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Guidelines - Please read before creating a thread

This section is for the discussion of programming in a general sense. This is not a Garry's Mod help forum. If you have a problem with playing Garry's Mod, please post a thread in Help & Support If you would like to discuss GLua or have a...

16th January 2017
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Work In Progress

What are you working on? v67 - March 2017 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 57 58 59 60 Last )

It's March! Time for yet an other WAYWO. Stats from last month ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 116 unique users posted. phygon deserves the title Programming King with 75 ratings. The runner up had 14. Paindoc posted more than any of you. He posted 41...

4 Hours Ago
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Web Dev Questions That Don't Need Their Own Thread v5 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 36 37 38 39 Last )

I closed the last thread with the 5001th post, so I figure I should be the one to make the new thread. This is the thread for questions about web dev! If you just want to show off what you've made, just head over to the Web Dev WAYWO thread. If you...

9 Hours Ago
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11 Hours Ago
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What Do You Need Help With? V8 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 16 17 18 19 Last )

Ask any programming questions here that don't need their own thread. Previous threads: Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6 Version 7

zerf Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1
12 Hours Ago
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Web Development - WAYWO - #9 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 104 105 106 107 Last )

Since starting a new thread was brought up in the previous thread; and it's now 2015. I thought I'd take initiative and start this new thread. Previous Versions of this thread: - Version 8 - Version 7 - Version 6 - Version 5 - Version 4

18 Hours Ago
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UE4 Development v2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 17 18 19 20 Last )

Previous thread: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1377629 This is a thread to talk about your UE4 works in progress and ask questions about problems you may be having in UE4, be it in blueprints or C++ or whatever you're doing. Official UE4...

3 Days Ago
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Electrical Engineering V3 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 74 75 76 77 Last )

Welcome to the thread dedicated to the wonderful world of electrical engineering. Please read all of this post if you're new to the thread, it contains a lot of useful information. Join the official discord channel https://discord.gg/qDgEFBq ...

6 Days Ago
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Unity3D - Discussion V2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 68 69 70 71 Last )

Unity3D discussion - go!

6 Days Ago
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Atomic Game Engine - Is it any good?

Here, I have an Atomic Game Engine for an year now. The question is, is it any useful for creating a 2D Platformer, especially Metroid-style ones? And no, I don't want your 2.5D malarkey, I mean true 2D. The reason I ask this is back then, I was trying...

6 Days Ago
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Programming the strongest structure in java

Hey guys, I am new to Java but not new to programming. Just wondering how I would create a program where it inputs the lengths of the 3 sides of a triangle, then prints out if the triangle is equilateral, scalene, or isosceles depending on the answers.

1 Week Ago
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Unity Orthographic Depth Issue

So I wonder if any of you guys might be able to help me out, because I'm at a bit of a loss here. Recently I've been trying to develop a bullet hell/shoot-em-up in Unity and, for the sake of performance, instead of each entity in the game having it's...

2 Weeks Ago
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Vue.js v-bind not working on a v-data-table

I'm trying to bind the id attribute to the v-data-table but when I try to reference the table's id in a method, I find it is empty. <v-data-table v-bind:headers="headers" :items="patient.bloodsugars" :id="patient.id" v-show="show"> //My method...

2 Weeks Ago
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Vue.js & Vuetify: Show v-dialog using a method

I want to open a v-dialog using a method but I can't seem to find a way that works. I've tried using a v-if and I've tried setting the data variable to true but none of those things work. In my method the console.log does occur and the data variable is...

3 Weeks Ago
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Is there a way to get qt4 framework to build a opensource library

+I have been trying to get my hands on apitrace for a bit now and I never can build the gui on windows. Nor can I build GLSL-Debugger on windows. Why? Because they use QT4. It sorta makes me a little angry that they use QT4, which seems to be priced...

3 Weeks Ago
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Unity Vs. Unreal

Alright, I know like 70% percent of this forum are Unity fanboys due to Rust being made with it but fuck it. I'm a generally 2d game developer who's only worked with those stupid pixel games etc. which I don't think is stupid but I've basically played...

3 Weeks Ago
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node.js Development V1 - Spaghettification

Thought we should have a thread for node. What are you doing today?

