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Possible tutorial by anyone?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu_kU-a89m8 it starts at 1:49 how do you make this door in the beginning? could someone reply with screenshots on how they did this? its essentially a 2x3 door but when it opens 4 more pistons push out stairs, 2...

13th September 2013
by Moofy Go to last post
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[Request] Tau Skin This thread has images

Hey! If there are any really good minecraft skin makers I have a request. I recently found this image and was curious if anyone can duplicate it into png minecraft skin form? http://cubeupload.com/im/iTziiMagiKx/taurender.png but if you want more of...

11th September 2013
by StickyNade Go to last post
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Server Idea

As I've noticed many people like the beta more(including me). And as now from the launcher we can access the old versions I got this idea for a server. BetaCraft server! Whitelisted, vanilla server with friendly betaliking people from facepunch!# ...

11th September 2013
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Friend server Sync errors (aka I'm spawning in the ground and I can't interact with anything but doors and blocks)

Me and my friend are trying to play Minecraft, 'cause it's fun to do every once in awhile. We set up a server yesterday and played a small amount, then played some more today, but now it seems like the server just won't work anymore. My friend can run...

11th September 2013
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Fuxxit: a Flux-Craft Hexxit server ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Address: Rules: We have one rule; No Griefing. About: Flux-Craft is a community operated and headed by Adam S. Founded in 2012 we have been looking at what YOU want. As of now we have 2 servers in full operations and more to...

10th September 2013
by Adamnetwork Go to last post
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Looking for a good (but affordable) MC Server host

Just bukkit, 25 slots or so. Not planning to do anything huge, just trying to have a nice, clean, pure survival server since there don't appear to be any here on FP anymore since Profan's closed.

6th September 2013
by Adamnetwork Go to last post
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Lua scripting

[1.5.2] The Melon Patch - Hardcore Bukkit Survival, Idiocy

I don't have an artsy image just yet. Welcome to the Melon Patch! Hardcore Survival, but not PVP, and it isn't anarchy so the moral of the story is DON'T FUCKING DIE. The server resets every two months, can be earlier or later if people want....

5th September 2013
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Minecraft Alpha. This thread has images

Am I the only one who has enjoyed the derpyness of the first 6 Minecraft alphas??

5th September 2013
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Looking for a FTB Mindcrack Server Host

Hi everybody! As the title suggests, I'm trying to get a Mindcrack server up and running and I'm having trouble finding server hosts that support the FTB modpacks. Could anyone please link me to some server hosts that run the Mindcrack pack? ...

5th September 2013
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Profan's Humble Abode v.6! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Server Name: Profans Humble Abode Max Players: 75 Started:4th August 2010 Server IP: fellowsgame.net Managed by FlubberNugget, so ask him about this server! Whitelist! Send a PM to FlubberNugget, no proof of play necessary....

4th September 2013
by Periwinkle Go to last post
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Soooo... Anyone playing some Tekkit/Voltz/FTB/etc

Any interesting servers to play on?

3rd September 2013
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What you want too see on minecraft? ( 2 Last )

I would like too see more blocks, weapons, redstone circuits and much more industrial elements so it never get boring. And you guys?

3rd September 2013
by Erfly Go to last post
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Tekkit lite - computercraft script not functioning as intended ?

Hello, First, I would like to apologize if my problem is put on the wrong spot. I tried the support thread but the issues were related to clients not working, java errors and so forth. Not in the same category as my problem. Should I've posted this...

2nd September 2013
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Minecon 2013

Minecon happens Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd this year in Orlando Florida. Tickets sold quite fast! Anyone here going? What should be expected? (I'm going this year)

1st September 2013
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Anybody understand Russian? Strange Minecraft videos. This thread has images

A while ago I made this thread because someone made a strange video where they were pretending to grief me in creative. I found those videos by searching something like "Minecraft Glent" on youtube and decided to do it again to see if I could find more...

31st August 2013
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pc games

Mods and Potential Updates

Just a discussion about potential updates that could be coming to Minecraft or mods that alter the game in ways that would work well if they were actually in the game. I read on the Minecraft wiki that dual wielding might become a mechanic some time in...

31st August 2013
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