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  1. Teto
    The way you said "People who brag about how little they studied and still passed is usually a coping mechanism for mediocre grades." like seriously opened my eyes a bit more tbh. I think that if you hadn't said that then, somewhere down the line, I would have continued bragging about passing English on nothing to people. But it clicked just then and I've decided I'll never brag about that kind of thing ever again, because I understand where it's coming from. I feel like the thought process really helped me understand a bit more clearly what it is to be pretentious.
    So basically, good post and I'm glad you made it since I actually learned something about myself just then thanks to you. Calling people out for the greater good.
  2. Bordellimies
    Yeah, I'm sorry about that, because of your typo I thought it was 3 times. Dropping out twice is understandable, but if it happens thrice then it is just 50% sad and 50% hilarious. I threw a coin and it decided to rate funny over heart.
  3. MrShark
    Vorelord, don't think they're doing them anymore.
  4. Tark
    i colore it becas im specil
  5. Tark
    Nope! Not at all, it's a -well toned- eagle -looking manly- in what I'm guessing is a wifebeater or somethin. But hell yeah it's pink.
  6. kaze4159
    Rigby is the cutest
  7. LordCrypto
    what snow overlay u using m8
  8. kaze4159
    Slightly edited
  9. SweetSwifter
    Huskies bestdogs.

    Samoyeds close second.
  10. SweetSwifter
    Huskies. <3

    Or a malamute, not sure.


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