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Lottery Tickets

Current Version: 1.5 Notes: Thanks to Netheous for helping me when fixing exploits! WARNING THIS IS ONLY FOR DARKRP AT THE MOMENT! What is this? This is a lottery system that people can type !lottery and pay (your set price) to buy a ticket!...

14th February 2016
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12th February 2016
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That Free DarkRP HUD

INFORMATION I AM FAIRLY NEW TO LUA (Lua) VGUI SO DON'T JUDGE <3 So I was planning on releasing this (my first ever hud <3) on Script Fodder for $2.50 I had two people buy it off me because they liked it but I refunded them and let them keep it. ...

12th February 2016
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Gamemode Wip

Go Fish Deathmatch

Hello, i was currently working on a gamemode called "Go fish Deathmatch". I used the Old Go Fish gamemode and edited it and turned it in to a deathmatch. What this gamemode is, is basically the normal Go Fish but with Deathmatch, or PVP. You can now fish...

12th February 2016
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ULXBanMessage - Custom Ban Messages

The ULXBanMessage turns those old, boring ban messages into something meaningful. This addon was inspired by this paid addon over on this part of the internet: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/248 I support freeware and the fact that something...

11th February 2016
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Food Menu For DarkRP

Since most F4 menus don't support food, I made a menu where you can buy food. To access it you must be cook, and type !foodmenu. You can use the config to change the theme if you don't like purple. Any suggestions are appreciated! ...

11th February 2016
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GMOD: Sourcecraft ( 2 3 Last )

Introduction: Originally I wanted to call this g-craft but the name has been taken by several other attempts so I went for the second most original name: Sourcecraft. The plan for this project so far is to create a block world in Garry's mod with the...

Fudsine Thread has images Lua King x 45
11th February 2016
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HorizonHUD for DarkRP

Hey all, I have designed this DarkRP HUD, it is a simple design with a white base and the usual things that are on a DarkRP HUD. Features DarkRP Cash/Salary DarkRP Job DarkRP Wanted/Gun Licence Notification Playermodel or Steam Avatar

10th February 2016
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Basewars is a gamemode created originally by LmaoLLama ( LlamaLord ) quite a few years ago from now, it used to be a bunch of different gamemode packed together. The aim of the gamemode was to become the strongest faction and richest player. You could...

8th February 2016
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A load of scripts that I'll never use

So someone on scriptfodder made an addon that litterly takes 5 seconds to make, so here's a better version I made for ULX just over a year ago. While writting a thread I thought I sounded like a cunt for just the whitelist, I figured I might as well share...

6th February 2016
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4th February 2016
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[RELEASE] General dump

I'm releasing a repository of things I'm no longer working on that I don't think should go to waste. https://github.com/JamesxX/FreeStuff

3rd February 2016
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Nextbot Pathfinding for Players

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M6MsaN8tj4 Hello there! After a while of perseverance and function requests on Github, I've finally completed my goal: Nextbot pathfinding for players, that can be used in StartCommand! If anyone here has wanted...

3rd February 2016
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[TTT] Loadout Menu

http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/31843334104822258/86359222C7BFCCEE031BF1A266648E6B8318A8CF/ After seeing this Coderhire addon (http://coderhire.com/scripts/view/129) by Spykr sell for a kinda crazy 10 bucks, I figured I could recreate it and...

1st February 2016
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Pointshop Donation System Thingy

HI :D Firstly, I wanna say that this is NOT automatic. I am pretty stupid so don't expect anything fancy. I am VERY new to Lua so don't judge plz <3 I felt like posting this because... well idk I was bored. Here is a picture:...

1st February 2016
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Notes: This addon was made from scratch and yes, takes the idea of this script however you can see that mine has a completely different design and is not exactly like that one (just the same idea) What is this? This is a simple shoutbox for garrysmod!...

31st January 2016
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UGB-Module ( ULX Custom Global Ban ) ( 2 3 4 Last )

UGB-Module A Custom Global Ban System designed to be used only with ULX & ULib Garry's Mod servers. - This is my first public release. FEATURES - UDB Module: A powerful tool to work with your database. - Server ID: When your server starts, it...

30th January 2016
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Gamemode Wip

Dead Remains

Detailed Info: http://www.deadremains.com/ Introduction What's done? What's next?

29th January 2016
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Zombie Outbreak Gamemode?

