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What you want too see on minecraft? ( 2 Last )

I would like too see more blocks, weapons, redstone circuits and much more industrial elements so it never get boring. And you guys?

3rd September 2013
by Erfly Go to last post
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Tekkit lite - computercraft script not functioning as intended ?

Hello, First, I would like to apologize if my problem is put on the wrong spot. I tried the support thread but the issues were related to clients not working, java errors and so forth. Not in the same category as my problem. Should I've posted this...

2nd September 2013
by missionfloyd Go to last post
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Minecon 2013

Minecon happens Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd this year in Orlando Florida. Tickets sold quite fast! Anyone here going? What should be expected? (I'm going this year)

1st September 2013
by rallyextremez Go to last post
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Anybody understand Russian? Strange Minecraft videos. This thread has images

A while ago I made this thread because someone made a strange video where they were pretending to grief me in creative. I found those videos by searching something like "Minecraft Glent" on youtube and decided to do it again to see if I could find more...

31st August 2013
by Varsatorul Go to last post
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Mods and Potential Updates

Just a discussion about potential updates that could be coming to Minecraft or mods that alter the game in ways that would work well if they were actually in the game. I read on the Minecraft wiki that dual wielding might become a mechanic some time in...

31st August 2013
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Augment Reality FTB Unleashed | PvE / PvP ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Augmented Reality Gaming is an all-inclusive Gaming Community that will be releasing a new FTB Server! This server is whitelisted, meaning no griefers allowed, no exploiters, no random people attacking. We have a few rules to keep everyone entertained,...

27th August 2013
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Minecraft plugin coding thread V1

Hay guys, I am creating this mega thread for coders and people who want to start coding. There are a lot of people who code minecraft plugins to improve their server. This will hopefully be the new home to get help. The Rules 1. Please be nice, this...

26th August 2013
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Any coders here?

That's an excerpt from another forum, but basically I'm wondering if any of you guys are developers? I am looking for a few relatively simple plugins for a server.

25th August 2013
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Minecraft Recording Problem! (fraps) This thread has images

hello, i have fraps 3.5.0 and minecraft 1.2.5 my settings in fraps are 29.97 and full screen but in minecraft everytime i record it's not lagging but when i move my mouse around recording its slow i dont know why i tried the sensetivity but nothing worked...

22nd August 2013
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Minecraft New vs. Minecraft Old

so lately when i play minecraft i think to my self that the game has a little too much stuff in it like potions, horses, this that. .. .etc also in servers its always make the best armor to survive for ever and its not fair for others. on the other side...

20th August 2013
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Change your Minecraft username! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Ever hated your Minecraft username? Just didn't know that registering and buying would make it your permanent name? Source. edited Yea I'm a bit late, but no one else has posted this.

19th August 2013
by hailgabe Go to last post
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Window design This thread has images

So I had a 7x9 glass block window, and decided to add a design to it. Creeper face it was. ^outside^ ^inside^ I hope this inspires idea's. Enjoy~ *pqqqt*

15th August 2013
by Gord Go to last post
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What does the "Generate Structures" Option include? This thread has images

What does the "Generate Structures" Option include? I know it includes the obvious like Villages, dungeons, and abandoned mineshaft, but I would like a complete list of all things that fall under this options.

14th August 2013
by AlfieSR Go to last post
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[1.6.2] Insurgence Craft - insurgencegaming.com| Factions,Survial This thread has images

Server Ip: Plugins used on the server: Craftbukkit BOSEconomy Chestshop Factions Safe Creeper LWC Essentials

12th August 2013
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=[pG]=| 24/7 PVP Survival - McMMO Towns Jobs Minigames 52 Slots No Whitelist [1.6.2] www.prestige-gaming.org This thread has images

PVP Towny McMMO Jobs Minigames ------------------------------------------ Server IP: mc.prestige-gaming.org Just connect! No Whitelist. No Applications. ------------------------------------------

8th August 2013
by ColdWave Go to last post
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How minecon sold tickets this year

So i was planing to go to minecon this year since it was in the US and close to where i live. I waited for the tickets to come out then :/ they decided to release the tickets in 3 batches in 3 days 2500 tickets in each batch. the tickets were $150 (a...

8th August 2013
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Planning On Making A world into One big city. Any bulding suggestions?

I am trying to make the whole minecraft world One Big City. I know some stuff I want to build but past that I am drawing up blanks. I need suggestions of stuff to add to that world. Feel free to say any building and/or architecture

6th August 2013
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Novustorious - A minecraft server This thread has images


5th August 2013
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Half-Life Texture Pack! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 11 12 13 14 Last ) This thread has images

1.2.5 COMPATIBLE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE Dr. Cola is still the man. Much less content than I had planned. Lazyness got in the way.

JurajIsNotPirat 1 reading
5th August 2013
by Tom Miller Go to last post
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Legends Minecraft PVP towny. fractions and MORE.

The site is http://www.legendsmc.org/home The ip is PLAY.LEGENDSMC.ORG or LEGENDSMC.ORG We have massive towny server, Fractions server, skyblock, and MORE coming soon! When you join say that "TG" sent you You will not regret joining. Join Athena,...

5th August 2013
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Future servers of Rust?

In the future are we going to be able to host our own servers, like you can buy and host DayZ servers and so on? Maybe its a silly question however i am a little unsure as to whether they will take that route or just host their own few servers?

4th August 2013
by Zarjk Go to last post
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[1.5.2] The Wafflehouse - A mature, friendly PvE This thread has images

Seeking a new Minecraft retreat? The Wafflehouse is seeking new committed players to come play! We're a small survival server with a focus on building and creating a server economy. The server's been running since 2011, and we've been on the same world...

3rd August 2013
by Zakkin Go to last post
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How do these prices look?

Well, I've been running a hosting company for a little while and I'm just thinking about reforming the prices. At the moment, we have a tier system. Your server is automatically upgraded within the tier you buy when you begin to eat up your resources....

3rd August 2013
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