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Feel free to ask for help in a specific addon's thread - but this isn't the place to ask for help. If you're having trouble using something POST HERE. If you're having trouble modding something POST HERE. Do not add (TAGS) to your thread title! ...

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10th July 2014
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Neustart - Server Restarter ( 2 Last )

Neustart Neustart is a program designed in C# to automatically restart frozen and exited applications. It was created for SuperiorServers to replace the ancient ServerDoc software that required yearly updates and insisted on donations. But hey, open...

6 Hours Ago
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Spies V.S. Mercs - PvP gamemode based around stealth and control points

I've been working on this gamemode for a while now, and I think I'm ready to release it to the public! It's based off of Splinter Cell's multiplayer component. In the gamemode, there are two teams, Spies, and Mercs (Mercenaries). These two teams clash...

11 Hours Ago
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Gamemode Wip

Liro - A modular gamemode base

What is Liro? Liro is a modular Garry's Mod gamemode base. It has been designed from the ground up for code reusability and ease of use. With Liro there is two ways to design your gamemode, you may hardcode your gamemode into a single module, or...

15 Hours Ago
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Police Patrol

I have been working on and off on a police patrol addon giving the police activities that reward them for following a map-able path. This addon is a work in progress and some visual aspects may be altered but it would really helpful to get a little bit...

16 Hours Ago
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wOS Animation Extension - Integrate animations on all player models seamlessly

http://i.imgur.com/90ZaFDm.png Lately there have been a lot of coders, including myself, that have been making addons that require integrating animations for all player models to use. As it stands, integrating animations into all player models globally...

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1 Day Ago
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Custom Weapon Switcher Skeleton

I wrote a small script that handles weapon switching binds, sounds, and drawing states for custom weapon switchers. Custom drawing code just needs to be placed in the DrawWeaponHUD function and the rest will be handled by the skeleton. Selection...

1 Day Ago
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GMOD Battlegrounds

GMOD Battlegrounds Introduction: I've spent about 3 weeks developing this gamemode non stop. I've always been interested in creating a battleroyale-like gamemode. With Player Unknown Battlegrounds being so hot I decided it's probably a good time to...

2 Days Ago
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Outfitter: Multiplayer Workshop Playermodels

That's about it... Plannned Extra Features ● Bodygroups support! (30% done) ● Automatic wearing of outfit on join (0% done) ● Hooks for servers to control various aspects of the addon (0% done) ● Player Appearance Customizer 3 (PAC3)...

6 Days Ago
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Google speech

Voice chatbox Text To Speech with accents! Settings in lua/autorun/sh_google.lua Commands default: /google or !google Github: https://github.com/Heyter/GoogleSpeech-GM How this is working, example: speech API

1 Week Ago
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[RELEASE] Deathrun Neue (Arizard's Deathrun) ( 2 3 4 Last )

Github Repository: https://github.com/Arizard/deathrun OFFICIAl Playtesting Server (Australia, VHS-7, always on the most recent version (and sometimes a few versions ahead), 20 slots): Playtesting Server 2 (UK/EU, Redline...

1 Week Ago
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PUBG Hud (Want Feedback!)

So I've started a new project. It is a PUBG styled HUD for gmod. It's got the basics, just like in PUBG (Health, # Of people Online, Ammo, Armor) Full List of Current Features: - Health (Gets red as it decreases, if health is greater than 100HP...

1 Week Ago
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WUMA - Manage restrictions, limits, and loadouts of usergroups and players

WUMA - Weols User Management Addon Restrict and limit anything from usergroups or individual players. WUMA is an addon that allows server administrators to manage their players and usergroups restrictions, limits and loadouts. The restrictions, limits,...

1 Week Ago
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Microphone + Radio (for RP) ( 2 3 Last )

Still plenty of unreleased code of mine. As with the other ones I released recently, this "has not been touched in several months." VoiceRadio is a combination of a microphone and a radio that together can be put into a roleplay server for a "radio...

