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Mischief: Digital painting program with an interesting twist

thought some of y'all would appreciate this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yen31td9Mq4 15 day demo available at their site: www.madewithmischief.com full program is only $65. Light price for the interesting applicability TL;DR it's natural...

22nd October 2013
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Area 666 fanart This thread has images

i did Killori: Lily: what character from the adventure should i do next

22nd October 2013
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I need some help with a logo.. help a brotha out This thread has images

Alright, so I'm planning on building a new portfolio website with my username I use on most forums, FreeFall. Also to use as a watermark logo on work I want to place there. I created a logo, but I cant seem to get a nice look to it.. I'm happy with the...

22nd October 2013
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Make a band V2 This thread has images

Same rules apply. Go to Wikipedia and go to random article. First article is your band's name. Then go to random quotations. The four last words of the very last quotation is the name of your album. Then go to Flickr and go to last 7 days. Whatever the...

21st October 2013
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Combines vs Rebels stopped motion scene This thread has images

There's nothing to do here, posting this thread in creation corner was a mistake, shoo. This thread was moved to here : http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1317234

21st October 2013
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So I was Playing dayz and... This thread has images

EDIT: I don't really know if this is the right thread but i thought I would post it anyways. Back story: So A guy camping Airstrip was on the hill. I saw him by dumb luck like 500m meters away from me. I got on my bike and got about 400m closer. I put...

19th October 2013
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Novelizing Half-Life

So to better develop my writing skills, I wanted to adapt Half-Life into written story as I play through the original game. The story will progress the way I play the game. for example, if I get injured in a gunfight, there will be a passage about Freeman...

19th October 2013
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Photoshop tips for starters?

Hi! I have been doing some picture editing for some time now, but i dont see any progress, anything i make comes out the same, not good enough... Im just wondering if anyone could give me some tips when it comes to making/editing pictures. (also, im not...

18th October 2013
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Art Help Thread This thread has images

Tons of times I wanted to ask the people in the "Creative Work That Doesn't Deserve A Thread" thread for help but I didn't want to clutter up my shit with their art so maybe a new thread is in order? Basically you people will help me (or anyone else who...

18th October 2013
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Make an 8-bit version of your avatar. This thread has images

Make a pixelated version of your avatar using an 8-bit palette. Contribution:

17th October 2013
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Speed art with photoshop . This thread has images

Hello Americans / English! :dance: I present you my first speed art made with Photoshop. I know it is average , but I wanted to have your notices for my first time. The...

16th October 2013
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Filming an urbex themed horror/thriller movie.

Hi facepunch, Me and and a friend of mine (who you might remember from this thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1108444) are making plans to make a short movie this summer. The general idea of the short is that there are 3-4 friends...

15th October 2013
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M is For Mocking Death (most wonderful short movie you've ever seen ;) )

Just kiddin but I hope it could be true, nonetheless! :) Hello everybody! Just to say that my last short movie, M is for Mocking Death, joined the ABCs of death2 26th director contest! You can watch it here:...

14th October 2013
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Post Awesome Cosplay! This thread has images

I thought this would be fun, I always think it's cool to see cosplay done right. If you've got pictures to share of awesome cosplay, you can post it here. Also be sure to post the names of the character being portrayed, and the name of the cosplayer, if...

13th October 2013
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The Emotional Rollercoaster - Step dads band

So I want to start off, that this is a self promoting thread. My step dad and his friend are wanting criticism for their band, whether it be good or bad. I'll tell them to the best of my ability what in general you guys think. I know self promoting...

11th October 2013
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Some ink drawings I do This thread has images

ladies and gentlemen how is it going? probably waaay too many pics for a single post in the creative works thread i'll post them as I photo them, some are on display right now also HUGE IMAGE WARNING AHEAD please excuse the jpeg juice any...

10th October 2013
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DeviantArt: Not everything there is crap. This thread has images

New DeviantArt thread! And this one is actually about GOOD art! Therefore, the only real rule is that you only post good art on this thread. Anyway, content:

9th October 2013
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Funny x 30

The Dark Knight: Clown Clown Clown Clown Clown This thread has images

The Dark Knight: Clown Clown Clown Clown Clown “Hahaha he ho hehee ha!” The Joker’s bloodcurdling laugh echoed through the dark halls of Arkham Asylum, striking fear in the hearts of the few hostages he hadn’t yet submitted to his deadly Smile Gas....

