params, and I want to be able to recall event info and sort and...

12th August 2015
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Steam Condenser Get players SteamID

Hello. I'm trying to make a PHP site that shows me the players on my Gmod server, and I'm using Steam condenser. So far I have connected it to my server, and I have it loop through each player and echo their name. But most of the other information like...

12th August 2015
by synthiac Go to last post
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Split Vector

Hey i got a quick question, how do i split an vector to x = blabla y = blabla z = blabla I want to split this vector : local pos = v:GetPos() so i can add some to Z

8th August 2015
by Tamschi Go to last post
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On which side are you? God or Satan

If there would be holy cyber walfare and you could choose side, which would it be? God or Satan? Would you help Satan conquer the world with your C# skills? Would you make auto-aiming turret for God with machine vision skills? Would you hack the...

Fourier Thread has images Funny x 27
7th August 2015
by Zeh Matt Go to last post
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The Bricksperience

The Bricksperience is a relaxing game in which you build your favorite LEGO« sets piece by piece from the point of view of a minifigure. By finishing sets you earn Bricksperience Points which allow you to unlock new features to help you build sets faster...

6th August 2015
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Programming Essentials: List of utilities to make you a better programmer. ( 2 Last )

Hey, everyone. I've had this little idea to make a large thread of lists of utilities that every person needs in order to code efficiently. Obviously this varies greatly by language, so I will be separating this into different categories based on...

6th August 2015
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Need help with Ulx Custom Commands

Im a server owner and another server owner's friend. And both of us have no clue how to code custom ulx commands. We would appreciate if someone could help us and provide either a useful video (Not jackktutorials, we watched that. Not really helpfull)...

6th August 2015
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What type of coding language is this?

Pastebin link because it's so long: http://pastebin.com/D1K3eFi1 What kind of code is this? How can I convert it to readable text? Not necessarily a big problem but I just want to see what it says :v:

6th August 2015
by Berkin Go to last post
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Lua Directory Wiper

I originally wanted to make a script that would wipe folders with "Sensitive" content in them, but I ended up just making a full directory wiper. This script deletes anything under the directory the file is placed and ran in. All the code, because...

4th August 2015
by man with hat Go to last post
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Could this work?

I want to have a melee weapon that when you attack these tentacles when you left click, these tentacles go forward and hit someone ( see here): http://133artcenter.com/tokyo-ghoul-kaneki-kagune/tokyo-ghoul-kaneki-kagune-2/ But is that possible? There...

4th August 2015
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How to add a delay to a loop ?

How to add a delay to a loop ? Becauise the lastest version of UE does not allows me to add one so any ideas ?

3rd August 2015
by DasMatze Go to last post
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2nd August 2015
by SoggyWontonz Go to last post
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C++ Reading the line below

I have created a program that you search all the users that have ever used the program, but you need to enter your details to search. It is all fine and not buggy, but I have one thing I would like to know how to do. I would like to know so that when it...

2nd August 2015
by Zeh Matt Go to last post
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Help with coding nextbot pathfinding for a non-nextbot entity

Hey guys, I recently coded an NPC available here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=491910105 The idea of the project is that when real players are not filling up slots on a empty GMOD Murder server, these will, and they will...

2nd August 2015
by BlueMustache Go to last post
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What Are You Working On? July 2015 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 32 33 34 35 Last )

v57 - July 2015 Highlights from the previous thread:

Berkin Thread has images Winner x 22
2nd August 2015
by Ott Go to last post
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Finding people to design websites for

Hey, I'm a novice web designer. I've done websites for a councilman, a lawyer, and a cleaning company, and they reached out to me through high school friends. They were basically odd jobs that I took care of during high school and my first year of...

1st August 2015
by MatheusMCardoso Go to last post
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Programming for our mod(half-life 1 mod)

Hello there,we are making a mod for half life 1 (GoldSource).We are looking for programmers who know:C++ and csharp(C#).Besides coding i would like the programmer who does coding to know how do implement the code to goldsource.We would like to have custom...

