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Understanding why people use MySQL as opposed to anything else

Hey, I'm still getting into back-end design, and I've seen a lot of alternate approaches to the database. It confuses me why anyone would take issue with them. From what I understand, there's no hierarchy to MySQL tables outside of rows and columns....

16th March 2016
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Question: Should I have a constant SQL connection, or only connect, query, disconnect(Optimization)?

Its just a simple question, would it be easier if I made the SQL(Mysqli) in an include file, and "keep" it open, or should I simply connect when its needed, query, and disconnect? Which one would be better?

11th March 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Paying for a plugin : Oculus Rift plugin for DarkBasic Pro

Hello everybody. Let's get to the chase. I need an Oculus Rift plugin made for DarkBasic Pro. Will probably pay for it. I know DBPro is an old tool, but I'm really comfortable with it. The plugin should be written in C++. I think you can adapt...

6th March 2016
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javascript universal shift-reduce parser

Here is an universal parser in javascript: http://synth.wink.ws/moonyparser/ I've been to hell and back to make it faster, but that's it, shift-reduce can't be much faster. Unfortunately, finding errors in text makes it three times slower. At least it...

5th March 2016
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I need some PHP help.

Well I found a few scripts online to query source servers, none of them worked but with a few modifications I got it to spit out the info I want. I'm attempting to get the list of players on the server. (I've found a way to correctly parse their...

3rd March 2016
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Need a bit of help - Ansi C beginner

Just started a Ansi C course at uni, wanted to practice a bit so I can go into the subject knowing what I am doing. I'm trying to code a base conversion that inputs a baseten number and a base to convert it to and outputs the converted number. I've ran...

1st March 2016
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Python Coding and the Indenting problem.

Yo. I've been having a bit of trouble during an assignment, i've got the code mostly figured out (and I did check with the prof who thought it was good too) but i'm currently running into issues on where and how to indent. The code block is this, ...

1st March 2016
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Has anyone made a clone of hlsw?

most of the base code is here http://open-game-protocol.org/download.php has anyone used this to make something functionally similar to this? I contacted the developer of HLSW (doubt il get a response) doing some detective work and coming up...

29th February 2016
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Quick Question (Going from C to MIPS)

So I have an assignment problem which asks for a for loop in C to be converted into MIPS. My professor moves extremely fast so I couldn't catch half of what he said. Here is the code: for (i=0; i<10; i++){ a = b + c; } This fragment is stored...

28th February 2016
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I need your help! - Algorithums

Hello, so I'm working on a mobile game in Corona(not that it matters), it's a multiplayer game where you're connected randomly to someone else playing the game to defuse a bomb before them. Bombs generate with 4 modules and each has a chance to generate...

26th February 2016
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RUST Client Side Anticheat (Must use Oxide)

i release This Program Source Code. This program Provide Korean Language with English . Program Not Completed Yet. You can download source and Some Modify Setting and etc. Oxide Plugin Into Your Own server And

25th February 2016
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Advanced dynamic web scraping (PHP - Laravel)

Hi! So little over a half a year ago I made a site called HostPicker.net. The main purpose of the site is to display data such as price, locations, protection etc. from as many hosting companies and games as possible. When I made the original site I...

25th February 2016
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GMOD > '<eof>' expected near 'elseif' Lua Help?

Just to start of I am extremely new to coding in lua! Please don't hate me <3 . Anyways, I am getting the error: lua/weapons/brickv2.lua:10: '<eof>' expected near 'elseif' In this code: if SERVER then -- Serverside Code --

24th February 2016
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[C#] Source Remote RCON Tool

Hey there. I've found a several documentations and source codes for Source RCON Protocol, but people are using too much object oriented programming. It makes me a bit confused. Can somebody help me out how do I split the packet that need to be sent into...

24th February 2016
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Creating a push notification system

Hey. Ive recently had an idea to create an application that when a client downloads, a host(me in this case) is able to send out push notifications to the clients. So how it would work is that the program would be downloaded to clients (clients would...

