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A HUD for TTT Inspired from a Dishwash Powder Commerical

Hi Guys A while ago I made a hud very similar to this for use on CyberGmod TTT and DayZ, however someone else recently picked up the design and started selling it as their own work. As I originally made this in early April this year when i was new to...

9th March 2015
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[LUA] PrintTableDepth

A small script I came up with as I wanted to print the weapon table and noticed its too large for the console (at least on metaconstruct). So I made my own PrintTable function where you can define how much you want to print. Then I just made look nicer...

9th March 2015
by freakyy Go to last post
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modded prop hunt

- mousewheel to resize prop (can kill player) - players can see props rotating - rightclick to stop rotating prop - hunters become tiny if their health is low - props arent blue kleiners anymore https://www.mediafire.com/?a3l524t11ow7c70 have fun

9th March 2015
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Addon Wip

gm_abandoned - beta

Hello, all. In my spare time, I've been working on a fun, eerie map called gm_abandoned. Keep in mind that it's not nearly complete and I have a lot yet to add/modify. Tell me what you think! I'm also open to suggestions, so if you think you have a...

8th March 2015
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Released DreamRP

Relesed new Dream Modified DarkRP Server ... Try it will not regret... ip : grizlyland.com (User was banned for this post ("Not a release/minimal effort thread/another advertisement" - NiandraLades))

8th March 2015
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NPC Proficiency ( 2 Last )

This STool allows you to set the proficiency of gun wielding NPCs. So combine NPCs can actually be challenging! Use Left click: set proficiency. Right click: get proficiency. Download Updates

7th March 2015
by Exho Go to last post
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Dark rp Default F4 menu error

Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong section. My problem is i tried to change the f4 menu using DarkRPmodification addon and when i found i didnt like any of them i tried to change back to the original one but i then get an error saying this. ...

6th March 2015
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Gamemode Wip

Devinity 2 - New Eden ( 2 3 4 5 .. 26 27 28 29 Last )

Gameserver: Teamspeak 3: Workshop content pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=229192732 (Note: This isn't all of it but it does cut down download time massively!) Before I start, I'd...

themaw Thread has images Lua King x 157
4th March 2015
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DarkRP - Auto Wanted

What it is: When you attack a cop, it makes you wanted. Useful if your police can only arrest players if they're wanted. Video: GIF, Because I'm lazy: https://a.pomf.se/dhjxun.gif Download: http://ge.tt/14UAqWB2/v/0?c - Place the folder inside...

3rd March 2015
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Binary Wip

gm_luaerror2 - "ain't nobody got time fo dat error" edition

gm_luaerror is back! Forget everything you knew about the old gm_luaerror. You now receive a full stack (if there is any) about the error as a table and whether it's a runtime error or not (a compilation one). A great addition is the possibility to get...

3rd March 2015
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gcap - no steam overlay edition

http://i.imgur.com/1gxE6zi.png Back in October I made an addon called gcap, which captured other player's screens and sent it back to you. Now, there was many downsides with this, such as the addon capturing steam overlay and not having the ability to...

2nd March 2015
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End Round Sounds?

Hello, im a Gmod Server owner and i'd like to have some sound when the round ends like when the innocents win, everyoen listens "Innocents win" and when traitors win play "Traitors win" (i would record those sounds). (Im not talking about End Round Music,...

28th February 2015
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GmodZ Leaked ( 2 Last )

http://gmodz.us/ This was a result of someone trying to resell the gamemode without permission. All credits to Jackool. Backup link: https://mega.co.nz/#!A5Rj0AST!KarkhSWwU-jCIqjhrJCWFiPIU0YrBLXRzGtCHLv6I0k If you need support ASK ME.

kila58 Thread has images Dumb x 36
27th February 2015
by NiandraLades Go to last post
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Applejack - Cider Core

Other than this error gamemodes/applejack/gamemode/cl_init.lua:910: attempt to index field 'Config' (a nil value) 1. unknown - gamemodes/applejack/gamemode/cl_init.lua:910 does any one know where you can get the fixed version of this gamemode...

