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[Interactive] Spacer ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

You are a spacer, and you are being held captive on your ship. however it is technically not your ship as you didn't quite succeed in your attempts to steal it. even so it is all part of your plan, or will be when you make your plan so everything is well....

21st June 2013
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let's Make a ship, a crew, and explore the stars! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

So this is a more serious game. We'll work together to make a space ship, add our crews/modules, and then venture out into the stars. I will be governing this game slightly to give it direction after we build the spaceship (if that ever happens.) ...

15th June 2013
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The Potato Quest [Interactive Retard-Fest of a Story] This thread has images

You are... ehm... Jam.. John.. need name.. YOUR NAME IS DERPY okay. we're good. now for the story ehghhhh...

11th June 2013
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Death is coming.. (Half life 2 Comic) This thread has images

You see a giant seamonster with rotten teeth staring at you from below, what do you do?

11th June 2013
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HOLY FREAKING CRAP I bet you didn't know this: ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

You can actually have THREE colors selected AT THE SAME TIME! All you have to do is press ctrl while clicking on it. Anyone who says they've known about this before is either a liar or from the future. What are YOU going to do, now that you...

11th June 2013
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MS Paint Chat 4 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last ) This thread has images


9th June 2013
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Create a logo for 42 schools! This thread has images

So, i have recently been put in charge of making a network for 42 schools in Denmark. They will get a website they all get a part in, which is already mostly done. The only problem is there is not yet a logo for the website. So, what i need now, is YOU to...

4th June 2013
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Let's Build a 2D Sidescroller World! This thread has images

Now for something different: the goal of this thread is to create a 2D world, similar to Metroid or Terraria. The instructions are simple. It's pretty much like this, except in 2D, like a sidescroller game. In the start, we have a nice little hub. You...

3rd June 2013
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Create A Planet: Version Whatever (Do What You Want Edition!) ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Alright so we've tried a variety of things to keep this alive. Lately we've tried to be strict with the rules which has led to the death of these threads faster than I thought possible. It's time to go to do the opposite. In this edition of Create a...

2nd June 2013
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Tony (INTERACTIVE) This thread has images

This is tony. Hes lost in a train station well because Hes tony duh I was wondering what graphic style people would prefer Drawn Or Box style like "David" which I would prefer

1st June 2013
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[INTERACTIVE] Green Dragon Casino This thread has images

The Green Dragon Casino, taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is guarded by a series of men called The Green Dragon Mafia. You are confronted by the mafia. They ask for a game of poker. One say, "If you win this round, I'll let you free and give you a...

1st June 2013
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[Interactive] All that was, all that ever will be This thread has images

Deep inside a void of nothingness, a single spark stood, its patience grew short, and a burst came from it.. Its power was magnificent!

1st June 2013
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[INTERACTIVE] Eternal suffering of an erased individual This thread has images

You have just woken up. Freezing, vision is blurry, and judging by that wonderful feeling in the side of your head, some blew half your brains out and left you for dead. Who are you? Where are you? Seems to be some kind of field, covered in snow. ...

1st June 2013
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[Interactive] Motel Wakeup This thread has images

(This is my first time doing this sort of thing, forgive any kind of "Weird" behavior.) You wake up after a cool-ass fun party last night. You stretch your back and roll over to see a fat woman, naked. Surely you didn't have sex with her..... you were...

1st June 2013
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David (INTERACTIVE) ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

David stands alone. The little orange rectangle has his whole life ahead of him, yet he chooses to be by his self. He never really was the social type. What is his purpose anyways? Why is he here?

1st June 2013
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Draw a map of the world using only your memory ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

You can do political maps too, I just decided to do environmental geography.

26th May 2013
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Mission Unpaintable 2: President's Honour ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last ) This thread has images

What is this? A sequel to the failure of a thread called "Mission Unpaintable" What makes this different from the other MSPCs? This is spy themed and is also stricter. Okay cool, so how do I join? What did the president say? Rules

21st May 2013
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Draw your own avatar using only the paintbrush tool as fast as you can. ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last ) This thread has images

Apologies if this has been done before. Did this in about 2 minutes. :v:

18th May 2013
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how do i make a thre- This thread has images

the year is 2000 and a lot, you are top sceintinst for big compainie. cseintistes agrre that bossiple metorite is crash laning on earth. perhaps? hwo can say. your jab is two invenstigate into an occurance, perhaps? to confirm data. what to...