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1 Week Ago
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StormFox - Environment mod ( 2 Last )

https://i.imgur.com/zqn1dU8.png StormFox is a free environment mod that will freshen your GMod experience with weather, light, effects and textures! It is made to support as many people as possible. This means SF runs mostly on the client, will adjust...

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2 Weeks Ago
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ConVar Query

ConVar Query v1.1 Updates: 9/30/13 - Update to v1.1 - Removed dependency on signatures - Should work on linux if someone wants to compile it - If a query times out, it now frees the reference to the function - When a map ends all the...

2 Weeks Ago
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Player Weld 1.1 Reuploaded

Due to the deletion of Player Weld 1.1, I'm glad to say that I had a copy of it before it was deleted. I was surprised I had it. All credit goes to Overv. I take no credit. You can find the original thread here. If I wasn't supposed to re-upload...

2 Weeks Ago
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Player Weld 1.1 ( 2 Last )

Introduction This is version 1.1 of Player Weld. Because this version is nothing like the pretty buggy first release I decided to create a new thread for it. For the guys that used version 1.0 I will give you the differences and if you haven't noticed...

2 Weeks Ago
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Nutscript 1.1 - Come back, It's Good now and it's free. ( 2 3 Last )

NutScript is a free role-play gamemode framework created by Chessnut and Black Tea za rebel1324. It basically allows you to create other role-play gamemodes quickly and easily. Nuscript 1.1 had handful of issues. But, In 2017, Black Tea Za Korean...

2 Weeks Ago
by SellMG Go to last post
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Harry Potter House Point System

But why? Lately I've noticed several "Harry Potter" DarkRP servers popping up and and it seems like I see a badly written job on Scriptfodder every other week for this, so I decided to make it and release it publicly. What does it do? This addon adds...

2 Weeks Ago
by GodrikSed Go to last post
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# Laser Tag EXTREME EDITION A simple gamemode to play laser tag! The base of the code is Garry's Murder Party. Whenever a player is killed, they turn 50% transparent and are stripped of their weapons for 7 seconds. The person who killed them...

2 Weeks Ago
by Deathking15 Go to last post
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DarkRP 2.5+ - TCB Car Dealer ( 2 3 Last )

Because of the lack of free car dealers I decided to make my own. It features all the default things like permanent saving, buying, selling, various setting but also have test driving. Preview:...

2 Weeks Ago
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TOYBOX IS BACK (a little bit...)

Today the guy under the nickname LeadKiller founded a team with his friends and returned Toybox in a sense ... Now all: Props, Sweps, Sents ... Create a small community Maybe in a month or six months we will see the same ToyBox! ...

2 Weeks Ago
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DarkRP Coinflip Addon

Can you delete my thread? I'll reopen it when I make the addon better.

2 Weeks Ago
by _tardis_ Go to last post
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Svyanov Cooking System

Svyanov Cooking System This addon created for darkrp Very simple free cooking system. Support's Russian and English version Some Screenshot's:

3 Weeks Ago
by Chickengbs Go to last post
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FastDownload Synchronizer v1.0

You can use this application to synchronize all your addon resources and all maps to your FastDL directory. All files will be compressed with BZip2. This will only work if your gmod- and webserver are on the same machine. There is no support for FTP. ...

3 Weeks Ago
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Flow - Collection of gamemodes and accessories ( 2 3 4 5 .. 11 12 13 14 Last )

Prelude Before a someone marks this as advertisement, it is not and here's the story behind it. This release thread contains almost all of my work I've done for GMOD communities. Because of circumstances I've decided to stop working on these gamemodes...

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3 Weeks Ago
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TTT Damagelogs - MySQL Edition ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last )

A highly respected and useful damagelog for Trouble in Terrorist Town, a combination of an RDM Manager, old logs (which allows admins to view RDM from previous days/weeks) along with a sleek and well detailed damagelog, fully customizable colors to help...

