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  1. ZombieDawgs
    Depends, not really gunna have a chance to get back home any time soon, with money being tight (woops) and this semester looking like it'll be a mad one, so it could be in the next month, or not for another six months.
  2. ZombieDawgs

    Only image I have since it's 300 miles from me :(
  3. ZombieDawgs
    I got a stechhelm woo
  4. Minimole
    Big Balls Bart
  5. DiscoInferno
    I'm no Superman.
  6. DiscoInferno
    your protest has been officially noted, recorded, dismissed, and incinerated as per standard procedure on anyprotest based on an opinion that isn't mine
  7. Prollgurke
    Ah, thanks
  8. ZombieDawgs
    Yeah but who needs heating bills when you can sit in a cm thick of reinforced sheet metal armour? On the topic of games though my college course (UK) (when I wasn't exactly the best artists (still ain't, lol)) my final major was a guy in a suit of armour. I'm not entirely pleased with the results and I intend to remake it at some point but that's where my interest for armour came from.

    I'll also have to take a look at the SCA in the future. I kind of have on my bucket list to learn Blacksmithing but maybe that can wait until I have a steady income...
  9. ZombieDawgs
    But aaaa I cannot get enough of properly done armour, which is why I despise games which make ridiculously overly complicated designs which might have had a grounding when they started but they're just so... gaudy. It's like a nice classic car compared to supercars to me, sure they might be nice but they're no way close to classy.

    I don't suppose you have "The Churburg Armoury"? I had no idea when I bought it that it was a limited 1000 run, I seem to have a habit of doing that.

    Also here's my (badly photographed) images from The Wallace Collection, I'm sure it's come up across Dark Souls sites since I posted them there.
  10. ZombieDawgs
    I didn't get the Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour until recently because my old college had it but I'm definitely picking it up now. Shame the books are such a niche area so they sell for quite a steep price range - and with my disposable income slowly degrading it's getting harder to blow it on them. Hopefully I can recoup some of it when I'm not a poor student anymore and since this Stechhelm is going to drain a lot out of my funds I'll be stranded on my University loan - woo! Despite that though thanks for the links and so forth.

    My personal preference in helmets probably has to be ones which mask the viewer's face entirely/by a large amount because they just look so unhuman so I imagine that had a huge psychological point to them. (Though I'm not entirely versed in this subject, hence the reading list)
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