13th May 2013
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[INCREDIBLY INTERACTIVE] rebel adventure!! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

you are a rebel in the combine oppressed world and in resistance cell 'swag' your loadout consists of a spas 12 shotgun, a usp match pistol, and a big flimsy purple dildo what will your name be???

12th May 2013
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12th May 2013
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Draw your life! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

This is my 1000th post on this forum, and recently I was thinking about life and my identity on FP in general. I then found a "draw your life" template on /b/ and thought it would work really well on here. Basically, draw your life in the template...

7th May 2013
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Little Accessories - Post your accessories too! This thread has images

Just a small little basic packet, nothing much. Kinda like a coin purse:

4th May 2013
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interactive : doggy dog world This thread has images

you are Feline Preston a failed science experiment. long story short you are in the big apple (chicago) and two knifed thugs are trying to take your litter (money) > action that's how you do things alright, ok

28th April 2013
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[SUPER DUPER INTERACTIVE] WTFventures This thread has images

So. Many an interactive have attempted. but all have. So I give to you gentlemen:

27th April 2013
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Make a SPACE SHIP This thread has images

Add on to a Space ship in order to build the best space ship in the universe. We will rule the galaxy. Starting with some UFO head part:

27th April 2013
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Work In Progress

Draw a pokeyman This thread has images

Ziggoon draw a badly drawn Pokemon. (or good if you want, i'm not hte bosS)

14th April 2013
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Future War: Post-Apocalyptic Europe ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Thread still under development! YEAR: 2029 THREAD MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUuz4wNIC9s&list=PLF8723BAE6F2F1B10 CIRCUMSTANCES: The European Union and it's countries, much like the rest of the world, have fallen due to unrest and...

10th April 2013
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Starving Weeaboo This thread has images

Decided to draw my avatar character in Don't Starve Update:

8th April 2013
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7th April 2013
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Create A Battle V.Nostalgia: Back to Basics This thread has images

Woooooo RULES: No Nukes, or slimes, or blobs, or superpowers. Or Nukems. Don't whine about being buggered over. DON'T FUCKING DERAIL THE THREAD *too much* YOU CUNT NUGGETS. Be realistic, I.E. Moving your army to the middle from the very edge. Don't...

6th April 2013
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Draw a Dog This thread has images

You must do this WITHOUT letting go of the mouse. This means you have to do it by keep the button held down! :)

4th April 2013
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[Interactive] Meet the Pyro (Team Fortress 2) This thread has images

The Pyro and the Engineer have been pals since they can remember, they have faught together, nearly died together, and what is going to happen to them on this night will change both of their lives forever, how can we change their fate, can we save the...

2nd April 2013
by Pyraax Go to last post
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Create a Planet and Invade others CLASSIC - Tentaclenyxroi zork CSU space nostalgia edition ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Fuck yeah, I totally wanted to do this and now we will. Not as classic as a few veterans might want, though. This is Classic as how I experienced it in V5, I've also changed some rules or removed them. The rules, as taken from V5:

1st April 2013
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Draw the three most important things you would take with you to a lonely trip on a lost tropical island This thread has images

Id take a screw driver for cracking the coconuts, a rope to build stuff and, uhm..

31st March 2013
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Kill Everything: A most certainly simple game This thread has images

It's a strategy game, the objective is to forge alliances or whatever, and build stuff up, then kill everyone or whatev. The goal is to do war, conquer/destroy as much as possible and minimize your losses, then mend the broken world...

31st March 2013
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Generate a magic item name, then draw it ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Generator: Magic Item Generator Crazed Dragon's Cloak of Building Deflection

30th March 2013
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Good Ol' Fasioned War Thread - WWI Edition This thread has images

Hey guys, lately I've been seeing a ton of world wide strategy type threads popping up on FP. We seem to have been lacking a good old side-scrolling war thingy thread. So, I decided to make one. RULES (read or prepare your anus) -Absolutely no JPGs...

15th March 2013
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Draw A Cat ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


12th March 2013
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Creative Drawings that don't deserve a thread V2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 25 26 27 28 Last ) This thread has images

The purpose of this thread is to have a place where you can learn, give and receive criticism and just generally put in smaller images and WIPs. Some good examples of the previous thread: by Xammlew by Plutonia

27th February 2013
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