3 Weeks Ago
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Various TTT icons

A while ago I did some design work for a server network. I still had the icons hidden in some random folder so feel free to use them, but keep in mind that this is currently incomplete. Don't think I'll be updating and adding new ones any time soon ...

3 Weeks Ago
by Big Snake Bos Go to last post
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gm_redis - Redis Server Interface!

gm_redis - Redis Server Interface We commisioned it, and MetaMan saved the day! This module provides full interactivity to your Redis server, it's pretty cut-and-dry. Ridiculously fast in-memory data store or key-value database (with some config),...

3 Weeks Ago
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Widgets Disabler

--snip-- del. thread.

4 Weeks Ago
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Garry's Murder Party!

# Garry's Murder Party Garry's Murder Party is a mix between The Ship and Murder! Link To Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1139086465 Link to collection that contains everything needed to play the gamemode:...

4 Weeks Ago
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Player Appearance Customiser 3 V2: Make your own "player models" ( 2 3 4 5 .. 30 31 32 33 Last )

SVN version: https://github.com/CapsAdmin/pac3.git/trunk GIT: https://github.com/CapsAdmin/pac3 Please try the git version before reporting an issue. (it's easier to just use the git version really) Workshop version: ...

4 Weeks Ago
by Nerd Koopa Go to last post
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Warden - Proxy Blocker

What is Warden? Warden is an API wrapper for the Black Box Proxy Block that allows servers to automatically prevent clients with identified proxy IPs from joining. How does Warden work? Warden uses the Black Box Proxy Block to send the IP address...

4 Weeks Ago
by Pypsikan Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Garry's Mod CSG attempt

Hi. I always wonder how could be using CSG (constructible solid geometry) on Garry's Mod, so I did an attempt implementing a CSG.JS LUA version into the engine. It still pretty buggy, but could be usefull for studying, ideas, or a base for a new...

14th September 2017
by rickomax Go to last post
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gMusic | Pick your own music! | Re-Opened

I've been working on the new updates for GMusic and it is re-opened once again. Essentially gMusic allows the users to pick the music on your loading screen. Server owners simply have to put a little snippet of code into the loading screen and it will...

11th September 2017
by rockerofworld Go to last post
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[RELEASE] Customizable Deathrun Scoreboard

Hello Facepunch! I have recently been seeing many people asking for how to add ranks to their deathrun scoreboard, or how to change so and so to make this color that. So I decided to make, and release my own customizable Deathrun Scoreboard! (Mr....

11th September 2017
by ZombiezPvP Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

HEX - Dark Fantasy Arena

Current Version: v2.0a HEX is a gamemode project I've been working on since June which is somewhat inspired by arena shooters like Unreal Tournament and retro fast-paced shooters like Heretic / Hexen. It's still in a very early state and I've hardly...

10th September 2017
by Demonkush Go to last post
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Unstuck addon

Figured I should post here the unstuck addon that I worked on months ago primarily for my Prop Hunt server. Should work on other gamemodes too. The aim for my version was to make it least exploitable as I could make it. I swear, some players make it...

9th September 2017
by MrGrim48 Go to last post
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8th September 2017
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Gamemode Wip

Fallout New Vegas Roleplay v2: "There was never a man like my Johnny" Edition ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

If you've seen the last Fallout NV Roleplay thread made by Johnny Guitar, consider this a continuation of it. It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Johnny Guitar, our Fallout NV Community Manager. We wish him the best of luck in his future...

7th September 2017
by SmithStanley Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Raindrop - Modular RP / RPG Script ( 2 Last )

Raindrop is meant to be a modular gamemode that is not built on a Framework / Schema based system. Instead It's main purpose is for beginner - intermediate coders to be able to hook into and add onto their own scripts to flesh out the gamemode. Thereby...