27th February 2015
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Create and Capture - Geoforts/SourceForts remake

Hey guys! Me and a friend have been working together for 6 months creating a gamemode, Create and Capture, which is a fort fighting game similar to GeoForts, but with a lot of our own additions that make the game mode fun and tools that make it easier...

25th February 2015
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Ultimate Chimera Hunt ( 2 3 4 Last )

SVN: http://ultimatechimerahunt.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ http://youtube.com/watch?v=wRC5g0pbZPE A round based gamemode based off of the Chimera Lab section of the GBA game MOTHER 3. Every round a random player is chosen to be the Ultimate...

Aska49 Thread has images Artistic x 29
23rd February 2015
by Axipixel Go to last post
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Elevator: Source ( 2 3 4 5 .. 14 15 16 17 Last )

What is it? Elevator: Source is a single or co-op elevator experience that is different each time you play. What floor will you stop on next? What will happen? Who knows! We don't even know! And we made the game. It's THAT EXCITING. Elevator: Source...

FoohyAB Thread has images Winner x 192
22nd February 2015
by duckhead777 Go to last post
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Lment Gamemode ( 2 Last )

GAMEMODE IS PUBLIC AGAIN! You can download the gamemode here: https://www.mediafire.com/?9qfuudulkxe1w9u You can get maps for this gamemode from Demonkush's Workshop! - About Lment - Lment is a team versus team gamemode. It features a round...

21st February 2015
by Demonkush Go to last post
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LicorneLoader - A free loading screen ( 2 Last )

Hello everyone. I'm a french who love to make some web things, and i created a private server for my test and i wanted to know more about the loading screen. I learn a lot of things and i made this : The LicorneLoader. This loading screen is free...

21st February 2015
by MatureGamersNetwork Go to last post
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AntiVar, a quick incrementvar disabler

Here's a quick script to combat incremenetvar, it's not going to catch people that know what they're doing, but it will catch the 99% that don't. http://a.pomf.se/fucodf.mp4 Download Workshop Update 1 Fixed a false positive and a bypass.

21st February 2015
by Noi Go to last post
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GMod NPC Creator

Hi, a few months ago I created a GMod NPC Creator. It's simple console aplication written in C++ that can help you with creating simple NPCs. You must only put the type of NPC, model and few other things. If you want to check it out download it from here:...

21st February 2015
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Do any slender fortress 2 Gamemodes exist

i was woundering if anyone would know if there is a slender fortress 2 gamemode in gmod

21st February 2015
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[Release] Zombie Survival HD animated Icon Pack

Hi Guys, this is the Animated HD Zombie Icon pack for Zombie Survival. This pack includes new textures for 25 zombies for the Zombie Survival gamemode, they are intended to replace the non HD killicons within the zombie class select screen and the kill...

20th February 2015
by Mka0207 Go to last post
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Smartsnap Updated.

All I did was fix the 'Aimbot' in it since people kept using it against me, and there's still no fix around. Just extract it into /addons/, or replace it with your current Smart-Snap. What it does: Before fix, you could snap onto other players...

19th February 2015
by Positive Go to last post
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RolePlay gamemode

Tell me if this is the wrong section to post this :D Basicly, my skill group in lua coding is above average but not good enough to make my own gamemode. I have ran a modified DarkRP gamemode for a while with a lot of my own work and some codehire, but...

19th February 2015
by Borris_Squad Go to last post
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Underground : Metro2033 RolePlay map

Hey Facepunch ! I' ve been working on map customisation for something like 3 mounth and today i can finaly realse you this new METRO 2033 Underground map usable for roleplay and custom gamemode The original map was a realy basic base with : -1...

19th February 2015
by The Commander Go to last post
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Co-op 3.0: Where is previous versions?

