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  1. psysfi
    Hi Garry,

    Im [ES] SPANISH SERVER admin,

    Gradually the Spanish community is growing and our server too. For now we are the first and only Spanish language server of your game RUST.
    We respect the essence of your game 100% and we have very strictest rules on this.
    We have everything pretty well organized and we want to know what it is necessary to be an official server

    Our web:

    thanks in advance,
  2. RustFrance
    Hello Garry ,

    I introduce myself I am Sky Community website Rust-

    I will contact you after your choice of French official server Rust, a choice that infuriates me because with my other directors we create this community for more than two months, we even saves copies of your games to people for make known Rust. We translate a French wiki for so long , we really spend a lot of time on your game and do discover as many people as possible . We made many live on twitch , like what, we Verily invests.
    In exchange for which we do not even go on official I do not find it cool on your part. I send one message on facebook and tweeter and I never got an answer ...

    It's a shame to arrive but our community is closed and we will not stand your game I've closed our site, even though I know I have no answer I wish you all the same good day .

    from Sky Rust-
  3. SteelBolt
    merry xmas!
  4. 3nvy|badger
    me and a friend was loooking for a game like dayz/warz and came across rust. but i am confused on how to start playing or even how to pay for the game to start playing please take some time to help many thanks
  5. iproherobrian
    how do i get a key
  6. iproherobrian
    i got gold member and got told i get a alpa key i worked for 5 weeks erning it and i dont know how to download the game pls tell me thats true because i worked so hard to get rust
  7. Limed00d
    gibe free glode garry pls or i ban
  8. jonnymad
    You're my hero <3
  9. BioRisk
    Hey garry, I want to let you know, I love you.
  10. RCSabre
    I have been having constant problems with rust since i bought it and have many many crash files, so far I haven't had anyone reply with help so I'm wondering if you have an email to someone who will help fix my problem I'd like to think Rust is amazing but at the moment I'm seeing/thinking of it as an annoying dis-functioning mess. :.(
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