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  1. Sneak2
    Hey Garry hello dude

    Nobody seems to ask how you feel about your game so i Just wondered how do you personally feel about rusts progression ? are you happy with the way it is going,is it developing to your plan or how you expected it to as of now ?

    (oh and do you actually have time play it ever?)

    I was just curious so sorry if i was just been nosy

    great game by the way

  2. infinitynull
    Garry, thank you!
  3. Mr.Brown
    don't overwork yourself garry
  4. supercaraota
    First of all I want to say hello and tell you you're doing a bad job in question bearing on the game is completely intorable that there are people like me who took days doing everything to make the damn game rust work that just shit anticheat that it is a waste of software does not work, how annoying it is to enter the game and during the loading screen is interrupted and you are prompted to: EAC has been disconnected and that response will indicate that you reintalar windows? Why dammit I will not restart my Windonws that only the program anticheat be a total waste, invest a little more money to provide adequate support, listen to your users as CEO you are Facepunch you must do go and read of all the people who paid to play the game RALPs not be jumping from options to repair a game we have not even made us. Help us because we are thousands with this same error and can not play.
  5. TrigGaming
    Garry keep up the amazing work on Rust and on many other games I am loving how much time and effort you put into Rust you are making that game the best survival game out there lol, But I have one question will you ever be adding M4 back into rust? because you can make it only out of the airdrops and make it look military since its out of a airdrop and the military have to drop it on the island...
  6. Psycho Fanny
    New gmod on the new source engine please
  7. suppertime
    What happened to face wound
  8. Richard Simmons
    how the fuck did you get user ID #1? you hacking rust? you're going to get vac banned.
  9. Bleach Qeef
    Yo man can I get silver member? Goldmember isn't working for me even though I've been here like 8 years and got 2000 posts.
  10. Rofl_copter
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