6th September 2017
by SellMG Go to last post
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GBay - A Garry's Mod marketplace! ( 2 3 4 Last )

Welcome to GBay What is GBay? GBay is a Garry's Mod marketplace for DarkRP! GBay is PACKED with tons of features your players will love! Here's a list of some of the GBay features! Features 1.) Nice ebay looking design 2.) Custom materials with...

6th September 2017
by XxLMM13xXx Go to last post
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Lambda - Co-Op Framework (Beta)

Have you ever wanted to play the Half-Life 2 series with your friends online? Then Lambda is exactly what you are looking for. Lambda aims to provide seamless multiplayer support for the Half-Life 2 campaign maps, as well as user-created campaigns. ...

Zeh Matt Thread has images Winner x 23
4th September 2017
by Zeh Matt Go to last post
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Framed! (A SPY Gamemode)

Hey! I and Kanade creating new gamemode. This gamemode will be like in Roblox game. Okay, so what is this? In this gamemode we has 3 teams: Undercover, Police and Framed. -**You have been Framed!** You must survive the ensuing chaos of this spy...

4th September 2017
by elbandito Go to last post
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Real Print

Content http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124285389 Real Print Need a break from all those boring printers that all do the same thing? Real Print is simple a printer addon that tries to be different than every other printer addon...

2nd September 2017
by MrRalgoman Go to last post
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netStructures - net.Read/WriteTable replacement

net.ReadTable and net.WriteTable are functions in the Garry's Mod net library tasked with networking a table of arbitrary data. Any Garry's Mod programmer worth their salt will know that these functions suck. They send more data than is really needed due...

2nd September 2017
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Info: FScoreboard3 is a rewrite of my older, really bad, FScoreboard. I originally made it for my server but decided, "hey lets release it". It's a rather simplistic scoreboard with the minimal features really needed in a scoreboard. Features: -...

2nd September 2017
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Addon Wip

SProps - Tiled Triangles, Cylinders, Fittings, More ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

Please do not re-upload this.. SProps has finally arrived on the workshop! Don't forget to rate! Click here to go to the workshop page This project has and continues to take up a considerable amount of my time and effort. If you appreciate what I...

unrezt Thread has images Winner x 65
1st September 2017
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Work In Progress

Charmed Magic - Telekinesis, Freezing and More

Introducing my WIP Charmed Ones Magic Pack. Description: Basically, there is a tv show, that is now no longer made, called Charmed, it follows the adventures of 3 Sisters who also happen to be witches, who inherrit magical powers. Prue (Deceased)...

31st August 2017
by Shane5567 Go to last post
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Simple MySQL Cache

So i decided to make a simple mysql cache that will store tables in a table. Find it at https://github.com/andreblue/mysql_cache_gmod You simply register some details with lua and it will handle the rest. You can take a look at...

31st August 2017
by code_gs Go to last post
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What is TTT_Leader? It is a small simple script that allows a 'leader' on your TTT server. The leader can be given buffs/debuffs depending on the config you set up. Current Features: 1) Select roles the leader can be. 2) Prevent leader from having...

28th August 2017
by Cocoufo Go to last post
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SCars 2.0 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

About Don't like normal hl2 vehicles? Then this addon is for you! With SCars you can customize your car in almost any way you want. Everything from paintjob and handling to suspension height. Didn't like version 1.3? Then give version 2.0 a try!...

27th August 2017
by Sakarias88 Go to last post
366 73,571

Zombie Plague (For GMOD)

Introduction This is an old gamemode (AMX Modx) that I played a lot, so I decided to make a GMOD version. Zombie Plague is a Zombie Horror gamemode where there's a pacient zero. And there are a lot of humans to be infected. The last human alive will not...

19th August 2017
by Nicksf13 Go to last post
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List of Garry's Mod 13 gamemodes V4 ( 2 Last )

Old Threads (V3) (V2) *Free Released Gamemodes* Alien: Isolation

18th August 2017
by Screamie Go to last post
41 8,691

TDMCars SVN ( 2 3 4 5 .. 49 50 51 52 Last )

New SVN link : http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tdmcarssvn/code/trunk/ More info here at the quick start page I'm not going to bother adding the entire car list as I won't be able to edit it later on. Unfortunately, this is all you get for now. :( Legal...

