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Live electronic jams

Been doing some videos using my electronic gear recently- in one-take with little editing afterwards. I'm having fun with them as it's a good way to make a song quickly and show people what I'm creating. Hope you like them. Free downloads in the video...

22nd January 2014
by Zillamatic Go to last post
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Psychedelic Glitchstep.

I've been experimenting with new VST's and techniques. I think I stumbled upon something great with this one. http://soundcloud.com/wickedsounds13/wizard-lo-fi-impeach-full If anyone's interested, you can download my album "0x572" Free from my...

22nd January 2014
by Darkslicer Go to last post
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Fantasy Filmish Music

Hello People of the World. I write film music or so I would like to think. This is a track I have been working on for some time now and I would love to hear what the people think of it :) It is a sort of medley of a soundtrack to an adventure...

22nd January 2014
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3 Track Teaser - TBA Release Date

Some WIPs for you guys! I will be releasing them through Next Gen Entertainment, which is a starting out label. That's all I know as of now. http://soundcloud.com/bull04/3-track-preview-tba Thanks everyone!

22nd January 2014
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I See Fire (Acoustic Ed Sheeran cover)

It's my birthday today, and my sister got me a new capo (my old one broke months ago), so I decided I'd learn and record something with it. Sorry for the phone recording, and the couple of mistakes. But overall I'm happy with this for less than a day's...

21st January 2014
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What instrument/instruments do you play? ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hello my fellow Facepunchians (is that right?), i don't usually (ever) make threads, so forgive me if it's bland :v: . I'm interested in what you guys play, even if it's electronic, like those electronic pad thingymabobs with the flashy squares, or...

21st January 2014
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Trip Jerk - A track that I made and released in one day

It's trap, so if you aren't into that kind of thing then direct your attention elsewhere (or listen to it and be really critical so I can learn from those who dislike the genre). I'd love some of ye olde critique from Facepunch: ...

21st January 2014
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Space - EP (First real attempt at something like this)

So im thinking about putting together these 3 songs to make an EP entitled Space. I figured that best kind of explained how these songs go together without trying to be to brash or idiotic. Any thoughts, concerns, or criticism would be greatly...

20th January 2014
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Trouble Removing Vocals.

I want to record a cover of this for my girlfriend (she loves Benedict Cumberbatch) and I am having trouble removing the vocals. I have tried GarageBand and Audacity. I can boot into Windows if necessary. I really want to cover this, because I can...

18th January 2014
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Too much CPU usage when making a track.

Straight to the point; My projects require too much CPU. My Fruity Loops is crackling and lagging when I have some automations, eq's, synths, compressors, you name it running. Tomorrow I get a new GPU and PSU from a friend, but my guess is that those...

17th January 2014
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Channel 4 Utopia Theme Tune Remix / Free Download etc

Well with series two coming some time soon, thought I'd post my DnB remix of the opening tune to Utopia. It was made last year just as series one was finishing. https://soundcloud.com/atomiku/channel-4s-utopia-theme-drum Turn up the volume and shit. ...

15th January 2014
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What genre of music are the Sonic games?

I'm mainly focusing on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games. I want to create similar music to the games. Thanks!

13th January 2014
by Water-Marine Go to last post
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I've recently decided to start recording acoustic covers.

I'm a drummer, but as of the past few years I've been spending more time on improving my guitar/vocal skills. A few days ago I decided to start recording some covers, my laptop is shit so my best option is using the camera on my iPhone 4. Here are a...

12th January 2014
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Just something I threw together a while ago, whatcha guys think?

https://soundcloud.com/justin-barton-2/chillllllaaaaxxx-1 Didnt know what to name it so chilllaaxxx had to do, l0l.

11th January 2014
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Trying to learn Logic Pro

https://soundcloud.com/jake-lc/ontime came out with this

10th January 2014
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A Hardstyle/Electro-House fused track

Recently, I came up with this track, and I thought it was a bit unique - tried my utmost best to mixdown on my shitty $20 speakers! It's a Melbourne Bounce/Progressive/Hardstyle influenced track. Whaddya guys think? ...

10th January 2014
by Waffler Go to last post
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Enter Fiction - a free to download metal album from Poland!

Hello Facepunch, I hope you don't kill me for posting here, I know it seems like I made an account here just to promote my music, but I'm a long time lurker, just shy and don't have much to say in topics. My band, Nilfgaard, has published its debut...

8th January 2014
by worhan Go to last post
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Slicethepie: Earn Money Writing Music Reviews! This thread has images

Do you like listening to music for free? Do you like making money for little effort? Then may I introduce: Slicethepie. What is it? Slicethepie is a website where you are randomly fed music based on the genres you like. You spend ninety seconds...

8th January 2014
by ticor Go to last post
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Got Logic Pro X for Christmas! I made a track that I'm pretty proud of!

Figured I'd post it here and get some feedback (no pun intended >_>). https://soundcloud.com/blarghith/get-set-fixed

8th January 2014
by Lawligagger Go to last post
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using 2 midi controllers at once in fruity loops 11 This thread has images

I just got a second midi controller. They both work seperatly, but I cant use them at once. Can somebody tell me how I can use them both at the same time? For example; playing some notes on the midi keyboard and then jamming a beat with the midi pad....

