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Fiery SWEP Base - Public ALPHA2.0 release

I'm here today to unveil a long term personal project that's still in the works, but is ready for general testing and usage, ==================================================================================================== Fiery Weapons Base ...

13th October 2016
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Condemned - A nutscript based schema set in a post zombie-outbreak earth.

Header Website: Novabox.org Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/novabox Super-Outdated Github: https://github.com/Kemerd Better Updated Thread: http://novabox.org/forums/threads/condemned-development-thread.1352/ My steam profile:...

9th October 2016
by Disseminate Go to last post
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[RELEASE] Customizable Deathrun Scoreboard

Hello Facepunch! I have recently been seeing many people asking for how to add ranks to their deathrun scoreboard, or how to change so and so to make this color that. So I decided to make, and release my own customizable Deathrun Scoreboard! (Mr....

9th October 2016
by xbeastguyx Go to last post
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Easy Workshop - Simple tool for lazy people

The idea of making tools for uploading addons to workshop was refurbished like 1000 times - but that didn't really stop me. What is Easy Workshop EW is a simplistic tool that'll make your workshop uploads easier - it's designed to make uploading to...

7th October 2016
by It's A Joke Go to last post
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Free Simple Anti Prop Minge

There are alot of free anti-prop-minge scripts out there, but none of the released ones satisfies me enough. I just want some simple script, which does what it's supposed to do. If you want that too, you have come to the right place. Here you go,...

6th October 2016
by MarZ333 Go to last post
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gTerminal - The OTHER PCMod ( 2 Last )

Ever wanted a simple solution to your computing within a computer need? Found PCMod to be too complex for the simple jobs needed to be done? Look no further, introducing gTerminal! The console based computer that can perform similar features to what PCMod...

Chessnut Thread has images Lua King x 22
5th October 2016
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Amnesia: Trials (Take over?)

TRANSFERED TO https://github.com/KragleStudios/

4th October 2016
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Reworked M9K

I took my time to balance out m9k to make it more fair, i would suggest that darkrp server owners install this mod. The guns now have more recoil, some less firerate , some less accurate and shotguns don't kill in super range any more. I will not work...

2nd October 2016
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GAC (Gmod Addon Creator) ( 2 Last )

Gmod Addon Creator V1.16 DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION BY CLICKING HERE GAC is a wrapper for both gmad.exe and gmpublish.exe and makes creating, publishing, and updating addons on the Steam Workshop much easier. I've also included gacxlib.dll in case...

2nd October 2016
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Layered Printers - DarkRP 2.7

Layered Printers - 1-4 Printers with different tiers and printing levels. - Battery Usage Bar - Health Bar Creators - PriviLegE - Coder - AndreW - Design Workshop Download:

2nd October 2016
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Playerfilter - Release ( 2 3 Last )

LINKED REMOVED This addon will no longer work and will no longer be supported as it is too controversial to allow to exist. Description: Player filter is a script which checks all players who connect to the installed server for Steam API Bans,...

30th September 2016
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gm_bass3 - A cross plattform shared Lua API to BASS

This module "gm_bass3" creates GLua bindings to the BASS sound API. About: It will make you able to stream various formats of sound and play them as 3D world sound. You can get the FFT spectrum and tag information of a stream on server and client,...

29th September 2016
by code_gs Go to last post
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Simple Money Printers - DarkRP 2.7

What Is This? There are 4 printers that gain money at different rates and amounts. This is my first time messing with VGUI on printers. I realize its easy to do but I decided to post it for those who cant do so. The content is published on my steam...

28th September 2016
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Devinity 2 - New Eden ( 2 3 4 5 .. 26 27 28 29 Last )

Gameserver: Teamspeak 3: Workshop content pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=229192732 (Note: This isn't all of it but it does cut down download time massively!) Before I start, I'd...

themaw Thread has images Lua King x 159
28th September 2016
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Soldier 76 P.M,Mcree soon

Alright guys so I made and ported Soldier 76 and Mcree to GMOD and will be releasing them in the workshop soon...What do you guys think? Add me on steam for inquries or files to edit if I agree :/ Mcree coming soon :D

27th September 2016
by Its Pawsative Go to last post
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Aimbot/Triggerbot ( 2 Last )

Hello guys, I want to release my first lua script here. It's in the beta at the moment and I will add some stuff and fix bugs so just post bugs and leave your suggestions. I hope that it is allowed to post stuff like this here but if it's not allowed...