Well, yesterday I was playing on a pretty cool zombie survival server ( with the gamemode "Zombie Outbreak". The server would only allow Npc zombies to spawn for the first 2 or 3 waves, then if you died after that you became a...

28th January 2016
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TTT Sleeper Traitors

https://github.com/Mezzokoko/ttt-sleeper After all traitors die, a random innocent becomes a "sleeper traitor", who might have already proven himself by killing traitors earlier. Compatible with Hitman. Incompatible with anything that modifies win...

27th January 2016
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This is a gamemode is now in the early stages of development and it's going to be my first gamemode release. Survive will be based around survival and i will try to make it as realistic as possible, you will be able to survive on your own or gather a team...

27th January 2016
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SProps - Tiled Triangles, Cylinders, Fittings, More ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

Please do not re-upload this.. SProps has finally arrived on the workshop! Don't forget to rate! Click here to go to the workshop page This project has and continues to take up a considerable amount of my time and effort. If you appreciate what I...

unrezt Thread has images Winner x 65
25th January 2016
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Deathrun Event Rounds

Deathrun Event Rounds: This is a simple script that introduces 'Event Rounds' into deathrun. Currently theirs 5 events that can occur on a set round. Event rounds consist of special weapons, Big heads, Dwarfs.. etc. A list of events will be posted...

25th January 2016
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FSpectate - Vastly improve administration

http://i.imgur.com/ou7cPrh.png http://i.imgur.com/gC9U3pW.png Behold! The bane of minges! FSpectate for admins! This spectate tool is vastly superior to that included in ANY admin mod. Features: - Roam around without being seen. Like noclip while...

24th January 2016
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[NM] Speakers, Woofers, Amplifiers.. all you need for builds and fun !

http://i.imgur.com/maFMAoM.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/pIpH9qj.png http://i.imgur.com/XZ5FEZA.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/4tTQU2q.png About the props: - The majority of them can be colored with the Gmod Colour Tool. - Bodygroups and Skin support for some...

23rd January 2016
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Binding radio has never been easier.

Link to workshop The picture itself is pretty self explanatory. -- The easiest way to bind TTT commands and call out the TRAITORS! Instruction:

23rd January 2016
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Gamemode Wip

NutScript 1.1 - A free role-play framework ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyB8N9zkID4 NutScript is a free role-play gamemode framework. It basically allows you to create other role-play gamemodes quickly and easily. You do not have to re-create the general role-play gamemode functions like a...

23rd January 2016
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Inertia tool

http://i.imgur.com/lFLWH6d.png Download: Dropbox Info: Garry's Mod Wiki What is inertia? Wikipedia will help you to answer that. Is there any reason to change the inertia? Yes. By changing the inertia you will change, depending on the values,...

22nd January 2016
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[RELEASE] Customizable Deathrun Scoreboard

Hello Facepunch! I have recently been seeing many people asking for how to add ranks to their deathrun scoreboard, or how to change so and so to make this color that. So I decided to make, and release my own customizable Deathrun Scoreboard! (Mr....

22nd January 2016
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Exho's Chatbox

So this started off as a little project to try something new using PortalGod's instructions on how to make a chatbox, this is what he calls a "real custom one" which might be useful if you want to see how its done. I was originally planning to sell it for...

21st January 2016
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CS:GO ESC MENU - Now available for free!

CS:GO - ESCAPE MENU Features: • Works on any gamemode • Low download weight • Sounds from CS:GO • Servers list • Custom console field (can be disabled) Media:

21st January 2016
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Addon Wip

TTT Leaderboard

TTT Leaderboard The leaderboard is a simple and easy to use system, just drag and drop the folder into your addons file I'd suggest setting up the config file. However it will work and start tracking all your data instantly. All data is displayed in...

20th January 2016
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Gamemode Wip

Solarpower ( 2 3 4 Last )

Test server IP: Workshop (Autodownloaded from server) Bugtracker: http://mantis.gmodsolarpower.com/ Forums: http://forums.gmodsolarpower.com/ This is a space gamemode. It's very, very big and has a lot of features implemented...

19th January 2016
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Star Wars - BB-8 NPC

So I decided to create a BB-8 NPC, all "features" are showcased in the video below. Download Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=604061600 Credits: ToBadForYou - Coding Ragdoll: Mister Prawn...

19th January 2016
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HoverSkate Legacy

For those who remember and have asked over the years to have it back, a server is now provided for free. The gamemode is working as it last existed called 'Hoverskate 2' with minor changes, such as an auto map rotation every hour with notifications in...

