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  1. Nemisis116
    Bappy hirthday!
    get me outta this wack-ass crystal prison
  3. TectoImprov
    Happy birthday!
  4. Nemisis116
    tfw you cant play halo reach bc your brother has pubes and you dont
  5. Nemisis116
    you and your brother comparing pubes and fighting over it is definitely a problem

  6. Nemisis116
    Hello, thought I might share this with you...

    Okay, ever since last year, when I turned 12, my brother has been an idiot to me constantly, annoying me, constantly hurting me, and other shit that would generally annoy someone, he's had his pubes, I haven't so I can't do shit. Now, I always tell my dad to do something, he makes ME get punished by getting me locked from my own computer, even though I wanted HIM to get locked out because my brother was being a nuisance. Now, funny thing, I always go to fight back, you know what? My dad gets angry at me, and starts threatening me not him.
    I tell my mother, she does nothing.

    And this has been going on for a year, I'm so fucking sick of it, what shall I do facepunch?

    Also, I suck at writing walls of text.

    I honestly don't even know where to begin with this post. wtf.
  7. Nemisis116
    lol this little bozo didnt even know what his own spum was

    fucking idiot
  8. Nemisis116
    Okay, so I'm 12, and only masturbated 2 times before, but now, I was masturbating, and there was water-like liquid coming out, after that there was blood! What's going on?
    I was doing it to the girls in the Hot Girls thread.

  9. Nemisis116
    Who is the youngest person either non-gold or gold member on facepunch?
    Just curious

    I am 12, and I want to break a record for being the youngest gold member!
  10. Nemisis116
    oh fuck that's slightly creepy
    i'm walking down to the kitchen, and in the corner of my eye I see a picture of fucking kim jong il grinning
    i fucking look right at it and its just a pile of boxes
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