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  1. Blazyd
  2. StarmanSuper
  3. Leo Cash
  4. Foxconn
    Heil Starplück
  5. LordCrypto
    hey starpluck congrats i pm'd swebonny asking if conspiracy theorism was bannable, you beat him to it

    want me to buy you a new marijuana needle for your troubles
  6. LordCrypto
    the whole point is you say as little as possible
  7. LordCrypto

    its not "unable to comment"
    its "no comment"
  8. God's Pimp Hand

    sometimes I think Facepunch is bipolar when it comes to racial issues: one moment they'll endorse full and total colorblindness and recoil at the slightest mention of race, the next moment they'll unabashedly label PoC according to ice cream flavors

    I know people like to constantly spout the truism that FP isn't a hivemind but curiously the supposed two groups of people who espouse these beliefs never seem to conflict with each other and it just seems kind of suspicious
  9. Swebonny
    wtf don't be offline then bitchasspunknigga
  10. StarmanSuper
    Welcome to the forums.
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