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Sonis - Check out my tunes! (Lots of free downloads)

Hey guys, Curious what you all think of my music! I've got everything from a dark, ravey footwork remix of a 2pac track that I just finished, to dnb, to ambient orchestral stuff. Quite a few of my tracks are up for download as well, so nab them if you...

18th June 2014
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Self Taught Versus Music Theory

This thread is all about your thoughts, Opinions and experiences with Self Taught musicians and use of Music Theory. I'm a left handed self taught guitarist/producer. I learned everything I know on my own terms and through my own experiences. I've...

13th June 2014
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Night Music ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

I'm digging these lists too: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/KisaragiChihaya/nachtmusik/ http://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheUglyTuna/late_night/ Post some of yours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIGEWxK6EQY

10th June 2014
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Rate The Last Album You Heard ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

You know the drill, post some short (or long) reviews of albums you recently listened to. And rate them. Duh.

3rd June 2014
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Pictures of Music Section Regulars v3 - pics with band members edition ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

you know the deal post pictures of yourself for us to judge you *rules: -mirror pics ARE ALLOWED (im bringing them back) -must be you (remember the guy who said he was gerard way) screaming guy from chelsea grin

30th May 2014
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Classical music discussion ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

Right, this is how we're gonna do this. I know there are a few nuts like me who'd like to dig into this stuff. I do know that there are plenty of people here who know their stuff when it comes to these periods. As for me, I'm a noob and know...

26th May 2014
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Confused about electronic track's genre? Ask here! ( 2 Last )

Title pretty much says it all. Providing any help in genre identifying (electronic music only). Tips and explanations of difference between genres, similar tracks/artists search - anything you want. Ask away. Note: I'm in this business since 2005, just...

25th May 2014
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Heartache Songs ( 2 Last )

I'm not here for sympathy, but my girlfriend of 4 years left me a few days ago and a piece of me died. I just want to listen to some good sappy songs and waller in my own self pity. So post your favorite sappy love songs!! I'll start, you continue.

24th May 2014
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I need help finding music

Hi guys. Is anyone willing to share some music, that is similiar to the link posted below? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ANB0gRhaEk Thanks! 14th May 2014 How to remove a post?

21st May 2014
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Pop Punk/Alternative Rock thread ( 2 Last )

Post and talk about all your Found New Glory and Blinky 82. 18th October 2013 Personally, been really into The Wonder Years, check them out.

18th May 2014
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Blista - ''Give Me The Knight'' + ''High End Sizzle'' (New Singles)

Why not listen to Blista's (me) new singles ''Give Me The Knight'' & ''High End Sizzle'' on YouTube and also now available on SoundCloud ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Listen on: YouTube - ''High End Sizzle''...

17th May 2014
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10th May 2014
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This guys 20 years old maynee! He is going to big in the next few years!!

8th May 2014
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Beastie Boys

Talk about the Beasties and their music. R.I.P Adam Yauch (MCA) August 5, 1964 May 4, 2012

7th May 2014
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The Jazz Thread ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Jazz is a musical style that originally came from ragtime, with swing being its first iteration, popularized by artists like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. While it originally proliferated in the south among African American communities, it truly...

5th May 2014
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Thoughts on Odd Future?

I'm sorry if there are already threads about this, but I haven't been on Facepunch since 2011 and I just decided I would come back and check things out and get back into it Anyway, what are your thoughts on Odd Future? It's kinda hard to look past all...

4th May 2014
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Looking for Kits (Logic Express)

Hi there, Been fiddling around with Logic Express for a little while now... And I feel that I would like to get my hands on some new kits as the ones that are supplied with Logic are kinda shitty and robotic. No idea of any places I could go to...

27th April 2014
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Love songs?! V. Let's get it on.

Hey guys. So I really love the music on here but I think there are a couple of things missing. Maybe I scrolled past them, but not sure. I need music on my phone wich contains this stuff. Or:

24th April 2014
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Me and my band make good music for you

hey guise i have good band yes we make good mosic like this check it out have good day bye https://clewed.bandcamp.com/

22nd April 2014
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Pet Peeves in the music world ( 2 3 4 5 .. 18 19 20 21 Last ) This thread has images

Because complaining makes you feel good. I can't stand it when groups have like, 20 minutes of silence after the last song so they can have a bonus song. Can't you just make it so it's just an unlisted track or something? Nirvana, you ruined a perfect...

