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RULES - Read ME before POSTING - * Updated July 8! * This thread has images

Articles - Don't post articles without a source, if it's from a magazine, scan it. If there's only a news video with no accompanying text you may post it. - Articles must not be more than 2 weeks old. - Don't post entire articles. Your quote snippet...

2 Weeks Ago
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Mother saves son from faulty escalator, gets crushed to death ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Source (video inside): https://www.hongkongfp.com/2015/07/27/mother-crushed-saving-her-son-in-horrific-shopping-mall-escalator-collapse-in-china/

TheDrunkenOne • 14 reading
1 Minute Ago
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Mafia III being revealed next week This thread has images

Source is the official Mafia facebook page: http://www.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1085724 https://www.facebook.com/mafiagame?fref=ts Edit: official site: https://mafiagame.com

Swiket • 38 reading
4 Minutes Ago
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Rumor: Microsoft's paying the bills for some companies to migrate off of Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 or Microsoft Azure


wickedplayer494 • 11 reading
7 Minutes Ago
by AtomicSans Go to last post
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Windows 10 starting to be downloaded by GWX for those that reserved their upgrades ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


wickedplayer494 • 62 reading
8 Minutes Ago
by dgg Go to last post
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Father tries to quickly cross the street with his kids... Doesn't Make It. ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Source: gazeta.ru (in russian) and other russian websites

Megalan • 20 reading
9 Minutes Ago
by itisjuly Go to last post
266 7,055

3 men jailed for separate sex assaults of underage girl on OKCupid, victim continues to use OKCupid afterwards ( 2 Last )


elfbarf • 13 reading
14 Minutes Ago
by eirexe Go to last post
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Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis had a plan to 'hack' the tax system to prepare for a Grexit

www.businessinsider.com/yanis-varoufakis-is-defending-his-secret-plans-to-hack-his-own-countrys-financial-payments-system-2015-7 http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSL5N1073NO20150727?irpc=932 Interesting. I could see it being abused more...

NGC • 11 reading
25 Minutes Ago
by Antlerp Go to last post
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Melbourne exhausts Australia's supply of Nutella by cramming it into donuts This thread has images


stewsta • 9 reading
31 Minutes Ago
by Faren Go to last post
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Sony bids 7 Figures to make movie about Emojis This thread has images

http://deadline.com/2015/07/emoji-movie-sony-pictures-animation-anthony-leondis-kung-fu-panda-secrets-of-the-masters-1201482768/ It will be directed by Anthony Leondis, whose work includes Igor, Lilo and Stitch 2, and Kronk's New Groove.

teddthebucfan • 4 reading
34 Minutes Ago
by Recurracy Go to last post
39 2,086

Bethesda Literally Cannot Make Anymore Limited Edition Pipboys. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.vg247.com/2015/07/28/fallout-4-bethesda-literally-cannot-make-any-more-pip-boy-units/ Holy shit, that's just... Edit: Another Article. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/fallout-4-studio-cannot-make-any-more-pip-boy-coll/1100-6429223/

TornadoAP • 33 reading
36 Minutes Ago
by Pvt. Martin Go to last post
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PC Games

Nvidia offering free MGSV with Graphics Card Purchase ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.pcworld.com/article/2952173/software-games/nvidia-tosses-a-free-copy-of-metal-gear-solid-v-in-with-geforce-graphics-cards.html Wanted to let everyone know who is in the market for upgrading or getting a new PC that this offer has just hit...

redBadger • 1 reading
38 Minutes Ago
by Sungrazer Go to last post
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Ukrainian Separatists goof in anti-U.S. propaganda video by basing it off of Battlefield 3 This thread has images


elfbarf • 7 reading
44 Minutes Ago
by Shadow801 Go to last post
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Mark Hamill will play the Joker in 'The Killing Joke'


TheKritter71 • 11 reading
46 Minutes Ago
by Sungrazer Go to last post
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Boy Scouts of America Votes To End Ban On Gay Scout Leaders & Members!

Source I'm glad to hear this going through, a few friends of mine from my old troop came out several years after getting Eagle as they were afraid to loose the opportunity.

LoneWolf_Recon • 4 reading
53 Minutes Ago
by LoneWolf_Recon Go to last post
18 932

Lady shoots attacker in the head (and he was probably a serial killer, too) This thread has images


Ninja Gnome • 7 reading
53 Minutes Ago
by Bat-shit Go to last post
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1 Hour Ago
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1 Hour Ago
by jmazouri Go to last post
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New Jersey may raise the legal age to purchase tobacco to 21 (from 19); will be first in the nation to do so ( 2 Last )


Emperor Scorpious II • 2 reading
1 Hour Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
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Lara Croft gets a "realistic" redesign from eating disorder support group ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.bulimia.com/wp-content/themes/bulimia-child/assets/images/video-games-realistic/Lara-Croft-Tomb-Raider.png Because you know, in real life, a woman that raids tombs wouldn't be incredibly fit. Here's some more of their "realistic redesigns"...