About The Gamemode When I started to learn gLua, I learned many things while I'm creating( Actually, Copy and Pasting from other addon's code ) my first Co-op gamemode. It wasn't actual gamemode because I didn't know how to make gamemode with proper...

18th February 2015
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Spetsnaz(Ragdoll+PlayerModel+NPC)

Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=390765572

14th February 2015
by insanezanes Go to last post
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NS:DayZ Release

Hello Facepunch, I eventualy decided to make this public, because I don't want to host it anymore, the server is still online right now, but will go down soon. > < The server is near full pretty much all day, so theres always...

14th February 2015
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PDE Simple HUD

So all regards. I decided, since I made the scoreboard, then why not make the interface? Here: Download - link That's all, if you have any suggestions then write in the comments.

13th February 2015
by circuitbawx Go to last post
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Simplexity - The 'unique' loading screen

Hello, everyone! Today I'm here to introduce you Simplexity, which I've been working on for approximately a month or so. Simplexity is a Garry's Mod loading screen built with the Bootstrap framework. Thanks to this framework, Simplexity is...

12th February 2015
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Weapon Attachment Extension

If you still don't understand what this does, here is a screenshot: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_flatgrass000243.jpg

11th February 2015
by LauScript Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Toxsin X - More Like Killing POOR ( 2 3 Last )

OFFICIALLY RELEASED! Download it HERE So yeah this is a reboot of my old summer gamemode project that is hopefully substantially better than then what I gave before. What is Toxsin X? Toxsin X is a heavily edited version of ReDead which...

11th February 2015
by Lucio 1995 Go to last post
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Commander, gamemode where you control combines

Info : This is a single-player gamemode where you're controling a squad of soldiers from a free-roam mode. Your job is to survive till the timelimit hits 0.You can order soldiers to go to places, attack enemy targets or stay on position(clicking on them...

9th February 2015
by shadowslayer9 Go to last post
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Expression 2 (E2) Problems (Wiremod)

When I try to alter the lines of the coding of an expression 2, I cannot copy and paste. When I attempt to, it just does not do anything. Can anyone help?

7th February 2015
by YouCantSeeMe Go to last post
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gmsv_mysqloo v8 - Object Orientated MySQL module (GMod 13) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

MySQLOO v8 - Object Orientated MySQL module - By AndyVincent Link to previous thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=933647 The original author of this module hasn't been on Facepunch in 2 years, when GMod 13 changed the way binary modules...

Drakehawke Thread has images 2 people are reading this thread x 2 Lua King x 42
6th February 2015
by Gravious Go to last post
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Think Forcer - control entity think (tick) rate, Wiremod support

This addon adds Think Rate tool and wire Think Forcer which can be used to control entity's think (tick) rate This tool can be used to make a scripted entity more precise. wire think forcer can also speed up reaction on input. In multiplayer, a...

5th February 2015
by rafradek Go to last post
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OpenSteam: Bans and User Management System ( 2 Last )

OpenSteam: Bans and User Management System This project includes Lua and web application (written in php). Based on ULX MySQL. Require: mysqloo webserver (mysql with php/PDO enabled)

3rd February 2015
by Runtuk Go to last post
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SourceForts ( 2 Last )

I'm excited to announce that I am recreating the old Half-Life 2 mod, SourceForts, in Garry's Mod! This is by far my favorite Half-Life 2 mod as it is tons of fun and my friends and I have played this for hours on end. Unfortunately it died a long time...

Sparky-Z Thread has images Winner x 25
2nd February 2015
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PDE Simple Scoreboard

Hey there. On the Internet, a lot of things like that, but many of them are beautiful, and the other just tired. So I decided to do something new. This is a simple, no-laden, the list of players. Supports the selection of rank 'SuperAdmin'. So as the...

