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  1. YourFriendJoe
    I thought somebody would have already dropped by and said it now but I guess they keep it in your threads.

    But you are AMAZING!
    Good job on everything.
  2. DJ Iņaki
    The models seems to not have interior from the screenshot, if it does have one it would be not hard to make it a working car.
  3. Superdude
    I have been following your work for some time.
    if you are not busy and still taking requests, could you fill Bungie's software (Halo series developer) promise, and rig this as a working vehicle? [url][/url].
    You can find the model and textures here:

    For more info: [url][/url]
  4. CelticPepsiKing
    You mentioned porting flatout 2 cars if you do could you port Frank Malcovs Blaster Xl?
  5. DJ Iņaki
    Im working on a lot of stuff at the same time. be patient, in like a moth or so I will release something hopefully.
  6. AjWasHere
    You haven't released anything in aaaages. Come back!
  7. DJ Iņaki
    I know, I need to get i track and work in some models i want to get finished, some other that i must finish, and some that are not vehicles but also needs my attention. btw im working on the Humvee again.
  8. Scottridley
    when will you next release a vehicle? thanks for re-linking the thread btw, it wasn't showing up on the browser. But come on man! your stuff is so awesome D:
  9. Scottridley
    what happened to the thread? the 'i will do any vehicle in exchange of tf2' thread?. I can't find it anymore >.<
  10. AntiMatter89
    When are you gonna release your German half-track man?


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