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  1. Frewb
    nice ballsack
  2. Agustinw
    Garry this is serious
    With previous updates network consumption rising doubled my server . I have 16Mbit upload, but could have 140 players now with 80 players rise is saturated and the server is locked.
    I suspect that may be the new entities that appear on the land (stone, sulfur ore , metal ores and wood)
    Is there any way to disable these items ?

    Many servers communities are suffering from this problem
    In Argentina VPS with 10Mb symmetrical (Aprox 2MB) cost 65USD, if you do not solve this problem many have problems
    Greetings from Notime server Argentina
  3. Bauer Willi
    Hey Garry,

    Im interested about the tractor, that I saw in a Community Blog. I really like tractors :), so it would be nice, if you can add a tractor to the game asWell. It also would be nice, if you can drive it, but I know the game isnt build to have vehicles you can drive. It would be nice, if the tractor is something like a statue or a rusted tractor in an old barn.

    Im so hopefully that the tractor came into the game next time.

  4. blockhead22
    Your the inspiration.
  5. BatyaMedic
    luv u
  6. 3com111
    Benjamin DuFault.
  7. CryoftheWolf
    hey! this is aj(random gamer dude) i was just wondering if you guys at rust HQ were going to add more models for the player to pick from(Ex. Girl, Boy, hair, body size, eyes) and i also have one more question. do you guys need help? i am willing to offer my time
    to help "Rust" prosper and grow. I know some C# and next year im taking AP computer science(java) in school but i love coding. (might need some help learning :D)
    my steam(if u want to just hang out) - CryoftheWolf1
    my email -
    P.S. you guys/girls should create a slogan like (rust on!) or something lol
  8. Bmason13
    So, quick question. What made you sign up for this site on sept. 11th? Just think it would be interesting to know the story!
  9. Frying1Pans
    He actually has joined in 2001, as you can see, the site has registered in 2001
  10. YourStalker
    happy berthdey
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