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  1. Trusizz
    ur a sag of shit
  2. cucumber
    Dude, according to this FP poll, there is a Jewish conspiracy on Facepunch. You might want to do something about it. *cough*craptasket*cough*
  3. XxLMM13xXgami
    Aye garry love the game ;)
  4. Drejgon
    Hello , can you again start working at Legacy Rust , few updates per months and all be perfect ! You make experimental and how im looking at your sold copies of game ,, not good but legacy :3 legacy is amazing ! and profit for you xD (sry for bad eng)
  5. LSK
    can provide bank information
  6. Hazardous Melon
  7. Cd5ssmffan
  8. evildangers
    Hello Garry am new on the forum. I just wanned to talk about Rust. Lots of people are getting frustrated by the wipes, we all know it's in alpha stage but that's not a reason to wipe the map, most games add updates without interfering with what the players do or the map...This is very stressful to build a house in 5 or 6 hours and then get a wipe, it's just very unfair.Playing on alpha stages doesn't mean the developers of this games are gonna take us like we are just playing in the alpha to contribute? and then they wipe our work, i think it will be wonderful if they use another engine or program to updated this game because as i said before... even games in alpha stage that are being updated every once in a while doesn't interfere with anything in game it all stays as it is. Thank you
  9. Dutchspreeman
    Hey garry i wrote you a private message dealing with an issue i have encountered with my little brother recklessly playing on my rust account leading to permanent band when ever you can take the time please read the fallowing message that i have given you thank you
  10. RenaFox
    Where it all began
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