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[play.HavenMC.com] : Top 10 ranked Towny Survival server needs you! This thread has images

PLAY.HAVENMC.COM - Happy 2 years Online! news.HAVENmc.com The Top 10 ranked server play.havenmc.com needs you! PLAY.HavenMC.com has no whitelist so come experience what so many others already love! Haven rewards hardwork and lets you choose your...

13th December 2013
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Need Help makeing a banner for a server?

Need Help makeing a banner for a server?

9th December 2013
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[Feed the Beast] Roleplaying and Survival! This thread has images

New FTB Unleashed server starting up! 20 slots available. Help us grow a city and create a world that is ran by the majority! Whitelist? Never will be. IP: syn4p5e.zapto.org

8th December 2013
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McDarkRP - Looking for Beta Testers!

McDarkRP McDarkRP is an upcoming Minecraft server that will bring together two incredible games: Minecraft and Garry's Mod. It will weave together the creativity and imagination of Minecraft with the hilarity and spontaneous roleplay of the DarkRP...

4th December 2013
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Any need help with server plugins

Any need help with server plugins

3rd December 2013
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Erebos Servers This thread has images

Hi Facepunch Want to get a premium & relatively cheap Minecraft server? Then visit http://www.erebosservers.com/. We provde cheap minecraft servers starting from £2.50 GBP per month for 250mb and going up to £50.00 GBP per month for 10GB. Want to...

1st December 2013
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pc games

Grizlyland 1.6.4 bukkit PvP Server This thread has images

Website: Grizlyland.com IP: (For those of you who just want the Super Fast Details) {PVP, Shops, Minigames, Ranks, PayPal/SMS, Jobs, Bukkit, Essentials, More} Features of the Website The Forum

30th November 2013
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"Minecraft 360"Minecraft 1.6.4 Server is NOW OUT!

The IP To the Server is! Why Not give it a try guys! It so far has Creative and Survival Gamemodes! (More Gamemodes will come out soon) Our Server is currently Bukkit Version 1.6.4 and soon into Bukkit Version 1.7.2! (User was...

26th November 2013
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Your biggest Minecraft Creation ever?

Whats the biggest thing youve ever built in minecraft?

22nd November 2013
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Minecraft 1.7.2 Sounds don't work.

How to I get all sounds to work? Alot of sounds seem to be missing, except breaking blocks. no other sounds AT ALL. How do i get them to work?

18th November 2013
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Looking for Someone to make a Minecraft Tekkit Server with!

Just looking for a partner, or team to make a Tekkit Server with. Maybe start a community. I have some good names right now. Also, looking for someone that will split payments with. So, if your not ready to pay anything, don't reply. So if your interested...

15th November 2013
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Minecraft Pure Vanilla Server

matrix is and will always be a server with 0 plugins. We will stick by vanilla until death. If you want a true challenge, consider playing with us. When you play on matrix, you are never safe. When you join, you'll see a bit of snow covered area. Ignore...

14th November 2013
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Feed The Universe: Welcome to the New Face of Earth [Minecraft Series] This thread has images

Banner made by AireDigital - http://www.airedigital.net/ TEASER: FIRST EPISODE: Welcome to Feed the Universe, a brand new minecraft series heavily focused on story-focused plots Please watch the videos and maybe even share it to your...

14th November 2013
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Mod Suggestions

The base is going to be hexxit, My friend and i are going to host a custom hexxit modpack server with 6+ gb, and dual cpu's making sure you dont lag, I was just wondering, if you guys had any mod suggestions? My apologies if this is in the wrong area

11th November 2013
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FPS Drops after some Minutes ingame - What to do?

I got a PC with an outlay for Gaming and i get 0 FPS after 5 minutes playing. What should i do ?

10th November 2013
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Anarchy Vanilla 1.7 AMPLIFIED This thread has images

Welcome to a new anarchy vanilla server running on AMPLIFIED settings; no rules, no plugins, no admins. That's all to it, just play, survive, build, wreck shit, it's all up to you. New world has been created a few minutes ago and is running on version...

9th November 2013
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all awsome server

I am looking for ops. i test your skills. this is an Hamachi server. network id bandit673. the password is andrew673.its not a white list.it is not 24/7. (User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - Craptasket))

8th November 2013
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FPS Plays - Minecraft

Well heres a video for yall, hope you enjoy! Best regards, FPS GAMING

7th November 2013
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SEUS Shader Mod - Discussion Thread This thread has images

Well now.. some of you who aren't only playing a vanilla minecraft could come across a mod called SEUS, but what is it exactly? Is it a mod that allows you to ride a bat? Is it a mod that allows you to throw axes? Hell no, it's a mod that allows you to...

3rd November 2013
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Minecon 2013 Cape This thread has images

(User was banned for this post ("Crap Thread" - Craptasket))

2nd November 2013
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Vanilla Shop Minecraft!

I'm not sure if anything like this has ever been done before (Probably has) but here is my showcase on making a fully Survival Buildable Player shop... Let me know if I should make a Tutorial on it please:) Click to go to my Channel!

2nd November 2013
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Temple Of Z 1.7.2 Puzzle map

i Did not Make it but watch if you are interested in downloading DOWNLOAD HERE:http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/162---temple-of-z-single-player-adventure-map/ TO WATCH BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD:GO TO MarioGaming101 thanks and have a good day;0

31st October 2013
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30th October 2013
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SimplyFactions- A new server looking for more players! <- Is the IP Honestly I just started on this server and I really enjoy it. It's got a great, well knit group of players and a really responsive owner. It's up 24/7 and supports factions, raiding, griefing and PVP Please come play if...

29th October 2013
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the Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin Challenge!

Welcome to the Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin Challenge! In this Challenge you must craft everything craftable from a pumpkin in Hardcore Minecraft! Also you can't make a bed... Keep track of how many nights it takes you to complete this challenge because...

29th October 2013
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What is the Best Quality and money for what you get minecraft host?

I've come to realise that there is no point looking for good minecraft hosts because they all say the same sh*t about themselves and most have large floors. What in your opinion do you think the best minecraft host is and why? I am interested in what you...

29th October 2013
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343N's FTB Mod Pack Server! (100% 1.4.2) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) This thread has images

Server modpack version: v4 nice to report that there hasn't been a single crash ever since the servers been up, 15 hours ago 1.4.6 with REDPOWER guys! use THAT modpack

27th October 2013
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Minecraft Chat - Android Chat App This thread has images

Minecraft Android Chat App Hey guys this is something we've been working on for a while now. Basically, this app will allow you to connect to your favorite minecraft servers from your Android smartphone. Main Features - Support for the current...

27th October 2013
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I got 1.7.1 early? o-o This thread has images

I just logged into Minecraft and it says my version is 1.7.1, I haven't downloaded any snap shots or anything, is this a bug or was it released early?

25th October 2013
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Sandaras minecraft server

IP: Hi Sandaras minecraft server is a small building server. There’s lots of room to build whatever you like. There are no restrictions on what you can build or how big. We are all friendly people and we accept players of all ages....

24th October 2013
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