27th September 2016
by Ivannadie Go to last post
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GhostHunt is my first gamemode for Garry's Mod, it started with the basic idea of improving immersion when playing scary/horror based maps. It is no where near as complicated as some other gamemodes. Features - Sanity effect (only on supported maps) ...

23rd September 2016
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TDM Bus Upload [Model Not Made By Me]

Most people have been looking for the TDM bus and can never find it without using a svn. Here you guys go. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=748695094 TDM gets all credit for making the model of the bus.

22nd September 2016
by Keosan Go to last post
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SRCDS Server Monitor [Windows] ( 2 Last )

Unhappy with the current offerings available on the webs, I dived in to VS and created this in about 4-5 12 hour days; that includes learning C#. It is currently fully functioning and does what it's supposed to do, make sure your server comes back up...

22nd September 2016
by jake3777 Go to last post
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Support Ticket System ( 2 Last )

Support Ticket System Version: beta.2.2 What is this? This is a gmod addon that allows players to create support tickets and admins can then view them and respond to them! This addon will be released for free however MIGHT have a paid version with...

21st September 2016
by TnxBT Go to last post
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The Garry's Mod VPhysics Replacement Project ( 2 3 4 5 .. 16 17 18 19 Last )

This project is meant to replace Valve's closed source physics system with bullet physics. It was originally started by Jcw87 after Garry suggested a replacement in another thread. The original thread Media: Vehicle demonstration:...

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21st September 2016
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HEX - Dark Fantasy Arena

Current Version: v1.9d HEX is a gamemode project I've been working on since June which is somewhat inspired by arena shooters like Unreal Tournament and retro fast-paced shooters like Heretic / Hexen. It's still in a very early state and I've hardly...

21st September 2016
by Kevlon Go to last post
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Loading Screen Issues

Lately I've been creating a loading screen as my first script. All was going well in the web browser until I tested it on an actually server. It looks like this on an actual website: http://prntscr.com/cjscj5 It looks like this on GMod:...

19th September 2016
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ULX Command - Fake Virus

I came across this beauty of a thread earlier today and noticed a rather stunning snippet of code from MPan1. So I made it into an ULX command and thought I'd share it with you all. if SERVER then util.AddNetworkString( "RunLua" ) local PLAYER =...

19th September 2016
by Enderxenomurf Go to last post
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Codename: nZombies - CYOA CO-OP Unnamed Nazi Zombies style Gamemode ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

What is this? If I had to summarize, its basically a Nazi Zombies style gamemode for gmod, with tools, to make your own zombie map (config) very easily! Features: TLDR: Play/Create Mode wich have in game tool guns to turn any map into a Zombies...

Alig96 Thread has images Winner x 25
16th September 2016
by TheEngage Go to last post
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Very simple April Fools joke

Drawing inspiration from this thread about a (now patched) bug, I present a very simple April Fools prank. Apologies for the messy code, I was developing in a rush because I was meant to be working when I made it. I've given it limited testing and it's...

15th September 2016
by SatoshiAaron Go to last post
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Seller NPC

What is it: A simple NPC that sells: - ammo(registered on the server) - health(max of 100, configurable price) - weapons(singles) - shipments(of everything, and places it on your pocket) ALL OF THIS IS TAKEN FROM THE DARKRP CONFIG FILES, AND ITS...

15th September 2016
by XxLMM13xXx Go to last post
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CustomLoadingMusic - Let players choose their loading screen music

CustomLoadingMusic - Let players choose their loading screen music NOTE: By default there's no music, in-game you can specify your own song to listen to, if you want. If you never specify a song, it won't play anything on the loading url for you. It's...

