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The Creative Photography Thread v7 | The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 214 215 216 217 Last ) This thread has images

Large threads get closed ~every month. Here's the new one. This thread is part of a series of similar threads, all of which are meant to be a safe haven for all artists, no matter if you're unsure of your ability and don't want to make a thread, are...

Jaanus • 1 reading
27th February 2013
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Artistic x 26

Film! Who still uses it? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 60 61 62 63 Last ) This thread has images

I do! I have a Minolta Maxxum S7000. Here's some pics i took with it

27th February 2013
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Intentionally corrupting images? This thread has images

Hey guys, I need to make a set corrupt images for my AS photography project (the theme is "covert and obscured"). I'm looking for something like this: Now, how would I go about doing something like this?

26th February 2013
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The "best photo you've ever taken" thread! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Best photo you've ever taken! Post it! Now!

19th February 2013
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Fall Colors This thread has images

Slippery-Q brought up that he though we should have more contests. I completely agree. Things like this give people a reason to go out and shoot. I was outside mowing the lawn today and thought all the fall colors were beautiful right now. Would...

12th February 2013
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DSLR video quality

Hi there. Recently i got DSLR camera (Nikon d3100) with kit and 50mm lense. It shoots photos really well but there sort of a problem with video. Look at this T2I video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAS62lkuzw8 The image is sharp and colorfull...

9th February 2013
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My Photography

Hello, I made an account previously (just last night, CrapTog) only to post a response to a thread; but now I have decided to create a genuine account. Anyways, I would like to ask for honest opinions on my photographs. I am fortunate enough to own a old...

22nd January 2013
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Crap photographer charging exorbitant prices. What would you do? This thread has images

Hey guys, My girlfriend just recently had photos done for her grandma's Christmas present. She wanted photo's done of herself, her sister and hour younger cousin. For 5 photo's this photographer charged $250. We haven't received the pictures just...

21st January 2013
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UK Cambridgeshire Videography.

Tell me guys what do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3n7t92U_Zc Tell me what do you think?

21st January 2013
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Have a project coming up where I could use some tips!?

So I have a photo idea where I want to take 4 scenarios and freeze there motion. Some photos I want to use "levitation photography" techniques where others i want to just freeze the motion at its most interesting point in the most clear and detailed way...

18th January 2013
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A Timelapse Nikon D3100

First try at a timelapse, during my vaction. I was going to make it longer but I managed to break my damn tripod during a trip :| Post your own..

11th January 2013
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Coca-Cola creative picture challenge. This thread has images

a little bored here, the title explains what's going on. here's what i have: show me what you can do?

7th January 2013
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Let me know what you think This thread has images

Just a hobby of mine here are some of my shots let me know what you think Using at 18-55 lens thats all i got atm. I have a lot more with film right now the digital camera i am using i don't really like.

7th January 2013
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Macro Lens

Hey Photographers, I own a Cannon 1001, I'm in need of an cheap macro lens. I've searched everywhere but frankly I can't find what sort of lens i'll need. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? thanks in advance.

24th December 2012
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Lighting technique

I love this photographers style when photographing Indian Weddings: http://www.symbolphoto.com/portfolio/WeddingHighlights/Boston-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Highlights.php Can anyone give me tips on getting better lighting like he does?...

24th December 2012
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My photo ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

The photo I had taken while out and about travelling. Tell me what you think of it.

24th December 2012
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Print Sites?

I would love to have my own pro-grade photo printer but alas, I do not. Can anyone recommend me some good print companies that they've had good personal experiences with? I'd like to begin printing some of my work and trying to sell it matted/framed at my...

24th December 2012
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Looking into strange experimental studio work (prosthetics and gags)

I've been doing classes in the arts for the past 2 or so years at various community colleges. so far black and white film photography is the one that's really stuck out for me so i want to expand my horizons a little and, well, kick it up a few notches. ...

10th December 2012
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4th December 2012
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Wanting to get into photography. This thread has images

I've been interested in photography for a long time, but I honestly have no clue of where I should start studying, and since most people on here are fairly knowledgeable I figure this would be a good place to ask for help to point me in the right...

2nd December 2012
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Some Questions About Cameras, Batteries, and Film (Minolta 7s)

Hello! Recently, I received a Minolta 7s from a great uncle's estate sale, and I've got some questions about it. First off, is it a decent camera? I know it's old, but I'm fairly certain I can get it serviced and returned to running order if I...

2nd December 2012
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The Apocolypse is here! Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2012 This thread has images

On sunday, about 15,000 zombies gathered at the Asbury Park boardwalk in NJ in search of some brains, and a world record! Here are some shots that i captured for my website.