Velocet • 5 reading
1 Hour Ago
by POLOPOZOZO Go to last post
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86 breaches of the ceasefire in Ukraine by the Pro-Russian rebels, including the use of tanks, GRAD rockets, and other artillery.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-27/ukraine-sees-record-truce-breaches-as-army-reinforces-port-city ...

purvisdavid1 • 2 reading
1 Hour Ago
by Araknid Go to last post
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Unknown sunken submarine found off of the coast of Sweden ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

Article is currently in Finnish. Still developing. I've provided a partial translation from the Finnish article. YLE Expressen

Deadman • 95 reading
2 Hours Ago
by Exploders Go to last post
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Former Student wins $900k settlement from University 8 years after expulsion This thread has images

https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150723/22284131745/eight-years-after-bogus-expulsion-over-supposed-threat-former-student-obtains-900k-settlement-university.shtml Considerably more details regarding the case in the source.

elfbarf • 5 reading
2 Hours Ago
by UberMensch Go to last post
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Turkey accused of shelling Kurdish fighters (YPG)


soccerskyman • 1 reading
2 Hours Ago
by Allah Go to last post
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Samsung unveils a monitor that can charge phones with Qi wireless charging, also comes with AMD's FreeSync

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_uNw-ueAZM http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2488474,00.asp

wickedplayer494 • 1 reading
3 Hours Ago
by Killuah Go to last post
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The Summer Of Hate - Refugee Homes in Germany are burning This thread has images

http://www.trueten.de/archives/9419-Karte-der-Schande-Straftaten-gegen-Fluechtlinge-und-ihre-Unterkuenfte.html I am pretty sure most of you guys are not aware of this so this is why I do this kind of mixed thread. Recently we're having more and...

Killuah • 3 reading
3 Hours Ago
by Killuah Go to last post
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Razer saves Android gaming, buys OUYA

http://www.develop-online.net/news/razer-buys-ouya/0209329 Not much info yet as it's just happened, but it's interesting to see what they're gonna do with it, I'm guessing they'll merge it with their Forge console thing somehow.

Thunderbolt • 2 reading
3 Hours Ago
by Ogris Go to last post
21 2,133

Scientists Confirm 'Impossible' EM Drive Propulsion ( 2 Last )

So, i think we just broke some laws in physics. Johnnymo1 get in here. :johnnymo1:

Deathtrooper2 • 4 reading
3 Hours Ago
by Del91 Go to last post
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PC Games

Five Nights at Freddie's 4 Released Early. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://4d663a369f9f03c3c61e-870e77779efd63f7bd6c2ee08d8cfae6.r2.cf1.rackcdn.com/images/DlEhVb9uIGko.878x0.Z-Z96KYq.jpg Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/five-nights-at-freddys-4-releases-early/ Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/388090/ Is...

jonjon1234 • 3 reading
4 Hours Ago
by Talvy Go to last post
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Starbucks manager pissed off at man who calls out people that shouldn't be parking in handicapped spots in the store and permabans him; ban was later reversed This thread has images


4 Hours Ago
by Fourm Shark Go to last post
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Work In Progress
4 Hours Ago
by Explosions Go to last post
5 498

U.S. drops Boston's 2024 Olympic bid


6 Hours Ago
by Trekintosh Go to last post
15 1,030

Swiss army crosses French border to steal water for thirsty cows

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33684713 They aren't neutral when it comes to cows

smurfy • 2 reading
6 Hours Ago
by Disgruntled Go to last post
17 1,231

Trucks With Confederate Flags Incite Apparent Intimidation In Georgia

Source i begin to wonder why the fuck some people can't leave well enough alone, So many dumbasses with this flag it's not even funny.

confinedUser • 1 reading
6 Hours Ago
by Moustacheman Go to last post
3 315

'Third-World' NYC Airport LaGuardia to Be Torn Down, Rebuilt This thread has images

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/Biden-Cuomo-Major-NYC-Infrastructure-Announcement-318613501.html#ixzz3h8CtFx9T About damn time

LoganIsAwesome • 2 reading
7 Hours Ago
by Sableye Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Severe weather outbreak occurring in Manitoba, North Dakota, and SE Saskatchewan, with tornadoes on the ground in SW Manitoba


8 Hours Ago
by Saxon Go to last post
3 204

New CDC report shows reports of Lyme disease by county This thread has images

27th July 2015 http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/07/20/map-lyme/

cody8295 • 2 reading
8 Hours Ago
by Benx303 Go to last post
22 924

[UK] Laughing Gas Teenager Dies

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-33667330 At first I was thinking it was an adverse reaction but clearly it's oxygen deprivation... If all you're doing is breathing balloon gas, you're going to collapse. 27th July 2015 And I don't like...