3 Weeks Ago
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transform matrix into zero matriz

First my english is not perfect so expect mistakes (probably heavy) secondly, i need help to find a solution to this problem: With a matrix (NxM) fill with 1's and 0's, transform it into a zero matrix using this rule: 0->1, 1->0; In the selected...

3 Weeks Ago
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Making an Android app

If I was going to write an app for viewing a site such ass tumblr, or facebook etc, Where would I need to start? Also any tips would be appreciated.

3 Weeks Ago
by corolos Go to last post
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Lua Error Interceptor

I'm looking for a way to intercept lua errors and send them somewhere else, I've seen there is many dll files for such a thing. I have yet to get any of these to work and my searches all have came to a dead end. Is there a simpler way to do this than dll...

3 Weeks Ago
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Writing a c++ class that can output stuff using the << operator?

I want to make a log class that can either log to console OR file, depending on the way its constructed etc. I have currently made a template function that does logging for me, but its highly impractical since appending values to a string so it...

4 Weeks Ago
by paindoc Go to last post
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Reverse Engineering Challenge 1/4 - Free steam keys.

So I had 4 random spare Steam keys, I do not know what game they are but they have a value from 1 to 9.99 USD. So I came up with some small challenge where the key is hidden within the code. You must reverse engineer the code to extract the key. Once...

4 Weeks Ago
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Some random game I'm making

Now greenlit. Will be released on steam! After years I'm finally close to propose this on steam greenlight. --- Old content for historical purpose :

4 Weeks Ago
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LuaJIT with GLua syntax

So I needed Lua for one of my C++ projects and decided to go with LuaJIT since it's the fastest Lua version I know of. As I am a scrub who learned (and only used) Lua in GMod, I didn't want to part with the syntax I got so used to, so I modified LuaJIT...

4 Weeks Ago
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Compiling with crowbar: Lne is incomplete

I've been working on this QC and I'm finally ready to compile to crowbar but every time I do so it throws this error at me: Compiling with Crowbar "C:\Users\Ian Michael Golvach\Desktop\prop\MKX_Reptile_Alternate\ReptileQC.qc" ... ...

4 Weeks Ago
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Game Engines like Love2d

Been a while since I've posted here. Apologies if I'm in the wrong board or use the wrong icon. I used to jam out game projects on Love 2d in high school and had a lot of fun with it, but I never made anything big with it. I'm in the mood to code, and...

2nd November 2017
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31st October 2017
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How To Loop Through All files and folders in a directory

I can't figure out how to get a list of files and folders in a directory. I would like two arrays/vectors one with file names and one with folders name. I believe I would need the <filesystem> library but I don't see a function that can get files or...

26th October 2017
by pineappleplay Go to last post
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Opinions on Automated UI/Web Testing Frameworks

As talked about in WebDev WAYWO this is a PSA regarding the differences and capabilities of two of the major automated testing frameworks (Telerik Test Framework and Selenium) I felt this deserved its own thread instead of existing just there due to the...

23rd October 2017
by Umerali Go to last post
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Self-Made User Styles

I recently started making user styles, and it has been pretty fun so far. There are enough now that it might warrant a thread, also because I plan to continue this and would like to see yours if you made any. Sorry in advance for the lacklustre OP....

23rd October 2017
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How to use ITextureRegenerator in source engine

SOLVED EDIT: My ITextureRegenerator was called Release() by somewhere after created,and I don't know why and where So I just add a property to get is this Regenerator is released,If it's released,then create new one.And...It's works well

22nd October 2017
by dude2193 Go to last post
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What is the file name for the wpn sway in HL2?

What is the file name for the wpn sway for Half-Life 2 and which location is it in? I'm also looking for the viewmodel sway motion file. (Not to be confused, the sway motion is what happens when the player walks, and wpn sway is when the movement of when...

17th October 2017
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Post Your

Favorite / Most Used Language ( 2 Last )

So I want to know what is you guys favorite language to code in, AND what language you use the most Mine are: My favorite is Lua, My most used is either jQuery, or Lua http://www.pcquest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/programming-languages.jpg ...

16th October 2017
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Lua troubles (not gmod)

I wasnt sure where to put this since, yes this is lua but not "gmod lua". Just general lua. I have only recently started working with lua and I am currently using it both as a configuration and "logic" language. I have written a small window class,...

