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Trip to Chernobyl (many pictures) This thread has images

Hello everyone. In November, 2013 me and my friend decided to travel to Chernobyl. I have read many books and watched many documentaries about it, so it was kind of my dream to visit the place. The trip was about 450$ and in total I spent about 600$...

1 Day Ago
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Nazi Refuge

Took a hike with some friends upto Murphy's Ranch in the Rustic Canyon, CA http://imgur.com/gallery/CcrWT

2 Weeks Ago
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Non-Abandoned factory Russian bomb shelter ( 2 Last ) This thread has images

Greetings from Russia, my dear urbex friends. Today, I'll show you one AWESOME bomb shelter Entry Main hall

2 Weeks Ago
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What is Urban Exploring??

I just came across this sub forum, but I dont understand what this is... Do you just walk around buildings and look at stuff??

2 Weeks Ago
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Human Remains Found in Abandoned Hospital

Old news but a crazy story. Original article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/30/AR2010123003048.html If anyone knows of further information on the investigation or can find any follow up stories please share here.

3 Weeks Ago
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Making an urban exploration film This thread has images

Hi all, I'm going to be making a film centred around urban exploration, specifically, in an abandoned theatre, and I was wondering where some good locations would be (UK only please)? I have Morecambe Winter Gardens in mind, but I'm unsure if the theatre...

16th September 2014
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Urbex in Chicago

Hey folks, I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Chicago urbexing places, anyone who does it etc.

29th August 2014
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Abandoned Castle: Château Noisy [Video]

Took a bit to find it but it was worth it.

7th August 2014
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Anyone ever been urbexing in Detroit? If so, could you link to the post, or post here! :) Also, I never went urbexing myself but I would love to see how it is. Sweden is such a fag country without any abandoned buildings. D: Edit: Wooh, 200th...

25th July 2014
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Hillsborough, NJ "The Depot"

So I didn't know this place even existed until yesterday when I went to a park with my friend, and she commented about a restricted area called "The Depot" and I've always wanted to go exploring so we went! This place was like nothing I expected. It had...

22nd July 2014
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Tips for urban exploring in the Land Down Under This thread has images

Hey Everyone, My name is Josepho93, and i wanna get into this exploration dealio. Problem is, i have no idea, especially not for the land of aus. If anyone has tips for Australia post them here PLOX. I'm sure there are other Aussies who would love...

17th July 2014
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Places you don't want to go ever again This thread has images

We all sometimes go to places, and we see stuff or hear things which makes us to never go there ever again. Some stuff happens or whatever and then you don't go anywhere for a while.

12th July 2014
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Exploring a building that's been abandoned for 50+ years.

So my girlfriend and I spent the day yesterday looking through an old rusted out building just outside of our town, after getting the idea for just going exploring several weeks ago, we finally decided to go for it. In retrospect, we should have brought...

11th July 2014
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Fort Tomaree at Shoal Bay, New South Wales - Australia.

So, as I just posted in WTF; I climbed Mount Tomaree.. Only, I forgot that this was where we had cannon emplacements in WW2, so I decided to crawl around while I was there. Here are some of the pics. http://i.imgur.com/Jhzu9tD.jpg...

11th July 2014
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New York factory This thread has images

Cross-posting this from the creative-photography thread, anyway-- There's an old factory near where I live and today, me and my friend went and explored it. Nothing too exciting, except for the awesome graffiti (which I couldn't get a good picture of...

3rd July 2014
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So I'm thinking about trying some urban exploration This thread has images

Hey urban explorers, I'm wondering if I can learn a few things about urbexing before I decide on going out. First, I consider myself somewhat of an antique connoisseur and wanted to try something different. Although I usually settle for buying...

28th June 2014
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House on Loon Lake: One hell of a story

Found this podcast ThisAmericanLife did awhile back about a kid that goes exploring an old abandoned house that ends up creating a mystery that lasts a few decades. I could explain in further detail but it really wouldn't do it justice so here you go:...

11th June 2014
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Brooklyn, New York This thread has images

So I went to my father's job. Not really Urbexing, but I see this everyday. Might as well share it.

5th June 2014
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Urbex in NYC?

So I just crawled from the darkness of the rust forums and found all the awesomeness that the facepunch forums have to offer, and once I saw the urbex forum on here I nearly pissed myself in excitement. When I was younger(14-16ish) I had checked out a...

5th June 2014
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Abandoned horse racing track This thread has images

We got ejected. We were so close to getting into one of the buildings and a truck pulled along the street in front of us. Didn't even have a chance to run, he saw all of us point blank. We were walking back towards where we came in and a cop pulled down...

