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  1. TrigGaming
    Garry keep up the amazing work on Rust and on many other games I am loving how much time and effort you put into Rust you are making that game the best survival game out there lol, But I have one question will you ever be adding M4 back into rust? because you can make it only out of the airdrops and make it look military since its out of a airdrop and the military have to drop it on the island...
  2. Psycho Fanny
    New gmod on the new source engine please
  3. suppertime
    What happened to face wound
  4. Richard Simmons
    how the fuck did you get user ID #1? you hacking rust? you're going to get vac banned.
  5. Bleach Qeef
    Yo man can I get silver member? Goldmember isn't working for me even though I've been here like 8 years and got 2000 posts.
  6. Rofl_copter
  7. EvilTrollsTV
    Good day!
    I appeal to You to submit 2 (two) Multigame developing promising projects on the territory of Russia. We want to know the criteria of creating a server for the game Rust with the constant presence of the administration. We take on all related costs. Such as staging servers, monthly maintenance, monitoring and reporting. Our desire to create good, high-quality, continually-functioning Rust game server with minimal ping for Russia, with all the nested functions for the players (the permanent presence of the administration for quick response, haven't had any problems). Of course if possible we would like to fall into the category of official servers that absolutely anyone could immediately find us.
    If You need more information about us, here are the contact details:
    2) (Will be available within 14 days) - upgrade of the interface.
  8. yucesever
    Hi Garry, I am international business manager of YY INC, a China Nasdaq public listed games publisher. We are very interested in cooperating with you in China. Please let us know your interest and convenient meet up suggestions. Thank you. My email:
  9. ericprince811
    Kinect on windows 7 64bit is broken again. It immediately crashes on activating the video on the kinect or activating a ragdoll to the kinect.
  10. TheJoy62
    It's have been months that our community is suffering from the sv_region "255" since no one can see our server anymore on the server list and only few people can join it.

    sv_region "255" is broken, and the Server still only show's up regarding to "GeoIP close to your IP" method.

    Our server doesn't appear for 80% of the players of our Community on Garry's Mod..

    We're loosing player rates every day on our servers, and our community is dying... and we can't do nothing about it since no fix have been given yet.

    I sent a lot of Messages to Garry and Rubat, in a hope that they can fix it as fast as possible.. because it's becoming a very big Problem for us and for our Community.
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