15th October 2017
by MoustacheSpy Go to last post
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From Dust Hook (with level editor)

You guys remember From Dust, that silly game that came out in 2011? It had an amazing concept behind it, with such an advanced physics engine. I thought it was a real shame Ubisoft never released the level editor. So here I am, I've been reverse...

Grayman 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Winner x 41
15th October 2017
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Unity 3d c# error// Index Out of Bounds

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.EventSystems; using UnityEngine.UI; public class JoystickController : MonoBehaviour,IPointerUpHandler,IPointerDownHandler { public ControllerInput tankPlayer; public float...

12th October 2017
by ThangDoan Go to last post
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OpenGL, where did you learn it?

Alright so for the past couple weeks i have been messing around in GLUT and I have found that I really enjoy making rotating triangles. I want to learn a more about OpenGL and I want to learn to make awesome things like this However I have seen a lot...

11th October 2017
by paindoc Go to last post
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Awesomium in source engine

I used this for my mod But after implementation I got a huge FPS drop (form 200+fps to 50fps) I think that would caused by m_WebCore->Update() takes too long time in Think() I tried to create a thread for updateing webcore,but it throwed an error ...

11th October 2017
by gonzalolog Go to last post
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Is there a way to implement the Alien Swarm GameUI to Source 2007?

I've seen the GameUI that both Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm have but I've wonder if it's possible to implement the GameUI to the Source 2007 Engine or 2009 since that the code for the GameUI is open-source.

9th October 2017
by AtomiCal Go to last post
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How to write your own extractor [HELP]

I'm trying to to a personal project which requires the assets from a game that use their own .pak files extension archives. How can I create an extractor to extract all these files? i never worked in a project like this so I don't know what i need to...

7th October 2017
by Tamschi Go to last post
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Ideas for creating fighting game characters

I'm in the process of working hard on a fighting game with a variety of different characters and I want it to be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. I first thought of it being mainly focused on horror inspired tropes with a horror theme, a sci-fi...

2nd October 2017
by SuperSmash194 Go to last post
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How do you implement the Portal Gun using leaked 2007 Code?

How do you implement the Portal Gun from the leaked Source 2007 Code? I've seen couple of mods like Portal Multiplayer on Moddb that have implemented the gun. I'm doing experimental coding but I've seen that I can't get it to work.

1st October 2017
by DrDevil Go to last post
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Pragma - A 3D multiplayer sandbox engine with Lua-integration, based on Vulkan and bullet physics ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

This is a project I've been working on over the course of the past couple of years now. First and foremost I'd like to emphasize: This is a very early alpha, unless you're a modder, you most likely won't be getting anything out of this at this point! ...

1st October 2017
by gamerpaddy Go to last post
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Lua And C++ Error Handling

So Im messing around with C++ and Lua and it doesn't seem to output errors to the console. Like I could have a lua file of random charaters and no errors are outputted to the console. Any help with this?

30th September 2017
by pineappleplay Go to last post
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AssetLoad - The next UnityList project

Shameless self-promotion, AssetLoad.com is my next-generation of UnityList.com. This time it's not only for Unity, but also for Unreal Engine. I thought that Unreal community also has some nice projects on github that needed some visibility. I barely...

29th September 2017
by Xerios3 Go to last post
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Is there a delay in Entity:Health()?

I think the title is self explanatory, I've noticed that the Entity:Health() has some sort of delay I don't know if it's because of the for loop or gmod :/ Script runs on client side only

27th September 2017
by alphaware Go to last post
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How does one make an entire c++ class available to lua

I am working on a little game library that includes a behaviour class that is supposed to handle the behaviour of certain objects. I am not sure how to implement this though. I want to use lua to: *)Control gameobjects *)Control amatures and...

26th September 2017
by DarkCarnage Go to last post
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How do you make a MP mod play both SP and MP?

Is there a way to make a MP mod play both singleplayer and multiplayer? I know this is possible because GMod 8 has it and there was no Lua.

24th September 2017
by Danksteviee Go to last post
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PHP + HTML help needed

So I'm trying to put code for a google adsense into a php file for my site. the thing I'm having trouble with is figuring out how to do it properly, and figuring out how to position it on the page when I get it in. could somebody please show me an example...

