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  1. makson4ik181
    Please unban me :/
    I did not do anything
  2. SirJakeJenkin
    You are GODS!
  3. arnozim
    Rust need a Server Connection Queue. Read my last topic pls. Thanks.
  4. luck_or_loss
    Hey garry if I were to buy you a drink what would it be
  5. Paranoia10
  6. IR_ApEX
    What would be your thoughts about adding oil slicks to the game? Imagine seeing a small pool of concentrated crude oil out in the open water and the only way to capture it is to use a hemp net. This would propose a few neat scenarios. 1) The player(s) would have to be exposed in an open area and would likely require teamwork lest they be sniped. 2) The hemp materials would be cheap to make and easily farmed by nakeds wanting to gather the crude themselves. 3) This would introduce a trap that everyone has been so desperate to see. You could throw in a DayZ twist and make the net easily cut by a knife, but not a rock. 3) I see this as a viable replacement to to lack of a pump jack, since it didn't encourage player interactions. This would be a way to keep the players out and about, introduce a new way to farm, and introduce new PVP scenarios and raid tactics using nets. A naked sneaks up behind a fully geared, unaware, solo player and gets netted and bludgeoned with a rock. Scary.
  7. KingofBeast
    we aren't worthy
  8. meatwad253

    This guy somehow spoofed your SteamID or something... He's joining servers and giving people the "YES I AM THE REAL GARRY" achievement.
  9. DemonBray
    I just met you a couple days ago man! - KingHashful
  10. linkjay1
    No one cares mate
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