29th July 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Csgo server help[Don't know where to post this]

I wanted to know if anyone knows how to setup https://github.com/splewis/csgo-multi-1v1/tree/1.0.2, Because i can't understand the readme. It would be great if anyone could help me

28th July 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Errors with C++...

#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> fstream myfile; void writetofile( string file ) { myfile.open( file );

25th July 2015
by Jallen Go to last post
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Books and Resources for Advanced C#

Hey guys, I already know a fuck ton of C#, I can code in it pretty much fluently, but I want to take my knowledge a step further and look at advanced C#, fully explaining to me IEnumerators and advanced classing methods. I would also like to learn...

24th July 2015
by Fourier Go to last post
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[Source SDK] Precaching models client-side before going on the server

Hello guys. I'm trying to figure out how to precache modes in the CModelPanel for the main menu. I've tried different ways: engine->LoadModel(pszModelName); modelinfo->FindOrLoadModel(pszModelName); C_BaseEntity::PrecacheModel(pszModelName); ...

24th July 2015
by MrModez Go to last post
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IIS won't allow bz2 files to be accessed?

Not sure if this is the right section or not but this is my first time using IIS. The thing seems really easy to use and simple. I am liking it. I just can't get it to allow users to download BZ2 files. Whenever you click on it I get the error of the file...

24th July 2015
by SatoshiAaron Go to last post
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Hitting a brick wall in learning Python, Any tips?

So I've decided after multiple previous attempts to actually commit and learn a programming language. Ive tried learning python multiple times before but stopped after a week or so after doing other things and forgetting. I then went on to Lua, but...

23rd July 2015
by Roqj Go to last post
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Why won't pygame work?

Ok so im new to programming like a few months here and there but i found this pong game and thought i could make it better here is the code. import pygame from pygame.locals import * from sys import exit import random pygame.init() ...

22nd July 2015
by Tamschi Go to last post
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GCFscape - Disable the file overwriting when extracting

I would really like to know if I can disable the file overwriting when I extract files in GCFscape. If it's possible, then how to do it?

22nd July 2015
by gonzalolog Go to last post
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Internet Connectivity Issue

For the past year or so, my internet has been constantly disconnecting. Every 5-10 minutes, I'll disconnect for about 10-30 seconds. This happens no matter what time of day, no matter what games/programs are running (I'm assuming). I've recently moved...

21st July 2015
by Lord Fear Go to last post
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I need help with a batch file

Hello I Need help with making a batch file I would like one that will restart Garry's Mod or any program that I have in the batch file when it crashs or closes restarts automatic? can someone like give me the code? I am not very good at batch 18th...

19th July 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Custom data values on ingame scoreboard?

Hey. I downloaded a scoreboard online and I am trying to intergrate my own data values into it aside from the kills, ping, death, team and so on. Atm I'm trying to add the hours to the scoreboard and so far this is what I have: Sorry if the code is a...

18th July 2015
by VortexZ Go to last post
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Garry's Mod Loading Screen Issue

Hello. I don't usually come to forums for help, but I think that at this point I'm pretty stuck. I'm not the best at PHP/JavaScript, but I've been working on this loading screen quite constantly and can't figure out the preset functions that are called...

18th July 2015
by NerfModder Go to last post
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Xsi softimage Valve source plugin update discussion?

Remember Softimage xsi mod tools 6.01 and 7.5? Do you guys ever use it today,and are having trouble with the valve source plugins? Do you like me wishing atm ya can compile em or import and edit workshop gmod or sfm content? Well...I am wanting to see...

17th July 2015
by DarkZero779 Go to last post
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C#: Where to start?

Hi all, I am wanting to learn C#, where should i begin to learn the basics? Any useful links that i can read and do practicals with? Thanks

16th July 2015
by itisjuly Go to last post
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C++ - Interface? Clickable buttons?

Okay, so you know generic applications, .exe files, what not. Interface, clickable buttons, all that. If I were coding a C++ application, in a .cpp file, how would I go about creating some sort of interface and clickable buttons? I've always wanted to...

14th July 2015
by Karmah Go to last post
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