2nd February 2015
by xthenarwhalx Go to last post
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Underdone the Mmorpg(REBELS - With download)

Yes I know off "The commanders" version, and I most likely will probably will be banned for this thread post, but who cares!? Im posting this for the community, not to piss of "Commander" or anyone else. This is rebels version, fixed up more, more...

31st January 2015
by zachary johns Go to last post
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Spastik's Toybox

What the hell is this? Well, Spastik's Toybox is a weapon modification that focuses on emulating the classic weapons of yesteryear, meaning that Ironsights are restricted to only certain weapons, sprint animations are nonexistent. It features unique...

29th January 2015
by Spastik2D Go to last post
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Npc ai ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

This addon allows ground npcs to chase there targets on a map without nodes. SVN: http://npcaimod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/NPC_AI Might wanna keep a back up before updating the svn incase theres bugs or something. Instructions to install: ...

-TB- Thread has images Useful x 20
28th January 2015
by Abdal Go to last post
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Riot Gamemode [Development]

Sorry , Submited wrongly . If any mod could remove it ... Thanks Please see this instead http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1448518&p=47025276#post47025276

28th January 2015
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DarkRP F4 Menu - The 'Custom' Old One..

Hello. I was just wondering if anyone still has this? I know it was linked onto Pastebin with the code, and it was originally here 2 times. Named F4 Menu + Car Dealer or something? Please let me know if you still have this somewhere. (Image is how I...

27th January 2015
by WitheredPyre Go to last post
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The Resistance

http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/541890865174486787/0713B72444BFC2A6FF40A8675650BC6BB8946080/ The Resistance is a gamemode about deception, deceit, and deduction. ...

27th January 2015
by bobbleheadbob Go to last post
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Hell's Resource Generator

Hi there folks. I assume that many of you hate the fact that some important tools like (Fox-Warrior's Resources Generator) are limited to windows or needs wine and etc. So I've made a basic (ATM) resource generator that is written in python, which...

26th January 2015
by Fox-Warrior Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Dark Souls Death Effects

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAWS-Ctv0dw It's currently a work in progress addon, I'm trying to get the spot on effects but I don't have Dark Souls on PC. I'm using videos on youtube as the basis for the effects so it's not perfect. If...

26th January 2015
by pogh10 Go to last post
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Tyler's Deathmatch gamemode + Anti-Cheat RELEASE

My developer on ScriptFodder ran out a long time ago, I also gave up on both of these projects and moved onto other shit. Here's my Deathmatch gamemode (https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/189) with TAC integrated, setup to work with ULX Admin mod ...

26th January 2015
by tdsx Go to last post
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SprayURL - Custom Sprays from the Internet! ( 2 Last )

SprayURL is a easy to use addon. It allows players to create a spray using an image from the internet, whitout having to create the spray. SprayURL allows requires a SERVER to be run on. Its not a client side addon. Its quite simple! Just bind a...

25th January 2015
by GGG KILLER Go to last post
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NutScript Alien Isolation RolePlay (Schema). ( 2 Last )

This schema is Dis-Continued - Link is posted down below. Current Version V0.8.​ Content: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=352702280 Release Link: Up in the next week. Description: Alien Isolation is a game made by TCA...

25th January 2015
by Redsparten321 Go to last post
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Screenshot capture and display in realtime.

Idk, I thought somebody might find this code useful since I've never seen it used before so here it is. It's currently in the format of an evolve plugin but it can be adapted into any other admin mod if you want. Basically you can add this to the...

23rd January 2015
by gamerpaddy Go to last post
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Hi! Infected is a serious roleplay gamemode I've been working on since October. I originally was going to sell it on ScriptFodder, but I figure the public could make better use of it. It's incomplete right now but it's workable (for example, Special...

23rd January 2015
by coolkid93 Go to last post
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Admin can Frezze Players Code

hi on ZARP SERVERS Admin can physgun you and when they right click it freezee you in the air instep of the admin typeing in the command so i could like a script so when a Admin (Higher Ranks to ) can pick up the player and frezze them Also ...

