Most rules are common sense and it would therefore be impossible to list all the things you could to to get yourself banned. This page is not acting as a complete list of bannable offenses - it instead aims to clear up some confusion about those rules that may not be obvious.

As a general rule if you wouldn't do it in real life don't do it on the forums.

Piracy And Leaks

You won't banned for warez/leaks unless:

  You provide links
  You ask for links
  You hint at where to download
  You openly declare or brag about it

Posting screenshots/videos of pirated/leaked content is fine.

Nudity and Sex

Posting of nudity and sex is fine - in the right context. For example:

  Posting nudity in a thread about trains will get you banned.
  Posting nudity in a thread about hot naked ladies won't get you banned.

Garry's Mod 'porn' and 'sexposes' are forbidden except in the GMF and OIFY.

Image Macros

Image macros are stupid and will get you banned - with the following exception

  You won't get banned if you personally have made an image macro especially for that reply

What this is saying basically is don't post image macros from image macro sites. They're not funny.

Image Posting

Posting large images won't get you banned and wherever possible it's encouraged to post your images in the thread rather than linking to them. There is no upper limit to the size of images you can post. Obviously if you're posting huge images with the aim of annoying or trolling other forum users you will get banned for it.


Garry doesn't need to provide a legitimate reason to ban anyone. These are his forums. If you're a dick to him he will ban you no matter how right or wrong you are.