23rd February 2016
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Source Remote Console Tool

Hey, I want to quit the source engine which is why I'm releasing all of my source engine related projects including my Source Engine Client. The code might be quite sloppy, but it might be of use to someone. The networking has to be improved though. ...

22nd February 2016
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Programming Demographics

FP Programming demographics poll/dakota fanning fan club

22nd February 2016
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OpenGL Shaders issue

This SHOULD draw a rectangle to the screen. Getting no shader or c++ errors.... MainGame.cpp #include "MainGame.h" #include <iostream> #include <string> #include "Errors.h"

21st February 2016
by WTF Nuke Go to last post
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API Avatars + Nickname with Steam64

Hello, Sorry if I cannot explain now great detail, due to the fact as it is 3:43AM in the morning... Anyway, I want to integrate the steam API into my staff list. How would it be possible for me to set specific steam 64 Ids to get their steam nickname...

21st February 2016
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Source Engine Client

Hey, I want to quit the source engine which is why I'm releasing all of my source engine related projects including my Source Engine Client. The code might be quite sloppy, but it might be of use to someone. The authentication needs to be changed too. ...

21st February 2016
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Moving from gLUA to C# | json.decode into table, equivalent for C#?

Hi all, So I'm currently learning C# from a strong background of gLUA and I've ran into a problem. I've successfully fetched a json string from a url however I am unsure how to decode it, since I'm used to using json.decode and putting it into table...

20th February 2016
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Sourcemod Sound problem

Hello. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem, but I just can't figure it out! Basically, me and my team compiled a version of our mod for playtesters. Whenever we put it in sourcemods/ and open the game through Steam, it basically has no...

20th February 2016
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Advanced Ragdoll/AI Physics

If you've played Grand Theft Auto 4 or 5, you will know that the animations are very synced to eachother. That's due to a thing called the Euphoria Engine. If your unsure of what the Euphoria Engine is, here is a video: Now, I want to recreate that...

18th February 2016
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Error at line 133 Attemt to concolate "?" a nil value

Arrays p_exp = initArray(32,0) p_level = initArray(32,0) p_usgn = initArray(32,0) p_killstreak = initArray(32,0) p_lastkill = initArray(32,0) p_rank = initArray(32,"") p_image = initArray(32,"")

16th February 2016
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Gmod Server: Remote Monitoring

Guys, I have addons conflicting someone not using the simple word local or hooks with the same name. I know there is a tool out there that uses a terminal or CMD like remote control to your server showing hook registering. I need this program I can't find...

16th February 2016
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My first Android Game - Scape. Build a model aircraft which you need to fly through different levels

I've been working on this thing for a while. It was a self teaching java/android/physics experiment which I decided to wrap up in a little game. I had an idea a while ago of how I could simulate the physics of a wing, and played around with that. Then...

14th February 2016
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lua code for me?

ay i wanna have a findbyclass lua codes that show text where stuffs is like coins and i want it like a wallhack lul ^^) can you guys add codes to show like how much the vaule coins is? i have a cmd with vaule thing "Say(this:GetValue())" plus make it...

12th February 2016
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[Rust] RCON Connection

I have a question relating to packets. I'm getting invalid packet message. How do I solve what's full text format for packet sending? SERVER_DATA = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("SERVERDATA_AUTH"); Can I insert a password data directly to this string?

10th February 2016
by Deriathan Go to last post
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C++ Advice for Newbie?

Hello! So i've ALWAYS wanted to program... I've ALWAYS wanted to learn HOW to program.. But the problem is i always have trouble making it all the way through and i NEVER know where exactly i'm supposed to start to pursue this! Well this time i wanna make...

9th February 2016
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Help with code! Ruby language

def luckynumberseven? () Arr = while Arr.length < 5 puts("Enter your numbers") Add_to_arr = gets.chomp Arr.push(Add_to_arr) end

4th February 2016
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introducing iio.js -\\ a super easy JS framework for games and animations

iio.js website iio.js is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it super easy to make 2D games and animations with HTML5 Canvas. It isn't exactly new, its actually the newest, and rechristened, version of iio Engine, which I released about 2...

