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noob here.. Need help oh how to view TF2 models (with effects)

Ok, up front apologies for super noob question(s) here. (also hope i have posted in the proper section) As i look thru workshop i see some people have videos showing their TF2 creations in different postitions and effects. example.. video on this...

25th November 2013
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Just a Quick Story

Day 1: 6/15/17 __________________________________________ I am currently residing in my wooden shack, hidden in a clearing in the woods. For a living, I hunt animals with only my rusting hatchet and my outdated handgun. I knew of the events going on...

24th November 2013
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Help on learning GIMP to make a DvD cover? This thread has images

My school assigned me the task of creating a DvD cover with a photo manipulation program. Now while most of you probably would tell me to use photoshop instead, I sadly can't. I would love to use photoshop, but it's not an option as I do not have a...

23rd November 2013
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Trying to print a CD cover - Needing a little help! This thread has images

I'm making a CD for on of my teachers because, unfortunately, her contract is up. Anyway, after looking up the proper CD case dimensions, I made my Photoshop document to match. I saved the pictures as .PNG using the right dimensions for the CD case (4.75"...

23rd November 2013
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Manually glitched images thread This thread has images

some shit to start: http://filesmelt.com/dl/Gltchdw.png http://filesmelt.com/dl/your_mom_glitched.png http://filesmelt.com/dl/Altar.png

23rd November 2013
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The Lego Megathread V1 - So much foot pain This thread has images

What is a Lego? If you're that dumb, here's what wikipedia says. THE RULES! READ BEFORE POSTING! 1. Do NOT post pictures of existing sets. 2. If you get a picture from another site, please give them credit. 3. For pictures that you take, please...

23rd November 2013
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How can I get that pop? This thread has images

I just wanted to see what I could do to improve. I have improved some but I stopped making 3d gfxs after I stopped being in clans. I still enjoy to make stuff from time to time, I just do not have much of a place now I guess. I put everything from new to...

23rd November 2013
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Mogul - How far I've Come in Two Years

Well, I came into music knowing nothing about 2 years ago. I had 0 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and my music sounded like rocks in a tin can. Fast forward to today, 1500 YouTube Subs, and 358 SoundCloud Followers later and I am finally making...

22nd November 2013
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Can someone caption this picture for me please? This thread has images

Just a mr steal yo girl caption would do thank you. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/9h5.JPG/

22nd November 2013
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What do you think of my Virtual Tuning? This thread has images

Its not my first and i know im not the best, i also know i made a totally ugly car lol

21st November 2013
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Welp, here's my soundcloud account. Thought I'd share it a bit.

Yeah, it has quite a few short "musical doodles" I've created over the years. Some are quite hit and miss, but I literally just started posting new ones I've had lying around and thought I'd share a couple. I don't have any complete songs as I never...

20th November 2013
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A little wildlife idea I had.

I couldn't find a video forum that wasn't the TV and Film one so I thought this was the most apt one? Here is a short idea I've been working on: I was thinking to start a mini-series in the same style as this (less rushed), starting maybe on...

20th November 2013
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just some random girl I drew This thread has images

Saw this picture of a girl on the side of one of the hair-care product boxes at work, really liked the hair style, thought I'd try drawing a picture of a girl with that hair style some time. And here we are. I'd love critiques on my shading, I'm not...

19th November 2013
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Write a 100 word story...

Write a 100-word short story. Heres mine: "Hey you, get back here you little shit!", exclaimed the grumpy "get-it-quick" shop worker. I was running for my life after racking a bag of chips. "Why do I do these things to myself," is what I ask myself...

19th November 2013
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Requesting that dude's avatar with the shapes that motion blur into other shapes. This thread has images

The source would be better, actually. I might use it for a school project but can't remember where it is. Project's due in a couple of days. I think he might have posted it in the Digital 3D art thread and that it didn't come out exactly as he wanted.

19th November 2013
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Eggo My Leggo - Lets Play Channel

Hey guys, Figured I would share this all with you all (since it's creative). I started a lets play channel (DONT, click away just yet. Give me a chance), and figured I would share it with you all. I expect to go far with this channel and am working...

18th November 2013
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This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I've often been told I have a pleasant speaking voice. So to that end, I've started this project: LET'S FUCKING READ! I'll start things off with the lyrics to Cannibal Corpse's I CUM BLOOD, and...

18th November 2013
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The Great Painters Throughout History This thread has images

As someone who grew up with a parent who is an art teacher and painter, I've always been interested in and inspired by traditional painters. I've looked around and couldn't find a thread like this, so here it is. In this thread we'll discuss great...

17th November 2013
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Another Photoshop Artwork by me! This thread has images

Tell me how you think about it. Took about 2 hours

16th November 2013
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Dioramas and Displays This thread has images

I've always liked Dioramas and Displays more than other art pieces. Seeing a miniature battle scene or even just a train set always pleased me. So over time I've made a few things of my own to display things I've enjoyed. I'm gonna post the things...