4th June 2014
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Woodland Exploration [LOOT] This thread has images

So, my little brother came home, and my mom wanted me to take him out of the house (drama with sister he didn't need to see), she suggested the playground. I've been in my neighborhood for a quite a while, and I know that there is a trail in the woods...

2nd June 2014
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Lime, Oregon. Abandoned Cement Plant [image heavy]

Hello all. I'm back from my trip and I've got some stuff to share, so without further interruption I'll get to the important stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime,_Oregon : Info and some history on the place. I'd seen this place before on my way to...

25th May 2014
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Urbex old Stella Artois Brewery. ( 2 3 Last ) This thread has images

There used to be many urbex locations in my hometown, Leuven, but many of those places are disappearing so recently I have been wanting to capture these beautiful old buildings before it's too late. I used to explore this brewery when I was just a little...

15th May 2014
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Urbex discussion - Breaking and entering has never been so cool ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last ) This thread has images

Welcome to the new chat thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can do within the megathread is.. -Share your adventures that don't deserve a thread. -Chat to other...

11th May 2014
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'Oak House' - Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital This thread has images

Me and one of my friends went to check out a building, we were unsure of what it was until we found a room full of documents, we also found out it was abandoned in 2011, but it looks like longer than that, thanks to vandals. My friend also took some...

10th May 2014
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urban exporation

i dont mean to brag but i consider myself a bit of an urban explorer. but i live in suburbia so you could say i'm more of a SUBurbban explorer! ha ha! anyway what is everyone's favorite building? mine is a little building called the flatiron building,...

9th May 2014
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Half-abandoned bomb shelter with PCs This thread has images

Welcome! one of big rooms Old pepsi poster

8th May 2014
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I found these things in an abandoned factory This thread has images

I don't have a picture of the ones I found, but here is a picture I found online. The website where I found this image doesn't explain what they are. I found some of these "vials" in a weird abandoned factory. I have yet to clean them. Ill possibly...

29th April 2014
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What creeps you out the most in Urbex? ( 2 3 4 5 Last ) This thread has images

Just a thought, but what are some of your creepy experiences, worst fears, and things that make you cringe? For some reason rotting insulation creeps the fuck out of me. Like even in small 1 room sheds I can't stand being inside underneath exposed...

21st April 2014
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Lime, Oregon. Abandoned Cement Plant [image heavy]

Hello all. I'm back from my trip and I've got some stuff to share, so without further interruption I'll get to the important stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime,_Oregon : Info and some history on the place. I'd seen this place before on my way to...

21st April 2014
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Is Urban Exploration legal? If so, in which US States is it legal?

I feel like trying out Urban Exploration, sounds like a great way to get out of the house. I'd like to ask if it is legal and I can do this.

20th April 2014
by BDX777 Go to last post
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My friend made a short documentary on Urban Exploration.

I think it turned out really nice, what do you guys think of it? It nails down on some good points and was done in a pretty short span of time.

10th April 2014
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Russian "Mirror's Edge" :D This thread has images

with running on roofs, jumps and security men, colored ladders and pipes like in ME

7th April 2014
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Chernobyl Photos?

I hear you can go on tours there now, I'd like to go there next year or something. Anyone got any pictures if they've been?

31st March 2014
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Which one of these bags should i buy?

Greetings, in July I'm going on excursion (Not realy Urban excursion but i didn't find the right place for that :v: ), i found about 2 types of bags : This one : (Here :...

29th March 2014
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Hashima Island

Has anyone ever been here? I personally fascinate with visiting here, but still I don't have money to go to Japan. For those of you who don't know, Hashima Island is an abandoned island abandoned by some coal incident I don't know of. Type it in on...

23rd March 2014
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Los Angeles

Any good places to urbex in Los Angeles?

10th March 2014
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Abandoned Buildings and Graffiti This thread has images

My apologies if there is already a thread in the UE section for graffiti. Topic 1: Most will agree that the general vandalism of "SUCKMYD!CK EATMYAZZ FCUKYOU" type of graffiti is unnecessary and generally unpleasant on the eyes. However you feel...

6th March 2014
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anywhere to urbex in colorado?

my buddy and I are looking to urbex around colorado. anyone know any good spots?

1st March 2014
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LaFarge Cement Factory (Cementland) This thread has images

NOTE: Sorry for the image quality. DSLR took a shit on me the day we explored, so we had to revert to ye olde iPhones. It was also a poorly lit day and we were in a bit of a rush to see the whole thing, so not our best photo work here. Explored an...

1st March 2014
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