4th February 2016
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31st January 2016
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Moving on from lua into other languages.

I basically got my entire start in lua, i have ran servers for almost 5 years now and just gradually picked it up. For me, lua has opened my mind to the possibilities of programming out there. For those of you who started in lua and knew no other...

29th January 2016
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C++ - Static Globals/Static Private Members?

Hey there. Now, I know that "static" in a C++ class means that the var you're declaring can be accessed in a similar fashion to a namespace, e.g class MyTest { public: static int test = 5; }; int main() { ...

28th January 2016
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C++ - Unions?

Hey there. Now, I've been learning C++ for a few months, however there was something I never have picked up, what are Unions? According to http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/union, "A union is a special class type that can hold only one of its...

26th January 2016
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Ideas guy thread ( 2 Last )

Want to make a cool game/program/next big social network? Can't code? post your ideas here, and maybe a programmer will pity you and pick your idea up! examples of ideas:

25th January 2016
by proboardslol Go to last post
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Is there a way to collide with client objects?

When a client prop is created with CreateClientProp, it does not collide with its LocalPlayer. Is there a way you can change this so that it not only exists solely on the client, but collides with the LocalPlayer. An example of what I am trying to achieve...

24th January 2016
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Which school should i go to?

Hi guys id like to ask you something, im 16 at my second year of artistic school (i live in italy) it was a new course focused on computer graphic, but we are just doing a few photoshop stuff and some video editing at home not even at school. at this...

20th January 2016
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ULX: restrict admin use adduser for switch Superadmin

I want give admis group right for use adduser to factions whitelist but I don't want admin use adduser for switch Superadmin it's possible ? Sry for my bad ENG :) Best Regards

18th January 2016
by ST3BL Go to last post
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C++ - Questions

Hey there, Facepunch! Now, I've been learning C++, and I have a few questions, which I have not found the answer to. - What is a "struct"? - What is the "const" operator used for? - What is the "public" operator?

18th January 2016
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Xbox 360
17th January 2016
by Nicolas Go to last post
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17th January 2016
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15th January 2016
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How can i calculate the number and unsigned int with -1 is going to print

Hey. So im currently learning for a Programming Test in my Highschool and on one Exercise it says " What do the following printf commands print out ?". Seems easy. But then i noticed this printf("%d %u %X,-1,-1,-1); Ive already checked what number -1...

14th January 2016
by Tommyx50 Go to last post
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Java Text Based Console Application

Hey, I'm looking for someone to create a console application for me, and I'll will pay you for it. I have a strict set of criteria that need to be fulfilled but hopefully someone can do it for me. This application will involve use of multiple classes and...

Temper Dumb x 28
13th January 2016
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C++: Question about members of classes

-snip, didn't see that m_path was defined at the very bottom of cnavpath-

13th January 2016
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Chrome extention help?

Hey guys, I Dont know if this is the place to ask but I want to create a chrome extension, I understand the basics of this. How ever I want you to be able to type in a code, Connect to a lobby, Then at the press of a button a variable needs to be synced...

12th January 2016
by fenwick Go to last post
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Is it possible to join a Gmod Server with a .bat file?

Hey Guys, I thought this would be the best thread for this so iŽll present you my problem here. I tried to programm this Batch File to connect to my Server. I didnŽt collect that much experiences about this so I am looking for some help here. The...

12th January 2016
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Work In Progress

[PROJECT-96] Looking for some folks to work on a game project ( 2 3 Last )

. Edit: The people here on Facepunch made me realise how ignorant on this subject i am. Apparently there is nothing here but ideas, and i need to work on them by myself and have something, because no one is willing to invest time and create thigns...

11th January 2016
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9th January 2016
by sphinx856 Go to last post
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ULX?, How can I make it so I can have multiple groups at once?

I want this so people don't just resort to applying as an admin in my server in order to get donator perks, I want to be able to give them an Admin and a donator group at the same time... (User was banned for this post ("I SAID USE DEVELOPER DISCUSSION...

