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This isn't the place for Help & Support threads or Server advertising threads. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.

Help and Support forum is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/16 Server advertising is forbidden as well. Thanks :) :eng101:

10th September 2014
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looking for a co owner

So I'm looking to start a darkrp server I have owned 3 servers in the past 2 being darkrp but here are the qualifications you need Knowledge in lua (not simple stuff I need someone that's good with scoreboard motd hud automatic donations) Knowledge in...

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GMod Pro Hacker by DJ Lamp This thread has images

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PwPBYATQZI&feature=youtu.be not me :D

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Shit that gets you mad in Gmod ( 2 3 4 5 .. 84 85 86 87 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is mainly to get off your chest what you find most annoying in garry's mod, no matter of gamemode. I'll begin: I hate the fact that in TTT, when i'm a Traitor, an innocent gets shot by another person and then i get accused for that. Now it's...

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Bluehost VPS? Spec for gmod server This thread has images

I have been with NFO for a while and i have been wanting to add more servers for cheaper price, so i was looking into VPS hosting. I found http://www.bluehost.com/vps online and i'v been hearing good reviews about it Would a VPS with 2 cpu cores and...

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Where to go for a Custom Gun Model?

Hello, I am currently looking for someone to make a custom gun model for my TTT server. I was just wondering if there is any place that I can go to hire someone to make such a model for me. I have zero experience with creating models and animations, so I...

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Introducing Coder^Higher [Jobs & Scripts] ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

Hey guys, my friend has been working on a CoderHire clone for people to post scripts and job requests. Check out his site and post feedback here, he looks forward to updating the site and making it better for the community. ...

7 Hours Ago
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Gmod random crashed (DarkRp)

yea as well i start up gmod going on a darkRp server. and when i press ESC while in game my game randomly crashes without any error, plus and when i join the server again i need to re install all addons.. does anyone have a solution for this? ...

9 Hours Ago
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Gmod play as birds mod??

I have googled far and wide and I can't seem to find the addon used in this video where you play as birds. Idk if it's a map thing or a gamemode thing or what. Any help would be appreciated. It looks like they have their own mechanics as well so I don't...

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garrysmod.org database error ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

I wanna check out garrysmod.org but it gives me this message. Database Error! (please report this to garry @ garrynewman@gmail.com) You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right...

22 Hours Ago
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Change RPM

Excuse my stupidity, but I cannot figure out how to change the rate of fire on SWEP Bases. (shared.lua) // Variables that are used on both client and server SWEP.Author = "overki11" SWEP.Contact = "" SWEP.Purpose = "" SWEP.Instructions = ""

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What Garry's Mod gamemode do you enjoy most and why?

What Garry's Mod gamemode do you enjoy most and why? I like NutScript, it's easy to edit, fun to play and has lots of features!

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Need someone to help test things on my new TTT server

So pretty simple request.. I just need someone to help me test things on my TTT server. It's honestly not much, I just need someone to test. This is my profile to add: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057377507/

1 Day Ago
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Fox-Warrior's Resources Generator This thread has images

Changelog version 2.05: Added official website for downloads, bug reporting, and suggestions. Updated spawnlist generator for GMOD 13. Hi there i made a good program for generate spanwlist and lua Resources files (Resource.AddFile) Easy to use...

1 Day Ago
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Divran's E2 Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 19 20 21 22 Last ) This thread has images

Remake My old E2 thread called "I'll make E2s for you guys!" was removed (Due to some sort of bug. Wasn't a moderator), so I decided to make a new one. A minute for lost E2s Let's all take a minute for all the 8 pages full of awesome E2s that were...

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Third person view on a ragdoll

Hello guys :) i would like to know if there is a way to select a ragdoll and see it in third person view like when you die with your character.. I know about cameras etc.. But i don't really like them because you can see only the focused area of the...

1 Day Ago
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Seperate category for my GMOD server

I am wanting to make a seperate category for my server, so it comes under a category called something like SeriousRP or something like that, but how do I do that? Can someone please help me, I don't want it under the 'DarkRP' category any more, please...

1 Day Ago
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GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate! ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for you to post what server(s)/server community(s) you hate and why! Also just feel free to post bad experiences with other servers. Rules: 1. Do not argue as these are peoples opinions based on past experiences that you did NOT...

1 Day Ago
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CREEPY GMOD This thread has images

I was just fooling around in sandbox mode on the map Vast Space and I was just using the air boat and I started to notice a black dot watching over me the whole time. I quickly got off my boat and tried to get near it but it disappeared. I thought this...