23rd September 2017
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Terrorism Simulator 2014 ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

After the whole drama in the Sinking Simulator thread, the Facepunch programming forum is proud to give you: Terrorism Simulator 2014 version 1.1 DOWNLOAD HERE! (If you wanna run this on OSX, get the source and löve 0.9.0 from...

Maurice Thread has images Winner x 114
13th September 2017
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use the secondary trigger of smg1 in ar2?

is it possible to use the secondary trigger of smg1 in ar2?

10th September 2017
by Marco198 Go to last post
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Need help with __RPC__inout_xcount and __RPC__out_xcount_part

I am currently playing around with SourceEngine2007 leaked source And i've been trying to compile at least one of the dlls but it keeps giving me these errors: Error C2061 syntax error: identifier '__RPC__out_xcount_part' Error (active) E0020...

9th September 2017
by alphaware Go to last post
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You can port HL:S npc?

Is possible port HL:S npc for retail hl2? mainly the houndeye and bullsquid

9th September 2017
by taz0 Go to last post
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"Missing RecvProp for DT_WeaponPhysCannon"

After compilling without errors and warnings, i launched my mod and tried to load a map, but then it refused to let me in...So, i checked the console for any kind of error and i saw this: Used Portal Project Beta's Source Code to implement an...

8th September 2017
by tschumann Go to last post
3 346

C++ Class help

Okay so I'm trying to figure out this issue where the c++ compiler wont see two members of a class as "being there". Errors: class "GooBear::Window::Window" has no member "close" class "GooBear::Window::Window" has no member "update" main.cpp:...

8th September 2017
by Elspin Go to last post
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DigitalOcean alternatives?

My $100 credit is running out and I figure there are better deals out there. Any recommendations? I found these: https://lobste.rs/s/xdldfw/which_vps_provider_you_use_other_than_do#c_xfgtk9 https://lobste.rs/s/tit5yp/any_good_openbsd_vps_hosts ...

6th September 2017
by tisseman890 Go to last post
31 1,793

ASM shader questions

I've been messing around with source shaders and i've managed to decompile some, But they all turn out in assembly PS: ps_2_x def c0, 0.0900000036, 1, 0, 0 dcl t1 dcl t2 dcl t3.xyz

3rd September 2017
by alphaware Go to last post
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Camera bobbing in Source 2013

I saw a page on the VDC that had code for camera bobbing and so I added it to my mod, and I really shouldn't expect much from eight year old code, but it didn't work. It didn't cause compile errors, though. I'm no programmer other than in Unity, so I...

3rd September 2017
by Karmah Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Borealis Server Manager (BSM) Development Discussion Thread ( 2 3 Last )

Preface: My name is Nicole, I have previously worked on another program similar to this a long time ago. I decided to come back to Facepunch to use it as a platform for development and discussions of my newest iteration of my gameserver management...

2nd September 2017
by WhiteWhiskers Go to last post
103 8,276

Implementing Custom Achievements to Sourcemod

Is there a way to implement custom Achievements to sourcemods. The Black Mesa Legacy Version had implemented custom achievements before integrating the achievements on Steam. If implementing custom achievements to a sourcemod please tell me how to do so.

31st August 2017
by IntenseBarney Go to last post
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Love2D General ( 2 Last )

So there doesn't appear to be any sort of LÖVE thread. How disappointing. What is LÖVE? LÖVE is a a framework that can be used to make games in Lua. It's really easy to learn and is surprisingly powerful. It's also cross-platform; it works in Windows,...

31st August 2017
by Pebsie Go to last post
57 9,980

Interesting game idea

Welp, I'm not exactly a good developer nor am I that advanced in making games, however I am proficient, that's besides the point. This is probably a million dollar idea I'm pitching to you all, however, I'm going to anyways as I'd really like to see this...

25th August 2017
by garyford44 Go to last post
12 933

SourceBots: Artificial Intelligence System to create Bots in a Source Engine Mod

Hello! I want to present a project in which I have been working in recent years, as the title indicates is an Artificial Intelligence system with which it is possible to create Bots in free Source Engine mods. Today I have released to the public the...

24th August 2017
by Kolesias Go to last post
4 613

Scrollbar issue with loading screen made with muse

I made a loading screen with Adobe Muse CC 2017 and on the web, it shows as full width there but on loading, there is bottom and side bar. How to disable them? My loading screen: https://helpmyserver.com/servers/loading-screen.

