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  1. junker|154
  2. Alice3173
    Looks like things are going to get transferred over to SiteGround with no issues. Their livechat rep was actually quite helpful in answering my questions too. Thanks again for recommending them!
  3. Alice3173
    Yup, I plan to. They just have no email contact for anyone who isn't already paying for their services (they do have live chat but I'd rather wait on that until I'm ready to actually sign up which won't be for a few days) so I'm going to wait a bit longer.

    And the forum's here: (Though it's down.) It's mostly just a forum I'm hosting for an lper I watch since he was interested and I was already looking into hosting a small forum anyways to replace a very small community I was part of when our host disappeared on us after some legal trouble relating to one of his friends using his ftp privileges for piracy. (The lper if you're curious too:
  4. Alice3173
    Actually never mind that question. After looking around a little bit it looks like that shouldn't be an issue. Just need to look into whether two other things will be an issue or not now. The forum is on a specific subdomain of the site and I haven't really seen any mention of subdomains at all, though it did mention unlimited websites for the second and third level plans. I also need to figure out whether hosting the download for a fairly small time indie GameMaker game would be an issue since I'd rather avoid having to stop hosting the downloads for the game's dev. (Something like 4-8gb of bandwidth worth of downloads per month.)

    Thanks again for the help!
  5. Alice3173
    Thanks, I'll definitely have a look at them then. One question though: Will it be possible to use my current domain name with them so pre-existing links will be preserved?
  6. Alice3173
    Would you have any recommendations for a hosting service for a phpBB forum of ~100 total users? I've currently got a site I'm hosting for an lper but our server is having issues and has been for nearly three weeks now and our hosting service's tech support hasn't responded in over two weeks now despite assurances they'd update me shortly and repeated requests for an update.
  7. w0lfeh
    you're confusing! how have you been profan
  8. w0lfeh
    hello profan wolf
  9. Alice3173
    Merry Christmas to you too!
  10. Alice3173
    I've always been interested in game development. It just never ends up going terribly far because I inevitably end up hitting some road block that I find too much of a hurdle. Though since the start of the year I've actually learned a ton about programming that I never knew before. I ended up settling on Game Maker because Visual Studio is having some really weird issues I seem to be unable to fix. I was previously trying to learn C#. For some reason the compiler sporadically causes my entire computer to freeze even after refreshing my Windows install and reinstalling VS. I've actually done a fair bit in GM so far too. I've had some decent advice from the dev for that GM release I mentioned which helped get me on the right track. Still learning but I've been able to do at least the very basics in a metroidvania style platformer.

    And yeah, we haven't talked a whole lot ever since I stopped hosting my Minecraft server. We don't seem to frequent the same threads too terribly often.
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