AK'z • 1 reading
10 Hours Ago
by Fudgeblood Go to last post
13 2,468

Rapper Chief Keef's live-streamed hologram benefit concert shut down by police after being banned from Chicago

http://www.stereogum.com/1818438/banned-by-chicago-mayor-chief-keef-says-hologram-show-will-go-on-in-a-secret-location/video/ http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/7/71/823902/confusion-reigns-chief-keef-concert-venue Bit of a clusterfuck and a...

10 Hours Ago
by Kyle902 Go to last post
30 1,729

Dead man found in California with over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS worth of guns, TWO TONS of Ammo ( 2 Last )

http://www.breitbart.com/california/2015/07/22/body-of-man-with-over-1200-guns-left-in-suv-for-government-agency-to-find/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwVzkjdX_o0 Edit: Correction, it was SIX AND A HALF TONS of ammo.

purvisdavid1 • 2 reading
11 Hours Ago
by Pilot1215 Go to last post
78 5,093

Nintendo kills TVii for Wii U This thread has images

http://www.nineinchsandwich.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Nintendo-TVii.png http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/26/9043101/nintendo-wii-u-tvii-service-discontinued

11 Hours Ago
by SGTNAPALM Go to last post
30 2,144

Public anger after French sunbather beaten up by gang for wearing a bikini in Reims park ( 2 3 Last )


Allah • 2 reading
11 Hours Ago
by wauterboi Go to last post
89 4,360

The end of capitalism has begun ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/jul/17/postcapitalism-end-of-capitalism-begun 17.07.2015 It's a VERY LONG article. Personally, I don't think it has begun. It is just evolving into a new form.

Antlerp • 2 reading
13 Hours Ago
by BFG9000 Go to last post
66 5,212

Senator Leland Yee has plead guilty for Gun Running/Racketeering

Sacramento Bee One of the most renown anti-gun senators was using gun running operations to fund his campaigns. Gotta love it.

14 Hours Ago
by Kigen Go to last post
9 1,047
Work In Progress
14 Hours Ago
by Antdawg Go to last post
22 1,961

Not okay, Brother: WWE scrubs away Hulk Hogan from their history completely ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

source Not much is known why, but yesterday a poster on a sports forum revealed some information long before the news broke. Pretty disappointing if this turns out to be true- I've heard stories of him being racist, but this is Mel Gibson levels...

14 Hours Ago
by chunkymonkey Go to last post
105 8,699

Putin: "People like Sepp Blatter deserve the Nobel Prize"


Dougz • 3 reading
15 Hours Ago
by Egonny Go to last post
11 1,228

A terror attack is currently unfolding in India’s Punjab

A terror attack is currently unfolding in India’s Punjab Source: Quartz India ____________________

Pretiacruento • 1 reading
16 Hours Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
13 1,255

Officer Indicted For Lying On Warrant Application That Led To Toddler Being Burned By Flashbang Grenade


16 Hours Ago
by AlbertWesker Go to last post
17 1,798

Foreign submarine found in Swedish waters

Source 27th July 2015 Wow how the fuck did I miss the already existing thread

17 Hours Ago
by Zovox Go to last post
1 174

Drag queens banned from Pride event 'because they may offend transgender people' ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last ) This thread has images


Lamar • 1 reading
17 Hours Ago
by Jamsponge Go to last post
301 11,925

N.J. EMT dies in traffic collision on her last shift This thread has images


amute • 1 reading
17 Hours Ago
by Complicated Go to last post
36 2,517

Twitter is Deleting Stolen Jokes on Copyright Grounds ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://i.imgur.com/5qvCXmu.png Her statement:

Super Muffin • 3 reading
17 Hours Ago
by Paramud Go to last post
52 4,157

Men armed with sticks break into mans house to steal a Playstation

They stole an original PlayStation not a PS3/4. http://www.19actionnews.com/story/29560908/police-men-armed-with-sticks-steal-playstation http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Men-Steal-Playstation-Armed-With-Cheapest-Weapons-Possible-73152.html

18 Hours Ago
by Tetsmega Go to last post
28 2,632

"I think I will win the Hispanic vote, I've employed thousands and thousands of Hispanics" - Donald Trump


18 Hours Ago
by bull3tmagn3t Go to last post
20 2,168

Tom Cruise says he's up for Top Gun 2, however only if they don't use CGI at all ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


18 Hours Ago
by DEMONSKUL Go to last post
55 3,916

Republicans are becoming dissatisfied with their party polls show This thread has images


19 Hours Ago
by piddlezmcfuz Go to last post
39 2,215

Donald Trump threatens RNC with the idea of him running as a 3rd party candidate. ( 2 3 Last )


LoganIsAwesome • 1 reading
19 Hours Ago
by Ridge Go to last post
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19 Hours Ago
by Paramud Go to last post
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19 Hours Ago
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Work In Progress

UK Petition: Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal has received 80,000+ Signatures in 24 hours. ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

http://i.imgur.com/5ztvMLf.png I signed this 24 hours ago and it had ~120 signatures, looks like we might get an answer from it too. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104349 24th July 2015 Anybody should sign this as what affects the UK...