9th October 2013
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Obey This thread has images

Orginal images: sorry for the size. No idea how to make a bigger gif

9th October 2013
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Been working on two adventure/mystery stories, would like to hear criticism

Both of the stories I wrote are unnamed, just saying. The first one is inspired by Kentucky Route Zero, when I was writing this I was listening to this ambient sound. I tried to give it a dark atmosphere, but not a disturbing or creepy one. It's the...

8th October 2013
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I drew one of my Gmod tnaks This thread has images

Made this ACF tank in Gmod months ago- decided to draw it in action. Other than the rifleman's right arm looking a bit weird, I think it turned out well.

5th October 2013
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WW2 Colorization This thread has images

I shut the recording off a bit early, I still did some color work and that's why the finished result looks different.

3rd October 2013
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SteamOS Concept Load Screen This thread has images

Due to the recent steam-mania, and my boredom, I decided to make a custom login screen for SteamOS. Please, give me advice and critisism, and I'll update.

1st October 2013
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Quick art related question

What is it called when you take a photo of a person, isolate said person from the environment and make him completely black? Just from the outline of him, that is. Might be unclear, but please help if you can! :)

30th September 2013
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30th September 2013
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So I'm writing a zombie story called 'The infected'

The story follows a redneck and a 'normal' dude in a zombie apocalypse, I've been posting the chapters in the 'Shit that gets you happy' thread, but I figured I'd get more help on improving here. I've posted all the chapters on a site, here are the...

29th September 2013
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27th September 2013
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Instrumental Album

Haven't post here in a while.. but i'm gonna' make this short My name Enzo and I made a album filled with spacey beats and prettty chords so far it got positive reviews and alot of people fux w/ see for your self ...

25th September 2013
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A different writing project.

A long time ago, in this very section of Facepunch, I posted that I was going to start a writing and share some if it. Those plans immediately toppled over and I never made a single revision or post, because I didn't really care for what I had posted and...

24th September 2013
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GTA V Release Day Criticism

A man who goes to buy GTA V on the release day runs into some trouble on the way to pick up his game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F28fgJQL9NI I'm looking for some constructive criticism on this video so I can make more videos that don't make...

24th September 2013
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Pixel art for a game (need help with colors) This thread has images

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y_xcvS_aIk Devlog: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=36131.15 Hello Creationism Corner, I'm developing a free open-source C++11 game, `operation bloodshed`. If you want to see it in action, I've...

23rd September 2013
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Tips for my first restoration This thread has images

I did what I could, but I know more could of been better. Could you suggest stuff? Uncompressed pics http://imgur.com/a/HexwM

22nd September 2013
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My video recap of an open-air event in Berlin

A few months ago I've been to an awesome Open-Air event in Berlin called Lost in a moment organized by the record label Innervisions and the well known club Watergate. The whole day I filmed a ton of impressions and edited it together a few weeks ago. The...

21st September 2013
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[possible NSFW] Make a band! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Go to Wikipedia and go to random article. First article is your band's name. Then go to random quotations. The four last words of the very last quotation is the name of your album. Then go to Flickr and go to last 7 days. Whatever the third picture is,...

21st September 2013
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[COMIC] Brony Virus Control Squad (BVC) This thread has images

Hello all! I decided that I was going to make a comic series based on the conflict connected to the popular and, ironically enough, controversial effects of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" on people. I started the comic with only 8...

19th September 2013
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Study thread V1 This thread has images

Haven't seen a thread like this here yet so why not make one. Rules are the following: - Don't post a new reference unless at least 24 hours have passed without a new post. - If you want to give criticism for god's sake be creative. Don't bother...

18th September 2013
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[5 MINUTE JOB] Need this icon scaled up to 320x320px. This thread has images

The background should be #000000 and the CD should be around #666666 and have about 50px of padding. It'd be really appreciated if someone could help me out my computer only has 512MB of ram and can't run gimp or photoshop well D:

17th September 2013
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Anybody who speaks Greek and has a nice microphone?

I'm working on a mission in Arma 3, and I'd like it to feature some voice acting in the Greek language, being set in Greece and all If anyone speaks Greek and has a not-too-terrible microphone, would you mind recording a few small lines for me?

17th September 2013
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The Timeline of the World

Er... I originally made this in the Mass Debate section but after a while, I thought it fit more here. Ya know, I'm creating a timeline of the world in brief. Ok, so here goes: This is just a simple timeline of what I think the world should be split...

16th September 2013
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So I made another Video Game

Hi guys, I was at a Microsoft event recently and one of the speakers gave a stat about how most time playing mobile games is spent by people, wait for it, on the toilet. Well that got a hell of a chuckle out of the audience. Anyhoo that got me thinking...

15th September 2013
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