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  1. HumanAbyss
    I'm doing okay, I just have some days that are worse than others.

    Having someone I've never met just know who my father is brought up a lot of stuff for me today I guess. Just made me start thinking about it a lot. I try not to dredge it up because it's just not worth the hurt, but when it pops up anyways I engage with it because I can't push it down and keep that inside but I try not to dwell on it. It's a hard line to manage.

    It's nice to know someone I can disagree with but still respect at the end of the day. Just the offer and knowing you'd listen to me talk about this helps. It helps to know good people just want the best for each other.
  2. HumanAbyss
    The other day I realized how long you and I had argued with each other and was kinda surprised we've had a history as long as we have.

    I really appreciate you saying what you did. You're a good person.
  3. But Why?
    i am dog
    borf borf
  4. HumanAbyss
    i remember reading somewhere you said you lived in burnaby. i recently moved here, recently as in like,a two weeks ago.
  5. Bradyns
  6. FpShepard
    your dog is todd howard
  7. Bat-shit
    jeez who's side is this postal guy on, us or them ??
  8. postal
    an ending spoiler
  9. da space core
    best dougo
  10. Elite Phazon
    flying dog head lmao
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