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When Everything Was Still Alive -- A short abstract tale about the apocalypse

Alex was born when everything was still alive. *** "I'm going through hell." He said the last time I saw him. "Oh?" I asked. "I'm so far gone." He replied, looking off into the distance. "Sorry to hear that..." ***

7th June 2014
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Alone and Forsaken, a HL2RP story

Fore-warning: Everything in this story (Besides the prologue) was based off of IC events and actions in previous servers. All of this happened, and I only improved upon the story element of all of it after writing this.​ --- Chapter 1 Lily has no...

6th June 2014
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(Machinima) how the world ended - part 1

the bombs drop, a different world is born. Locations: Wastelands & Crack Den RP sims in SecondLife

6th June 2014
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Star Wars Fan Film This thread has images

So, I am currently planning on making a Star Wars fan film. Things to avoid/things fan films usually get wrong? Also, while I'm at it, what do you think of this jacket? I want to use it for the main character, who would be wearing that, brown pants,...

6th June 2014
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Artsy Videogame Posters This thread has images

Hi guys. So the discussions over whether or not games can be art has got me all inspired. So I made some artsy posters for video games in the spirit of book covers and movie posters.

5th June 2014
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So... I like to write. Here's some of my work.

Hi guys! I've recently been writing short stories and little prose pieces, and have posted some of them here on facepunch. A couple of days ago, I wrote a post in the "What are you thinking thread" about being unsure whether I should seek a future in...

31st May 2014
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My friends and I entered a 48 hour film competition for fun. We came 2nd overall and won best cinematography (video inside)

My friends and I entered a 48 hour film competition. The competition organisers set the title, a line of dialogue which we had to use and a prop. Title: Friends With No Benefits Prop: Pillow Dialogue: No money in the world could buy that. ...

30th May 2014
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The Amazing Nippleman

A crazed hooligan wanders the streets looking to prey upon the innocent nipples of others.

29th May 2014
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McDonalds new mascot happy - fan art This thread has images

I always liked scary things, from watching scary movies, playing horror games like Silent Hill to reading about occult weird rituals from the middle-ages. But there is a new guy in town that creates a new type of chill up my spine - McDonalds new mascot...

28th May 2014
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Creative Music Video - Capital Fuzz - Wingman - Wondered what you guys thought?

I created a music video for my final year project at University and was wondering what you all thought. It was a solo project with the occasional helping hand. 95% was made by me. I hope its not a jack of all trades master of none type of thing. Please...

24th May 2014
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LitAnalyst: A website for analysing creative/technical writing This thread has images

Hello Facepunch, Recently I've been working on a new project to help people quickly analyse their writing based on vocabulary and complexity. The project is called LitAnalyst, a website where you can upload your work and view a quick summary including...

19th May 2014
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Cosplay Creation Corner This thread has images

I would be surprised if Im the only one on facepunch who already had used/created a cosplay or is creating one at the moment. So lets put the stuff together: - Self-made Cosplays -> Production pictures (if available) - Cosplays you have worn -...

18th May 2014
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Grandshift This thread has images

Derp, should have kept this quiet, douchebag mode on

16th May 2014
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Creative beards This thread has images

Post your creative beards, if you have made them in funny/stupid ways before shave-off or if you keep them. All characters appearing in this pictures are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

15th May 2014
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Stock Photo Appreciation Station This thread has images

This will work a little like the DAAS. Bad stock photos. Link NSFW if any. Anywhore, let's get started.

13th May 2014
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Paint.NET stuff... This thread has images

Yeah, so I found some old images I made like in 2009 and decided to upload them. Here they are... (excuse me for how bad they are) It's meant to represent the universe as a bubble... Doctor Who time vortex (old-style)

10th May 2014
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Could use some critique for my writing

I recently wrote a chapter for a story I had in mind that I've always wanted to write. If anybody can read this and give me point and tips on where and what to improve, it'd be very appreciated. http://pastebin.com/UGNutEAg

9th May 2014
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Need help on lyrics for my upcoming album

So I am almost ready to record vocals to my soon to come metal album but my lyrics lack sometimes, I didn't thought I would ever do this but I reach out for help now because I can't do it better on my own. If there is anyone that can help me shape them up...

7th May 2014
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Rate my Writing.

Hi guys. I'm new to Fp so go easy on me? Anyway, I really enjoy creative writing, but I don't really have anyone to tell me what they think of my works, short stories etc... I'd really appreciate it if a few peeps would give me a rating out of 10 for...