17th January 2016
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Liberty Prime SNPC

Welcome to my Liberty Prime SNPC! VJ Base (Required!): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131759821 Liberty Prime SNPC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=590068322&tscn=1451678665 The pack contains friendly...

15th January 2016
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My Sound Pack [ADDON]

Hello my name is Blake and im using Gmod Publishing Tool to publish my sound pack addon, but when i try upload the addon it says this in the program. Executing queue. Creating addon from C:\Users\Linco07\Desktop\soundpack... Creating temporary...

13th January 2016
by Blake Gaming Go to last post
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Hey guys. Today I'm releasing a scripted version of the Star Wars X-Wing. The model was downloaded online and was scripted by me for WAC. The model is more detailed than the previous Star Wars ships pack and I plan to bring in more detailed models...

12th January 2016
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WAC Aircraft ( 2 3 4 5 .. 21 22 23 24 Last )

WAC Aircraft This pack contains realistic (hopefully) aircraft which can be controlled by keyboard, mouse and joystick (if you happen to find the joystick module). Currently it contains these vehicles: - AH-1Z Viper Attack helicopter with Hydra...

WeltEnSTurm Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Lua King x 90
11th January 2016
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glualint - Linter for Garry's mod Lua ( 2 3 Last )

glualint - Linter and pretty printer for Garry's Mod Lua! Now with sublime plugin Linter features: - Inconsistent use of C-style and Lua style syntax (if true && true and true) - Deprecated functions - Scope depth checking (when you have 7 nested...

FPtje Thread has images Winner x 22
10th January 2016
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(Improved) Simple Vehicle Health

I was looking for a vehicle health script the other day for my server, and could only find the dated, slightly buggy one by sintwins. So, I figured I'd just make my own. This is a very simple vehicle HP script. I'm not a professional coder, there may be...

9th January 2016
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gReport | Simple & Lightweight Reporting System

gReport Contributors: Chibby - Feedback, cleaning up my code, admin UI Stable branch Unstable branch I highly advise against using the unstable branch UNLESS a. you're testing it or b. it's the same version as the stable branch. Alright, now...

9th January 2016
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Falling Sounds

Falling Sounds! After a while of not releasing anything, I figured I'd make a comeback with this. This is just a simple little addon I made for fun. Basically my goal was to recreate Left 4 Dead's falling screams that play once you fall a certain...

9th January 2016
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[SAS] Simple Anti-Speedhack

Simple Anti-Speedhack Usage: Make a lua file (just name it sv_antispeed.lua or something) in lua/autorun/server, then c&p the code in the code tags into the file, restart the server, and you're done! Description: Makes sure people can't speedhack on...

8th January 2016
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[WIP] Yet another Zombie Master port

Yet another port of the source mod from 2007! After a few months in the works I decided to port over the mod directly from the source code and and have come up with a gamemode that is very much playable and acts very close to the original mod Info:...

7th January 2016
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Garry Spoofer Fix

This will fix mostly clientside steamid spoofing based on meeps implementation, except it's not inefficient slightly faster. 1. Drag to your addons 2. Restart https://github.com/aStonedPenguin/Garry-Spoofer-Fix

5th January 2016
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STAR WARS: Millennium Falcon Prop - Release

So after having a snoop around the forums here and there, I've noticed the hype for wanting star wars props in game has increased. So I thought I'd import the Millennium Falcon from Star wars since I couldnt find any other addon like this. The model is'nt...

4th January 2016
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The DON: Discrete Object Notation

First of all happy new year 2016. :) I'm releasing my very own object notation script. For some consistency to the other scripts(glon,von): I warn you: It's for the devs, not for shooting babies. And I also thought of new function names instead of...

4th January 2016
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The Hidden ( 2 3 4 Last )

The Hidden Description: This gamemode is a remake of the game "The Hidden: Source", you can read about it here. In this gamemode, one player plays as "The Hidden", a genetically modified human with enhanced physical abilities... oh, and they're...

4th January 2016
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New GameMode - Paros Life ( 2 Last )

Hello There! This is the first post i'm making about this brand new and upcoming gamemode and map we are working on! More details will be released on both here and on the steam group in the future. Its gonna be a huge map and its going to be a cross...

