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  1. scout1
    I could get behind that. What some people (and me slightly) worry about though is a situation like Israel. It really does face some survival issues on all sides and nuclear weapons are, if not a deterrent, a necessary defense. So should new nations be allowed to join the ranks of the nuclear-armed? And if so, what circumstances dictate that? The security council, made up of existing superpowers with agendas? It's very difficult to balance.
  2. scout1
    Yeah I suppose that makes it unfair. Fairness and not-being-nuked could be two different things though, so yes while I might regret denying a small nation nuclear weapons... if it keeps the peace, good riddance.
  3. scout1
    [regarding the article]

    That's not strictly true, as the actual method to enrich uranium to 80%+ requires different machinery and methodology. It is the same technology but it's applied differently. While theoretically anyone with [I]enrichment[/I] capabilities can build up to a nuclear weapon it requires significant and specific infrastructure to achieve. It also takes time to transition.

    Now my nuclear knowledge isn't 100% so again sorry for any errors. I tried to check through online sources for an exact explanation but for some reason uranium enrichment comes up with all sorts of results...
  4. scout1
    I wasn't aware Pakistan kept a stockpile, thank you

    And I know there's the whole "Well even if people had nukes they'd never use them" but one of the ideas behind nuclear non-proliferation is to minimize accidents and the possibility that somehow, somewhere, enough factors will fall into place that a nuclear weapon is used. If there's only 100 in the world (obviously not in reality but hypothetically), you can secure them pretty well. If every country has them...
  5. scout1

    also here's some relevant info. It should be noted that since that article was published the sanctions have had much longer time to take effect. Iran's central bank is basically insolvent and the medical shortage is [url=]intense[/url]
  6. scout1
    I know. Sometimes it comes down to circumstances but the overall structure has a form. The US has a love-hate relationship with Israel and recently we've done a lot of carrot-stick things to stop them from being such completely disgusting human beings. But anyway Pakistan renounced its nuclear program a while ago...

    Oh and as for Iran: They're basically keeping the ability to enrich to higher levels needed for nuclear weapons. Are they building a bomb right now? ...probably not. Are they moving to a position where they could produce the bomb? Yes.
  7. scout1
    The US levied political pressure and/or minor sanctions, then Iran shut out IAEA inspectors from several sites and from there the US grew increasingly concerned until recently when they pulled out all the stops and basically embargoed them. Before that intelligence was saying that Iran was developing the capability to make a bomb, and obviously the US has tried to economically force them away from that and done things like stuxnet to fuck up their centrifuges. And of course if Israel thinks Iran has or is about to get the bomb... well you'd know because there'd be a charred crater left for whatever nuclear facilities the Israelis know about.

    Feel free to correct me, this is just what I can remember without grabbing the BBC or a book
  8. scout1
    I didn't want to correct you in the thread (because at that point it'd look like pointless nitpicking) but the UN/member nations policy towards Iran has been, I would say, pretty fair. As far back as I can remember: Iran was developing nuclear power for civil purposes, when questioned it was partly for power generation but the line they pushed was that they needed to synthesize medical isotopes (Small reactors in the US are used for this very purpose). The US offered to supply such isotopes but Iran rejected it (I believe on the grounds of self-sufficiency or something). [continued on a second post, damn character limits]
  9. Adnap
    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you
  10. Adnap
    Hey guy
    Do you know what this says? (the bit on her stomach area)
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