22nd January 2015
by joshuaharry Go to last post
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City World RP ( 2 Last )

This thread is out-dated and will no longer be updated. There is too much to add here as a simple "Update" so I'll just make a new thread as soon as I'm finished. City World RP is a Realistic Role playing gamemode without any bullshit. Please take...

21st January 2015
by Zakkin Go to last post
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Quake/Half-Life view bobbing

A clientside script that adds Quake/Half-Life view bobbing to GMod. Feel like it's 90s! Workshop link

21st January 2015
by TheMostUpset Go to last post
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GRadar - A multimode customizable radar + Framework

Some long time ago I started making this addon, however used to work occasionally. And now decided to post somewhere.. This is one of my first public releases, so I would be glad to hear your opinion regarding it :) The addon actually consists of two...

20th January 2015
by kjh0105 Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

New Death Match idea

hello my name is Refirser Today I'd like to introduce a revolutionary idea. The idea is an idea envisioned a Team Deathmatch. First, each team will have 30 seconds to start the game preparation time. The weapon turned into a monster of edeuon during...

19th January 2015
by NiandraLades Go to last post
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CustomLoadingMusic - Let players choose their loading screen music

CustomLoadingMusic - Let players choose their loading screen music NOTE: By default there's no music, in-game you can specify your own song to listen to, if you want. If you never specify a song, it won't play anything on the loading url for you. It's...

19th January 2015
by Adzter Go to last post
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gmsv_spew - Catch and filter console messages

This most certainly isn't the first module to have to do with Source's spew system, but I haven't found any that let you control whether or not the messages are outputted. Only tested with Windows. I used the v120_xp platform toolset, because I'm having...

18th January 2015
by Donkie Go to last post
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DarkRP Ermegancy Chat Command

How would i make a chat command that goes to TEAM_POLICE Ect? Kinda like pm just its /911 instead (User was banned for this post ("Extended, wrong section YET AGAIN x2. Next ban is permanent." - postal)) (User was permabanned for this post...

17th January 2015
by NiandraLades Go to last post
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GSapi - A garrysmod Steam API

(help me how do i center) Hello everybody, I've just finished my Steam API for garrysmod. It is internally, fully documented, however, as for the return results, you can either figure it out yourself, or simply look at the steam web API...

16th January 2015
by MasterDaPro11 Go to last post
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[Release] Zombie Survival Pointshop Weapons

Another addon created on request, this is Zombie Survival Pointshop Weapons. Pretty much does what is says on the tin. It adds all the Zombie Survival weapons into the pointshop. (This addon is intended for use with Zombie Survival only) This shouldn't...

16th January 2015
by log404 Go to last post
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Music Player

Simple way to listen to music while you play the game. Just copy the songs to the GMMP folder and once you launch the game you will have all your songs ready to play. Works on both servers and single player Instructions can be found on the...

14th January 2015
by portalcrazy Go to last post
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[Release] TTT + Dark RP Kill Counter

Hi Guys, Here is a simple Kill Counter for TTT and Dark RP. It will tally PvP kills aswell as NPC kills and record them as a singular NetInt and displays it in your HUD. To toggle the Kill Counter type kill_counter_v1.2_toggle 1/0 in console. To...

14th January 2015
by Splatpope Go to last post
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Basically, if you switch to the spectator team .. clicking "spectate" in the team selection menu you could press buttons like the cell door open/close. this prevents that from happening, so after this spectators CANT use buttons This was bothering me...

13th January 2015
by _VeXan Go to last post
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[Release] Zombie Survival Kill Counter

Hi guys, might be of some interest to you guys, I just spent half a day making a Kill Counter for Zombie Survival. It's nothing fancy and does the job. You can find it here: Workshop Addon Enjoy.

