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  1. Vear

    Sry to bother you, i can imagine you're quite busy.
    But i have an honest request, since my mates cant speak english, is there any way to modify a single file (replace english text with e.g. german ones) and to share it, to translate the menus etc.?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for your time. :)

    Best regards,
  2. SuperHorst
    Hi Garry,
    i waited for more then 1 month ! now, and still got no reply from you concerning hosting a own rust server.
    Renting a Rustserver is no solution for me, because i got my own root server, and i want to host a rust dedicated Server on it. Is this your new business model ? Selling the games and then forcing the players to pay for renting a Server ? If i knew this at first place, i had never bought Rust. Many People are pissed, including me, because they want to host a own rust Server and they cant, and you are not even replying to them! Shame one you!
    Thanks for your Attention.
  3. drloomis82
    Gary, here's a link to YouTube video detailing the hack by Omega on the official servers:

    Please, when you have a chance, let the community know something. I've been playing with a group of people on North American 4 who have, collectively, logged over 1,000 hours in the game. We were loving every minute of it, until this game-breaking hack occurred. We don't mind losing all of our stuff to a well-orchestrated raid or to an (offical) server wipe, for legitimate reasons, but not to a hacker who wants to play God.

    Is it at all possible to roll back the servers 24-48 hours? At this point, it's not even worth playing. The majority of players lost everything, but some kept it all, which has created a very real an unbalanced power dynamic on the servers.
  4. Hunter1223
    I have a problem in Garry's Mod, I have a video to show you my problem (you don't have to comment on the video, just watch it and respond back via facepunch or email)

    Video of proof:
  5. drloomis82
    Gary, here's a link to the Steam profile for the player who hacked (and wiped) the NA 4 server:
  6. drloomis82
    Gary, the North America 4 server was hacked by someone who hacked into the actual server and ran a script to destroy all players, crates, and furnaces. The server now has completely empty houses and players lost EVERYTHING. Can you please look into this and issue an official statement? My group of fellow players have logged, collectively, thousands of hours into the game, but we're not sure what to do at this point. Are the official servers going to get rolled-back?
  7. lecraeman
    Garry I desperately need a refund. I checked the Minimum requirements for Rust, and when I got it it literally got about 3 FPS. Even when I did LOWEST resolution, fastest graphics, lowest render quality, and used console to turn off the grass and other things. I don't understand why it runs like this since I can run other games just fine...

    How do I go about getting a refund? I hate to ask for one, but I feel like I've wasted my money.
  8. raphaelr
    Can you please ban this player for cheating:
    He made Rust on the UK4 Server unplayable. He is invisible and make something like a dead zone. Everyone got killed instantly in this zone.
    I can prove that he is a cheater with this video i made:

    Please ban him Garry
  9. Necro90
    Hello, i have a big problem in my rust server (i'm the founder). Since this morning when i try to log in my server it says ConnectionBanned. I tried to check many times in the control pannel but there's no ban for my name/steam id, changing name is useless, tried to restart my pc/router many times, i also tried to instal the game again but it's all useless. I thought that the cheatpunch plugin could be the problem so i deleted it and i restarted my server, but it's been useless too.. I have this problem only in my server, i can play in all the other servers..any suggestion? Help me please :S
    (Yesterday when i closed the game it was all ok and this morning when i tried to log in my server it started to say ConnectionBanned)
    EDIT: my steam id is 76561198120455774
  10. darmagdar
    I am a representative of a new, quite young, but rapidly developing gaming community in Russia.
    We would like to give access to the game licensed players RUST in Russia.
    We have powerful equipment and we wanted to join the official game servers RUST.

    We want to obtain a license key to install Your server ON our equipment.
    With impatience we wait from You for the answer.
    My email -
    With Respect!
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