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  1. samat1995
    GARRY I FOUND THE EASTER EGG!! This is a song that is being played when you shoot a uber hunting bow. Can i have my prize now?
  2. Danifer
    Garry Plz no Dinos dont let the community vote ruin the game :(
  3. Shaman54RUS
    Hello there. I got a problem with Rust game, can't log gin to server Cheatpunch - which i used to play with my friends, it says AllreadyConnectedToAnotherServer, but i can still logy to any other server. Its really annoying
  4. Otterman
    So you joined on 9/11 2001... I smell somethin' fishy around here...
  5. MrTwicks
  6. Pyrow
    Hi Garry, I'd like to say thanks for Rust!! I would also like to give you an idea to add the option to add tree's / bushes next to your base.. Such as Fruit tree's / Berry bushes that will produce food but give like 5-15 health or food. put them on a respawn point so people can't just sit there and farm them all day and stock pile them.. I personally think this would be an amazing feature. Looking forward to your updates on this game.. Thanks again!!
  7. Cadenza
    Hi Garry!

    Just searched your post history and i saw that you may have missed this amazing collection of idea's:
    - (New Building Parts) by stym
    -" ([ALTERNATIVE] zombie replacement - matching your way!) by me :)

    Keep up on this amazing game, we love it!
  8. KOT9KA
    Hi Garry. Can you add information, - damage given from (steamid) to client log? This can greatly help to monitor and catching cheaters on community servers.
  9. Sherriff_Ashe
    Gary, Are the North America servers coming back? Please give an update to the community. Thank you!
  10. Stewie.D
    Hi Garry,
    I was hoping that you might consider making a post to tell us about some of your teams future ideas and plans? The recent topic on what will replace the zombies has sparked chaos. Everyone has VERY different ideas on where the game is heading and it's leading to very different ideas in what people want. For example some people are focusing on the "caveman" aspect and want dinosaurs. Some are focusing on the "post apocalyptic" aspects and want strange mutant creatures and aliens.

    Everyone's view differs massively and I think that's mostly because none of us really know where you plan on going with the game.

    If you were to directly replace zombies with any one of those options where would be chaos .. and you could loose up to half of the players.

    So please give us an idea of where you want to go with the game so we can have a more informed discussion. Or if u find the time please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks :)
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