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  1. Zyborg
    Hey there Garry, just wondering how I would go about getting a Server key for a south african Server. The admin of a busy Dayz server is keen to host a Rust server as well.
  2. maheulbeuk
    My passion is work to create a mod for game.
    For exemple i work on minecraft (java) to add new interest for player : actually on my first OVH server

    I want to work on a mod but i need the possibility to start a little server for test and debug the mod.

    i don't find where send the mail for have the autorisation to create a serveur on my second OVH server.

    PS : sry for my engish
  3. Mathi
    Hi Garry, just wanted to say I freaking love that avatar of yours.

    -Mathi out
  4. Fncx
    nvm, once I lowered the render quality I could join servers weird enough.
  5. Aircraft
    Why did you barf up old bulletins at once?
  6. Gunhawk
    I really want to get Rust but I can't :/ I can't buy Steam Cards and I can't use any credit cards.. Can you help me?
  7. MasterFen006
    I have some user constantly spamming on my visitor messages, and it's drowning out all the others I'm receiving. I don't know exactly what I should do about it.
  8. Preed
    OVH has good automatic DDOS mitigation, and if you throw in a few extra bucks with your server you get a firewall to set up yourself. Maybe try them out? I don't understand why the server hosting company isn't doing a better job at mitigating these attacks, but my guess is that they don't actually own the servers, or have direct access to them, and just rent racks/servers in a datacenter?
  9. TrueEC
    Hey Garry I have had this problem for some time and hasn't been fixed, the problem is that green pixels are covering the terrain and making it hard to play. Not sure if the problem is cause by my mac or is my graphics card which is Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  10. Aide
    Is their a list any where I can find of all the steamids or community ids of people who own garrys mod?
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