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  1. absolalone111
    its a comfortable place, so you end up not doctoring your posts as much as you would normally

    also, I don't warez games, so I can't slip up that way
  2. absolalone111
    no worries, we've all made the mistake before, I was just a little surprised because you've been here a while
  3. SuperHoboMan
    It depends on a lot of things. It's a first person dungeon crawler that, without a doubt, is [I]very[/I] grindy. I've been playing for I'm pretty sure at least 8 hours and most of my party is only level 10. The story is, for the most part, pretty plain and generic, but it gets the job done. There's a load of weird fan service, and the voice actors in English are pretty terrible. Luckily you can switch both the voices AND the text between English and Japanese, so that's a huge plus. It's a fun game over all, but it can get really difficult at some points, and I hear there is a gigantic spike in difficulty later in the game, so you can't really avoid grinding. The combat is pretty good, though I'm sure with the amount of grinding it may feel repetitive at some point. Personally though I'm enjoying it, so I guess I could recommend it.
  4. inebriaticxp
    i have no clue, actually
    lo siento
  5. Adnap
    Hi sparky! I'm not getting that figure btw, rip
  6. jechtman
    Edited the post with the source.
  7. mchapra
    your comment reminded me there's a new page today
  8. Thomo_UK
    British power~~~
  9. Kannata
    from LMAO Pics
  10. Ridley
    The testing is like Gran Turismo licencing but on steroids. Hard to believe it's the entire game.
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