22nd August 2017
by Karmah Go to last post
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Source 2013 SDK Source Code Help

Hello, I'm attempting to add the physgun into my mod. I'm pretty sure I have done what I need to. However there are errors, if you could please add me on Steam to guide me through fixing these errors that would be greatly appreciated....

16th August 2017
by ethan202au Go to last post
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Can anyone crack this? ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )


camcole1 Thread has images Programming King x 37
9th August 2017
by Lonke Go to last post
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3D Collision in C#

I've been experimenting for about a week now with collision in my 3D game. It's all made in OpenTK, C# and involves cubes which will sometimes be rotated. I've tried SAT, but I don't understand how projecting on to an edge normal works in C#. Are there...

9th August 2017
by SourceSkyBox Go to last post
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data.unity3d using local filesystem

How can I fix this? It shows up when I start the server. Mono config path = '/home/username/GameName/GameName_Data/Mono/etc' Preloaded 'ScreenSelector.so' Preloaded 'libCSteamworks.so' Preloaded 'libsteam_api.so' Player data archive not found at...

8th August 2017
by davidmarcos Go to last post
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Source Mod dll files

I am making a Source 2007 MP Mod the problem is that when I build the solution for the Source Mod the dlls don't appear in the mod folder. Any Help?

8th August 2017
by Nicolas Go to last post
2 366

Source SDK 2013 Game Projects

I am making a Source 2013 MP Mod. The Problem is when I try to make the Game Projects with .bat files they don't appear. Any Help?

7th August 2017
by zoox Go to last post
3 354

MyBB forum Steam login blocked

I just created a forum and whenever I use the "Steam login" plugin it says "The URL you're attempting" etc.. "is blocked" Any idea ? Since it's not related to malware or anything, thanks

6th August 2017
by SataniX Go to last post
4 488

How can I make a player vanish?

Is there a way to make a player vanish but not make him spectator? After searching for a couple hours I didn't find anything. the player can still interact with the world, but players can't see him. (User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section -...

4th August 2017
by Megalan Go to last post
2 378

How to get into Source games code?

Hello everyone my question is how to get into games source code like I mean there was the HL2 Missing Info and they are building it and there is the the TF2 Invasion Alpha that team gaben somehow fixed so I just want to know how they are doing it, How...

4th August 2017
by Patar77 Go to last post
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Pros/Cons of a Career in Programming? ( 2 3 4 Last )

Hey, I'm doing a career project and I need to find out what the pros and cons of being a programmer in the field would be. Something like "the pay is good" would suffice. Thanks! (I'm not entirely sure this topic is in the right forum, I always...

2nd August 2017
by gufu Go to last post
121 12,922

Need help slideshow won't appear.

I am trying to get this slideshow on my gallery page, to my home page. I moved the code over, now it's invisible... What am I doing wrong? Live home page. http://nodakconstruction.com/home.html The gallery page with the slideshow I want....

1st August 2017
by find me Go to last post
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Excel Parameter Value to Cell Value.

Don't know if anyone knows anything about Excel, but I'm using get Data from Web. How do you set a parameters value to a cell's value?

28th July 2017
by jwhm Go to last post
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ninja ripper

How do I go about finding someone that knows how to use ninja ripper to eliminate a character in a pc game

26th July 2017
by TeamEnternode Go to last post
1 433

Source Shader Editor compiling errors

I am getting these errors everytime I try to compile my mod. And If anyone knows a fix tot his problem thank you.

26th July 2017
by Nicolas Go to last post
4 470

What is the best free, cross-platform alternative to QT?

I've looked into QT, which I've used an older build of for one of my college classes, but it costs money now, so my question is basically which free, cross-platform alternative to QT is the best in your experience/opinion and why? So far it seems like...

26th July 2017
by TheMadDingus Go to last post
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PC Games


Have you been to any hackathons? Have you won? What did you win? Any stories you can share? What were the challenges? What did you make?

23rd July 2017
by meharryp Go to last post
11 640

Framelocking for precise logic in games

I've been wondering about this between the players who hate games that lock framerates and the developers that use them. Imagine you need to make a game that relies on extremely precise timings between frames such as Super Meat Boy, N++, bullet hells,...

Octopod 1 people are reading this thread x 1
20th July 2017
by Philly c Go to last post
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