18th August 2017
by KnightVista Go to last post
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Addon Wip

ACP - Admin Control Panel

WorkShop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110333513 It's my first UI addon so don't be strong :) I have in plans to improve it by adding limits sheet and connecting it to data base. What is it? This is a simple admin mod...

17th August 2017
by americal Go to last post
5 1,268

Functional RIG

Workshop addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1111570944 A simple addon that a coder wanted to willingly do it for me. Functional RIG is based off the health mechanic from the Dead Space franchise. If a player gets hurt or...

16th August 2017
by Chuckymore Go to last post
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Cosmos Printers - Advanced Printer Addon

Free Download: http://garryscripts.mx.nf/p/4tv3s

16th August 2017
by Azalia Go to last post
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ULX Command to add Pointshop2 Items

So I noticed the lack of an easy to access and use command to give people items in PS2 with ulx and given the give item funcion of PS2 has been slightly broken recently(Not sure if that's just for me or not but whatever). So I decided to make a command to...

14th August 2017
by Bloated Go to last post
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Ultimate Logs ( 2 3 Last )

Ultimate Logs Ultimate Logs is a lightweight logging addon that will help you manage your server. It features a very convenient GUI and works on main gamemodes : -Sandbox -DarkRP -TTT -Murder -PropHunt -Cinema

14th August 2017
by Myrage2000 Go to last post
98 38,752

gmsv_mysqloo v9 - Rewritten MySQL Module (prepared statements, transactions) ( 2 3 4 Last )

MySQLOO v9.5 A mostly rewritten version of MySQLOO. Made by andyvincent, update by Drakehawke and KingofBeast. Link to previous thread: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1357773 Changes: 05.08.2017: Fixed queries run in coroutines.

syl0r Thread has images 2 people are reading this thread x 2
13th August 2017
by Jompe Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Breach. A Police Gamemode. WIP!

Breach! Breach is a gamemode that allows players to play as an Elite Police force ( SWAT, GIGN, SAS etc. ) Or play as a Criminal ( Mafia, Gang ) Features ( WIP ) Prone Weapon Customization

12th August 2017
by Alydus Go to last post
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TTT - Easy Scoreboard Ranks ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last )

I've been meaning to make a thread for a while, essentially this is just a script I wrote to make adding ranks/colors to the scoreboard easy. The hope was that people would stop making threads about "Help me with scoreboard pls". Download GitHub ...

12th August 2017
by monkeymacman Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Stupid's Team Deathmatch ( 2 Last )

Hey everyone, over the past little while I started working on a Team Deathmatch style gamemode, which is kind of a cross-over of Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Source. This is my first lua project, and I started it in an attempt to learn lua and...

11th August 2017
by E-Servers Go to last post
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Slashers gamemode

Welcome to Slashers, the ultimate horror movie gamemode by Utopia-Games. Slashers is an asymetrical gamemode based on many famous horror movies (especially slasher movies) that opposes a team of very cliché survivors against a powerful and scary...

10th August 2017
by guigui30110 Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

WIP Conquest Gamemode

Hi, so my friend Luna made conquest gamemode which is a fight between the Resistance and Combine it's a WIP at the moment but maybe you guys could let us know what you think about it. The main objective at the moment is to shoot rockets at the enemy...

10th August 2017
by DonkeySoda Go to last post
5 1,029

TTT Upgrade Perks

At long last, everyones favorite. Its here! (I have been given full permission to upload this) This is now a community project to fix with all of the Garrys Mod updates. Pull requests, issuies, they can all be filed. Tommy228 has permissions to...

