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  1. Dahluc
    Please no Dinos look at this Garry please at least take some interest in this post I personally think the last set of pictures "Wild people of the wasteland" would be some good enemies for Rust
  2. Tokit
    hi garry,

    when is facewound coming out?

  3. failcake
  4. Dreldan
    Just stick to your gut and do what you intended to do. Don't let the people on the forums dictate how you develop the game.
  5. Yarg
    wats up garrrry
  6. ebdkjs
    Gary: I play on the US Central 2 (No PVP, No Sleeper) server. Someone on our server is running around walling ppl into their house. At this time I am one of them and have no way to get out without C4. Is this something I have to live with or is there some way that 1) I can get out of this shack and/or 2) Somehow report those that are doing this. It is basically making the game unplayable and with no enforcement by the developers, these players are going to continue to do this. Being on a No PVP server gives us no recourse against this conduct and we need to rely on you to make the game enjoyable for all.
  7. ValeraGan98
    Hello Garry!
    My name is Valeriy.
    I would like to hosting RUST server.

    Site: (Test)

    OS: Ubuntu Server 13.10
    RAM: 64 GB
    Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R)
    HDD: 512 GB SSD
    Network: 100 Mbps
    Russia, Krasnodar

    Steam login: valeragan

    Thank you!
  8. mcmunsta
    You kick ass...that is all.
  9. unreal1
    My 64bit ID is: 76561198010822239

    I was banned recently but for some reason it says I was banned weeks ago. I was using cheats on a server with my friends where admins were being abusive and giving other players c4 and m4s which they used to break into all my poor wooden house. I mostly used speed multiplier so I could get to resources faster, it was the only way to survive the onslaught made by admins. In addition, I really hope that this game release the dedicated server software. I have a rack server just waiting to get this. I obviously don't plan to use cheats in the future.

    Also, I have seen admin use speed multiplier and ESP cheats as well. It makes sense for admins so that they can see a players name from far away and can notice if they are moving too fast or jumping to high (as in using cheats).

    I also love the the ejector port is on the right side on the m4 :)

    Keep up the great work!
  10. cyber warrior
    Omega and Agent Orange... They really need bans, something's gotta be done. (no disrespect intended)
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