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  1. godred2
    Hello Garry, I want to play with friends on the RUST server, but I can't create it as me it to make! Tell me please! Thanks!
  2. lossanmu
    2 hackers
  3. BatmanNoob
    Yeah, i'm also having that problem. I tried to join an official server and then it said i was Facepunch_Kick_Ban. I then used that CheatPunch SteamID search to see if i was banned, and it said i was banned because Aimbot/Wallhack/Lighthack. I've never hacked once, so i don't understand why it banned me. I have over 100 hours on the game, it's basically the only thing i play. Why would i hack on it? I'm one of the people complaining about hackers. I know i've been reported because people think i aimbot, but that's for everyone. There's a whole bunch of kids on Rust who get angry that you kill them and take their stuff, so they report you and say you hacked so they can spite you. I'm just really aggravated that you finally release a good anti-cheat, but it banned me in the process. Can you please look into this, thank you.
  4. RazRust
    Hi, i have a serious problem i'm vac ban without reason after a steam uptdate on my server, i'm admin i used rcon.login and server.pvp false, after 5min i'm kicked , i cant join my server and i have that "failed to connect (facepunch_connector_vac banned)" and 'im vac ban, why ? how can i have a rapport ? my profil steam and my server rust i don't know why i'm banned, it's a fail Facepunch ? i have 2 servers and i'm banned, i'm correct, i'm not a cheater , my steam account have 5 years never banned and i don't want a ban without reason. i'm admin on a little group steam and i'm serious, please help me.
  5. amtonic
    Garry can you tell me which hack i asked?
    As you did with shallowbane?
    Because i have no good idea, or i got tricked by a admin tool :s
  6. shallowbane
    Hey seriously, I like how on everyone elses ban you post in program names for hackers... You ban me for an aimbot that I never used, and I want proof. I spent 40 hours in the last week on this game, and for you to wipe it away because you think that I was cheeting is pretty messed up.
  7. darmagdar
    I am a representative of a new, quite young, but rapidly developing gaming community in Russia.
    We would like to give access to the game licensed players RUST in Russia.
    We have powerful equipment and we wanted to join the official game servers RUST.

    We want to obtain a license key to install Your server ON our equipment.
    With impatience we wait from You for the answer.
    My email -
    With Respect!
  8. AntonPiskynov
    Hello. I would like to start the rust server. There is a good host resource. I ask to contact me
  9. Crosshair2
    Hello Gary This is Glenn Offerman with we're a gane server company can we get a key to host Rust servers, Please.
  10. Trixx
    Hey Garry, I contacted you through the PM system about something you might find interesting. If you check it out, could you reply to
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