12th September 2016
by Adzter Go to last post
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11th September 2016
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Visualizer Thing

This is just a proof of concept, nothing fancy or good here local render = render; local Lerp = Lerp; local math = math; local cam = cam; local HSVToColor = HSVToColor; local unpack = unpack; local map = game.GetMap();

9th September 2016
by meirl Go to last post
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Improved Stacker Tool ( 2 Last )

https://i.gyazo.com/35a7736d50c631ee433d0e26beed87b6.png Available on: Workshop -- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=264467687 GitHub -- https://github.com/Mista-Tea/improved-stacker What is the Stacker Tool? The Stacker Tool...

5th September 2016
by Mista Tea Go to last post
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Spectate Stuff

local CurTime = CurTime; local player = player; local next = next; local function FindNewSpectateEntity() for k,v in next, player.GetAll() do if(!v || !v:IsValid() || !v:Alive() || !(v:Team() == 2 || v:Team() == 1)) then continue; end return...

4th September 2016
by PizzaDoxy Go to last post
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Awesomium Killer 2.0

I've turned Ley's Awesomium replacement into a CEF wrapper. For those of you who don't know the fun series of events that led to this, here's a recap: Features I have yet to extensively profile this, but from what I can tell it seems to perform...

2nd September 2016
by Noi Go to last post
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Stamina System

Using this for my gamemode, not good but not bad either. Works for what I want to do though. Put in a shared file: local ptp_staminalossrate = CreateConVar("ptp_staminalossrate", "12.5", bit.bor(FCVAR_ARCHIVE, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_REPLICATED,...

1st September 2016
by Jvs Go to last post
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Simpler Thirdperson

Hello people on Facepunch. Today I have decided to release a addon I made a long time ago. It has just been sitting in one of my coding folders. Reason I made it was I hated the simple thirdperson addon, it was to complicated, despite of its name....

31st August 2016
by kaliii Go to last post
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Pirate Ship Wars Remix

Hello again! Me and Vader are back with a new gamemode that is fully released on workshop ready for you to play and host right now! Check out our steamgroup for constant updates, report bugs and upcoming news for new gamemodes we are going to make:...

30th August 2016
by It's A Joke Go to last post
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✦ZeldaRP✦ A NEW Concept...

So first of all thanks for taking interest in this ambitious project.It means a lot to me but whatever... So to celebrate the soon to be released Zelda game I was inspired to make a Zelda styled DarkRP overhaul.It'll take me about 2-3 months to get...

30th August 2016
by Mitsudigi Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Garry's Mod Hub - A new gamemode concept. (Extremely early WIP)

Hello there! You're probably asking yourselves, "What the hell is Gmod hub?". Before I explain I better say this... As many of you will know, earlier this year GMOD Tower was closed for good, and was moved onto Steam and is now called Tower Unite. Yes,...

30th August 2016
by Sir TE5T Go to last post
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ULX Administrators and Moderators

Delete please, wrong topic!

28th August 2016
by aleshq Go to last post
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Dark RP Local OOC

Hey, Dark RP local OOC is a local out of character chat module for the more serious Dark RP servers(HAHAHA serious Dark RP servers) Installation Instructions: 1. Download the file from the download link 2. Drag and drop localooc to your ...

27th August 2016
by Wolfy_ Go to last post
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[W.I.P] Metal Gear Solid 3: Death Screen

STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION OUT NOW!!! I managed to upload the addon to the workshop, enjoy it! WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442453386 garrysmods.org Version:...

24th August 2016
by AlbertoBC Go to last post
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Hl2rp ns help

how to became a civil protection unit? "/plywhitelist mynickname Civil " not working (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - Novangel))

23rd August 2016
by Pigsy Go to last post
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DarkRP "You are unable to *anyjobhere* banned/demoted"

Hey! I have just restarted my Gmod server after a small config.lua change and now im getting this error when I try to change to any job: You are unable to Gangster banned/demoted Any ideas on how to fix this?