10th August 2017
by yanderedaun Go to last post
25 5,064

Galactic Sagas [Official Gamemode Thread] ( 2 3 4 5 .. 16 17 18 19 Last )

Galactic Sagas is a completely custom and extremely ambitious Garry's Mod online roleplaying game set across multiple servers. It features a dynamic profession system, incredibly deep character customization, missions, attributes, thousands of items,...

TheBigS Thread has images Lua King x 28
9th August 2017
by poprop12345 Go to last post
731 106,100

Ragdoll Fight - Punch your friends anywhere. Almost

Sooo this thing is inspired by all these silly ragdoll fights from various gmod videos (especially that mortal kombat fight scene from Mass Defect video). What is this? An arena entity for sandbox, that you can put almost anywhere you want....

9th August 2017
by Jazz84 Go to last post
7 1,255

Ground Control - round-based team versus team ( 2 3 Last )

Hello. Ground Control is a team vs team gamemode I was initially making for a specific community, but they changed their minds, so after a year of doing other things I've finished it and have released it to the public. ...

7th August 2017
by kartoshka Go to last post
107 7,672

Ley SF addon release

all my current sf addons unobfucusated, there u go https://my.mixtape.moe/ifcusa.zip

6th August 2017
by code_gs Go to last post
14 2,112

Entity Crash Catcher ( 2 3 Last )

Entity Crash Catcher v2 This script detects entities that are moving too fast, leading to a potential server crash. Make sure to configure the convars in the script to best fit your server. Convars * gs_crazyphysics (default "1"): Enables...

6th August 2017
by code_gs Go to last post
91 13,483
Gamemode Wip


Intro Jailbreak is a gamemode where inmates and guards battle one another. Inmates objective is to make it to the end of the round and get a last request. Guards are their to maintain order and following the orders given to them by the Warden. Media...

3rd August 2017
by code_gs Go to last post
6 752

Nutscript CityRP - Start your new life!

Hello everyone, I am Black Tea Za rebel1324, the co-creator of the roleplay framework Nutscript 1.1. Since the absence of the Chessnut in the Garry's Mod scene, I took over the project recently to complete Nutscript 1.1 and polish it for more popularity....

1st August 2017
by BeZerk Go to last post
29 3,450
Addon Wip

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Announcement System

-snip- im not gonna release it. Already asked an admin to delete this.

28th July 2017
by Snowa Go to last post
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lol i was bored so i made this

no matter what damage an entity takes it will violently explode (including you, unless ur in god mode) its so simple but funny i didnt want to make a full addon out of this but had some kind of need to share it so here you go have fun with life ...

28th July 2017
by Lavacoal123 Go to last post
2 760

Fight to Survive: Stronghold ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last )

Info Page | Forum | Steam Group | Dev Team | Map Pack OMG IT'S ON THE WORKSHOP! FOR FREEEEEE! Workshop Download If you still want to send me some sweet, sweet cash click here. To connect to the official server type "connect roaringcow.com" in...

27th July 2017
by RoaringCow Go to last post
705 104,636
Addon Wip

World Vector Tools

Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=974616490 GitHub: https://github.com/WasabiThumb/WorldVectorTools If you are downloading from GitHub, please download from "Releases"! Current version is Vanilla Cream (1.2) Hello...

27th July 2017
by Lavacoal123 Go to last post
9 1,045

STool Turret

Modified from Stool Turret RC4 Originally written by Richard Croxford Modified by khm (aka HellRazor) SVN: http://khm-gmod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/STool%20Turret/ How to Install: Place this addon folder in:

25th July 2017
by SeanterrorX Go to last post
8 3,349

Maestro: an admin mod that isn't ULX ( 2 3 4 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/P3tPcpn.jpg Extra plugins: - Playtime tracker and autopromote Third-party plugins: - FluffyXVI's maestro-extras (jump height, speed, frags/deaths, etc.) - Zerf's TTT-maestro-commands

22nd July 2017
by dragonheart79 Go to last post
150 23,706