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  1. Rudevinny
    I'm more surprised by the fact that they are proficient in knives of all things. I do recall adventure mode humans being ridiculous knife nuts in vanilla, though. I couldn't go to a human town without someone drawing their carving knives over the most minor infractions.

    The vanilla dwarven entity does not have tags like [TOOL:ITEM_TOOL_KNIFE_CARVING] unlike the humans, but Grimlock's mod adds "tools" like rondel daggers to the dwarven entity. Maybe that's the reason behind the increase in knife nut dwarves?
  2. Rudevinny
    Since you use Grimlock's History and Realism mod for Dwarf Fortress, have you noticed that migrants tend to have a bit more combat skills with that mod installed?

    I get a lot of non-peasant migrants that are good at wielding a knife and are about equally proficient in the other combat skills (fighter, armor user etc)
  3. PikachuX1000
    It would of been Pixik
    A night or two ago in hyena land
  4. PikachuX1000
    T'was a pleasure bumping into you in the fakeland
  5. Umbra Fidelis
    Can you out of your ass speak?
  6. logamuffin
    Your avatar, looking at just the top, looks like someone's ass.
  7. Burre.png
    Is it true that you have the ability to talk out of your ass?
  8. Coolboy
    I'd suggest you all drop it before you get purged for thread derailment.

    (User was banned for this post ("Off topic" - Orkel))

    Just saw it, thanks for delivering bitter sweet, ironic dose of karma.
  9. pyschomc
    What the heck
    when did u became a administrator?!
    Also any animes you recommend this season. I haven't caught up in ages.
  10. Flicky
    for some reason, your avatar is one of the more mesmerizing ones to me
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