2nd January 2016
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gm_bass3 - A cross plattform shared Lua API to BASS

This module "gm_bass3" creates GLua bindings to the BASS sound API. About: It will make you able to stream various formats of sound and play them as 3D world sound. You can get the FFT spectrum and tag information of a stream on server and client,...

2nd January 2016
by Grocel Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Photon: Cinematic Car & Emergency Lighting ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Photon is a mock lighting-engine that uses HDR rendering techniques to create cinematic lighting for cars. While the primary focus is on emergency lighting, it also has some basic support for general car lighting. SCREENSHOTS

iSchmal Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Winner x 38
2nd January 2016
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A addon/script to change name (rp name) in sandbox?

Hello, I wonder if there is a script or addon compatible sandbox, with which you can change its name (as in darkrp you know, the command / name). thank you beforehand Tejy (User was banned for this post ("Not a release - see Developer Discussion for...

1st January 2016
by Dannyboy99 Go to last post
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What is the default "purge" gamemode?

So, I have been making my purge server and when I tried to set the default gamemode as "thepurge" it did not work. I tried various ways. Then I went into my FTP Client>garrysmod>gamemodes and when I opened gamemodes there were only "base", "darkrp",...

30th December 2015
by AddictGremlin Go to last post
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AntiCrash - Reduce the annoyance of those server crashes ( 2 3 Last )

AntiCrash is a simple addon that will detect when a server has crashed, and automatically reconnect to the server. This is a video of the concept - I took the video before I'd finished writing the addon, so it doesn't show the addon as it is. ...

28th December 2015
by xbeastguyx Go to last post
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Prop Ghosting Script ( 2 3 Last )

This script lets you turn into a prop and control it using WASD, Shift, Ctrl and Mouse1. Simply look at a prop and say !ghost or ghost in console. You can also look at another prop while ghosting and Mouse1 will let you become that prop (based...

27th December 2015
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Removing tabs from the q menu adding a tab

So recently i got on a kick to remove all visual menus that are unusable on my server (npc spawning, vehicles, dupe, save) it was not TOO hard to do but i figured others could benefit from the little snippet of code. The bottom of the code adds...

26th December 2015
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Binary Wip

Fiery SWEP Base - Public ALPHA release

Hello there Facepunch, it's been a while.. I'm here today to unveil a long term personal project that's still in the works, but is ready for general testing,...

25th December 2015
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rp_downtown_v4c_v2a ( 2 Last )

I don't have the vmf anymore, please stop adding me to ask for it I don't have the vmf anymore, please stop adding me to ask for it I don't have the vmf anymore, please stop adding me to ask for it I don't have the vmf anymore, please stop adding me to...

24th December 2015
by VeXan Go to last post
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CSC - Cross Server Chat ( 2 Last )

Recently, I have seen a high demand for this type of addon so I decided to sit down for a few hours and develop and release one. What is CSC? CSC is an addon that can be used to communicate across multiple garry's mod servers, this can be useful for...

24th December 2015
by feldma Go to last post
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TTT Advanced RDM Manager

This addon detects when someone is RDMed and prompts the victim if they want to condemn the person that killed them to die in the next round. I developed this addon for my No Admins - No Bullshit server so that I would not have to intervene with RDM...

SEGnosis Thread has images Dumb x 24
21st December 2015
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Enviro-Bear 2000 Addon (Wookie & Xmas)

Enviro-Bear 2000 Addon (Wookie & Xmas) Many thanks to Justin Smith for creating this wonderful and above all fun game for free for PC for us all.. Without him I couldn't have made this for it. Download the addon from: (for free of course)...

21st December 2015
by fkalkman Go to last post
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Bind Menu ( 2 Last )

Bind Menu! Version: 1.7 What is this? Alright so one of the most annoying things in darkrp is having to advert raid when you wanna raid or advert mug when you wanna mug ect... So binding keys was made! However you would have to use keys you normally...

21st December 2015
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Diablo 3 DarkRP HUD

By the sweet mother of God what the fuck is this?? It's a DarkRP HUD. This was going to go on Script Fodder but was rejected. Then I was going to put it on the workshop but it doesn't support fonts (or I'm just to retarded to figure it out :v:). Change a...

16th December 2015
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Warhammer 40k Imperium of Man weapon sweps

Warhammer 40k Imperium of Man weapon sweps This is a little project of mine i have been doing a good few weeks the weapons i have made from the Imperium weaponry is The Bolter The Bolt Pistol The Stalker Bolter The Lasgun

16th December 2015
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Melonbomber ( 2 Last )

Melonbomber Melonbomber is a game where you try to elimate the other players with explosive melons while grabbing upgrades to increase your power Based on the game Bomberman, Melonbomber brings the same hectic, fast paced gameplay to GMod....

