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  1. Reds
    Yeah, that looks really good for a first time.

    Build Fighters hasn't had a second half announced yet. I think it's reasonably likely that it might get a second season since the DVDs/Blu-rays are actually doing very well, much better than Bandai expected. Their usual plan is "if the gunpla sells the show can flop" but the show is successful which gives me some hope.

    Also, Blu-rays are crazy expensive, it's like eighty dollars for three-four episodes on the average anime. I'd be amazed if they sold twenty-five-plus episodes at a reasonable price.
  2. Reds
    Team Nemesis is gonna be pissed if Aila decides to have a fair fight with Reiji because power of love. The only solution is to take Aila back to alternate-universe space prince land with Reiji, assuming that the theory of Reiji being a Plavsky construct or something is completely dead. I liked that theory but I doubt that has any grounds to it anymore.
  3. Reds
    Interesting. Too bad funnels a shit. Really boring to watch in a fight, really.
  4. Reds
    Oh, US only. Speaking from the southern hemisphere I may have to sit this one out. And they're built, too. Never mind.
  5. Reds
    The 08th MS Team GM Sniper wouldn't work. Trust me, I have an old HG of it.

    It's not actually a GM Sniper II, it's a Ground-Type GM painted green and given a sniper rifle.

    Ok, cool. Send me a PM or Visitor Message when you update it because due to timezones I can't pin down when "tomorrow" is for you and I don't want to miss out on the loot.
  6. Reds
    If there's a MG Wing TV Version then there'll probably be a Fenice. The HG Fenice uses the same moulds and comes with enough leftover pieces to construct a Fenice-coloured Wing Gundam, or alternatively the Fenice back when Fellini had just painted it. The Fenice probably only exists because they made the HG Wing at roughly the same time for the All Gundam project. It's a simple matter to give it a slightly altered leg, shoulder, wings, and V-fin.

    I'm guessing Baker is the most likely option for the Miss Sazabi, you're right. The Exia shows up behind the Chairman in the second OP so maybe he'll give himself a ludicrously broken Gunpla as a sort of final boss situation, perhaps.

    also hey man i'll take your hgs off your hands next time
  7. Reds
    Well, there is still the Exia Dark Matter/Shadow the Hedgehog Gundam/Edgy Dark Matter which is probably a villain one, and the Miss Sazabi who I have no idea will pilot. obviously a girl but we don't exactly have many options so who knows

    I don't think that Sempai will get a new one this late in the game.
  8. Reds
    you'd better have placed you preorder, i placed mine a week ago
  9. Reds
    yuuki had plot armour nobody who fights the MCs has a chance i am content in the fact that they beat his ass into the ground until the plot required that he win

    overall best fight all year every year

    i can't hate characters who are basically kai, they carry on the spirit of the greatest pilot gundam has ever known, for god's sake we first see them with a gm cannon
  10. Reds
    you can do it, guncannon is love, guncannon is life
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