23rd August 2016
by whitestar Go to last post
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Kebab mod for all gamemodes

OUR SLOGAN : DONT COOK METH !!! COOK KEBAB INSTEAD ! No remove kebabs are allowed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=739948689 This is the known and famous kebab mod with a swep included for eating the doner with ayran , ...

23rd August 2016
by VeXan Go to last post
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FloopyTruck's Advanced Economy for DarkRP

If you interested in this addon, report me about any bugs. Because I will fix it. Description This addon should diversify the gameplay for mayor. Features Economy HUD indicator. Custom taxes that controlled by mayor. Mayor menu.

23rd August 2016
by (pinkman) Go to last post
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WorkshopDL Box

I made this derma box that will display on first spawn and when you use the console command "OpenWSDL". It asks users if they want to be directed to your content page to make sure they have all the glorious content for your server. Minor, easy addon that...

22nd August 2016
by Marmigamed Go to last post
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Simple Event Manager

What the heck is it? Simple Event Manager is an extremely simple eventbot addition for wyozi TTT Events. It is a simple random number gen that will queue up a random event if the number is in a specific range (right now it gets called about 5% of all...

22nd August 2016
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Tank Track Tool

With tanks being such a popular thing to build in gmod, it is sad indeed to know that realistic tank tracks are all but impossible. This tool aims to, mostly, solve that issue. Please post any bugs or compatibility issues you run into, or suggestions you...

unrezt Thread has images Winner x 27
21st August 2016
by Portugalotaku Go to last post
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Simple Map Voting Addon ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Simple Map Voting Addon http://i.imgur.com/S1tSwyI.jpg This is a wonderful little addon that allows you to easily invoke a map vote from within any gamemode of your choosing. (You can find a tutorial for setting this up with TTT below) Starting a...

Willox Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Lua King x 23
20th August 2016
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Gamemode Wip

[Nutscript] Stalingrad Roleplay - WIP

NOTE: YOU NEED NUTSCRIPT FRAMEWORK TO THIS SCHEMA WORK PROPELY Information: Stalingrad Roleplay for Garry's Mod, the gamemode is currently under developement. The gamemode is inspired by "Enemy at The Gates" film. Features: (Remember the Schema is...

18th August 2016
by pilot Go to last post
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Binary Wip

Server Name Changer - Probably an earthquake reporting system

A little thing I made in about a day, It's really just an elaborate way to do the "hostname" console command. Download: Steam Workshop Git (Re) start the server to automatically generate the examples/default files. To change parts about how the...

18th August 2016
by Apickx Go to last post
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Drop It - simple addon for dropping and removing weapons

Hi! I'm very new to this forum and I've created my first Garry's Mod addon. It's still in development, but usable. :) This addon is (how the topic name suggests) simple drop/remove "feature". I've created it to play with my friend, but I've uploaded it...

17th August 2016
by ph:lxyz Go to last post
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Stans Command Redirect

This is a simple addon that is easy to install and edit. When someone types in a command it sends them to a link. It also has a function to say in chat when somone types the command for instance if i where to type in chat !website it would say in blue...

17th August 2016
by XxLMM13xXx Go to last post
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Script for mod Zombie Survival

Hello! Sorry if write nonsense, I'm not American and do not know much English. So, where can I get the script on the items. For example. The player buying the privilege, given a set of weapons specified in the script For example: VIP: 200 HP life 200...

16th August 2016
by Soren Go to last post
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Addon Wip

OmniSpawn - A Semi-Powerful Spawn Protection

Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=737811322 Github: https://github.com/LuaTenshi/OmniSpawn I've seen quite a few servers that either need/want a good spawn protection system or have a spawn protection system that isn't...

16th August 2016
by LuaTenshi Go to last post
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TFA-VOX || Modular Player Immersion Framework

Introduction What is TFA-VOX? TFA-VOX is a modular system originally designed for player callouts, but has expanded to include capabilities for general enhancement of gameplay through several key aspects and triggers. Originally designed as an...

