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  1. zerothefallen
    you derailed a thread for a whole page because of semantics when english isnt even your first language

    you're a riot
  2. zerothefallen
    you're so fucking stupid.

    stop posting
  3. Native Hunter
    Oh no no no I'm not trying to sound sympathetic, I'm just saying that I hope everything is alright and that from what I understand PTSD really sucks because my grandpa has a bit of it
  4. Native Hunter
    Sorry to hear about having a Violent Father man, hope the treatment for the PTSD works/worked
  5. Sir_takeslot
    What steering wheel are you using in your video?
  6. CrimsonChin
    That Crysis 3 video showed me no close-ups of the trees, so I have no way to judge the quality of the texture or material.

    The mod looked nice, but the materials and texture work failed to impress compared to some of the trees in Driveclub. Not to mention the scale of the enivronments in Driveclub is significantly larger than any Crysis game.
    I wonder how they made the normal map? It's clearly not a filtered normal map, as the shading follows the contours of the leaves accurately instead of just darkening the veins. Maybe they hand modeled the leaf bunches to make the plates? Love how the leaves reflect the sky, it's probably using a cubemap and not SSR but still looks nice.
  7. CrimsonChin
    If those leaves look so shitty, please show me a game with comparable or better leaves.
  8. Ericson666
    oh my god I just realized you're the dick guy! Hi dick guy!
  9. Foxton
    its paulina
  10. babyarm-bat

    I went to bed thinking of how to make this joke, cause it was the last pic I saw before sleep, and I'm so glad I woke up and someone figured it out, and it's just as funny as I imagined.
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