6th May 2014
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WIP CS:GO Defuse Map Advice This thread has images

I'm in the very early stages of creating a de_ map for Counter-Strike. I sketched out the layout of what I want the top-down view of the map to look like and then created it in Hammer. Next I'm going to block it in and do some playtests and change the...

6th May 2014
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Song for Child

My second song on Youtube!! I appreciate any comments and criticism. Thanks.

5th May 2014
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[3D Animation] Angry Employee This thread has images

3D Animation created using Maya and various existing models in the market. Share the video or subscript my channel if you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35AwYp7TPdw

5th May 2014
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Short Short Story Thread (<300 words) This thread has images

Suuuuuuuuuuuuup folks, in this thread we only post short stories that do not exceed 300 words, so that we can maintain the short attention span of people who visit the thread! This short story is called: Creamed Coffee Opposed with every single...

2nd May 2014
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Erkor's WoW Shack

I'm making a lot of edited WoW-related pictures for backstories and whatnot, so I decided it'd be good to set up a few on here. I'd love to hear some criticism about them and how I can improve upon them. ...

1st May 2014
by erkor Go to last post
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Commissions curiosity

Fairly new to the internet art community in general... Lets say I wanted to find someone for a custom animated swf/gif commission, would you guys have some ideas of where I should go? (I'm a programmer, last thing I did that was remotely artistic was...

1st May 2014
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29th April 2014
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A Team avatar

Hello, I've tried messing around with photoshop to create an avatar for my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. However, my imagination is very bad and I can't come up with anything decent with my minimal photoshop knowledge. I've come here to...

28th April 2014
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Hey, I know this is probably an odd place to ask but considering Facepunchers are at times pretty sharp people, I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas where to look for screenplay producers. I actually have a finished one is part of the reason.

28th April 2014
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Rust UI Mockup from a bored UI/UX Designer This thread has images

Got a tad bored and spent a couple of hours mocking up my own little interpretation of what the Rust UI may pertain to in the future. Some things I'm still not happy with and will probably end up changing them later on, one thing I did forget to include...

25th April 2014
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My Entrance to a Writing Contest

Nevermind, I've already turned it in. Hope they like it, the prize is a computer that, despite being a laptop, would still probably run any game better than my current pc.

25th April 2014
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Paying for a decent logo

Hello all, I'm in need of a decent logo for my community. I'm willing to pay $5-10. If you're interested we can chat via Private Message, or on Steam @ hk21x Thanks. (Details will be given in discussion.)

25th April 2014
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Glitch art This thread has images

Hello world! This is a glitch that happened inside my camera today. I downloaded some images from the internet and put them on a SD card. On my camera a pressed a button to clear the SD card, while it was progressing I pressed cancel. So this is the...

24th April 2014
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Does this look like a good approach to drawing people?

I've been trying to learn how to draw figures for years, and never getting that much better. Sure, I learned a little anatomy, made my characters shaped a little better, but one thing I always struggled with was actually drawing poses besides basic...

24th April 2014
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Just finished my latest project, an animation telling the origins of Smaug from The Hobbit!

Spent the last 12 weeks directing a team of 10 to create this short project in uni, I hope you enjoy it! The project has wrapped now, but feel free to share any constructive feedback anyway. The brief was for a 30 second animation which could...

23rd April 2014
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Lolokaust Horrible Erotic Fan Fic Contest

We Lolokausters are holding a horrible fan fiction erotica contest. If you feel like butchering your favorite childhood memory or most hated fandom in 2 paragraphs or more we will award the winner with a shiny lolokaust sticker and badge on our forum. ...

22nd April 2014
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Should i get this tablet for drawing?

Hey I need to upgrade from my bamboo pen tablet to something new, is the Intuos Creative Pen and Medium Touch Tablet good?

21st April 2014
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Love Letter to a Girl That Left Me ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

snip Delete This Thread Please

21st April 2014
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Pixel Art Thread This thread has images

Show off your best pixel art and gifs!

21st April 2014
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The American in Carandiru

Here is another short story written quickly from an idea given by matt000024. If you don't get the ending, please say so. I didn't want to give away what the last paragraph entails in an obvious manner, but more in a way that it hits you after a...

21st April 2014
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Some weirdo HL2RP Backstory I want to repost everywhere I go

I posted this thing to three forums already and I'm not done yet. This is the story of one of my "most interesting" characters I've developed in HL2RP, on one server in particular. I always lived a good life. Even though I only owned a small shop, and...

20th April 2014
by erkor Go to last post
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