20th November 2012
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I need a flash for my DSLR, suggestions?

I have a canon rebel T3i with a tamron 24-70mm lens. This freelance job I have coming up is said to be very low light, so i figured it is time to research and invest in a flash that can attach onto my camera. my price range would be 100-400$ and was...

20th November 2012
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Did you get a picture of the solar eclipse today? Post it! This thread has images

As some or all of you may know, there was a solar eclipse today, visible to the the west coast of America, Canada, Mexico, and any other countries that could still see the sun at 6:30 PM PST. The reason for this thread... Well.. I figured at least a...

16th November 2012
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Susan Coffey + more This thread has images

I profiled Susan Coffey: http://••••••••UmpbML Here are photos from our shoot:

12th November 2012
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How to find work/Contests

Hey Guys, I am a filmmaker and photographer. Not really sure if this question should be in this thread or not, but I am looking to gain skills and experiences by working on film sets/ independent film sets, or even being able to find contests for...

10th November 2012
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Camera LCD Vs computer display?

When I load all my pictures from my camera onto my Laptop they appear to look a lot different to the way they appear on the cameras LCD display. I understand that the LCD display is much smaller and is brighter but when the pictures are on my Laptop they...

10th November 2012
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My complete coverage of First Class Fitment 2012 (Car show) This thread has images

A few weeks ago Canibeat held their third annual First Class Fitment, a show that never fails to impress. Almost all makes and models were represented, but they all had one thing in common: Quality. These were all shot on my canon 60D with the...

4th November 2012
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Omagh Nestle Factory - Urbex This thread has images

First time Urbexing with my friend Calvin, (check his photostream here) he's currently getting into photography with a trusty Samsung point and shoot! We started going out shooting at night and thought of places we could explore, and this was one of them...

3rd November 2012
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Zenit TTL drop test This thread has images

Now I'm not sure how many Zenit users out there have thought "I wonder what would happen if my camera fell off the top of a four story building?" Well tomorrow I'm going to be testing if a Zenit TTL would survive this situation, by dropping it off this...

2nd November 2012
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Post some photos you've taken. This thread has images

Post some good photos you've snapped latley, edited or unedited! I took this sunset picture a while back when I was out roadtripping. Had to take it from Facebook so the quality is probably not superb.

1st November 2012
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Experience with Under-Water covers?

Right I know the proper diving housings go for thousands, so yeah i know I don't have many options. I'm here to ask if anyone has had any experience with and waterproof cases/housings? I know the only budget things available are these horrible bag...

4th October 2012
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Help with landscape photography editing This thread has images

I am not sure if this deserves an own thread but I didn't really know where to post this so sorry. I like taking landscape photographs the most but although I love editing my photos I am never really content with it. My main problem is that I just play...

4th October 2012
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Which Photo To Submit To Local Competition This thread has images

I WON 1st PRIZE! Yahoo!! Didn't win anything special but I'm still chuffed! Sorry for the bump. UPDATE I entered "Smoke On The Water," thanks for the help guys :) Hey guys, there is a competition ending soon where I live that is being judged...

3rd October 2012
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Saying goodbye to the oldest trains on the London Underground This thread has images

Thought I'd share these as I've grown up around these trains for my entire life and it sucks to see them go :C Last A stock at Chorleywood by Bengley1, on Flickr Harrow-on-the-Hill by Bengley1, on Flickr Northwood by Bengley1, on Flickr

27th September 2012
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My first attempt at capturing smoke outdoors This thread has images

I enjoy them... along with every other piece of shit I've taken so I you ask this, what do YOU think?

26th September 2012
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Night Welders This thread has images

3 von Terranigmus auf Flickr Not the best one but the most amazing(IMO) first. I didn't even notice these weird blue sparks until I looked at it at my PC. I have no clue what they are or how they are created, I guess it's from the welding. The...

20th September 2012
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"Art photography: When 'reality isn't good enough'": CNN article. Thoughts? This thread has images

Art photography: When 'reality isn't good enough This forum strikes me as a bunch of photographers deeply entrenched in the work done on a photo after the shutter is pressed. I'm wondering what you all think of this article?

18th September 2012
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Looking for an upgrade

Sup guys, i was thinking for the past weeks of upgrading from my entry level DSLR, maybe to a Pro level..idk yet. I have a Canon rebel xti. It's pretty old. It's my first camera too. lol I'm looking for something that can record. Maybe a t3i or should i...

15th September 2012
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"Water" damage to my 550D This thread has images

A while back in May I entrusted my friends to look after my camera while I went off to do something, which promptly resulted in lemonade being spilt on it. Luckily there didn't seem to be any serious damage and it worked fine from that point onward. It...

13th September 2012
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