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  1. Kubik311
    Hello. I've seen your posts on you asking people to make suggestions on vehicle models. You said it's easy. So can you teach me hod do you do custom models like that? I was trying for days to find a brief tutorial how to make them but I didn't find anything. So while browsing trough Facepunch I stumbeled upon you, asking people. Now as I said wil you teach me that?
  2. DJ Iņaki
    I almost fell off my chair laughting, nice one!
  3. darth-veger
    We have intel you have been working with this man

    Contact me if you have, he is very dangerous.
  4. Ninja Duck

    Due medals for your weapon model converting.
  5. Chancebond
    you are a bro (luv u bby)
  6. Mr.adagata
    hey is there a way to get your escalade
  7. leonthefox
  8. DJ Iņaki
    Np, Freemmaann and I are working along again, he is trying to warp VC mod last features, release it and update it frecuentrly, I'm trying to give him models to test new features, like mounted guns etc, the escalade I have been working for the damage system needs a hoverhaul since I need to upgrade the model to use flexes instead of bodygroups as it was done before, I also need to change some stuff with the dashboard, and make the materials more complex like add dirt layers, etc. Feel free to contact me anytime if you want info about VC mod implementation.
  9. Biaxailemperor
    Thanks for complimenting my work on my Chrysler Aspen. I just got finished with the remodeling of its interior and it's been quite the challenge. I'm glad someone likes my work on that thing, since I've poured countless hours into upgrading it. When I get it animated I'll make that version 1. When you and Freemaann are done with the new VC Mod I'd like to cooperate with you guys on making the Aspen V2 compatible, if that's okay with you.
  10. SuperEmoBros
    What happened to your view models consistency project?


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