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  1. Wingz
    you're dumb
    ban urself
  2. FlutterRaeg
    Ah, well good luck. :P
  3. FlutterRaeg
    You have used the word snip more than any other Facepunch user ever has.

    Care to comment?
  4. LoLWaT?
    PENISCorp Login Token: 6X8192QGB835GIC32HXO
  5. LoLWaT?
    PENISCorp Login Token: L2I292D57B49A92P3573
  6. Snickerdoodle
    I wish I could favorite posts.

    You summed up religion pretty nicely.
  7. Bumbanut
    r u illuminaty?
  8. Muthenfrucheir
    Halo 1,2,and 3 on Steam. Damn.

    I'm surprised people haven't modded the shit out of 1 or 2 on the PC.
    So much potential for things to be fixed and improved in those games.

    they have lol its called custom edition
  9. ViralHatred
    "Now what I would like to see is a remake of the original SIN.

    If I remember right, someone was working on a Source remake for it but i'm pretty sure that project has been long dead."

    They had been porting SiN to the source engine before SiN Eps came along, I have some of the files to it.

    Also fun fact, the building you start SiN Eps in is based off the Chem plant levels from SiN!
  10. cccritical
    if you can't decide what exactly you want to do when you get out of school but you're sure you want to be an engineer of some kind, you might consider joining the military. if you're physically up for all the other bullshit, it's great for a free education, experience before you hit the job market, and service looks fantastic on a resume or college application.
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