1 Day Ago
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What dedicated server for a DarkRP server?

Hello, I currently have a server DarkRP 50 slots, which works more or less (there are some bug from time to time). However, I would change machine, I am currently torn between two machines. Both are almost identical it is only their CPU and RAM that...

2 Days Ago
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Any server providers that are beginner friendly? ( TTT )

Basically trying to find a server host that has locations in the West Coast. Something more beginner friendly is specifically what I'm looking for. I've done a few google searches, but I'm trying to get more recent answers. I have tried Elpishost,...

2 Days Ago
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Fire Entity Plz Help

i am createing a darkrp server and i need help i have the fire extinguisher but i dont have the fire entity plz help!!!! contact me over steam or skype! Skype Username ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一E.L.I.T.E Paxoboy۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩ steam id /FacelessRP (User was banned...

2 Days Ago
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Need help making a darkrp

So I have all (well i think all) the "basics" setup I need help putting it all together making it all work and fixing anything on the way. Willing to pay for your time through anything other than PayPal. My skype: REPPINQ P.S: I still have my old...

2 Days Ago
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ACF General Thread ( 2 3 4 5 .. 46 47 48 49 Last ) This thread has images

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat. Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here. Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that...

2 Days Ago
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How does one properly make a Half Life 2 RP? This thread has images

One thing I know for sure is having a ruleset of: 1. Roleplay That's all. Nothing more. Things happening in game should be dealt with in RP. Administrators should only step in due to exploiters/hackers. I had a few other suggestions thrown at me:...

2 Days Ago
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Anyone want to play Gmod Sandbox with me?

Hi guys. I am really bored and I figured why not play a little sandbox? The thing is, none of my friends want to play with me (Yeah, I'm a loner) and It's lonely just playing alone. Reply to this post and add me on steam if you are gonna play with me a...

3 Days Ago
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Do you think a cartoonish theme server is stupid?

What is my idea: I wanted to make my server feel more cartoonish/funny/nostalgic, so I started redesigning certain aspects of game-modes to look/play differently. I sorta feel like this idea is stupid though, so before I do anything more I wanted to get...

3 Days Ago
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Addon Marketplace

Okay, I know from the name it sounds like a Coderhire remake, it isn't, its a place for addons to be shared by developers, for free. People leaking scripts will be banned. If you're interested, just click this link...

3 Days Ago
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Battlefield gamemode feedback/ideas?

I'm not going to say the sever or name, but I just want to ask the people here 2 things: - Whether you will be interested in a BFBC/BF3ish gamemode? (Not a DarkRP edit, a full gamemode from 'base') - Currently the game feels more like CoD. Something...

3 Days Ago
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Server Switcher?

Anyone know of a script or addon that allows you to switch from one server to another? I have multiple servers on different gamemodes and having to give out the ip all the time gets tiring. Thanks in advance!

3 Days Ago
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Lua scripting

Error with experience addon (TTT)

I recently bought an experience addon which should show the specific level of a player on the top left corner (I think). The experience bar gets further if you kill the right person. But when I put the experience folder into my addon folder of my server...

4 Days Ago
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Server name This thread has images


4 Days Ago
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What do u think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxzin9IIV00

4 Days Ago
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How to make weapon respawners?

Im working on making a fun game type (using sandbox) for my friends and I but i cant seem to find any addons or information on how to make a spot on a map have a weapon respawn at it every so often. Can someone please send me in the right direction?

5 Days Ago
by NiandraLades Go to last post
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Gamemode to Work on?

Iv'e recently Made a DarkRP server that is very custom and in my opinion Unique but along the way of making it, iv'e been posting multiple Threads of mostly help on how to get a good player Base and fixes for bugs. With each Thread along the way, multiple...

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5 Days Ago
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What would you do if your playerbase in your community is ignoring you?

I am trying to get our servers repopulated again but all of my players of my community have stopped joining our servers. I have tried hosting events and coding new game-modes, but my players in my community show no interest. I have even asked them what...

5 Days Ago
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What is your favorite taunt from Prop Hunt Gamemode?

What is your favorite taunt from Prop Hunt Gamemode? You can post youtube / soundcloud or what ever to share :)

5 Days Ago
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Non-removable floating TF2 cosmetics after reloading save

I will try to make this brief so I don't smack people whom read this with a wall of text, I was working on a scene for a screenshot involving TF2 characters and such which I have put a large sum of work into, though it was getting late whilst I was...

5 Days Ago
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rp_downtown map?

What is the downtown map that has the rich/mansion area?

5 Days Ago
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