13th January 2015
by swingflip Go to last post
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FruityDB - an abstraction layer for MysqlOO

See https://github.com/wyozi/fruitydb/ for code, downloads and usage. Practical example: local db = FDB.Connect("sqlite", {}) hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "PlyInitSpawn", function(ply) db:Insert("connections", { sid = ply:SteamID(),...

13th January 2015
by Wyozi Go to last post
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Whitelist addon

A nice alternative to passwords with included UI and ULX compatibility. Includes config allowing you to bypass, and a simple derma UI, for those peasants that don't use console. There is a single ULX command with the following arguments: On, off,...

12th January 2015
by Lost Alien Go to last post
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Breaking NoSpread in your weapon base (or making it harder.) and general info on making cheating more difficult.

This post is going to be long, but it's worth the read if you want to make it harder to cheat. So seeing as I've done nothing but hurt the GMod community by cheating in the game, I've decided that since I no longer really care to cheat (and my group of...

11th January 2015
by Walrus Viking Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Roll The Dice! v0.1!

Hello! This is my newly made Garrys Mod Script. It was built on DarkRP 2.5.1, but can be used on any gamemode! Dice Rolls: - Fast Walk Speed - +left - Rocket - God Mode(Not 100% finished)

11th January 2015
by Willox Go to last post
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Hover Grenade

This is grenade that hovers. I'm lazy. So I put my stuff on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzRpvk1yYmw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE9c38DVfL4 Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/s32mou License: If you're going to make profit with...

8th January 2015
by raymond4000 Go to last post
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TTT Fixed Loud'n Kill

This is the fix that makes it easier to use the loud'n Kill also known as the Silent Sniper Rifle How did i do it? Copied and pasted the code from the Rifle This will work for TTT please do not take credit ...

8th January 2015
by ZiM900 Go to last post
3 1,455

My Old Coder Hire Scripts

Early christmas present for everyone who want to use any of my past coder hire scripts. Contains Climb, Grenade Launcher, Jetpack, Perk Mod, DarkRP Radio, G Stats, DarkRP Shipments, ULX MySQL. I'm releasing these on the intent that you will not try...

8th January 2015
by Yashirmare Go to last post
16 2,754

[Release] Zombie Survival ULX Commands

Here is a collection of my ZS ULX Commands for Jetboom's Zombie Survival Gamemode. Inlcuded in this addon is: ulx forceboss - Force target(s) to become a boss ulx giveammo - Gives specified ammo to target player(s) ulx givepoints -...

8th January 2015
by swingflip Go to last post
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CellMod For Gmod 13- Because BLT950 Wont Convert it for His Life

Im gonna keep the old thread in here just so you know what the hell this is :P What is CellMod?

7th January 2015
by Blazyd Go to last post
20 3,764

ZombieRP gamemode

Hey so ive been searching for a zombierp gamemode but can't find one if anyone has it or will make one for free to share with the community please tell me! (User was banned for this post ("Please read the sticky of the section before posting a...

7th January 2015
by Subject_Alpha Go to last post
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For those out there who needs the ulx return/back command here you have it! DON'T FORGET TO NAME YOUR FILE back.lua WITH THIS CODE! LINK TO PASTE: http://pastebin.com/TzxeG6bX (User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section" - Blazyd))

7th January 2015
by KillerLUA Go to last post
3 379

My simple Printers!

Hello guys im here to put on my new printers! They are REALLY simple but check them out.... Printers: Silver Money Printer Gold Money Printer Diamond Money Printer V.I.P Money Printer V.I.P White Money Printer V.I.P Black Money Printer

5th January 2015
by GeEkOfWiReS Go to last post
20 1,293

Word Buster - Bad words filter for your server!

Word Buster Word Buster is a filter for Garry's Mod, it censors "bad words" with the character of your choice. It uses the List-of-Dirty-Naughty-Obscene-and-Otherwise-Bad-Words (License) which contains more than 350 english words and then converts...

5th January 2015
by TpsTheHunter Go to last post
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