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just a thing I call 'dead pixel'

http://soundcloud.com/frenchies/dead-pixel rather finished this quickly cause I wanted to do something else. any thoughts?

14th April 2014
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My latest - Colors -TriTonal (Systematic Remix) [Electronic*Bass] -feedback/critique request

Just thought I'd pop on this forum to see reactions. This is my first track of 2014 and also with new gear. Was hoping for some feedback on this track because my production habits have now changed as opposed to last year with crappy gear. So..if...

13th April 2014
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Another Electronic called 'Cortex'

http://soundcloud.com/frenchies/cortex This time I spent 3 days making it. any thoughts?

12th April 2014
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Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Sound Hero Remix)

http://soundcloud.com/soundhero2/say-my-name-remix Long time since I haven't posted here. Enjoy.

10th April 2014
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how in the unholy fuck do i make this beautiful synth

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG5aSZBAuPs&feature=related seriously, its fucking magical and i need it

8th April 2014
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SoundCloud Song

Hey guys! Listen to this song made by my friends. It'll help em a lot! https://soundcloud.com/freeworldmont...e-full-version Thanks a bunch!

6th April 2014
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[Chiptune] Foxconn Takes a Walk In the Forrest

I was chatting to foxconn on steam, and to show him some love, I wrote him a song and a story. http://soundcloud.com/alp1ne/foxconn

6th April 2014
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Guitar Rig 5 Preset Overload! Hundreds of Presets! This thread has images

Hello fellow guitar players, if you're like me, then you probably like using a pc guitar recording software (I use one because I don't have money for an actual amp), and one of the best is Guitar Rig 5. :rock: Here I have compiled and uploaded a...

Drakmaar 3 reading
5th April 2014
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http://sdev.bandcamp.com/album/unintentional looking for some reactions thanks in advance

5th April 2014
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ASIO4ALL nightmare

So today my good friend dropped around an Alesis iO4 interface at my place and I've got it hooked up via USB at the moment with my guitar connected. I'm trying to use it with Cubase and the iO4 can be selected successfully as an input - but my speakers...

2nd April 2014
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Caynug - The Shade (Acoustic, vocals, dreamy, choirs, melancholy)

Needed to let out some emotions and recorded a song today, hope you guys enjoy :smile: http://soundcloud.com/caynug/the-shade

2nd April 2014
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Concrete Steps - Never Be (Hardcore punk/trashy hardcore)

Concrete Steps got together a couple of months ago with one thing in common: We all wanted to make energetic hardcore punk I'm playing bass + doing sketchy backup vocals. We recorded three songs last week which are all going on a Compilation Album...

31st March 2014
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Need Advice On Thrash Production

Hey, I'm trying to record a thrash metal song, and need advice on a few things: 1- What guitar effects do you recommend for a nice classic thrash tone? I'm talking like early Metallica or Slayer stuff 2- Can you suggest any program where I can create a...

30th March 2014
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"What's Your Deal Ryu-Gi?" a song by TH89 ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images


29th March 2014
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[chilled dance I guess] I made an EP called Bits and it's on Bandcamp This thread has images

Waddup My names Patrick and I've been making a whole bunch of music. I make danceyish but pretty chilled out, relatively lo-fi stuff. Frankly, I dunno if it's even good enough to post anywhere, I'm shitty at judging my own music, but I've been talking...

28th March 2014
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My heavy metal cover of "All is Fair in Love and Brostep" by Skrillex on my 8 string.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8If9eZLfeY NEW VIDEO UPLOADED. Louder guitars than before. I had been meaning to cover a Skrillex track (or two) for a while now and with his new album "Recess" it was the perfect excuse to put one together. I used...

27th March 2014
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Ballad of the Wind Fish Guitar Arrangement

I felt like starting a new project, so I decided to start making guitar arrangements of various video games from my childhood. I started off with this song from Zelda - Link's Awakening. If you have any comments, critique, suggestions or any tips to...

27th March 2014
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New teaser for my EP coming to plasmapool soon!

Yo guys! Thought some of you'd be interested in this new electro-house release...my EP, coming to plasmapool soon! http://soundcloud.com/morganhicks/absolute-zero-ep-coming-soon UPDATE; Released on; Beatport - March 24th Google Play - April 7th...

24th March 2014
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Free Dark Ambient Album, "Clockwork" (Dark Ambient/Drone/Noise/Industrial/Experimental/Horror) This thread has images

So, a little backstory: Usually I write metal, but one time just for the sake of experimentation I wrote a dark ambient song and a friend of mine listened to it and liked it and suggested I write a full album in its style. So, here it is: ...

23rd March 2014
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ORION What do you guys think of my new track?

https://soundcloud.com/steenrns/orion Not sure what kind of genre i got this time. Guess its trance/dance

21st March 2014
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[Nu-Jazz/Beat Culture/Hip-Hop] All of my recent stuff that's not going to be on an EP

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone remembers but I go by the name Apache Gold and I posted my first EP 'Astral Jazz' here a few months ago. It was really mellow nu jazz/neo soul kind of beats and I wanted to post some of my recent stuff that won't be...