16th November 2013
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Adding a certain effect to text? This thread has images

Hello, I'm trying to learn photoshop, so I don't have to make posts like this... Basically I wan't to make a logo, with a certain effect... If you look at this image... Under the 'F' in GFX, how would I make the light under it and spread? This...

14th November 2013
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pc games

Requesting some digital art for my game.

Hey, guys. I've been spending the last few months working really hard on my game, and I've hit a point where I need some artwork for testing purposes; not a lot, just a few drawings. I'm also looking for an artist longer-term: someone who could provide...

13th November 2013
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Quirk.fm - A webradio that helps you quit genres! ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Hi everyone, here is an update about Quirk.fm. We're still in closed BETA but here is a custom signup link for Facepunch users who want to get involved http://www.quirk.fm/sign_up?invite=4dDBkQ-VRHo

13th November 2013
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Best drawing ever made in the world This thread has images

True art at its finest: Possible next ? (User was banned for this post ("Don't be silly" - Autumn))

12th November 2013
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Redline and Visual Critique Thread ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Whenever I study art, sometimes I get problems translating written/oral feedback into a visual solution. Under the premise that other people feel the same, I try to give feedback visually, i.e. by 'redline' or photoshop magic. If anyone is...

11th November 2013
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Drawing a HL2 Gunship This thread has images

So I bought the wacom intous5 graphics drawing tablet (medium with touch) and I dig it, takes some coordination and skill and makes you want to constantly improve because of its huge potential I am drawing this gunship (in photoshop) and hoped for some...

10th November 2013
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Labour Patrol - A New Musical Venture

Hello Facepunch! It's been awhile... I first got into music production about 4 years ago working with FL Studio mostly sampling as well as doing some simple compositions. As time went on I moved into other creative endeavors such as graphic design,...

10th November 2013
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Signature This thread has images

What do you guys think of it?

10th November 2013
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quick question about batch rendering

sorry if this is the wrong section, but i've done a batch render for my animation class it's 100 frames, all .png what's the easiest way to use sony vegas pro 11 to import these images and reconstruct them back into a video?

9th November 2013
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Actually Good DeviantArtists Appreciation thread ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

Yes, yes, we're all quite aware that DeviantArt has a reputation for harboring Artists with...much to be desired. But, let us not forget that there's an upside to DeviantArt, that there are actually good artists on there with fantastic, professional work....

5th November 2013
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Interesting mouse cursors This thread has images

The mouse... The ultimate input tool, so lets screw around with it. WELCOME TO THE ALMIGHTY THREAD OF MICE, RATS, MOUSES AND OTHER INPUT DEVICES ALIKE Post yer stuff here. Lets get started. A flaming mouse made by me :) (honestly looks...

4th November 2013
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Add 1 word to make a story (no better title?)

Example: User 1: You User 2: Are User 3: An User 2: Idiot I'll start us off: Barry

4th November 2013
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M&M Duels: Trailer This thread has images

so everyone remember that old 4chan copypasta? i needed an idea for directing class in film school so my buddies and i made a shit-tier drama/comedy spoof of it. criticism within reason is encouraged, try not to be rude, and keep in mind that...

4th November 2013
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Homemade Stopmotion Animation

Hello there, For entry in a animation film festival in 2013, I remade this animation from an earlier draft. I made new titles, re-edited some pictures and tried to better the sound and animation. Alas it wasn't selected for the competition so now I'm a...

4th November 2013
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Star Wars Pixel Sprites Requests This thread has images

Hey, If anyone had some spare time and feel like helping me out with a few sprites, it'd be much appreciated. Here is the art style I'm using so use it as a reference: NOTICE: I do not need any humanoid creatures, I need stuff like Womp Rats,...

1st November 2013
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Evil Dead Ash Costume This thread has images

I'm getting started on my Halloween costume for this year. Decided to go as Ash from Evil Dead, one of my favorite movies. Of course if you're gonna go as Ash you gotta start with the most important part: The Chainsaw. I started off getting a...

31st October 2013
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Wallpaper request (Walking Dead Season 2 promo picture)

I am also posting this in fast threads, since I don't know where this goes, I assume here but I also think fast threads since it is a request/question Could someone turn this into a 3840 x 1080 wallpaper please?...

30th October 2013
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Looking For: Experienced Sprite Artist For A Game

Hello! We are developers who are currently looking to plan out a game. The game engine we are using is GameMaker 8.1, games which have been made with this engine, are games such as Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain, Cook, Serve, Delicious!, Super...

29th October 2013
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Artist blogs that inspire you This thread has images

I thought it would be useful for people to post their most inspirational artist blogs (please don't post individual works or dead blogs). I've found that having something that's constantly updated and posted in by the artist to be very inspiring and...

29th October 2013
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Describe a character from any work of fiction (in great detail,) and I shall sketch that motherfucker! This thread has images

Inspired by this blog: http://thepokeymansproject.tumblr.com/ The idea behind this thread is simple! Aaand it was pretty much explained in the thread title, so we can hopefully skip past a second explanation... If I skip over your description, it...

27th October 2013
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