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  1. Xubs
  2. slapdown3
    Writing helps me retain it, since I have a printer I guess I'll be taking advantage of it
  3. slapdown3
    this is great but holy fuck my hand hurts, thanks a ton this helps me A LOT
    gonna keep practicing my い and え
  4. slapdown3
    Can't say I'm a fan of Duolingo cause it gives like zero context on most of the things it tries to teach me I usually have to search up new phrases and the Kanji it does use to know exactly what's going on.

    Edit: don't want to spam you too much haha :(
    I find writing everything down in a notebook helps a lot too so I'd prefer the books to the apps/site
  5. slapdown3
    If you have anything to recommend I'll definitely look at it.
  6. slapdown3
    yes, and other online resources, I was gonna buy Genki I and Genki II because they're recommended by a friend but something came up in the meanwhile so for now just using tinycards for hiragana memorization and Duolingo for some basic phrases.
  7. slapdown3
    and I'm hoping this will keep me occupied for a LONG TIME
  8. slapdown3
    Thanks for the advice! It really helps. Mostly trying to build some basic vocabulary then work on basic grammar.
    I've gotten much better on the hiragana and have almost completely stopped confusing あ, お, and は, ほ.
    I feel much more confident in picking up the visual differences, and enabling the windows IME for japanese so I can type out the sounds has helped immensely. Day three but I think I'm making good progress so far.
  9. slapdown3
    and I am starting to notice the Hiragana in the Kanji so i think that's progress.
  10. slapdown3
    Still learning my kanji so that's all gibberish but I promise I'll get back to you on that.
    progress so far: Japan
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