8th January 2016
by Verideth Go to last post
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Source Engine: Lightmappedgeneric help

Hey, my friend is trying to experiment with editing the lightmappedgeneric shader, so he can give it more functionality and a specular component, but he's running into some problems, specifically this: http://i.imgur.com/aw5HaXyh.jpg He doesn't know...

7th January 2016
by Nicolas Go to last post
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Looking for PHP coder.

Hi im looking for a php coder in EU or atleast matching time zones. For a new Csgo betting site. All of us arent that good in coding but its mostly done for a bit of fun and we cant really pay upfront. Pm me if intrested. You dont have to be the best...

6th January 2016
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Planimeter ( 2 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/s4IVosQ.png History Planimeter is a development collective and portfolio incubator made up of friends from North America, Europe, and Zealandia. We gather up some of the best developers, designers, and musicians we know and use...

5th January 2016
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IDE for regular C?

Hey guys I am apparently studying C this year at uni, wanted to get a head start before school goes back. What IDE is best for someone new to C/C++ given that money isn't a problem? (Can get software grants where I am) Hopefully this is the right section...

5th January 2016
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[RUST] pictures library

Hi, I doing an application and i would know, if facepunch give an library of pictures for developers ? With guns pictures like bolt, bow, ... And Where I can find few resources development for rust ? Thank you and happy new year :)

4th January 2016
by proboardslol Go to last post
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Ultimate Spider-Man video game prequel! Modeling, programming, the whole bunch! :)

Hi guys. So, I am in search for some experienced UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) programmers. C++ or Blueprint that are willing to work for free. I understand that there aren't a lot of experienced UE4 programmers that will work unpaid, but hey-ho! Worth a shot...

2nd January 2016
by AaronM202 Go to last post
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What are you working on? December 2015 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 25 26 27 28 Last )

WAYWO: Nige Edition v62 - December 2015 Highlights from the previous thread: Berkin summons the Prince of Darkness and wastes his only wish on a tainted .wav file:

1st January 2016
by Drasnus Go to last post
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Unstuck command - TTT

Hi, I'm looking for a unstuck lua script so players will be able to type !stuck and get teleported somewhere else. And where would I put this script in my FTP? (User was banned for this post ("Wrong section again/missed forum description - see...

1st January 2016
by CaramelTH Go to last post
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PC Games

Small programmer challenge, get a Just Cause 3 key for solving it. ( 2 Last )

So I have a spare Just Cause 3 key for Steam so I decided I'm gonna create a little challenge, whoever posts the result first is the winner. The challenge is to decode the bytes below: C9 2A 83 63 01 99 AA 1B 1B 2B 9B 9B 0B 01 C9 7A AB 03 B9 4B 73...

30th December 2015
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Looking for someone to explain inverse kinematics one on one

Hi there! For uni I'm required to write a paper about a certain subject, and my subject happened to be inverse kinematics. I've spent some time looking into it, including the Jacobian matrices and whatnot, but I'm finding it rather difficult to grasp....

28th December 2015
by chaz13 Go to last post
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[RUST]: Client - Server protocol

Hello, I could try make a custom server for rust game. Would you like give specs of client server protocol?

28th December 2015
by vg Go to last post
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Request Entity Too Large -- WTF -- Owncloud

so im having this problem where i cant upload files larger than approx 128M i think and yes i did change htaccess , .user.ini , php.ini in /etc/ im using xampp on mac idk php version in other words latest please help any response is appreciated! ...

27th December 2015
by proboardslol Go to last post
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[JOB] E-commerce experience wanted.

Hey there, I'm running a fairly decent sized company where we sell a very specific product, just a single type of product that comes in many different variations. The only variation there is is size, which is given by the visitor on the site, to whom...

22nd December 2015
by KmartSqrl Go to last post
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Work In Progress

[WIP] The Sun Returns: A Ludum Dare 34 Entry

https://my.mixtape.moe/drjkeq.webm Hello! I made a game for Ludum Dare 34 and I think it's been my most successful one so far! This game - The Sun Returns - is a 'sequel' to my other Ludum Dare entry that I submitted over 3 years ago, and it's...

