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  1. iknowmk
    I am admitting to use a CHEAT ENGINE. I tried it a few times and regret it fully. I just got so sick of the cheaters that I literally got one to be able to stay alive. I am a 37 year old man with a family and a really good job, I basically just threw money at the problem. I tried it for a few days and then stopped, (Never griefing and I handed back a player his stuff after I killed him) discontinued my membership with them and started my own server with HFB and have been having a blast just building it up. Then the ban hit. I am fully prepared to disclose all of my account info from the cheat site and aid you in any way I can to work AGAINST cheaters, not with them. This is a one time mistake and I am truly embarrassed. Please respond to my PM I sent you, thank you Garry...

  2. 8pillows
    There is a group that is using bots to see where our storage areas are and they've c4'd our place 3 times at exactly the spot where our storage chests are...and then the one person took all of the goods, out of 7 large storage boxes...that were one is that possible...his game name is Bang Bang ... I had nothing but a rock and you all banned me...
  3. 8pillows
    US Central Vanilla no durability no hackers bacon 1 ... I was VAC banned but didn't use anything or do anything
  4. dancigpeople
    Hello! I want to appeal to the developers! I have a place in the data center here this configuration:

    Power Unit - 1500W
    SSD - 512 gb (samsung series pro)
    HDD - 3TB - 10000prm
    RAM - 64 gb 2133 mhz
    Processor - Intel Xeon E5-2650
    Videocard (Radeon HD 7970 3GB)

    Is there any way to get any possibility (permission) to install the server on the data center? I would be very grateful if you can help in any way.

    Sorry, used the Google-translator :(

    Garry, please, do not pass by.
  5. 8pillows
    I was banned...didn't do anything
  6. deerinheat
  7. quebec.rust
    Hello do you have a tread where we can report Cheaters?
    here is one
    ψ King ψ 76561198126953998
  8. secure0163
    Hello I would like to report that with them on the Official cells server Germany 2
    Extremely many hackers are I do not have fun at the play it is by your side not possible since an anti cheater plugin to install and ban the hackers

    The following user hack on the Official cells Server Germany 2

    banid 76561198096204262 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198093779834 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198055278817 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198117230789 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198103891800 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561197992857717 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198125217179 "" hacker ""
    banid 76561197962817596 "" hacker ""
    banid 76561198129237850 "" hacker ""
    banid 76561198128478912 "hacker" ""
    banid 76561198120800928 "hacker" ""
  9. SpyShadow
    I been making a map for garrysmod for a long time now. I notice something weird that you should look into. On half-life 2, the FPS of a area I was looking at was 150.

    I loaded the same map in garrysmod, look in the same area as before but this time fps is 63. This is something that is weird and I am sending this message to let ya know. If you also get anytime, checkout my map project I been working on.
  10. Sugepowada
    Garry, I love you man ! no homo !
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