7th January 2014
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7th January 2014
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Edited some 1970s porn music

Hello everybody hello everybody today I have for you some edited Soul/Funk originally written and performed by Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti The first two minutes might be a little cheesy as I feel like I left the bassline untouched for too long (well...

6th January 2014
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[Video Game Metal] WASD, PC Game Covers This thread has images

After being inspired by bands like Powerglove, Armcannon, and Metroid Metal at events like Bitgen and MAGFest, I decided to start my own similar project. However I didn't want to just make covers of console songs people had always done. Therefore, I...

6th January 2014
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Started up a new Liquid DnB project "NightClarity"

Been producing on and off now for 7 years. Decided to actually take it relatively seriously for once. Got a little snippet up on Soundcloud of my first track, would like to hear peoples thoughts. ...

5th January 2014
by Gustafa Go to last post
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Alternative to Tabs? (Bassist here)

From the beginning, I've hated tabs. They're just so hard for me to read and are almost never accurate in my experience. Does anybody know where I could get instructions for songs that use actual notes/chords? Would greatly appreciate it. Edit:...

4th January 2014
by Nightscout Go to last post
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Instrumental EP "Return to Dust" Free (If You Want) This thread has images

is more or less the idea I had going with this, it's a couple of songs I'd worked on over the last year in between Work and School. The production is shit but I know that, I wasn't really sure what I was doing 90% of the time and ended up brick walling...

2nd January 2014
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Delusion (slap bass metal, with vox, full track made entirely while being drunk after new years eve)

So I made this in the middle of the night while bouncing around with my bass slapping it from one corner of the room to the other :v: http://soundcloud.com/caynug/the-drunken-im-drunk-as-hell everything you hear distortion wise is 3 basses playing...

1st January 2014
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Uncoditional - Latest Tune

This is my second original track! https://soundcloud.com/labourpatrol/unconditional Please let me know what you think!

31st December 2013
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Look out for this dude in 2014

https://soundcloud.com/steffenyoshiki Dope, Dope, dope!!!!!

31st December 2013
by jimisunz Go to last post
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[Drumstep] "Bash" - My free song for you guys!

It's my 18th birthday today so I figured I'd give everyone a free track! http://soundcloud.com/bull04/bullseye-bash-original-mix

30th December 2013
by rovar Go to last post
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Dysprosium (distorted slap basses instead of distorted guitars) video

Used my bass to start a new project, only distorted slap basses. So basicly there are 3 distorted basses running at the same time nearly all the time :v: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP2E5dUoSow

29th December 2013
by Darkslicer Go to last post
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Good ways to learn how to properly play piano? (For a musician who strictly plays by ear)

Hey hey I've been playing the guitar forever and I play most other stringed instruments too and drums and such. I produce a lot of music and since most of my instruments are virtual I figured it would be a good idea to learn how to play the piano properly...

29th December 2013
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29th December 2013
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Need some advice on sound quality

SteenRNS - TwinBox http://soundcloud.com/steenrns/twinbox Planning on delivering this song to a DJ so it`ll play in front of a larger audience. Its meant to be played very loud. I mixed it on a mid range speaker system on loud volumes. Want feedback...

28th December 2013
by SteenRNS Go to last post
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Hi Hat not opening This thread has images

I've fiddled around the with the Hi Hats long until this morning I realized the top Hi Hat won't ascend like it's supposed to. the rod would but the Hi Hats won't. What do I do to fix this? I'm freaking out, what's worse is that this isn't my kit, it's...

27th December 2013
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[Dance/Electro/Trap/Whateverthefuckyouwant] WIP bs

http://soundcloud.com/thisisalinktoaprofile/butdatbasstho http://soundcloud.com/thisisalinktoaprofile/added-guitar First and second upload of a WIP Please feed me some backs

26th December 2013
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'illicit philosophy' - 45 beats produced by yours truly This thread has images

Download all 45 for free (or for a price if you'd like to give me money, but free is completely fine) on Bandcamp! They're all on YouTube now as well! 'illicit philosophy' is a compilation of 45 instrumentals I've produced from early 2011 up to now....

25th December 2013
by Cragbones Go to last post
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Learning acoustic, tips for a beginner? This thread has images

Hey everyone, I am learning to play my acoustic guitar and I have a few questions; How (if you play guitar) did you learn to play? What videos did you watch or what did you do to become better? How do I know when my strings may snap? What songs did you...

25th December 2013
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Martin Garrix - Animals [Hard electro remix]

Give me some feedback, and tell me what you think! (: http://soundcloud.com/arcadechild/martin-garrix-animals-arcade

24th December 2013
by rovar Go to last post
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Awesome Drumset Player

A long while ago, I presented a drumset player from my old highschool. Well now I am back to present a drumset player from my current highschool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKXBn54iLUo He currently techs the drumset player for the highschools...

23rd December 2013
by Gsquared Go to last post
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