16th December 2015
by Axarator Go to last post
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Binary Wip

Vehicle Remove

Hello, What is the Command for the TDM Cars and LW Cars removed? This is my Code for k, v in pairs( ents.FindByClass( "prop_vehicle_jeep" ) ) do if v:IsValid() and v:IsInWorld() then v:GetPhysicsObject():EnableMotion(true) ...

15th December 2015
by BigBadWilly Go to last post
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Fixed Epidemic Gamemode

Hey guys, I found an old copy of Epidemic with the Gear on my mediafire, thought I'd take a shot at fixing it up for the latest GMod 13 updates. (This was a version of Epidemic that was already fixed for GMod 13 but had broken a few updates ago.) There is...

15th December 2015
by Steven :D Go to last post
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PCMod 13 ( 2 Last )

Hey Facepunch! I've seen a lot of people looking for a working PCMod version. Here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=258842949 Please Enjoy. Here are things that do and don't work: Basicly everything works.

14th December 2015
by XxLMM13xXx Go to last post
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(Garry's Mod) Christmas Theme Hud! (DarkRP)

Description: This is a simple, christmas themed hud for your DarkRP server! Features: -Easy to install -Free

13th December 2015
by Borris_Squad Go to last post
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Binary Wip

Super Simple Permissions System/API

So I needed a simple way of adding flags to a player that other scripts could use. It is mysql driven thus if you want to use a donation system you can use this in it. It also has functions as I needed it to be workable from lua scripts also. Features:...

13th December 2015
by andreblue Go to last post
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Stargate Carter Pack ( 2 3 4 5 .. 26 27 28 29 Last )

THE STARGATE CARTER PACK Stargate Carter Pack more commonly known as Carter’s Addon Pack or CAP is an addon for Garry’s mod that adds new content elements to the game, all based off the Stargate franchise from the 1995 film to the late Stargate...

11th December 2015
by Boba Fett Go to last post
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[COD] Exo Suit

This was a exosuit I made a while back when i was coding codmod. It allows you to boost strafe in the air and blast upward. You can also slam into the ground and cause damage to near by enemies. Maybe future plans: I might make it where if you collide...

10th December 2015
by ToothyMoose Go to last post
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FPP - Falco's Prop Protection and anti-spam ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last )

Update! SVN is now available! http://falcospropprotection.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ (wonderful image :v:) FPP: Falco's prop protection and anti-spam. Tested in DarkRP and everyone liked it! Are you tired of prop protections spamming you...

FPtje Thread has images Useful x 32
8th December 2015
by BixaMuda Go to last post
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File Dump from my TTT Server

Hey guys, I used to run a Trouble in Terrorist Town server that has been around since 2011 called Last Known Suspect (no I didn't make the name :P) Anyway, the server has begun to show its age, and on top of that the new gmod community is pretty shitty...

8th December 2015
by YourStalker Go to last post
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How to create bullet impact effect for Garry's Mod?

I've realised 2 minutes after posting that this was the wrong forum, and I can't delete this post

7th December 2015
by gee Go to last post
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Addon Wip

UMSG to NET message redirector / converter

I made something pretty simple. Useful for those that are using umsgs that want to use net-messages but have too many to convert and not enough time... ...

5th December 2015
by zerf Go to last post
20 3,479
Binary Wip

Takail's Death Button (Better title in the making)

Hello, my name is Takail and these are my death buttons! This addon is pretty simple and will work with any server on any gamemode as long as the server has ULX. The basic premise is that when a player is killed the menu will open and they will...

3rd December 2015
by Hebster Go to last post
20 1,452
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DarkRP Laws Menu

Description: Tired of looking for law boards to check out the laws? Well, now you don't have too anymore! Just type /laws and a menu will come up with all of the laws you need. Features: - Simple looking design. - Easy to use. - Mayor gets buttons...

3rd December 2015
by McSniper12 Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Unreal Tournament 2004 in Garry's Mod ( 2 Last )

This is a project I've been working on for a few year now (I forgot when I actually started) and I've come to realize that I'm not going to be able to complete all that I want any time soon. So I've decided to start a SVN with everything I've made so...

3rd December 2015
by highvoltage Go to last post
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