21st April 2014
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My little music project.

just trying to get the word out if you like it, cool. if not, cool. http://christbrianstewart.bandcamp.com/

17th April 2014
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12th April 2014
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Is Happy Hardcore big where you are?

Welp, as the title suggests, is Happy Hardcore big where you live? I live in Florida, so not many people are into Happy Hardcore. I got into it from "New Kids". I forgot how I got into "New Kids". It's a funny show. This is also my first thread, so that's...

12th April 2014
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Recording methods

A tad new here and I thought this would be a good place for me to start. I know there are people with high end equipment and some with conservative equipment, but I'm not particularly experienced when it comes to recording soundtracks. So, I want to hear...

11th April 2014
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Breakcore V1 - Gives Me Wood ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Breakcore is a style of electronic dance music largely influenced by hardcore techno, drum and bass, digital hardcore and industrial music that is characterized by its use of heavy kick drums, breaks and a wide palette of sampling sources, played at high...

8th April 2014
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Guided by Voices general This thread has images

Guided by Voices general thread. Required Reading: GbV Wikipedia Page -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guided_by_Voices GbV Site -- http://www.gbv.com/ Required Listening -- All or most albums released through their original run (1980s to 2000s)

6th April 2014
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I am Airstryke!

Hey guys, this is Airstryke, and I am new to producing. I just started off with my first selfmade track! I'd like to get some advice, hints and comments on this track. Please listen to it! Thanks! ...

25th March 2014
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Nine Inch Nails ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images


19th March 2014
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Working on a Mix of Rap and Classical, Rate ?

https://soundcloud.com/shaliek/clair-de-soulja-the-re-up Please tell me what you think. Please, enjoy

18th March 2014
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Rate my music This thread has images

Rate my music library and then post a screenshot of yours and someone will rate yours and so on. Go!

12th March 2014
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Soundcloud members?

What are some good soundcloud members to follow? I am most interested in rap similar to Odd Future, but willing to listen to all suggestions.

10th March 2014
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Mixtape Cover This thread has images

I'm working on a mixtape with beats and lyrics made by me or another person's beats and I decided to work on the album cover for a little..how is it? Anything you think I should add?

9th March 2014
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Hidden Jems thread. Post obscure music that's really really good (watch this thread devolve into a hipster circle jerk)

post music you find that's really really really well done but has like only 40k views on YouTube or something similar to that (the actual song starts at around a minute into the video)

8th March 2014
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Bad Brains Gold Avatar This thread has images

I made a gold member Bad Brains avatar for the people that are fans. Hope you like it.

8th March 2014
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Vinyl vs Cassette? This thread has images

I'm sure that there's plenty of you out there in the "classic format" clubs such as vinyl and cassette. However, which one do you consider to be "better" in terms of listening?

7th March 2014
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Who's your favorite member of OFWGKTA and why? Mine is most likely Earl because he went to school in my town and because he has that calm voice while he raps.

6th March 2014
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Chill albums?

Looking for some new chill albums/bands. Something like these: Air - Moon Safari http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo8aSo5Tv1E&feature=player_detailpage Tycho - Dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6ih1aKeETk Any recommendations are appreciated.

5th March 2014
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Best Concerts You've Been To. ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last ) This thread has images

Just wondering, which concerts have people been to, and which are the best they've ever seen? I, personally, have been to see: Daft Punk So you can guess what my favourite is.

1st March 2014
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"Wish Upon A Blackstar" Album Story Speculation This thread has images

So, I thought I'd open this thread with what is in my opinion the most iconic image of what I'm about to talk about, as it is a tiny bit obscure. This image is the only reason I even picked it up, I mean look at it. It's probably one of the most...

25th February 2014
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Bonnaroo 2014 / June 12th - 15th in Manchester, TN / Kanye West, Elton John, Lionel Richie, and much more This thread has images

Lineup Tickets Just got tickets to this and I'm super excited, the lineup looks ridiculous. Anyone else going?

23rd February 2014
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