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  1. DunwallTower
  2. Bordellimies
    If you was a buttplug, what kind of buttplug would ya be?
  3. Paranoia10
    are you in spain now?
    or is robot being a robutt
  4. CoilingTesla
    The forums are down.
    Are you?
  5. baldursgate3
    butt plugs are great
  6. Maksim3205
    Garry can you make the prone in the gmod this is will be a so cool
  7. Banryu
    Hello I was concerned about the amount of damage snap traps were doing on the pve servers. It has gotten to the point that everyone carries them around and essentially turned the server into kos via snap trap. If I could suggest anything it would be to lower the overall damage a single snap trap does and/or when placing a trap they are placed in the unarmed position with a short delay. It makes more sense that way so it can't be used as an offensive weapon and it makes more sense when related to real life if you were to put a trap down you have to place it then arm it.

    Thank you
  8. Sikotic
    Hi garry, I am having problems with rust, like when i go to load into a game I get disconnected by "eac". The rare occurrences that I do get into a game I have 5 fps on lowest settings. I was wondering if there is any possible way I can get a refund? Thanks for your time :)
    Steam profile:
  9. MrEncorperate
    What if I put in the control panel unbindall how do you fix that with out half-life and tell me the steps.
  10. railj
    Garry please i now your time is precious but please read my post called "wood stacks/nodes"
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