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  1. Solomon
    yo i heard you were dead are you okay
  2. MaximLaHaxim
    why does it show you're in Bahrain? are you stationed there, or are you behind some sort of proxy?
  3. Daniel Smith
    What do you think about the addicts lounge
  4. Lium
    Closing a thread just because you don't want to see it is pretty unprofessional. There was no real reason to close it.
  5. inebriaticxp
    Lol you're DEA? Thought that was just an avatar
    Fuck da po-lice
  6. Native Hunter
    Ahhh, thanks for clearing that up
  7. Tarver
    oh shit
  8. Starpluck
    USA — California. I am in Bahrain only temporarily.
  9. Native Hunter
    So are you an American or Bahraini? Because you seem to have a very good knwoledge of politics in the US for someone living half a world away :V
  10. Tarver
    Seriously? Ban the guy sure but don't lock the threads,you're literally making it as though you're censoring discussion even if it's not your intention
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