19 Hours Ago
by D2K5S1 Go to last post
70 3,502
20 Hours Ago
by Kylel999 Go to last post
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Grandmaster Flash's car mistakenly 'given away' by parking attendant This thread has images

**SOURCE** That parking attendant is going to have a tough time finding a new job after a fuckup like that.

21 Hours Ago
by Archonos 2 Go to last post
16 2,244

Former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam passes away This thread has images

Sauce:http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/apj-abdul-kalam-dies/article7470722.ece Rest in peace. He was a great man.

21 Hours Ago
by Zonesylvania Go to last post
2 277

Tim Cook: Highest Android switch that we’ve ever measured ( 2 3 4 Last ) This thread has images

http://www.technobuffalo.com/2015/07/21/tim-cook-highest-android-switch-that-weve-ever-measured/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook What about Apple to android?

21 Hours Ago
by Levelog Go to last post
149 5,776

Australian Reality TV Crew shot at by ISIS militants during filming

Source. For context, a lot of people in Australia are in the far-right crowd when it comes to immigrants and aren't most tolerant of refugees. This show is intended to give them an idea of how a lot of these refugees can't just "fuck off back to...

22 Hours Ago
by shutter_eye5 Go to last post
20 2,248

Bobbi Kristina Brown has Died This thread has images

Source. It's extremely sad that she died so young.

23 Hours Ago
by S31-Syntax Go to last post
9 1,964

Nintendo 'Quality Of Life' Patent Applications Appear Online This thread has images

Source. Some of the patents in question: WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/107747: WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/107746:

23 Hours Ago
by proboardslol Go to last post
8 1,914

Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro still plan to work on new project despite silent hills canceled ( 2 Last )


1 Day Ago
by MrHeadHopper Go to last post
51 3,245

China Ends Ban On Videogame Consoles

http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/25/9039995/china-ends-ban-on-video-game-consoles Finally they can buy the stuff they produce! Also I guess Microsoft and Sony will see a REALLY big rise in sold units. I am curious about the online censorship...

1 Day Ago
by Cold Go to last post
21 2,641

MPAA emails reveal conspiracy to defame Google through a Today Show segment and devalue its stock through a Wall Street Journal editorial


1 Day Ago
by Kigen Go to last post
13 2,134

Man in charge of enforcing standards in the UK House of Lords filmed snorting coke off a prostitute's breasts This thread has images

http://imgkk.com/i/xtf1.jpg http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2cedd026-338e-11e5-bdbb-35e55cbae175.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33667676

1 Day Ago
by uber. Go to last post
38 3,267

Australia's GST (VAT) threshold for online purchases could fall from $1,000 to $20 ( 2 Last )

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-24/gst-threshold-for-online-shoppers-could-fall-to-20-dollars/6645012 Good

1 Day Ago
by Badballer Go to last post
40 2,178

Public Masturbator Caught On Camera This thread has images

Source Dick Pic - NSFW Buzzfeed Comments:

TheCreeper • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by Pretiacruento Go to last post
24 3,074

Australian Senators give medical marijuana the green light


1 Day Ago
by killerteacup Go to last post
4 521

Two dead due to reckless driver

I can't even think of a title. This shit's got me depressed. http://theflashtoday.com/2015/07/25/two-dead-after-overnight-crash-near-high-school/ I may not have known them, but I have friends who did. What happened is she was changing a car...

Vipes • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by cecilbdemodded Go to last post
20 6,593

Game nerd blows his chance with news reporter at quake con 2015

how not to go on a gaming date with a chick 101 :badzing: (User was permabanned for this post ("undescriptive title/not news/unbanned for garrys birthday" - OvB))

Hollosoulja • 1 reading
1 Day Ago
by Reaper33 Go to last post
24 2,804
1 Day Ago
by cecilbdemodded Go to last post
31 3,645

State Department calls for criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton ( 2 Last ) This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by Sableye Go to last post
50 3,045
1 Day Ago
by Quark: Go to last post
89 4,707

Donald Trump piρatas are a great hit in Mexico This thread has images


1 Day Ago
by Levelog Go to last post
21 2,602

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