13th August 2016
by TFA Go to last post
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Omni Flip - A simple coinflip ( 2 Last )

It's not on ScriptFodder anymore soo thought I'd release it here. No code is not stolen, gtfo with your claims. This is version to not make my customers feel like they got scammed. If you bought the script on ScriptFodder, yes there will be...

9th August 2016
by Klaes4Zaugen Go to last post
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CS:GO Knives SWEPs

Now you can use the knives from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as weapons in Garry's Mod! Features: -- 12 different knives; -- New sounds; -- Viewmodel arms (c_arms) compatible; -- Press Reload button ('R' button) to inspect knife; -- Backstabs...

8th August 2016
by xDShot Go to last post
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xDShot's CS:GO Knives Converted to TTT ( 2 Last )

Hi, here are xDShot's (https://steamcommunity.com/id/xdshot2) CS:GO Knives converted to TTT by me, Skittles9823 (https://steamcommunity.com/id/skittles9823) Please don't use the workshop page for questions related to this port. xDShot isn't maintaining...

8th August 2016
by xDShot Go to last post
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VoiceChannels - Private voice chat channels

http://i.imgur.com/oPYLj5C.jpg A simple addon you can install on your server to let players create their own voice chat channels. Basically a PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice hook and a shitload of predone networking. I scripted this in roughly 4-5 hours and...

7th August 2016
by tzahush Go to last post
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Improvised calladmin for all gamemodes

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735622052 This is a new addon i published here's the features and other things Here's another very useful addon for your server Features: 1-)Compatible with all gamemodes

4th August 2016
by g_o_r_k_e_m Go to last post
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Blue's Family Share Blocker.

Blue's Family Share Blocker A simple extension to Garry's Mod to help server owner prevent banned users from rejoining by creating new steam accounts and family sharing. So some community was having an issue with a player that kept joining back on...

1st August 2016
by 0V3RR1D3 Go to last post
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Deathrun - Because the last one I made was terrible. ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

oh god I hit submit This is just a simple Deathrun gamemode, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that is. For those that don't, I made this gamemode because I didn't like old one I made (here), and a lot of people ended up using it. ...

30th July 2016
by Neddy Go to last post
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HL1 VOX Announcer

Anyone missed HL1 VOX announcer? That cracked voice in the black mesa? You're on right place! Get HL1 VOX Announcer! Get VOX Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=222457407 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhhoQA_y84w...

30th July 2016
by Mnp Go to last post
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Sticky 2.0 - A DarkRP Raiding Addon

What is Sticky 2.0? Sticky 2.0 is and updated and fully working version of Sticky released around a month ago and I've now taken the liberty to update it (Future updates will be posted on this thread from now on) Sticky allows users to attach any entity...

30th July 2016
by CelaeonSan Go to last post
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Cinema ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

Downloads Description Remember sitting down on a lazy afternoon with your friends, drinking a cup of hot cocoa and watching a movie? pixelTail Games does. It's a magical bonding experience between people, a timeless ritual that not many are able...

samm5506 Thread has images Lua King x 65
25th July 2016
by jlbowen2004 Go to last post
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CW: Black Mesa Roleplay ( 2 Last )

Description _______________________________________________ Black Mesa Roleplay is a roleplay gamemode based on Half Life 1, but before the whole Resonance Cascade. The roleplay is based in year 1998. What happens in the gamemode is entirely up to...

25th July 2016
by HalfDeadAnarc Go to last post
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Addon Wip

[NEW] MessWithPlayers, an addon for server jerks! ( 2 Last )

The addon for server jerks! It's back again! That was fast, right? Don't worry, lots more features are coming this way! GITHUB: https://github.com/DerpyCoal/MessWithPlayers.git Image Gallery: Features:

24th July 2016
by Milkshaker Go to last post
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Binary Wip

(DarkRP) Wire Money Detector

This is a DarkRP addon, which allows you to detect money (and optionally cheques, money pots) in a specified radius and report it to your wire system. This is extremely useful for automatic gunshops. Since I couldn't find a working version, I decided...

