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  1. w0lfeh
    you're confusing! how have you been profan
  2. w0lfeh
    hello profan wolf
  3. Alice3173
    Merry Christmas to you too!
  4. Alice3173
    I've always been interested in game development. It just never ends up going terribly far because I inevitably end up hitting some road block that I find too much of a hurdle. Though since the start of the year I've actually learned a ton about programming that I never knew before. I ended up settling on Game Maker because Visual Studio is having some really weird issues I seem to be unable to fix. I was previously trying to learn C#. For some reason the compiler sporadically causes my entire computer to freeze even after refreshing my Windows install and reinstalling VS. I've actually done a fair bit in GM so far too. I've had some decent advice from the dev for that GM release I mentioned which helped get me on the right track. Still learning but I've been able to do at least the very basics in a metroidvania style platformer.

    And yeah, we haven't talked a whole lot ever since I stopped hosting my Minecraft server. We don't seem to frequent the same threads too terribly often.
  5. Alice3173
    It was sheer luck I even found that thread. I happened to see it in the ticker the other day. Interesting timing because I'd just started messing around with GameMaker this last week and have been looking forward to a coming GameMaker release.
  6. Alice3173
    Blame Tomo! I apparently have 69 deleted messages too. The number says 5371 for me.

    Good timing by the way. First time I came to the site in several hours and managed to catch your message less than ten minutes after you sent it, lol.
  7. Sand Castle
  8. Sand Castle
    bring back humble abode 2015
  9. Profanwolf
    I am forever a lurker, my postings are rare, mostly because most things I work on aren't super exciting visually (soon)
  10. proboardslol
    I always see you lurking programming but never posting
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