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  1. mark6789
    Hey Garry can you put the Hardware section on top of the SH. Its more appealing to keep SH and News Node next to each.
  2. leontodd
    keep changing shit, some of these reactions are hilarious
  3. >VLN<
    Thanks. Thanks for removing the subforums. They were the only section that I actively visited. They helped keep me going through the day. They were a place that I could post my troubles, and post my laughs. They took me through good times, and bad. We were all a community, no matter what subforum. In Automotive Addicts, We were there for each other. Sure, we joked around, sure, we made stupid comments, but it was our community. We had a place where we belonged. Thanks for removing it, Garry. Thanks for removing the one place on the internet that I could count on, day after day.
  4. MattJeanes
    i would
  5. infinitynull
    You remind me of that one guy on that one show that no one liked.
  6. dasiarg
    Hey Garry, sorry for using this method to contacto you but i didn't been able to find you email.
    My name is Dalmiro, my gamename is Justice, im from Buenos Aires, Argentina and im triying to open a Rust Experimental Server for all the people in South America to play without ping or delay.
    Im having some issues with the VPS I bought with Windows Server 2003 R2 x64.
    Here's a topic I created explaining all my issues

    Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english.
    Greetings from argentinian Rust players.
  7. BHStudios
    Yo Garry,
    Wanted to give you a shout as a fellow indie Dev supporting your work, We decided to create a different type of gaming community and we are using rust as its foundation we have 3 servers running rust 1 of which is legacy. all three are pure Vanilla. Keeping it to that aspect we developed a custom RCon to log information into a sql and query that information into a Player Stats section on our Website. No mods just console information drives us. To that extent we created a mobile RCon (android atm) and an app to display our server stats. So we just wanted to show you the impact rust has on us fellow indies our team hopes that this inspires you as much as it has the rest of the indie community. Kudos to your work.
  8. Cord
  9. Tobin
    garry more like larry
  10. Trusizz
    ur a sag of shit
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