24th July 2016
by pennerlord Go to last post
6 1,049

gmsv_mysqloo - Updated OO MySQL Module (multiple statements/stored procs!) ( 2 3 4 Last )

MySQLOO v8.1 - OO MySQL Module Originally by AndyVincent, updated to GM13 by Drakehawke Link to previous thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1220537 - - - New in 8.1 - - - REVISION 001: Added linux compatibility code to...

24th July 2016
by Pwned231 Go to last post
139 43,777

[ DarkRP ] Koolaidmini's Custom Printers ( 2 Last )

I am releasing this addon to the general public, because I feel it could be helpful to all those mildly entertaining DarkRP server, with little to no customization. So, here we are! A public release. What is there to offer? Nano-bots With our...

23rd July 2016
by Cajun_Bean Go to last post
75 45,824

Lua Server Browser, Final Release (hopefully)!

After months of being barely worked on, it's time for this to get released! This is my version of an updated legacy browser, an answer to all the complaints about the current one, plus a few extras! This was mainly developed as a fix for problems...

22nd July 2016
by whitestar Go to last post
39 5,148

Requesting someone other than Apoc Hedgie to make Deadly Six models

A lot of people (over 20,000) have been waiting for Apoc Hedgie to finish the other four Deadly Six models (Zeena, Zomom, Zik, and Zor) on Steam. But after almost 18 months, he still has done nothing nor said nothing about it. He does have the valid...

22nd July 2016
by legendofrobbo Go to last post
5 831

The Displacement (Teleportaion) Devices! ( 2 Last )

NOW SUPPORTS CPPI In response to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, Black Mesa has set out to create a Handheld Teleportation Device of their own. The result being the Displacer Cannon! Showcase and How to video:

22nd July 2016
by SgtCheesepuff Go to last post
54 6,279

LoneWolfies Cars ( 2 3 4 5 .. 12 13 14 15 Last )

LW Cars is a collection of cars ported from various games (Such as Forza, Driver San Fransisco, Need for Speed, Etc) by me. Each car features a high detailed, high poly model with interiours, and most feature a fe bodygroups. A wide variety of cars are...

20th July 2016
by Ignas[LTU] Go to last post
582 63,696
Addon Wip

MessWithPlayers, an addon for server jerks!

This used to be a post about MWP, but now this post is useless because I'm recreating it. So mods, delete this please

19th July 2016
by Dark Hood Go to last post
5 1,172

(WIP) Rust Racers - Battlecars/MadMax Inspired Competetive Destructive Racing Addon and Gamemode ( 2 Last )

Greetings! For the past 3 months we have been developing a new racing gamemode & service and a car framework for Garry's Mod which is unlike anything you have seen before. DOWNLAOD THE FIRST PUBLIC BETA VERSION HERE The Gamemode(s) Rust Racers is...

19th July 2016
by no1dead Go to last post
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Binary Wip

The Inconspicuous Orb

People keep asking me to renew my ScriptFodder Subscription so they can buy The Inconspicuous Orb. I don't wanna spend $15 so you can have it for free: https://youtu.be/aIthvsMfwd8 http://puu.sh/q64MB/5bd26b4bf3.jpg The Inconspicuous Orb It...

19th July 2016
by XxLMM13xXx Go to last post
1 1,175

NICK : Nice Intelligent Chatbot Kewl ! ( 2 Last )

Hey , and am here on facepunch today to present you one of my works i did in a spare 5 mins when i was bored. NICK is a basic chatbot that responds to certain words it picks up. EXAMPLE : Meisno: lol Nick : It's funny, isn't it.

18th July 2016
by Unknown Gamer Go to last post
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Binary Wip

Rust Legacy models ported to Garry's Mod!

I guess i enjoy porting now. Here it is, the Rust Legacy models pack, it is quite big. I mean in MB, it's 202, mainly because of all of the HQ textures. Download You should mainly use these in screenshots since some of these have broken collisions....

18th July 2016
by Teufel Go to last post
2 1,006