21st March 2014
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(S)tay Alive / (K)ill Yourself - An amateurish EP [Various Electronic Genres]

I've been doodling with this for a couple of months or so. More of a learning experience for me (trying to figure out mastering\mixing by myself + experimenting with some other electronic genres). First time I open a thread specifically for my stuff. ...

18th March 2014
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Sonny and The Lost Soul Train - Shame On You

Hey guys. My new band Sonny and The Lost Soul Train released another video live from King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, this one is called "Shame On You". Hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmBTPCedVhk www.facebook.com/SonnyandTheLostSoulTrain

18th March 2014
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Work In Progress

Cheesypoop EP preview

hey, some of you may remember us from 2011 or so when we made a shitty album which i think got good feedback(?). anyway, here's a serious/non-serious instrumental preview; http://soundcloud.com/degge/cheesypoop-ep-preview feedback on the mix is...

17th March 2014
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14th March 2014
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[Symphonic Rock?] Tsyolin - What You Need/Come Back To Me (Cover) This thread has images

After about a month of work I finally can release this, it took a lot to get this done but thankfully I had help from friends. It would be appreciated if you could check it out.

13th March 2014
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UNICODEX - Forgotten and Skyline

Hey guys. I'm trying to put out at least an EP soon and I've been finished these two so far for them. I'd say the genre is some mix between IDM, Downtempo, and Trap. Let me know what you guys think. The first one is kind of a Flying Lotus inspired...

13th March 2014
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Jogging in the 80's (drum tribute to Vinnie Colaiuta and the 80's)

Just something I wanted to do for a long time.

12th March 2014
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Middle Milk - Birds (Morgan Hicks Remix) Out NOW on beatport!

Hey guys! Long time no see, I haven't really posted around here in a long while now :C After a long ass time, my remix for Middle Milk's "Birds" is finally out on beatport! You can buy it here But if money isn't really your style, you can...

10th March 2014
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Lord Cernunnos (Drone/Dark Ambient)

I make Drone/Dark Ambient and similar music under the name Lord Cernunnos. I've made a few releases, most of them EPs. I try to make each release different so in general they tend to have different themes and sounds. Here is some links:...

9th March 2014
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[Idk what genre this is] Empathy

http://soundcloud.com/chexicals/empathy Last time I posted here, it was some shitey attempt at dubstep that I'm not proud of. Since then, I haven't done anything with making music until 1 AM last night when I made this. I don't know where the...

9th March 2014
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Mandolin Cover of Kanye's Runaway.

Yeezy has been disturbingly absent in the mandolin community... until now.

9th March 2014
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I've always wanted to mix a band...

Pretty much what the title says. I've always wanted to mix and master a song by an actual band, with gee-tars and drums and hwhatnot. I am an EDM producer and have been for about 3 years now and ever since I started really getting into the technical side...

9th March 2014
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Just bought new headphones. This thread has images

So I just bought some new headphones. The AKG K271 MK II to be exact. They are closed-back studio headphones. This is the first tiem I've bought headphones for actually making music, but there's 2 things I'm not satisfied about. The bass.. I dont really...

8th March 2014
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I study acoustical engineering, ask me stuff! This thread has images

Hey! I study acoustical engineering (which has nothing to do with sound engineering), and figured you guys might have some questions I may be able to answer! Acoustical engineering is basically a standard engineering degree but with a focus on...

8th March 2014
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Ambient piece "vivid Dark, Full of Colours"

http://soundcloud.com/itbegins/vivid-dark-full-of-colours Recorded in one take with some background ambiance added afterwards. It turned out great imo, calm and unsettling at the same time which is abvout what i was seeking to do. What do you guys...

5th March 2014
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Work In Progress

So uh I'm trying to achieve a neo-soul sound

https://soundcloud.com/664/008-1 Tell me if it sounds neo-soul or not and what could be better because I could really need some tips.

5th March 2014
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Dela - Bleed [Korpor4l Remix]

This is my remix of the song "Bleed" from Dela. I enjoyed the parts around 1:00 and 3:35 of the original, and wanted to make a remix of those parts and expand on it. I decided to keep with a style I'm familiar with making, rather then trying to make it...

4th March 2014
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[Electro House] "Carpal Tunnel" - My new free song about my wrist problems!

Really just the name stems from my wrist problems haha. Enjoy! It's free so download if you like it! http://soundcloud.com/bull04/bullseye-carpal-tunnel

2nd March 2014
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Meeting a bassist through classifieds - how do I not get killed?

So I met a bassist who lives in my town and tomorrow we're meeting in a public place. He wants to head over to his place up in Blandford though because he's got room to play there and nobody's gonna get pissed with the noise, but the thing is, he's still...

1st March 2014
by CLungcancer Go to last post
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