21st December 2015
by Phobos001 Go to last post
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Does anybody know how game server hosting control panels work? (e.g tcadmin)

Hi guys, I've wanted to know for a long time how these type of control panels allow you to monitor the servers? Since I don't have a copy of tcadmin I can't review or look how it does it, so I can only try to work it out. My thoughts for this at the...

21st December 2015
by Cyberuben Go to last post
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Coding a Server via Garry's Mod

If anyone knows how to host or code a server for our community. If you do know how to host/code, can you contact me at dckamerzell@gmail.com and help. Thank you.

20th December 2015
by proboardslol Go to last post
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Does anyone know why my Python irc bot stops responding after a while?

Ok. So I've been making a twitch bot because I thought it would be fun to learn python and I thought that it would be good for when I get more into streaming. I made a very simple moderator bot and I started streaming a little bit and I've noticed that...

19th December 2015
by BlkDucky Go to last post
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BoxofProduce Vector Assignment [Requesting Help]

#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <fstream> #include <time.h> using namespace std; class BoxOfProduce { private:

19th December 2015
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Programming TTT addon HELP

I dont know how I delete a post. This is because it is here.

17th December 2015
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Lua Error

Hey! Im getting this in my console, and i wanna fix it. So i need help Lua is unable to understand file "darkrp_modules/tcb_car/sh_config.lua" because its author made a mistake around line number 72. The best help I can give you is this: There...

13th December 2015
by awcmon Go to last post
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How to use Travis Ci to test lua

Whenever I start the testing I get an error from Linux saying that there is no specified language. But I have it specified in the Travis.yml file

11th December 2015
by Simspelaaja Go to last post
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Mdf file sql server 2008

Our network admin applied a service pack for SQL Server 2008 on the db server. Now the SQL server main service and agent service will not start. Looked at the log file which indicates that mssqlsystemresource.mdf file cannot be opened. I went and...

11th December 2015
by larrywalls Go to last post
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Any suggestions on the bast way to learn Python?

As someone who has zero experience of programming I want to get into it and it was suggested that I start of with Python, my question is should I go to college or should I just use the Internet and possibly books that I can buy? If so the Internet then...

10th December 2015
by pan1cmode Go to last post
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What gameengine do you recommend?

Hey. So i have been working with the blender game engine for years and i could never release a game due to reasons. Im unsure if its worth to actually spend time to make a good game with it since its quite outdated and it needs a lot of custom scripts...

10th December 2015
by pan1cmode Go to last post
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Advent of Code - Daily festive programming puzzles ( 2 Last )

Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill levels. They are self-contained and are just as appropriate for an expert who wants to stay sharp as they are for a beginner who is just learning to code. Each puzzle calls...

8th December 2015
by galimatias Go to last post
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Web: Server client communication?

Hey, Im trying to make something like https://csgojackpot.com/, but my problem is that i dont understand, how does the value change? Like when i place item i send -> Server that i placed item and server -> Client announces that i placed the item? I dont...

8th December 2015
by SteppuFIN Go to last post
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How to make a version checker in lua?

I was looking for a way to, when the lua addon runs, checks if the user is on the most up-to-date version of the addon and if not, it either sends them a notification through chat/console or automatically updates itself. Thanks in advance- Mexican

7th December 2015
by MexicanR Go to last post
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Question: How to make a working button?

So let's say I make a text box, along with a button. If I'd click the button, the text I typed into the text box will appear below the box and button. This is normally impossible to do without the <script> tag, which parses javascript, which is the...

6th December 2015
by Rocket Go to last post
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Post Your

What are you working on? November 2015 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 22 23 24 25 Last )

I know this thread is technically late.. But I created this new thread because the one that was put up is terrible, and had no effort put into it. Taking the monthly highlights out of WAYWO, is killing some of the fun of it. I'll leave it up to the...

4th December 2015
by Isaac96 Go to last post
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